Pinocchio at the Charleton Tribunal

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Yesterday at the Charleton tribunal, the Judge stopped for a moment and said loud and clear “There are so many telling lies in this room, I find it astonishing”. Now Ms McCann also known as Debbie was giving evidence and personally my grasp of her answers during cross examination were nothing short of contempt and denial. But one must ask why? Well, she feels well protected by the Blue Line not to mention Daddy the retired Supt. McCann did her studies in Ballyfermot and good luck to her but she walks around with the Prada handbag as if she graduated from Cambridge. Yes, entitled but nobody is above the law but then again this is the Island of Ireland where shortly we may have to have a referendum to make Corruption and Cronyism legal. It may be funny but believe me it is sad and pathetic to see journalists and Gardai at each others throats on a daily basis. Let’s put this in a different way. The Gardai are the protectors of this State and are supposed to be the Guardians of Society but sadly this is not the case. They are a private army and if you break ranks you end up in a very bad and lonely place and now maybe Sgt McCabe who had the guts and the backbone to stand up to senior management and as the song goes ‘I am still standing better than I have ever been’ will change things for the better now; where the bullying will stop and innocent people won’t be stitched up and harassed.

McCann denies and is accusing her colleague at the Mail on Sunday that their conversation never happened which means that her colleague is the liar and she is Ms Truth. Sorry I don’t buy it nor does mainstream journalism. When you get your stories from the same source that wear uniforms you may feel protected and untouchable but there is a time when a new dawn comes and changes are made. It is like the old saying that water finds its own level eventually. Tony Taylor at the moment, former Garda Press Supt has told more stories and has had more denials, he makes the Mafia taking the Fifth Amendment look like altar boys. I do not envy Judge Charleton but one would have to ask when you buy a newspaper each morning what exactly are you reading.

This tribunal was set up, presiding is Judge Charleton, to try and ascertain the truth and at every angle and every day people come into this tribunal and lie as if the truth is some kind of poison. Again where are we as a Society now and where will this tribunal eventually end up. It is not so long ago since the Donegal Garda scandal, also known as the Morris tribunal. It cost in the region of e40 million and all you have to do is ask the McBrearty family and Frank Short how much it has changed their lives. I can assure you not very much at all.  There were some Gardai sacked including Supt Thug Lennon and his  sidekick McMahon but it is beyond any logic that not one Garda faced a criminal court. We have certain people in this country who are under the protection umbrella of the State for breaking the law and yet when good men stand up, if you want you can call them whistleblowers, senior Gardai, not forgetting former Commissioner Callinan calls them ‘Disgusting People’. He denies everything. He accuses John McGuinness, John Deasy, Philip Boucher Hayes as liars but not him. You would have to ask was he fit for the job in the first place because for me personally he looks like a heavy boozer, yes I mean Callinan.

Sgt McCabe and his family have gone through hell and back in the last number of years and journalists and other people have phoned over the last number of weeks and they totally agree that the lies coming out of this tribunal is nothing short of Contempt. Taylor has more holes in his stories that it may take the Healy Rae’s to come to Dublin with their machinery to fill in the pot holes. If we can’t rely on certain journalists to tell the truth then what are they writing and therefore what are we reading? Lies. Now Ms D. is the young girl, the daughter of the Garda who made the most serious allegations against Sgt McCabe and unknown to McCabe and this makes it shocking, to say the least. When McCabe found out that a file had gone to the DPP imagine his wife, his children, his siblings, his in-laws and friends went through. Somebody knows the truth so let’s take one incident from the Ms D. allegation. Did Paul Williams interview her and on whose authorization with a camera man, now we know who is the son of the former Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan. This is a scandalous statement. Then we have the connection between Williams, Debbie McCann and her daddy, retired Supt John McCann who ironically is not called into this tribunal. Supt McCann and Williams are friends for three decades. So you know where I am coming from now. Williams and his cronies in Blue got her the job in the Mail on Sunday. If I am wrong let someone correct me. Now we know that McCabe had no charges to answer and was totally exonerated but somebody within on Garda Siochana and within mainstream journalism, in my opinion should face criminal charges.

Brexit is coming slowly but believe me it is coming and as a small open economy, are we ready? Time will tell. Leo said some weeks ago that Ireland is in the dawn of a new Revolution to make changes for the better. Well let me tell this Peter Pan who is covered in so much PR he would embarrass Paris Hilton. Where is the Dawn? We are still stuck in more scandals and inquiries than the Nuremberg trials post World War II.

Leo. Here is the list.

  1. Garda scandals and tribunals
  2. The crisis of the homeless and people living in hotels and hostels and last year landlords were paid in excess of e4 billion by the Irish taxpayers and Murphy, the minister for idiots, states he is in control of the problem.
  3. The hospital waiting lists growing higher on a daily basis.
  4. Murder on a daily basis on the streets of Dublin, Wicklow, Ardee, Cork, and around the country. Gangland war continues. Shots are fired through family homes on a nightly basis. People living in fear in certain parts of Dublin from packs of young thugs terrorising housing estates on a nightly basis.
  5. The Charity scandals. Millions missing yet nobody faces a criminal charge. I could go on all day. Now Leo, and Fine Gael, the party for Law and Order, bow your heads in shame. Before any Dawn, let’s clean up this little Island first from Corruption, Cronyism, Lawlessness, Drugs, and the rest.

To be continued.



