Ireland’s Unsolved Dark Mysteries and Murders

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It is hard to know where to begin but reading the Village magazine yesterday evening, the article by Gemma O’Doherty in relation to the murder of Sophie Du Plantier reminded me to the same degree as if I was reading my own will and testament. I said it 10 years ago, I said it again and again, Mr. Bailey was set up, stitched up and almost framed for a murder he did not commit. We all know that at the time Ian Bailey was a heavy drinker, a part-time freelance journalist and he was known to Gardaí for domestic abuse in relation to his partner Jules Thomas. This does not make Mr Bailey a murderer and also the conduct and the behaviour of the Gardai in Cork at the time should have been examined more closely by the media and the powers that be in Garda HQ. But then we know, from the corruption in Donegal and the Morris tribunal that rogue Gardai in certain parts of Ireland had the full support of senior rogue Gardaí at Garda HQ. Where to from here?

Let’s name a few examples:

Fr. Molloy was murdered in Co Offaly in an upstairs bedroom after a wedding. The mystery remains just as it did back in 1985 – the question now is what really happened? The dogs in the street know the FF minister who left the same house late into the night. Was he aware, before leaving or afterwards, that there was a horrendous crime scene upstairs? The Flynns now in their graves have taken the mystery with them but then there are others in Offaly today and in An Garda Siochana who know the facts but who will never disclose the truth. This is Ireland and never forget the code in our Gardai is “Loyalty before Truth”.

Richie Barron over 20 years ago while walking along a country road in Donegal was knocked down in a hit and run. Again certain members of An Garda Síochána know exactly who was driving that unmarked squad car. Will they come out now and tell the truth? No. That would break the code.

Young Rossiter went into a Garda station some years ago, he was just 15 years old, where were the guidelines then? Where were the social services? A serious assault took place in Clonmel Garda Station. He died from a ruptured spleen. The Gardaí said the injury happened days previous. We know this to be bullshit. Again nobody was charged with assault or let’s be blunt with Murder – another cover-up by our rogue Gardaí.

A few years ago 2 young women were arrested in relation to the protesting against Shell in West Mayo while being driven in a Garda squad car they were threatened and told they would be raped. Let us put this into a more clear version. Imagine a police force behaving like this in any other country. The officers would be charged before a court of Law and of course fired with no pension rights. Here in Ireland – it is the culture of carry on regardless.

I could go on all day but I want to ask some members of the media out there today why nobody ever asked the questions in relation to a number of years ago in the Seychelles. Retired members of our Army and Garda Síochána were hired by the Government there to clean up corruption; this is a real joke in itself. A former Supt retired, who was based at Donnybrook, Dublin 4, was found dead in a hotel room in the Seychelles. There was no Inquiry, they said heart failure, yet, friends who worked with him said he was a fitness fanatic and definitely had no heart problems. Many questions but total silence yet again.

RTE on a daily basis, including Paul Reynolds, give us the news “Gangland shooting here and there. Bank robberies the same”, yet there are other crimes being committed on a daily basis which are never mentioned and these are the crimes of rogue members of An Garda Siochana who make money from backhanders, drug pay-off’s, moonlighting, brothel protection, human trafficking and the rest. One retired senior Garda told me recently that he believes but can’t speak out because he must protect his family. There are at least 50 to 100 members of the Gardai who are multi millionaires with offshore accounts.

I will conclude with the question: Where did this money come from?

Addendum:  15th August 2018

Paul Peter Pan Williams also known as Inspector Crony Williams of the Garda media squad is on the paper again today.  I am surprised that Tom Brady would even share an article with him but then that is the Independent for you.  News is news, no matter from what source.  The country for two decades now still remember the missing women especially in the Leinster area.  We all know the names of Jo Jo Dollard, Fiona Pender, Annie McCarrick and now today we hear an update, after 20 years, in relation to Deirdre Jacob.  Deirdre 20 years ago sadly went missing on her way home from the bank and visiting her grandmother.  The Gardai yesterday stated that they have upgraded her case to a murder inquiry.  My question is — Our Gardai are untrained; they have no skills whatsoever in relation to homicides or finding missing people; they also have no skills in stand-off’s, we learned that the hard way in relation to John Carthy at Abbeylara, John was shot four times in the chest by trigger happy Garda idiots – all he had asked for was a cigarette.  Also, there are serious questions to be answered by the doctor on the day – Dr Donohoe, another well known Garda crony.

