The Elite and the Entitled of Irish Politics

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The Irish Dáil (Government buildings) is now in recess until the end of September which means the overpaid clowns have left Kildare Street and in effect the country may even be safe than before. At the moment we have no opposition in our so called democratic state also known as the Banana Republic for corruption and cronyism.

Last week I listened with total astonishment or maybe it could have been two weeks ago, when Kate Pharmacy O’Connell was talking about her sister on the Sean O’Rourke show and how she will be joining Kate in Dáil Éireann at the end of this year or early next year. Kate – can you please tell me how and why? Do you really think you were born with such entitlement and that the Irish people were born so stupid to let you away with these bizarre comments and gross arrogance? At the moment this Government only operate at the mercy of Leaderless Mickey Martin and the Fianna Fáil corporate, if FF pull the plug we will have an election on Monday morning. Our country is not in a good place now especially with Brexit gaining momentum and the cloud of uncertainty hanging over our economy. People need assurance that we have strong leadership and a stable Government. The people of Ireland have neither.

First, I want to return to the Kate O’Connell, FG. She is only in the Dail three wet Sundays; she has no history in politics and personally I find her a complete and utter attention seeker and me feiner. To state on radio that her sister would be joining her in the Dail before an election is even announced speaks for itself. O’Connell does not represent the poor in South Dublin; she represents the Corporates, the entitled classes otherwise known as the culchies who came to Dublin in the 1960’s, made their money in concrete and mixers, and then sent their offspring to private schools to create a D4 mentality and the rest is history. O’Connell and her husband own between them at least 40 pharmacies and never saw a hungry day in their lives so I ask Kate today who do you represent? You never speak on Crime, Homelessness, or Children going to bed hungry at night on this Island. O’Connell’s big achievement to date is bringing abortion to Ireland. Well done from some of us Kate. What is next – Is it legalising Euthanasia? Some neck, I will give her that.

Then we have Regina Doherty, Minister for Social Chaos and no protection. Her husband and herself have a High Court judgment against them for £2.6 million yet this doesn’t seem to bother her at all. Ms Doherty oversees millions of taxpayers money in the portfolio that she holds. This would not happen in any other country in the free world. But this is Ireland and as people are now realising Corruption is legal and Cronyism is the only way to climb the ladder in politics and business. People recall the Haughey years as GUBU but what will we call the times we live in now in years to come? We have no conclusion at present to at least 40 different inquiries going on in relation to Corruption in this country. Let me give you a few samples:

Garda Corruption: 2 million fake breath tests, corruption at Garda HQ and money laundering at Garda training college in Templemore, yet there is not one person facing the courts.

Our Charity sector: where now people who I trust can tell me that in the last decade there was in the region of £100 million gone missing into certain peoples’ pockets or into offshore accounts. We must not forget Console and Kelly, or Mr Conlon who is in a Swiss prison and yet our Journalists fail to report further on this. John of Gods – where a bunch of gangster took over £2.5 million and shared it among themselves; gave the Irish the two fingers. One of this bunch, a woman you all now, has landed a top job in Fáilte Ireland. Then we look to Rehab and the one who replaced Angela Kerins; she too has questions to answer in relation to thousands gone missing and visa cards being misused.

The latest scandal in the HSE is alarming. One consultant was being paid £14,000 per week and the explanation was that it was an error, missing records, dodgy audits, and again not one gangster within the HSE is held accountable. I repeat Corruption is legal on this Island if you know the right people and you operate in the circle of cronyism.

Last but not least the Shinners are being attacked for putting a candidate forward for the Áras. Our giant of a President, Michael Wee Higgins is offended because he feels he has the right to continue for the next 8 years. If he succeeds he will be almost 90 leaving the Park. This to me is another type of corruption of power and cronyism in this country. The taxpayers on this Island have to ask themselves is this labour midget worth £32 million per year to maintain his world travel, his champagne, the wife’s mini skirts and high heels and the advisers and maids that travel with him. I don’t think so.

I am now getting tired. I do agree with Bob Geldof all those years ago: Banana Republic. Nothing has changed, in fact things have got a lot worse. The person to ask is the Maltese Falcon, another narrative in itself for another day.

The words I began with I will close with. The country is riddled with Corruption and Cronyism and what will emerge if Brexit kicks into gear with immediate effect. They are already getting bureaucracy in place for the return of the border on the Island of Ireland and goodbye Good Friday Agreement.