Addendum:  8th September 2018

I don’t know when the findings will be out from the Charleton tribunal but let us not forget the words from the sitting Judge on one particular day.  “In all my career I have never heard so many lies from people in one day”.  The Judge was referring to the bunch of journalists who bought into amnesia especially for the tribunal, which was very convenient for the purpose of Why?  McCabe deserved so much better and only for the fact that he recorded that famous interview years previous, he would have been washed down the Liffey.  I have mentioned above the handful of journalists who had the courage and spine to stand up in defence of a decent copper.

Today in the Irish Examiner, Mick the Lugs Clifford, fires an nasty shot across the bough of Gemma O’Doherty.  This is probably a new era in Irish journalism where one starts to criticise another.  Clifford goes on to say that Gemma has gone too far with her accusations and allegations in relation to Veronica Guerin, Mary Boyle, Fr Molloy, Sophia Du Plantier.  Clifford states that Gemma O’Doherty is an attention seeker and he is trying to establish what is her real motive in going for the Aras?  But Mick the Lugs has a little bit of extra amnesia today because he wrote a book on  Sgt McCabe and the Garda corruption so anybody with a brain cell, even Minister for Fashion Murphy, would understand this and that is when you write a book you have to know that McCabe was slandered by Garda HQ and other journalists who live on leaks given by rogue cops.  Yet it seems Mick the Lugs stayed quiet at the Charleton and stated he heard nothing in relation to Sgt McCabe’s character.

Now my conclusion here is simple, Mick the Lugs needs to recall his own state at the moment and what I mean by this is – the Book must have no foundation at all!   And, he would need to come out and clarify it, page by page, and where he got his information from?  It will be a most interesting winter and we are all certainly looking forward to the outcome of Charleton and our deaf and dumb journalists who attended.


  1. Some years ago in a room with senior rogue officers out to set up a decent copper, the plan failed, because Sgt McCabe recorded the conversation. If he had not, this story and the smear campaign would have destroyed his life and that of his family. This decent copper has passed every stress test going but today I ask like Fred in the article above, where are the decent journalists now because most of them have tried to hang McCabe out to dry. I want again to repeat that these journalists write about people, write about people and their lives. They can smear people but there has to be a line drawn somewhere so that our journalists are trusted by the readers who buy or engage online with their newspapers.

    Yesterday again, at the Charleton tribunal, journalists took the route of cowardice and took privilege and sources. It is hard to comprehend how a decent man has stuck his neck out so far, to tell the truth, in relation to Garda corruption and not alone was he shafted by his own colleagues in the Gardai, but now we can see the sad situation where journalists themselves can’t even handle the truth and they choose to go into hiding behind privilege. I know for a fact that Mrs McCabe shook the hand of Anne Harris with the words ‘I know you were not one of them who smeared the good name of my husband’. I can name a handful of other journalists but one in particular stands out and that is Alison O’Reilly, a decent journalist who told the truth and no doubt will suffer for it going forward. Do I have to name the rest of them? No I don’t because people know who they are and they themselves when they look in the mirror should take up a different occupation.

    This country is sinking in its own shit right now because we cannot handle the truth. Journalists are supposed to be there to expose corruption and cover-ups. Sadly now they are part of the problem, in the cover-up, so that leaves people in a very bad place today.


  2. Mick. I agree with you but let me go one further – the dogs in the street knew, from Cavan, to Garda HQ, that there was a dirty and filthy smear campaign against a decent Sgt – that man as we know is Sgt McCabe. Yesterday, in the court of Liars with a decent Judge presiding, one man with some integrity stood up and this was DCU Professor and newspaper columnist Colum Kenny told the Disclosures tribunal that two security journalists, one with the National broadcaster had told him in 2014 that Sgt McCabe was under investigation for child abuse and that he understood that it was an ongoing criminal matter. Paul Reynolds, RTE stated that the conversation never happened! Reynolds went on to say that in 2013 he heard an allegation of sexual abuse but used the word ‘perhaps involving a child’ against Sgt. McCabe. I find all this alarming that we have RTE newspeople and other journalists who have a dose of amnesia. I repeat thousands of people in this city alone knew of the smear campaign against McCabe and let us also not forget John Wilson, former Garda, who is suffering from cancer as I write this.

    Next to stand up was Peter Pan Williams who everybody knows is an honorary member of An Garda Siochana and all his links are with the blue line. Williams stated that he heard nothing about a smear campaign against McCabe but then he contradicts himself by stating that he got a call from a detective to check out a daughter of a Garda called Miss D and he then proceeded to interview her at her home. Now anybody with a brain cell would put this together like a child playing lego. So, why did he go and interview her and what purpose was in the interview! In my opinion, and many more are like me, he knew about the smear campaign and as always he wanted to be top dog and get the exclusive before the gang of hungry wolves behind him. But now Williams and the gang of hungry wolves have become like sheep and they don’t even have the common decency to stand up and tell the truth under Oath. They hide like the cowards that they are behind source and privilege. What a fucking little backwater country we live in right now where cops and rogue Gardai pull together, circle the wagons, and pretend they knew nothing. People will read between the lines and it makes, as the above comments have already said, Irish mainstream journalism a complete and utter quango which means cover your back at all times; don’t get exposed and if you have to walk over the man who is been kicked on the ground and make sure you don’t look back. McCabe is not in the Dock here. Irish journalists are in the Dock here alongside Taylor and other senior Gardai. It is a sad day that Judge Charleton has repeated again and again the words “Lies and Liars”.

    In Amercia Perjury carried 40 years imprisonment, in Ireland it carries a promotion and a wage increase. I will say no more.

    The inquiry continues today with a packed court room of “Lies and Liars”.