Deirdre Jacob is one of dozens of missing women in this country and my sympathy goes out to her family today and to the others with missing loved ones.  My question is:  How did it take so long to upgrade this case to a murder inquiry?  The dogs in the street knew Deirdre wasn’t coming back.  Williams of course will jump on any bandwagon and hear this not for Deirdre or the family but for his own ego because like Peter Pan he is mercurial in need of attention and praise.  He drinks only with cops and like Debbie McCann, it is where he gets all his information from.  I ask again how it took so long to upgrade Deirdre’s case as a murder inquiry?  I welcome it as does the family and others.  I will be writing a new article shortly on the shame of Ireland’s missing women and I can assure you when I start writing down the names, sadly it will be heading to over 100 missing women.  As a small country, this should not be happening.  Charlie Flanagan praises the Gardai at every opportunity.  Even the other day he praised one Sgt from Belmullet for using the right soup spoon!  Flanagan is unfit for purpose just like the Garda squad investigating Ireland’s streets of murder.

Corruption in Police Force’s is across all fronts.  Just read Ciaran Goggin’s blog and you will learn a lot on what is going on in the Met in London.  The stitch ups and the cover-ups.  Keep writing Ciaran.  People like us may not be popular but Society needs us to put our heads up above the parapet even when the guillotine is close by ie The Establishment.

To be continued in detail:


PS:  Does anyone know the details of the new Garda HQ either opened recently or which is waiting to be opened?


  1. on a related note: What does one have to do to get a Garda convicted of anything in this country? (Define the word “assault”: 1 Punch or 8?) Details summarised from The Independent….

    Garda Brian Hanrahan was convicted of assaulting and causing harm to Emer Kelly and Ashling King on March 6th 2016. He was off duty at the time and he received a 6 month suspended sentence. The Garda who is now based in Henry Street in Limerick denied assaulting the 2 young women and yesterday Judge Teehan overturned the conviction. This means that Hanrahan can carry on regardless, retain his Garda job and it leaves the 2 young women wondering why were they called “Liars”.

    Now let us go back to that night in question and also we will then question the legality or the lack of from Judge Teehan. What I mean by this is – the verdict or the view that Judge Teehan came to yesterday would seriously raise the question what plant or state of mind are these Judges tuned into? On the night in question, after failing to hail down a taxi, off duty cop Hanrahan offered the 2 young women €15 to take him home. The girls reluctantly agreed. On the way home, on the night in question, Hanrahan became loud and repeated “Nenagh is full of scumbags and I am the hardest man around, I could beat anybody up, nobody bullies me”. The girls became afraid, stopped the car near his destination and asked him to get out. Emer Kelly asked for the fair agreed with Hanrahan before she gave him the lift. All of a sudden he lost his temper, punched in the face, she fell to the ground and then he began kicking her while she was on the ground. Ashling King got out of the car, ran to her friend and she was punched also. They phoned the Gardai and a squad car came from Nenagh. When the Gardai arrived they found the 2 young women sitting in the car, faces bloodied and trembling with fear. Hanrahan came out of a nearby graveyard where he was hiding and presented himself. The rest is as above – he got convicted in the District court for assault and in my legal opinion it should have gone to the Circuit court and Hanrahan should not have received a suspended sentence. He deserved prison but as I say again and again this is the Island of Cronyism and Corruption.

    My summary in this case, is a question for Judge Teehan. How could you overturn, in my opinion, this Thug’s conviction and I also want to ask Judge Teehan, how could he state an element of doubt in relation to the 2 young women’s statements. You said in your summary that you did not believe Hanrahan hit them 6-8 times but you did believe there was an assault on that night. I find this bizarre and these women this morning must feel deeply let down by the Non Justice system in this country. My question is how many punches does a woman have to take from any man but especially a Thug Garda to get justice in an Irish court? I am sure many women around Ireland today will worry if they are ever assaulted by a Garda because a Garda station or a court of law will not give them refuge.


  2. Ireland now has the greatest proportion of unsolved murders to its own population than any other Western country: with yearly waves of white collar crime, charity fraud and embezzlement, untouchable gangs, corruption in the semi-state body, and gardaí exempt from every law (including perjury). Simple homicide numbers are through the roof in case anyone wants a more straightforward statistic.

    What would any country need to fix all these things? A democracy with visibility and accountability, which will never come about unless citizens demand it. Yet the media has trained people by now to accept that the FF and FG parties have effectively become joined: creating a one-party political system… a stagnant monopoly of inherited power.

    With all the murders and corporate crime we now have a great motivation to overcome this conditioning — even if it means spreading this censored, disturbing news — and demand an accountable government instead of a perpetual whitewash.

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