Vulture Funds Circle the Irish Skies

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It is surprising that our media (or maybe then it is not) give no coverage to Yvonne Walsh who is in prison at Dochas at Mountjoy since last April.  She is the former partner of Justin Malone, Civil Engineer, and former property mini tycoon and landlord.  Malone and I am surprised that nobody had mentioned this was on a TV programme with Miriam O’Callaghan (Prime Time) just after the Crash.  Malone was very convincing that he was the victim of the banks seeking revenge against him to the point that it became personal.  Justin played an Oscar on Prime Time that evening.  Let us now face some facts:  Malone and I am not sure about his partner then, Yvonne, had a property portfolio consisting of about 9 properties approximately.

Malone went under in the recession and he was living on Pembroke Road, Dublin 4.  This is where the real battle began, almost two years ago now.  He was evicted from the property and the banks hired bodyguards from Eastern European countries, 24 x 7 ie around the clock.  Squad cars came and went for months and the neighbours naturally did not have a peaceful life.  I myself as a former landlord and the loser of 6 properties knew what was going on before I got out of the property game; my biggest problem was that I borrowed too heavy, got in too deep and the rest is history.  Malone is a little bit different; he won’t accept that he borrowed and that he owes millions, at least 2 million.  So, he regained entry to the house on Pembroke Road in the autumn of 2017.  I believe it was on a Sunday evening and according to neighbours, 16 Gardaí and at least 6 squad cars.  Malone is an attention seeker and a rebel with no cause.  Beades – I have no time for this man so I won’t waste any lines on him.

Now enters Mattie McGrath and Mattie is going down the line of Human Rights and that Irish citizens should not be put into prisons to accommodate Vulture Funds and their greed.  Let’s have some equity of balance here, Malone borrowed; he lived the high life, and so did Yvonne, for a short period and it all came crumbling down just like the economy around them.  Since then the facts are very hard to digest and it seems to me they want the good times back but the judgments and the courts say otherwise.  I have the deepest sympathy for a mother of twin girls languishing in an Irish prison today but she has a choice to withdraw her Contempt of Court, give an undertaking that she won’t enter the Rathmines property again and this in turns means she walks out of the prison and that would make her twin girls very happy.  In the meantime, the courts are looking for Justin Malone to serve a summons on him.  Justin some years ago was owed €6,000 in rent from a female tenant in the Rathmines property.  She too was short of money but he showed no compassion and he locked her in the flat for over 6 hours – how prison didn’t come into this breach of the law astounds me.  I have no personal issue good bad or indifferent in this case but sometimes people must face hard facts.  Former tenants of Malone do not speak highly in his favour, he rented out a shed type container and put a tenant into it charging €750 per month.  There were no cooking facilities and there was no running water.  This is what one former tenant alleged so maybe Malone should come out of hiding now and talk to the mother of his twin girls and convince her that to be at home is the best choice in this situation.

Vulture funds have arrived; we think they are here to stay but the fact is the government has waived Capital Gains Tax to 2019-2021 so watch this space.  Fianna Fail and their greed are accountable for this and I don’t think Irish people have seen the worst of it yet.  Sadly, repossessions are here to stay.


  1. i am sorry
    justin is a very good friend and a very decent human being
    there are always 2 sides to every situation and yvonne is also the best there is . now back with the girls thank god


  2. I totally agree with you, there are two sides to every story. The above article which was written was taken from the two main newspapers, the Independent and the Irish Times. I don’t know the Malone family but I do know former tenants who have spoken to people in relation to the conditions they lived in during the so called boom and bust years. I am so relieved today that Yvonne is back with her daughters especially now that school is beginning. When you borrow you must remember you have to repay. That’s the name of the financial game. I am sure you would agree that there are thousands of couples out there today who are in genuine mortgage arrears and trying to pay back as best they can and have no support in dealing with the vulture funds. Believe me, I help people regularly who have to deal with headless figures (Vultures) who have bought their mortgages from the banks. I have walked behind three funerals in the past five years of young fathers who have committed suicide because of the stress related to having committed to mortgages with the aim of having a home for their families. Families have been destroyed since the bust but let’s now forget Greed was part of the climate during the so-called illusion boom. Here is the link of the court details yesterday and the undertaking that Yvonne gave when she purged her contempt.



    B R E X I T B R E X I T

    As the Tanaiste Mickey Martin, the Tanaiste, with Fungi, in the River Lee and the other Clowns in Dail Eireann are sleeping in bed, passing wind, farting, getting over hangovers and off for one months’ holidays, the rest of the Europe are preparing for the fall-in or the fall-out of Brexit. We are a small little village known as a country called Crony Tax Haven Island off the west coast of the Atlantic, facing the USA.

    Now, let’s get down to some serious talking. Why is the Dail not recalled as a matter of urgency? Why are the Clowns in the Dail off on a months’ holidays and the news coming in now is nothing short of despicable – the Dail Bar bill has not yet been paid and Varadkar said he would compel the debtors to pay it out of their salaries. Well this has not happened and one TD in particular has a tab of £4,820. This is a total disgrace and this TD should be named and shamed because the same Clown took in just under £500,000 in expenses over the last four years while most of the country, who are in work, find it hard to put food on the table and to keep their mortgage out of the arrears category.