  3. In response to the above comments: it is hard to imagine in the year of massive corruption across this Island and the coming of Brexit that our journalists are engaged in a most bitter, devious, war among each other at the Charleton disclosure tribunal. A couple of days ago, RTE’s Paul Reynolds stated in his evidence that he met the then Commissioner Callinan in the bathroom and Callinan uttered the words “I should never have said the word Disgusting”. One would have to ask at this hour in time if Callinan was referring to the conditions of the loo or his bizarre behaviour and contempt at the PAC committee in relation to Sgt Maurice McCabe and John Wilson? Again we must ask how did this conversation come up, was it just chit chat and off the record? Add to this Reynolds who is suffering from a serious bout of amnesia and your mind boggles, because it seems now that the majority of journalists except for a few lack the moral and sense of decency to tell the basic truth. To be more blunt, they have circled the wagons and on the front they will state they admire Sgt McCabe but they know that they have let him down, not to mention his family, in believing in the rumours and the smear campaign which was orchestrated from the top.

    Williams went to Cavan and interviewed Miss D and I agree with other peoples’ observations on this; this is a gross contradiction, not the first by Williams. He claims he never got any negative comments from any source in relation to Sgt McCabe so as others have asked, why would he scurry up to Cavan with a camera man to interview Miss D, (a juvenile) and on whose bequest any fool would know that this was not done in support of Sgt McCabe – quite the contrary. It is also well known that the Sunday Times and the editor have told certain journalists to keep their mouths’ shut and sadly they are doing what the headmaster tells them. Now as above comments have stated, we have major flaws in An Garda Siochana but also it has become apparent that we have Pinocchio liars among our journalists.

    Yesterday at the tribunal, Fionn Sheahan and before I start this, a little comment first. A fer years ago he had a bitter row, off the air, on the Vincent Browne show. I don’t know the exact details but Sheahan holds a grudge and the rest is well known in relation to Browne and himself. So yesterday, Sheahan stated that Anne Harris was “bitter and disgruntled” at losing her job at the Sunday Independent. Extraordinary words coming from Sheahan and one would have to ask if there is a case for defamation here? Again we are back to the pack of wolves who have gathered and the decent and very few journalists who are being thrown to the pack.

    To end my contribution to this blog I say this, the blue line, holds firm. Corruption prevails in An Garda Siochana. We may have new recruits passing out yesterday but give them two years, if they haven’t left by then, and they will become part of that same blue line. Loyalty before the Truth is their motto. Now, to our journalists and our media outlets – who could ever take a column seriously again? We talk about a progressive Ireland, we talk about the sins of the Catholic Church, we talk about Equality, well anybody who sat for days at the disclosure tribunal would have to feel deep sympathy for Judge Charleton because he presides over a pack of lying wolves who will protect their own back and hide behind Privilege. Let it be known now that they were hoping McCabe would fall. Well, he didn’t and he will not and that is thanks to his own devices by recording that famous meeting some years ago otherwise the pack of journalist wolves would have eaten him up.


  4. Reading the Sunday Times yesterday:

    I am more confused than ever by the journalists who are giving evidence or may I say not talking at all at the Charleton hearing. In relation to RTE’s Paul Reynolds, I think the quote of the week is accurate.

    “Mr Reynolds is like Frank Drebin in the Naked Gun films, standing in front of an exploding fireworks factory and saying Nothing to see here”. Barrister John Ferry challenges Reynolds at the Disclosures tribunal.

    My question today may be quite ironic or may even sound stupid but I would like to ask John Mooney why he even bothered to write this article yesterday? Is it a collateral damage exercise to make him feel better or does John feel that being among the pack that he feels safer within the pack for the next few weeks when all the fuss blows over. John Mooney said that some journalists have taken the view that some journalists can answer questions as long as Judge Charleton does not ask about their sources, now there is a paradox. John mentions Paul Williams, honorary member of An Garda Siochana. Williams said he was never negatively briefed about McCabe by Taylor, Callinan or O’Sullivan. Williams went on to say ‘I have nothing to hide in relation to these people, I barely knew Dave Taylor at that time’. This is like saying Paschal Donohoe barely knows An Taoiseach Leo, they just meet at cabinet meetings have a coffee and go separate ways. I would like to ask John Mooney today – do you really believe John what you actually wrote yourself because there are thousands of people out there that are in total disbelief not just at the article yesterday but at the entire hearing to date.

    Sgt McCabe did what any police officer would do and that is to tell the truth for a number of years now. He hit a nerve at Garda HQ and we all know what the Gardai in this country are capable of; we only have to look back 20 years ago to the Morris tribunal as mentioned above in other comments. To see Daniel McConnell, Juno McEnroe and Cormac O’Keeffe hide behind journalistic privilege just shows the amount of cowards we have in mainstream journalism we have in this country. Leaving aside Mooney’s article yesterday the editor of the Irish Mail on Sunday made a comment in relation to Alison O’Reilly that she has issues with this paper and has a court case pending so Alison must have a vendetta but the fact is Alison had the guts to point the finger at Debbie McCann and tell it from the hip. It also now is forming is a pattern that the same happened to Anne Harris when Fionn Sheahan accused her of being “Disgruntled and Bitter and chasing headlines”. It appears to me what happened to Sgt McCabe among his own for telling the truth is now happening to the few journalists who want to tell the truth but they are being ostracised by their own and left isolated. Where do we go from here? Also it raises the question for how many years now are journalists so entrenched with senior Garda and the establishment and the corruption that is embedded within the foundation of this State?


  5. I’ve had to leave Ireland some time ago because of the corruption that goes right down to the journalists… these are banding together not to protect not their confidential sources but their own salaries & jobs. If there were a law against perjury in this country they’d have to build another huge prison just for the people speaking at the last couple of tribunals and media circus trials.