Addendum: 8th September 2018

The Allens or may I say the Elite of Cork and RTE have made the headlines again for all the wrong reasons.  Let’s not forget some years ago, Darina Allen’s husband stood before the infamous Bitter Stone Faced Judge Pattwell, who would lock up, a homing pigeon found in the wrong nest.  The day in questions a traveller woman with eight children begged for leniency for shoplifting but Stone Face thought differently and gave her nine months in prison.  Then along came Darina and Hubby – the charge:  7,500 images of children.  Porn.  The Verdict:  Not to go to the Circuit Court.  Pattwell…/… fined his friend Mr Allen £34,000 and a slap on the wrist.  At that time, RTE got behind the Allen dynasty and made sure she kept cooking on her shows at Montrose.

Now we have Rachel Allen’s son, Josh, a young entitled thug who thought he could import £30,000 worth of illegal drugs from America but the National Crime Squad, backed up by the National Drug Squad, had him under observation for six months, which included the postal sorting office in Portlaoise.  You have to ask the question – how many parcels got through in the past and you would have to ask the question again – did this young thug use the sorting mail at Montrose to import drugs also under the guise of Rhubarb Tart Mum.  But: when most mothers would have the cop-on to stay indoors for a while and try and have a heart to heart with her son, Rachel has more important things to do and decides to turn up in New Ross last week at the JFK annual gathering and therein to sign autographs for her new recipe book.  She appears to have not a care in the world.

Ireland is definitely a changing country but definitely the elite or so called elite most definitely have no SHAME at all.

It will be interesting to see how this most serious illegal dealing drug case will develop and how the elite are treated before the courts.  Let us not forget that similar to America 92% of Ireland’s prison population come from poor backgrounds, lack of education provided and sadly in some families third generation going through the gates of our prisons.

To be continued.






  1. The Golden 400 own and (mis)manage Ireland. As for Regina Doherty wasn’t an American academic stopped by Special Branch/secret police goons at Dublin airport for having the temerity to inquire about Reg’s bank balance? Finally the Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara, breath tests are the least of it – proven perjury at Jobstown, illegality at Rossport and collusion in Eddie Fullerton’s assassination.



    In the last couple of months an employee of the DPP is suspended with pay in relation to a breach of confidentiality under the Oath that all staff must take, before working in that Government agency. It is a most serious situation that alleged leaks have come out from the DPP’s office and I repeat if it is factual, it actually is a betrayal of the State you work for.

    Frances Fitzgerald, who left the Justice Department, when she replaced the failed Alan Shatter, is back in the headlines and this time somebody is doing a fabulous PR cover-up because Ken Foxe of the Mail on Sunday, has disclosed emails and documents that are most disturbing and they raise many questions going forward. In Ireland’s political history and for almost eighty years a Cabinet meeting is completely State confidential and also anybody who speaks outside that remit must stand down and maybe or may I say face criminal charges. We all know Frances Fitzgerald began her career in Public Relations and she is a former employee and personal friend of Terry the Prune. I ask people today to just read the article by Foxe and then the questions, will start floating around in your head. Foxe first had asked the Department of Justice if there were any emails or correspondence between Fitzgerald and Terry the Prune when she was defending Noirin O’Sullivan at the time that Sgt McCabe, an honest Garda, was literally been thrown to the wolves. Also, we must mention Mick Wallace who may have faults in relation to unpaid taxes but who had the courage to take on Shatter and then Fitzgerald, along with former Commissioner Martin the Carpark Callinan and Noirin the missing mobile O’Sullivan. Foxe was told early in the request that no documents existed but to be fair to the journalist he kept digging. Now we know that what first popped up were sixty emails between Fitzgerald, former Carr Communications PR and then Minister for Justice at the time and Terry the Prune. Later on, through FOI papers and consistent banging on doors, a further sixty five emails have emerged. One particular email is most disturbing. This email goes: “How do I handle Wallace?” Reply: “Don’t Engage with him. Ignore him, let him be on the media and TV outlets. Deny all he says”. These emails should shock the Dail and particularly the present Government which is backed up by Martin and the other Cork Stooges.

    The question I ask today is direct: How can Terry the Prune have access to Cabinet meetings? How can she advise a former Minister for Justice in relation to State matters and I believe that this is just the tip of the Titanic iceberg. I believe that Terry Prone had access to a lot of State business and I also believe that the PAC committee should request that Fitzgerald should attend an urgent session and be put under the floodlights. If this country is going to have leak after leak and ordinary employees are suspended – how can Ministers be immune to the same laws. This story and I know this will happen will be buried in a matter of days but I ask John McGuinness today and Sean Fleming and other decent members of the Dail to call Fitzgerald to task on this. There are too many elite figure heads with too much information at the moment in relation to Cabinet meetings and Government files.