    To those elitists who read the Pink Paper at the weekend; did you see the projection for Brexit? They reckon it will be pulled. There will be no Brexit. Do we care over here on the Island? No we just celebrate and take days off work … including our semi-state it can be four weeks. Let me tell you the Pink Paper got printed but Brexit is definitely on, and one man who was deeply interested on Britain leaving the EU is our friend Putin because he has another Plan, apart from the missiles of mass power, he produced a couple of days ago, to let the world and especially America know what Russia is capable of and experts are playing down another Cold War and an Arms Race. Let’s be blunt with Trump in the White House, anything is fucking possible. Let us not forget, at the moment, Federal Government are in complete lock-down because the Democrats have not given his toy invisible lego to enable him to build his see-through wall since the wall of China. Then we have the situation at Doonbeg where Donald again wants to build another Wall around the Golf Course, to keep the local gombeens out. I believe only Timmy Dooley will be allowed in – as a caddy man only.

    We have the crisis of the homeless, people living in hotels, hostels, cars, tents along the canal and in our parks and yet we can’t even sort it out because we don’t have an Opposition in the Dail and FG can literally do what they like because Martin has signed up to the Contract. Now where have I heard that before. O yes, it was Enda Kenny, that thundering idiot, from Castlebar at that time, telling the Irish people – sign up to my contract and I will put Ireland back on the map. Well Kenny is gone and so is the contract but look at what is left and have a deeper look at his legacy? Repossessions, Vulture Funds, Mercenaries crossing the Border and beating up our Irish citizens in the dead of night, gangland out of control, false crime figures, massive corruption, massive cronyism in our semi-state, junkets and free travel for the over pampered civil servants and I could go on all day. Now getting back to Brexit:-


    Enough said:



  4. Image result for photos of a muppet meeting

    Today at the Government table in Buswells hotel, the Muppets met on behalf of the Irish people. There was a slight delay before the meeting. A FF truck pulled up on Kildare Street and Timmy and Barry got out, dressed as Quakers with a consignment of Cushions. People on Kildare Street were astonished and one of the Gardai walked over to enquire why Timothy and Barry were bringing the cushions through a side door into the Cabinet meeting. The cushions or may I say, one large cushion was put on every seat.

    This tells you that FF keep their promises. This is part of the Cosy Deal with Leo the Lioness and Mickey the Dolphin Martin if members of the Government can’t sit on a soft cushion to relax the tension of their asses, there is no hope for Brexit. Leo stands up, with Helen at his hip and he says “We will not yield to Theresa May or a Hard Border on our Island. I have learned a lot in the past few months and one thing is to never and I mean Never go back stage at a Kylie Minogue concert at pretend you fancy the pheasant. We have to be ourselves totally because the Brexit and the Vultures are hovering over Irish skies and I today will stand right behind the men and not forgetting the women of this country, in the face of the hurricane that is slowly gathering momentum..” Regina hops up tears, and shouts Leo is a Leader among men! Well we all know this but the problem is that it is Theresa May he is dealing with, and not forgetting Angela Merkel (Germany) and this may be a bit bitchy but the three of them will have to work out a solution in the coming months – it could be over a cup of coffee or it could be when they are doing a bit of knitting. In the meantime Ireland faces one of the biggest economic Storms in its entire life as an Independent State. We need people now to think long and hard about a plan B and C and the rest because we depend so much on Britain to get our trucks and our goods across mainland Europe.

    There is talk of a Government Reshuffle. Well before Murphy and Harris get the boot and others like Mitchell O’Connor and Zappone, the PR Barbie Queen, FF should pull the plug now and go to the Country and let the people decide. The question I am asking here is who would trust the shower of Muppets above. Let me give you some reasons Why Not?

    They cannot solve a housing crisis, 25,000+ are homeless in this country (all Irish).

    They cannot solve the Corruption that is a rash over the entire Garda Siochana. Maurice McCabe won his case and exposed the massive corruption in our Police Force and yet nothing is done. I am also aware that Charlie Flanagan is about to lose his job in Justice so this will be a third Justice Minister in four years. This alone tells you that we are led by a bunch of Muppets.

    We have a problem in our semi-state; there is no focus on work, ethics, culture, and an outright failure to have a mission to serve the Irish people. As I write this, over 500 people in Government circles and in our semi-state are putting their names forward for the free travel and booze engagement on Paddies Day. This gives you a sense of the level of cronyism and the culture of not giving a care or a thought to the Irish people.

    Our farmers will be at risk, our hauliers will be at risk, our SME’s will be wiped out and then we have the story emerging yesterday from Wexford in relation to Irish Ferries. Rural Ireland is on its last legs and now Wexford is screaming for help but sadly to no avail. Brendan Howlin needs to shout louder and so does Alan Kelly and Mick the Sheep Wallace.

    We have been punching above our weight now for a long time and this is a real test that lies ahead. Our problem will always come back to Haunt us – Corruption and Cronyism and a Police Force unfit to serve. We need a total clean up in this country and the people of Ireland need to shake the shackles of Apathy off their shoulders. Brexit will not go away and the Vultures will fly over every mortgage carcass that they can eye up in the months ahead. Black 2019 is here. It will not be pretty and the Thugs will be hired again and again from across the Border to walk on Irish lands and drag our people from their homes. Sadly, this will happen because our TD’s have been pampered for too long and now they will go into hiding because they don’t have the balls to face the storms that are coming. Don’t forget England went through two World Wars but stood against the Nazis. We have been fighting the Brits for hundreds of years but along the way we became soft and lost our focus.

    If ever in our history it is now and time is here where the people may have to leave the Politicians behind and take back our Country and their Democracy. As I have said before, the Cosy Deal is the easy way out for FF and that means with no Opposition this country is run like a mini Dictatorship.



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