  6. I agree with the above comments; it is no country to do business in. To put it more fucking bluntly and this may sound bizarre, if you don’t have the right contacts in Ireland and pay the backhanders, you are going nowhere. Backhanders are paid in bars, cafes, parked cars, and golf courses and it has been going on since Brian Boru. When you look at the goings on at the Charleton tribunal, one has to ask a simple question, is the truth illegal on this island? Even looking at Prime Time special last night at the dumping throughout Ireland from Kerry to Donegal and not forgetting Wicklow, lawlessness is growing so fast it is becoming scary. Yet our journalists at the moment are too busy at each others throats and covering their own cowardly backs – these journalists have lost the hunger to investigate Corruption, Cronyism, Corporate Fraud, Money Laundering and not forgetting how much gangland money is in our banks in names of top businesses in this city – all of it washed and cleaned and ready to go.

    Journalists years ago had an old type of sense of morality; now they chase a scandal but only for their own benefit and ego but this time it backlashed and most of them are standing naked and the tide has most definitely gone out. However, they will still bluff their way through this disclosure tribunal no matter how many lies they utter out of their mouths. Very few journalists will come out of this untainted, and Reynolds and his comments send shockwaves through any Pinocchio movie. In the meantime FF are in tatters. Behind closed doors some FF TD’s are not even speaking to each other, Why? Because Martin has lost focus; he has lost any vision he had for the party because he is entrenched in keeping Leo and the Clowns in power as per the Contract he signed up for. FF now are a party of soundbites and with no purpose and it is hard to imagine that they are making Leo – a man with no history behind him, and no CV to show in any ministerial role in his short career. I mean if you want Leo’s history and I mean this with the utmost of respect for the minority, it is when he chose to come out a couple of years ago, two months before the Equality election and told the Irish people he was homosexual. Today in the Dail he will stand up an apologise on behalf of the Nation to 20,000 gays and lesbians in relation to how they were treated in Ireland in decades gone by and hopefully he will thank Maire Geoghegan Quinn for decriminalising homosexuality in 1991.

    I think he should also apologise in the Dail today to the people who were held in Industrial schools, orphanages, and used as slave labour. They merit the same respect also.

    Back to the Gardai and the journalists, the question is now – where from here? The Clergy shortly will have to give up the right of protecting the confessional and maybe it could happen to the journalists also. Let’s be honest many rogue Gardai have made thousands out of leaking information down the years to Peter Pan journalists and we all know who he is. The country is starting to overheat again and leprechaun economics is back on centre stage. The question now is who can the people of Ireland believe, the Clowns in the Dail, the Cowardly Journalists who won’t tell the truth in relation to a decent man Sgt McCabe? What more can I say today?


  7. Just a brief comment this morning on the Charleton disclosure tribunal. Debbie McCann it seems has been very busy trying to contact certain TD’s in Dail Eireann but they are not taking her calls. It appears that her DNA is very contaminated with blue line leaks written all over it. I hope she is recalled back again by Judge Charleton with a number of others who took the cowardly way out and hid behind privilege and source. This tribunal is giving the Irish people a good look at what goes on in mainstream journalism where trust is like a weekend in North Korea. This topic has more to go and that I can assure you all.

    But, there are other scandals at the moment and again journalism in this country is not doing its job or to put it another way, journalism lacks the hunger to do proper investigation to find out what is going on behind our prison walls.

    the management in our prisons governors in particular are literally afraid to discipline gangland figures who are doing long sentences. To put it bluntly, prison governors and senior management are being threatened and yet it is not written about in the media
    The drug trafficking that is going on in Mountjoy especially, and Portlaoise, is alarming and one has to ask the obvious question and that is are staff being bullied and have no choice but to bring in some drugs for some of the heavies who are locked up in both prisons. One senior source told me some weeks ago that the threats and the drug culture beyond prison walls now is alarming and for some reason it is not being addressed. Some governors have even issued memos to say that any member of staff who talk out of line will be severely disciplined which could result in their dismissal. We need a whistleblower or maybe a few urgently behind prison walls.
    Some prisoners are living like Mafia figures in their cells and Charlie Flanagan must do some dawn raids with some members of the Dept of Justice to examine what is actually going on behind prison walls. These prisoners not alone have large TV’s and all the mod cons but staff are told to turn a blind eye when they are using their mobiles. This may sound outrageous but the source is solid and I know it is the truth so where do we go from here in relation to penal reform.

    Then we have the staff on our rail lines, the Dart, and the Luas being attacked on a daily and nightly basis by young thugs. One dart driver recently had a bottle smashed in his face while others were threatened with knives and HIV needles. People coming home from work in the evening time live in fear. The invisible minister Shane Ross, the man with all the answers is now known as the Dail Recluse but if you want to find him, it is not too difficult, just go across the road to Buswell’s hotel and he is hiding in the corner doing the same crossword for decades. Also, on the Ross subject, whatever happened Tricky Dicky and the ticket scandal in Brazil? Was this another cover-up? There are so many cover-ups now, it is disgraceful.