    To conclude today: some years ago a Government task force was set up to determine if e180 per week too much money for the unemployed? On that committee was the infamous Angela Kerins, former Rehab, who is now nearly invisible awaiting the conclusion of the Justices of the Supreme Court. Her salary at the time from Rehab was roughly at that time e5,500 per week plus expenses. Which idiot Clown put her on that panel?

    Do I have to say anymore? The elite are so called run this country and the TD’s are just the messenger boys and girls.



  3. Ireland’s main newspapers are either in semi-retirement or have lost the hunger to be true investigative journalists. Today Ireland is sinking in an epidemic of heroin, cocaine, crystal meth, and cannabis; let us not forget the prescription drugs bought on the black market. Opioids have America on its knees; Ireland is not far behind but we are in denial as usual and we continue to push the can down the road using the word research; and breakfast seminars. Yesterday morning as I walked through Dublin’s Fair City, O’Connell Street was filthy; there was litter everywhere; the bins had not been emptied and literally in every doorway there were young people crashed out in sleeping bags. Why? Drugs – Illegal drugs and alcohol also causes strife in families which results in homelessness. The Drug culture in Dublin is not just Gangland; it is not just Kinahan and the other gangs, it is more structured than one thinks. Drug dealers, as media will tell us, are men going around in track suits showing off their steroid muscles and tatoos; not quite so correct. In the UK many old people are being arrested and sent to prison for drug dealing, after retirement from years of work. They like the thrill.

    Drugs are bringing in millions on a weekly basis to the mobs in Dublin but this money has to be laundered through different banking institutions. The dealers have to have front men; they have to have the man in the pin stripe suit with the briefcase and the rest. Believe me these people are a very important cog in the drug culture in this country. They live in South Dublin, some of them are in business, some run pubs, some are in the legal profession and some drive around in Garda cars. O yes, drugs bring money into play and money brings corruption. Dublin 4 is a perfect example of that old sleepy hollow but don’t be fooled when you walk around Elgin, Pembroke, Waterloo, Clyde, Wellington, Burlington and of course Ballsbridge. These people live all around us and don’t give you a scent of any illegal activity taking place. Activity is taking place and large portions of money are being laundered on a daily basis through betting shops, race horses, properties in Spain, and also buying properties and shares in the City of Dublin. Sources within our media can name some but they don’t have enough evidence to print. I can name a dozen of these so called suits who live on the roads I have just mentioned, and they live with total immunity.

    People always think of Finglas, Ballymun, Coolock, Darndale, Rialto, and the rest when you mention drugs but the financial headquarters for most of the drug money laundering is in the D4, D2, D6 areas and the corrupt cops will protect their sources because the money and the backhanders are too big to ignore. The drug squad should be overhauled and also there should be drug checks on Gardai frequently without warning. We need a Police Force unlike Mexico and Spain and the rest. We need a Police Force that acts within the law and not above it. Never forget people even those who wear wigs can be tainted because money has no conscious.

    To be continued.



  4. Anybody tired of the Apathy yet. if so let’s consider what Howard Zinn had to say

    “But I suppose the most Revolutionary Act one can engage in is…..To Tell The Truth”

    30 of Ireland’s 158 TDs are landlords. That includes at least four out of 15 of the current Cabinet.

    The present Fine Gael Government’s landlords include:
    Tánaiste Simon Coveney: Current second in command (Tánaiste) in the government, and Foreign Affairs minister, also the former Housing Minister, the Register tells us Simon Coveney lets an apartment overlooking Harty’s Quay in Rochestown, Co Cork. He also has shares in Private Wealth Managers, a wealth management investment group and Coveney Family Investment Club.
    2 years ago, one media report stated:
    “Minister Coveney is tasked with controlling the housing market in Ireland which has seen rents spiral to record levels in Dublin. While thousands of Irish families are homeless.”
    Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty,
    Agriculture Minister Michael Creed, (the landlord of three properties in Macroom. He has also declared ownership of a holiday home in Glenbeigh, Co Kerry),
    Junior Health Minister Jim Daly lists his occupation as “landlord” and declared one property in Cork,
    Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan “listed himself as a “property owner”, including details of a holiday cottage in Sligo used for “part-time holiday letting”.
    Junior Defence Minister Paul Kehoe “lists “landlord” among his occupations and declares three apartments, two in Wexford and one in Dublin that are leased out.”
    Minister John Paul Phelan “lists “landlord” among his occupations and one property in Dublin.”
    Dublin Bay South TD Kate O’Connell has five investment properties, two in Westmeath and three in Dublin.
    Fine Gael chair, Martin Heydon lists “landlord” among his occupations and a rental property in Wexford.
    Waterford TD John Deasy declared “rental income” from an apartment in Citywest, Dublin, and a holiday apartment in Sardinia, Italy.
    Carlow-Kilkenny TD Pat Deering declared “rental income” from a house in Carlow.
    Alan Farrell declared his former primary residence in Kinsealy, Co Dublin, has been rented since May 2016. He now rents a property elsewhere for his own use.
    As well as Sean Canny, Independent TD for Galway East and Landlord, who lets a number of dwellings in Galway.

