Extortion and Exploitation: Legal in Ireland?

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In the last couple of weeks, shocking news is emerging from Ballaghaderreen, Co. Roscommon. The name of the highly regarded and eminent solicitor Declan O’Callaghan is in the news. It emerged that he charged a widow who has three children over €100,000 in fees for handling an estate worth €396,000. The money was withdrawn in 39 separate installments between August and November of last year. The same widow came forward after reading court reports as to how the same Mr O’Callaghan had repaid €350,000 in fees and VAT to a child bequeathed an estate worth €455,000. After meeting the solicitor two weeks ago, the widow’s fees were cut to just €28,000, one fifth of the original charge. O’Callaghan would have paid nothing if he wasn’t found out and reported. It is now believed that 35 other clients of the same solicitor are lodging complaints with the Law Society of Ireland, many of these complaints centre on how personal injury lump sum payouts and cash bequeathed in wills were handled. The Law Society have gone to court to have the 59 year old suspended while it carries out an investigation. One good friend of the solicitor has come out in recent days and stated that O’Callaghan must work now under the supervision of another solicitor but it seems he is so arrogant and is in complete denial that he did anything wrong.

Legal profession, Law Society, Fraud Squad, and Fainna Fáil: Do your job!

Where is the Fraud Squad? To make matters worse the local town people were shocked to the core when they turned up for Sunday mass and witnessed O’Callaghan giving out the Communion on the altar, holier than though. This family are in embedded with FF and Micheal Martin, it seems, is a personal friend of O’Callaghan and his wife. I ask Martin today who leads FF and who has promised since he took over that there will be no more connections to shady individuals in any arena of the dark sinister Ireland?

O’Callaghan’s wife is a local business woman and a property collector. She is an active senior member of the local FF part in Ballaghaderreen. She was director of elections and also held a position of honorary treasurer before she was forced to step down, just ten days ago. Two of the couples’ daughters Aoife and Emer also work in the family legal firm. O’Callaghan and the wife enjoy a luxurious lifestyle; they hold properties on Arran Quay in Dublin, a holiday home in Achill Island, an impressive office building in Ballaghaderreen, they are also registered owners of 13 separate properties of land also in Mayo, Roscommon and Dublin. One must ask now and I repeat this: where did all this come from? Are there NAMA property deals here? Micheal Martin is numb but not dumb on this latest scandal. I repeat this is FF and there are no signs of it ever changing its true colours like the old leopard and its spots. Ordinary people face the courts for forging a document for a mortgage but other people can steal and spend literally hundreds of thousands, pay it back at free will and face no court charges.

Martin attacks Sinn Fein on a regular basis and keeps repeating they are not fit to govern but anybody with a sense of credibility reading the above would have to ask a serious question – Are FF fit to govern with friends of high status in low places? I ask Martin again to come out now and condemn the actions of this chancer O’Callaghan, the perfect husband and part-time priest.

FF were the architects of the greatest Bust (10 year anniversary soon) in Ireland’s economic history and the fall out will stay with us for decades. They were wiped out completely in Dublin in 2011 and now after all their false promises of a total clean up we have the Roscommon scandal but yet we know that Johnnie Rohan, Barrett, McNamara, and too many others are all back after being cleansed of their billions in debts overseas but still they have strong ties and connections with the FF party. Martin may have barred Bertie Ahern from the Party for a number of years but Martin himself, just like Willie O’Dea, and others, are still old relics of the Haughey and Bertie era – Nothing has really changed but maybe one thing and that is they are now afraid to call an election and the people within the FF party must ask themselves when will somebody take on Martin and do a Dawn Raid for Leadership.

FF never apologised to the Irish people when they ran this country into the mire of debt and misery? Hundreds of thousands of our people had to emigrate to far off shores. Others that remain to this day are caught up in so much debt – suicide being the only way out for some. Not just did FF have to call in the Troika but now we have the vulture funds flying in mid-air around Ireland and repossessing peoples’ homes on a weekly basis. This country needs a social revolution. It needs young people to stand up now and say enough is enough of the old guard. Sadly I doubt if this will ever happen but I will remain optimistic. Martin has an obsession with Mary-Lou and I don’t mean sexually but FF are scared senseless because of the rise in the Sinn Fein vote. Sources within FF want Martin out but the problem is what idiot is crazy enough to be leader of a party with so much of a history of corruption, cronyism and misery that they bestowed on the Irish people over the decades. Maybe it would have to be a person who chaired the PAC committee because they understand what corruption and cronyism is all about in this little Island.


  1. Fianna Fáil needs first to acknowledge their past, especially of corrupt institutions & leaders that they placed in power in the decades coming up to the present, e.g.:

    Fianna Fail’s Fifty Ways to Laugh at Voters

    Senior Fianna Fail member slams party for allegedly covering up child sex abuse scandal

    ‘Ireland’s Watergate’: How the phone tapping scandal would lead to Haughey’s downfall… eventually

    ‘Corruption was both endemic and systemic’ and it ‘affected every level of government’

    The next best step forward for all of us is for FF to come clean about these ongoing historical matters if they hope to have any constructive role in Ireland’s future.


  2. Thank you for these most interesting links. Apologies for delay.

    The golden couple of Ballaghaderreen have fallen from grace. O’Callaghan agreed last month to a number of orders before the High Court including not to practice as a solicitor pending the outcome of an inquiry tribunal. The High Court also removed his wife, Mary Devine O’Callaghan, as the law firm’s cheque signer. We now know that Ms O’Callaghan was FF’s director of organisation for the Roscommon Galway constituency and she has resigned from this post also. Until recently Ms Devine O’Callaghan was one of FF’s two honorary treasurers; she has also stepped down from this post. She also served as a member of the FF Ard Chomhairle, it’s national executive and has now stepped down from this position also. One independent lawyer has stated that there was widespread dishonesty involved in relation to the running of the legal practice by O’Callaghan and his wife. O’Callaghan has repaid to clients in the region of £400,000+ in the last number of weeks.

    FF never learn, and it is very apparent that they don’t deem this to be a serious issue within the party. Micheal Martin continues to point the finger at the Shinners in relation to bullying within their party but when it comes to alleged frauds and malpractice among his own cronies, silence is golden. I am surprised in one way that O’Callaghan has not put himself forward for the Aras with his wife in tow.


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