    Eoghan Murphy, Minister for Stupidity is throwing out figures about new houses being built and he has a grip on the homelessness crisis; he even has Bertie Ahern scratching his head. Sinn Fein are playing role the dice in relation to Murphy and have put a veiled threat over his head for some months now relating to a No Confidence motion in the Dail. They said sometime ago they would wait until after the Referendum so now the time is right but then again the Shinners have their own problems; Deputy Nolan resigned yesterday and well done to her for standing by her principles. One would have to ask how democratic is the Sinn Fein party because Peadar Toibin stood by the same principles as Nolan and he wasn’t shafted. I still think Gerry may be playing with his rubber ducks in the bath on a Friday night but he has Mary Lou on a string also and before she makes any speech it has to be passed by the Higher Council. Leo is giving sound bites regarding an early election and courting along the lines that Sinn Fein could be a junior partner – I think spec savers is the only cure for this.

    Our economy according to the Central Bank today is cooling somewhat but I remember those same words in 2006 (Drumm is sentenced today) and look what happened two years later. Rents now in Dublin are now matching those of Chelsea in London. Greed is back in the City and you can see it in our cafes and restaurants; there are different menus at weekends – one for the locals and then one for the tourists…….we never learn. Shortly I will be talking about the scandal the daily abuse in our nursing home and how we treat our elderly and again one has to ask the question – where are our journalists?

    As mentioned yesterday on this blog FF have become the party of sound bites with no vision or purpose. Martin needs to go but who has the balls to take him on. One man who many people respect is John McGuinness but maybe John who does not suffer fools gladly might not get a chance within the inner council.

    To be continued


  8. In the last hour at the Charleton disclosure tribunal, the sheep aka Mick Wallace, the man who knows inside and out but don’t mention Revenue, was giving evidence in relation to Supt Dave Taylor and the meeting he had with him in Taylor’s house along with the Pelican Clare Daly. Wallace stated that Taylor was genuinely remorseful in the way Garda HQ treated Sgt McCabe and his family during the smear campaign against him. Wallace stated clearly today in front of Judge Charleton that the smear campaign was known in every corner from Dail Eireann to all media outlets. Now, let us just take a step back for a second, no matter what we think of Wallace and his failed business deals, at least he had the common decency and the guts to speak out and tell it from the hip. Let us not forget the Prime Time programme where the shattered Shatter made a coy comment which eventually came back to bite him in the arse and cost him his Ministerial position. The comment – Mick were you not on the phone when you were passing the Five Lamps in the inner city of Dublin, alarm bells rang and it showed the connection, the shadowy figures, and the information which came from the Commissioner to Shatter about anybody who was speaking out in any negative way about Garda HQ or the Department of Justice which nobody at the moment dares speak about.

    After Mick Wallace’s evidence today it puts the herd of journalists back in the dock because he made one further comment and it is very relevant. Wallace said in his opinion that never in the history of the State had one senior Judge had to listen to so many lies on a daily basis. The journalists or lets called them the bunch of cowardly cute clowns, I believe these are who he was referring to with a number of senior Gardai also. This takes the tribunal to one complex crossroads and I have the highest of respect for Judge Charleton and I do not envy his role in determining what conclusion these disclosures may come to at a future date. Up to now and I will conclude on this we have only a handful of journalists who stood up and told the truth, Boucher-Hayes, Anne Harris, Alison Reilly and maybe one more. The rest of them took the coward’s route and hid behind Privilege and Source. If this was a court of natural law, they would be held in Contempt but I for one today hold them in contempt. O’Keeffe, Mooney, McCann, Williams, and the rest and the people of Ireland will find it very difficult to believe a single word they write from now on. It is also a sad day for mainstream journalism but it is what it is and people must make up their minds

    Drumm got six years yesterday for a £7.2 billion fraud which broke a bank but worse again destroyed an economy. He never showed any remorse. He never apologised. He kept his arrogance going until the end. He ran to America and he put up obstacles as the way until the American Judge extradited him back to Ireland. Six years, now Thomas Byrne received 16 years with four suspended for a fraud of e42 million, can anybody see the parallels here in sentencing. Drumm will spend a couple of days in Wheatfield prison and then he will be transferred to the Banker’s Nursing Home in Loughan House in Co. Cavan where he will have his own room, a nine hole little golf course and all the mod cons one could ask for. In the meantime Lynn is on bail and we await his trial next year but I am sure he is smiling as I write this. White collar crime is not as serious as stealing a bicycle in Ireland in the year 2018. If you want any evidence of this, just phone Michael Healy-Rae. As my mother always said if you are going to rob a bank, do a big robbery and get a short sentence.

    Enough on Charleton for now.


  9. Isaac. Thank you. I hope with the support of others in Ireland and around the world we can expose corruption, cronyism and make life a better and safe place for our most vulnerable.



  10. In the last two days we have heard Judge Peter Charleton give his verdict in relation to the tribunal and this country owes a great debt to one of Ireland’s most decent human beings, who went through hell and back, as did his family, over the years, in telling the Truth – let me repeat this – in telling the Truth. This man, is Sgt Maurice McCabe and let us not forget Garda John Wilson also who is suffering from cancer. Sgt McCabe was fully exonerated by Peter Charleton. He was also commended for his Bravery, Honesty, and Integrity and the Judge went on to say, the Nation and the people owe you a great debt.