    Those who support this present government’s policies from the Fianna Fáil party and who are also landlords are:
    Robert Troy, Eamon Scanlon, Margaret Murphy O’Mahony, Sean Haughey, Marc Mac Sharry, Stephen Donnelly, Sean Fleming, Billy Kelleher, Timmy Dooley, Bobby Alyward, John McGuinness and John Curran.

    And from the other parties currently in the Dáil: the Teachta Dála (TD) landlords include:
    The Labour Party’s Alan Kelly,
    Independent Michael Healy-Rae,
    Independent Noel Grealish and Independent Michael Harty,

    and there is more! Are there any more Whistleblowers in the Dail and Seanad to uproot the landlords of Black 47

    Paudie Coffey, a Fine Gael politician and Senator in the 25th Seanad, owns shares in the ESB. He also rents out a house in Portlaw, Co. Waterford and has 20% share in Clodagh Enterprise Property, The Square, Portlaw, Co. Waterford.

    Former ceann comhairle (Speaker) of Dáil Eireann and Fine Gael TD, Sean Barrett describes himself as a “shareholder in a company that owns an office block and which is leased to a tenant.”

    Tom Barry holds shares in Dairygold and Bank of Ireland. He also owns agricultural land in Monanimy, Rahan and Ballyduff in Killavullen, Kilquane in Castletownroche, a site for houses in Mallow, 5 apartments for rental in Brideholm, and 2 houses for rental in Beechgrove, Listowel.

    Fine Gael TD Marcella Corcoran Kennedy lets out 27 acres of land in Ballyvora, Ferbane, Co. Offaly

    Fine Gael Galway East TD, Ciarán Cannon is an executive director in a property company and owns property in Carrabane, Athenry and Banyuls Dels Aspres in France.

    Fine Gael deputy James Bannon declares an apartment in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, on Gran Canaria, a house on Clonliffe Road, Dublin and another in Derraghan, a constituency office and yard in Longford and farmland in both Newtown and Derraghan.

    Former Justice Minister Alan Shatter “famously owns and rents out an extensive property portfolio in Dublin, London and in the Florida destinations of Naples and Marco Island, on the Gulf of Mexico.”

    Frank Feighan is a Senator in the 25th Seanad. He rents out his 4 properties in Sligo. He also has properties Leitrim, Roscommon, Dublin and according to his declaration, rents out an apartment at Madach Gardens (Goszdu Court) in the Hungarian capital of Budapest.

    Jobs Minister Richard Bruton owns shares in Arytza the Swiss food company, Bank of Ireland, Irish Life & permanent, Smurfit Kappa Group, FBD Holdings, AIB Investment Fund: c/o Ark Life Assurance and He also owns a house on Conyngham Rd., Dublin 8, setting farmland and a house in Dunboyne, Co. Meath, Setting farmland in, Drumree, Co. Meath and Leixlip, Co. Kildare.

    Minister for Transport Paschal Donohoe, has shares in Surrey-based consumer goods giant Proctor & Gamble.

    Willie O’Dea a Former Fianna Fáil Defence Minister has a significant portfolio of investments in oil and mining concerns, including Union Jack Oil (Bath), Kaizen Discovery (Vancouver), and Dragon Oil (London).

    …Makes you think of the great ancestor of some of these public representatives who ended up dying in an English prison cell, Theobald Wolfe Tone, one of the founding members of the United Irishmen, and regarded as the father of Irish republicanism and leader of the 1798 Irish Rebellion against the English invader:
    “If the men of property will not support us, they must fall. Our strength shall come from that great and respectable class, the men of no property.”

    So the question is obvious: Why would the landlords of Kildare Street be interested in a housing supply shortage or for that matter homelessness? I have not yet mentioned the friends of friends Cronyism who own hotels which were on the brink of bankruptcy years ago but are now making millions from the homelessness crisis and let’s not forget the multiple thousands of backhanders that were given over to people in Kildare Street, Co Councils, Seanad and other Charities. Yes, ordinary Joe Bloggs shall march along with the modern left – Richard Boyd Barrett and Co but the elite behind the walls of Dail Eireann look out their windows and smile at the Peasants while many of their children live rent free in their property portfolios.