    Now where does this leave former Commissioner Callinan and his sidekick at the time Noirin O’Sullivan. Judge Charleton to put it bluntly called Callinan a devious individual and a Liar. He also went on to say that the former Commissioner orchestrated, and planned a most vicious and vile campaign against Sgt. McCabe. The question one has to ask early on is if Callinan was driven by personal hatred and used his position and power to pursue McCabe and try and bring him down at any cost. The fact that he used sexual child abuse is below contempt. Also, there are other Gardai in Garda HQ who should hold their heads in shame. Let’s not forget the PAC committee, when Callinan sat in his full uniform and beside him was Noirin O’Sullivan and when he used the words in relation to Sgt McCabe and John Wilson “I find these people Disgusting”. How do the people of Ireland find Callinan this morning and will he face charges in a criminal court for a smear campaign against at decent Garda? After the Morris Tribunal we were told by the Government of the day that there were guidelines and Garda management structures put in place that there would be no scandal at the level that happened in Donegal would ever happen again. This Morris Tribunal cost the State e40 million and sadly we are back again. IT DID HAPPEN AGAIN AND SADLY I BELIEVE IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN AND AGAIN. The people of Ireland want answers, not soundbites from Garda HQ. The people want a Police Force they can trust. Right now the mindset in the Police in the Republic of Ireland is Them against the People. One has to ask who are the training officers in Templemore College because they need to be rooted out and fucked out. Let’s not forget some months ago the Ethical documents were sent to every Garda station on this Island and only 30% of the Gardai signed up to it. This again shows Contempt to the people they are supposed to serve with dignity, integrity and compassion. This at present is not happening.

    Let us be clear on this and I repeat this again and again. If Supt did not record the meeting all those years ago in that hotel with two senior officers he would have been hung drawn and quartered. This man should be promoted immediately for his service in the last eight years plus to the people of this country. He should have his portrait placed on a wall in Templemore with the motto “This is the way we will serve and act as Gardai going forward”. Again, this will not happen. The Gardai are a private army since the foundation of this State. Scandal after scandal makes headlines and then there is the cover-up. We will have to wait and see in the coming months, the fall-out from the Charleton Tribunal. In the meantime, one has to state clearly, that John McGuinness told the Truth (FACT): John Deasy told the Truth, Richard Boucher Hayes told the Truth and Reynolds did his job without favour to anybody. Then you have to ask about the silence of the other journalists – we all know who they are and they will have to search their own moral code of Ethics and judge themselves as to why they remained Silent. We all know bullying went on, we all know certain journalists were called in by their editors and the words used say nothing and your job is safe and I do think Fionn Sheahan in relation to Anne Harris owes her an apology and maybe a lot more.

    So where to from here in relation to our Police Force? Where from here relating to senior officers at Garda HQ? Then where to last but not least to Tony the Liar Taylor still a serving Supt at Garda HQ. The answer is he must go before more rot sets in. One has to ask now what the country has learned from this. There is one fact for sure – Sgt McCabe at all times told the Truth and received very little support from his own. Frances Fitzgerald, former Justice Minister as we speak is using her PR machine backed by her friend Terry Prune to re-establish herself using the words “I did nothing wrong here”. Well Frances I have got something to say to you now. You did nothing (FACT). You gave McCabe no support at all and you sided with your friend Noirin O’Sullivan at all times and by doing nothing is cowardice in itself. Back to Noirin O’Sullivan for a moment, she knew exactly what was going on; the dogs and the cats on the street know that she spoke many times with her boss Callinan, when she was Deputy Commissioner, about McCabe but sadly this will never be told.

    I conclude by saying: Will there be a new Dawn for An Garda Siochana? Well I will reply like this. A few weeks ago when Gardai turned up on Frederick Street wearing balaclavas assisting the bailiffs also in balaclavas. I rest my case. Harris is not the man to clean up the corruption in this country. We need outside experts in who carry no baggage. Flanagan as minister is out of his depth but he will stay against all odds.

    Today we finish with the words. Thank you Sgt McCabe. Thank you for exposing the corruption in the Gardai. Thank you and I wish you and your family peace at last and a healthy future.



  11. Hear, hear… a well deserved and long fought-for accolade and public recognition for McCabe, though I am still not understanding how former minister Fitzgerald can be characterised as “honest” for failing to denounce McCabe’s detractors as soon as his situation was brought to light. I remember her voice on the radio tearfully defending herself, like a child screaming “it wasn’t my fault”, her attention focused entirely on her own position and reputation:

    Noirin O’Sullivan has been well on her way to political entrenchment, with enough time already to laugh at any of her detractors. Until outrage over betrayal becomes acceptable again in Irish society, she will have a good long time to collect positions, pensions and accolades for being a “role model to Irish women” without anyone caring how she looked the other way while they tried to bury a brave and decent man under her watch:

    In a world in which the punishment fit the crime, these two selfish and hard nosed women, along with the liar and coward Martin Callinan, would be pilloried, tarred and feathered together… with the officially denounced Callinan being marched off to a cell afterwards for the attempted murder of a man’s character. He would have known full well that an accusation of child abuse is a social death sentence in this country, especially with the organisational endorsement that Callinan so villainously provided. Please let us remember his own use of the word disgusting, and to whom it applies now:


  12. This statement is a highly developed piece of propaganda from Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan, quoted out of context recently as supportive of Sgt. McCabe… while in fact insisting very incongruously that the Gardaí are guilty of nothing but characteristic “hard work and diligence”:

    I would please ask others to read the statement above and note that there is no apology, which Judge Charleton himself has said was owed McCabe by the State… perhaps because he believed ahead of time that the State itself, most especially minister Flanagan, would not be offering such an apology.

    In general, “no apology” is a sign of “no accountability” by any leadership. Conversely, a wholesome government will have neither an ethical nor a political problem with apologising either for past transgressions or those committed by predecessors. I can’t accept that a less cowardly statement isn’t expected from Flanagan even after Garda abuses as bad as in third world countries; in fact worse behaviour than the criminal gangs in this country.

    All of us who are worried that another “Morris tribunal all over again” will be happening again someday have to insist on that accountability and throw out the government that’s refused to provide it… and if we can demand accountability from every beleaguered sector of the Government, not just the police force, then we have a real chance this time to build up a sustainable prosperity and a healthy society.



    Maurice McCabe is now a civilian, and what a relief for him personally and his immediate family. Flanagan aka Flinstone of modern politics gave this man a shallow apology and only a few journalists who turned up with the Truth at the Charleton tribunal wrote in McCabe’s favour. Let me repeat myself, former Sgt McCabe took his job seriously; he took no backhanders; he did not favours; he just did his job on a daily basis. Then when he came out to tell the Truth in 2005 2006 he was vilified and hated by the rogue cops who ran the stations across this country. Let me say this another way, these rogue cops had the full back of Gardai HQ. Now we know McCabe was honest, decent, diligent, but above all he did his duties to the Oath he had sworn and for this the Government, Shatter, Fitzgerald, are gone, Callinan, Sullivan are gone. But, look at the price this honest, decent, copper had to pay.

    Maurice McCabe was accused in a smear campaign which Charleton stated was orchestrated by Callinan and Taylor of the worst crimes you can imagine – CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE – and also TULSA WHO KEPT A SECRET FILE ON THIS MAN; THEY ALL SHOULD BE CHARGED AND BE PUT BEFORE THE COURTS OF THIS LAND TO FACE THEIR PEERS. But, this will not happen because Flanagan and his cohorts will want a smooth landing and a pay-off.

    McCabe has left a legacy which will go down in history in years to come. DECENT AND HONEST but now reform must be the start of cleaning out the Rogue Filthy Cops who wear a uniform and are around every street corner. It is now estimated that there are three to four rogues in every major station in this country, if not more. Will Harris handle this evolution? Not a hope in hell. He has his own Baggage and cover-ups across the border., The people of Ireland owe Maurice McCabe a deep gratitude and one must try and comprehend what this man and his family went through for years trying to clear his name and why – well it has become so repetitive now in Ireland – we need people to strart telling the Truth. Well done Maurice McCabe and bless you and your family in the years to come.

    I will conclude on a more sinister comment in relation to former Commissioner little Noirin. She has been appointed to a role in the UN in relation to policing so when you fail in Ireland and are part of a cover-up you get rewarded and a plum job on top of your pension. It is easy to pick out who gave her the references and recommendations here. No doubt it must be it Fitzgerald, the failed minister and Flinstone Flanagan. What will they offer Maurice McCabe apart from his pension and a payout which he deserves. Probably nothing, Maybe the next Taoiseach of this country should at least give this man Seanad seat; it is the very least that this country can offer a Giant among men.


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  14. From midnight last night shamed Garda Supt has retired from the Force. Drew Harris took legal advice from he Attorney General through the Department of Justice – Taylor, who lied and was part of a smear campaign against former Sgt McCabe will be allowed his 40,000 euros pension plus a lump sum of 120,000 euros. Now there lies the legal question: the lump sum should be challenged by Minister Charlie Flinstone Flanagan and the Foggy Dew Harris but this won’t happen: this is Ireland. This will be swept under the carpet quietly and efficiently. This is how it works on this Island. Taylor evidently committed a criminal charge. Why? Any smear campaign which includes false allegations of child sexual abuse in any man’s language has to be deemed as a gross act of malice and a crime. But, Taylor has his pension, and his lump sum. Now coming down the road are the legal costs in relation to the Charleton tribunal so the people of Ireland will have to wait and see on how Judge Charleton dishes out his form of ethical justice. This is far from over. One more point: Justine McCarthy made a comment in the Sunday Times that social media can be a threat to the paper media. Well one point I will make here. Many journalists turned up at the Charleton and lost their tongues for truth on the way in. Also, let us not forget the words of the Judge himself “Never have I witnessed more denial, silence, and lies in one court, in one day”. I think this summary sums up the newspaper media in Ireland – not all journalists were afraid to speak up. Anne Harris, Richard Boucher-Hayes, John McGuinness, John Deasy all spoke up and were believed by Judge Charleton. Debbie McCann and others were in a state of well groomed and nurtured Denial. Where is the Perjury Act in this country?

    To be continued



  15. Watching Prime Time last night about Maurice McCabe and the abuse that he and his family endured for twelve long years. The only politician to speak out last night was John McGuinness. I know it was an RTE production but the absence of journalists is frightening. Yes, they wrote and when it became clear that former Sgt McCabe was telling the Truth, they then switched sides. The programme was well produced (Katie Hannon) and not seeing that Peter Pan, idiot, Paul Williams, was a big bonus to Truth and Honesty.

    McCabe spoke as a true human being of the hatred that was orchestrated especially in the station of Bailieborough and to see Gardai on youtube with a large black plastic rat trying to intimidate and slander the McCabe family, was nothing short 0of ‘Disgusting’ and these Gardai are still wearing the uniform of this State. McCabe came across as a decent copper, husband, father, and a good neighbour; then it all changed. Why? He stood up and he told the Truth. A phone call at 1 am in the morning. A suicide call-out. He takes it and goes to the scene. He notices three members of his own station drunk and walking carelessly around the incident scene. He asked them to leave. While McCabe was walking around the back of the house, he noticed the three drunken Gardai get into an unmarked squad car and drive off. He reported this to the Supt in charge of the Cavan division. In his own words, ‘little did I know what was to come’. One of those drunkards, a short time later, brought his daughter into a Garda station and she accused Maurice McCabe of sexual assault. Imagine to do this to one of their own; what they are capable of to do to an ordinary Joe Blogs. It is frightening. McCabe was called in and informed of the charges placed against him. He said it was the blackest day for himself, his wife, and his family and it changed him as a person, literally overnight. The DPP threw out this orchestrated charge but many questions remain. For example – why are these thugs still wearing uniforms, and still working, if not promoted, while a decent Sgt, Maurice McCabe, had not option but to retire.

    Maurice McCabe receive a State apology from Minister Flanagan but this apology is so shallow, it needs to be re-addressed. Tonight is part II of the McCabe story, I then will write about Tulsa, the smearing campaign, the secret files and the secret deal between the Department of Justice and Charlie Flinstone Flanagan in relation to paying the legal costs to former Commissioner Martin Callinan, who is now a disgraced former Garda Siochana member. As John McGuiinness said last night: when he met Callinan at that famous meeting in the carpark and was told not to believe with McCabe “he fiddles with children and is a head banger”, McGuinness had the experience to take all in and balance the weighing scales. One more comment at that meeting was “you are in deep trouble yourself John – be careful”. Callinan literally threatened, it would appear, the Chairman of the PAC committee.

    To be continued

    Watch Prime Time tonight 9.30 pm



  16. Watching the second part of the Whistleblower on Prime Time last night, it did show the outright denial by successive ministers and commissioners in relation to Maurice McCabe’s plight. The McCabe family had to endure 12 years of back stabbing, slander and the neglect of the Garda HQ, the Commissioner and the Ministers Shatter, and Fitzgerald, who resigned with dark shadows hanging over them. Now enter Charlie Flinstone Flanagan – what will he do to cleanse the Toxic Corruption in the Irish Police Force? To recall last night: To hear the McCabe family say – the sexual assault allegation from 2006 was thrown out by the then DPP; the reason being is that it was orchestrated by a disgruntled Garda who had been reported by Maurice McCabe for breaking the law while wearing the Garda uniform. Maurice McCabe was just doing his job, the decent way but in Ireland sadly this is unacceptable. Enter TULSA. HOW DID THEY KEEP A FILE ON MAURICE MCCABE IN RELATION TO CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE, AFTER IT WAS THROWN OUT BY THE DPP AND THEN IN AROUND 2013, THEY UPGRADED THE ALLEGATION TO RAPE (ANAL AND VAGINAL PENETRATION) THIS IS A MOST SERIOUS CRIME YET NOT ONE MEMBER OF THE NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE TULSA WILL EVER FACE ANY CHARGES.

    It is hard to imagine that a file was kept on an innocent man for almost a decade and yet TULSA went to the Charleton tribunal and played ignorance (a typing error). Anybody who could believe this is a fool. Maurice McCabe was alienated for years. He was literally thrown to the wolves and I say today to Frances Fitzgerald and O’Sullivan who are still in employment – Shame on both of you for doing nothing – Hold your heads low. This should be a crime by omission. McCabe survived. How? I personally will never know. Thankfully Maurice McCabe went to the Dail and to be fair to Micheal Martin, he asked those hard questions to Joan Burton, who was then Tanaiste. Last night I will never forget that snide smile she had on her face as if nothing is happening here just carry on regardless smirk. Well Joan the smirk is off your face now and I hope you haven’t put your handshake, like Callinan, to the McCabe family because hypocrisy is your middle name. John Deasy, John McGuinness, Martin, Boucher-Hayes, Anne Harris all believed in Maurice McCabe. Where does this leave the Garda’s journalist daughter Debbie McCann and many others? Time will tell. McCabe did this country a Great Service but after watching Katie Hannan’s Prime Time programme last night we must ask what was the true cost to his wife, his children, his father, his family and friends?

    The Gardai who made the hate phone calls at all hours of the night, those made threats, those who scratched his car in the Garda carpark; those who orchestrated the false allegations, no doubt even promoted, are still working today and this in itself is deeply disturbing. McCabe told the Truth and last night before the programme folded he said “Personally nothing will change”. Sadly I believe him. Corruption is literally legal in this country now and cronyism is so toxic you can smell it in every corridor of power.

    We need a Charter for Whistleblowers. We need a Guarantee for their safety and their families. This should be a top priority now.

    We need a Perjury Act urgently.



  17. Everybody, including you, missed the fact that both the Charleton Report and Kathy Hannon’s film was a whitewash that put all the blame on Callinan but let two major groups of his facilitators off the hook- the AGSI and the crime correspondents. Neither she nor Charleton criticised either the GRA/ AGSI or the crime correspondents. But both groups were active conduits for spreading smears down to rank and file Gardai. Charleton with an eye on publicity left both the AGSI and the crime corrs off the hook in his report. Charleton and Hannon dodged the big question. How could Callinan have single handedly conducted a smear campaign against McCabe without the active help of Gardai and media elements? They could no more do so than absentee landlords in the Great Famine could have sown, reaped or transported grain to market without the active co-operation of farmers. The GRA and AGSI circled the wagons around corruption the same as Callinan is did. They weren’t even mentioned in Charletons report or Hannon ’s film. But they were properly functioning in discharging their representative role McCabe should not have felt isolated. He should have had them by his side. In particular the AGSI are the pits. Hannon never mentioned them once. Like Charleton she failed to bring them to account. Just one big media whitewash with just one scapegoat. Mr X.
    This opinion was written by a very astute man, and a decent Journalist, no names mentioned, he is quite correct to point out some shortcomings in relation to RTE,s Prime Time on Maurice McCabe, I will get back to those people who were not mentioned in due course, but the Rot remains in our Police Force, and will until the Goverment get the Balls to change the total Structure of the Police here. Also some Crime Journalists here should hang their heads low, they played both sides, but got caught out, more to come


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