    The apathy is evident across this country but we need to people to start looking at our TD’s and Ministers. We need the people of Ireland who pay their taxes, mortgages, creches, childcare, which are in fact equal to second mortgages to have a deeper interest in how their country is run by a bunch of Entitled Clowns in Kildare Street. My late grandmother used to say “In a financial crisis many will lose their fortunes while others make millions”. What has changed? When you have in Ireland right now a national crisis of homelessness not just in Dublin but literally in every county you have people charging massive rents to Government agencies and thereby making their fortunes quietly and off the radar.



  5. The expenses gravy train has been very good to Billy Kelleher. The figures do not include his TD’s salary. 2011=€49,715








    Total expenses received= €412,522

    Have these people any shame at all, the FF party that fucking destroyed a Nation. Kelleher is one Muppet but there are many more raking in millions from the backs of the Irish taxpayers. We have people tonight sleeping in doorways in the bitter cold. We also have this Gravy Train and Billy Kelleher blowing his horn and laughing all the way to Bitcoin.

    If you are interested in more, Twitter @tdexpenses. A shocking indictment on those who represent the people of Ireland. But in reality they represent themselves, their families and their bank accounts, here and abroad, and the Public are only a means to an end of getting all the money they can and bluffing on a daily basis.



  6. error: Twitter @tdsexpenses

    Sex or no sex, this is another National scandal. A month ago these low life clowns gave the unemployed an extra fiver a week. They gave the pensioners the same and at Christmas they will throw a few euros on the ground while smiling. Yes, we have Brexit coming, Rome burned before while Nero “Fiddled”. No matter what happens the Irish economy, these clowns below, feel entitled to literally carry out daylight robberies on a weekly basis against the Irish taxpayers. If you add up the total cost ie the expenses paid from 2011 to 2017, it is probable that the amount could literally build at least 30 houses for the Homeless. Again I repeat. How do these clowns get away with it. The people of Ireland need to stop being sheep and start marching once again, but with one difference, needing solutions to the crisis of homelessness.


    TD’s Expenses

    All figures posted can be found and verified on the Government Houses of the Oireachtas website.
    Joined November 2017
    65 Photos and videos

    TD’s Expenses
    ‏ @tdsexpenses

    Nov 18

    Pity Martin Heydon didn’t hold a public meeting on what he spent his TD’s expenses on.
    Total = €364,729

    If he can’t survive on his €93,599 yearly salary, Timmy DoLittle can always rely on his TD’s expenses.

    Stephen Donnelly, Ind/SocDems/Fianna Fail, Landlord, TD. TD’s expenses not including his TD’s salary.
    Total Expenses = €333,413

    The expenses gravy train has been very good to Billy. The figures do not include his TD’s salary.
    Total expenses received= €412,522

    I doubt if Barry will ever be homeless…Barry Cowen’s TD’s expenses
    Figures do not include his TD’s salary
    Total = €392,669

    Michael Healy Rae; TD’s expenses
    Total TD’s expenses=€420,969.

    Killarney Shopping Centre New Street and Beech
    Road Killarney retail
    95 and 96 New Street Killarney offices and retail
    81 New Street, Killarney shop and offices
    The Cooperage Bohercaol and Old Market Lane
    Killarney apartments, restaurant and shop
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    TD’s Expenses

    Solidarity/PBP declared accounts 2017..

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  7. Reparations: Did Ireland ever receive same from the British Empire now proposing Brexit? Double dip hardship imposed.

    Back to members of the Gravy Club in Expenses Paid at the Dail. I nearly forgot about the Boss of Bosses – Gearoid Adams. The Sunday Business Post gave a shabby account (to be truthful) on Sinn Fein’s TD’s and the salaries they choose to take home. It is a bit like asking the Mafia for an audit and an independent one at that. It is hard to translate the salaries of Lynn Boylan, O’Riada, Eoin O’Broin and a few more and to put it all into perspective, Boylan claims that she takes home £650 per week and gives the rest to 6 different charities in her area yet she is regularly dining with O’Broin in Mick Wallace’s winery in Inchicore, where a class of vino can come to £7 per hit. A meal there on average is £90 for two, not bad for the party of the people and the left.

    Now – Mick the Sheep has his own problems but you have to hand it to him, he keeps the show on the road between traveling globally to football games, entertaining the Penguin on a daily basis and running the fine vineyards in France. For a man that owes Revenue a few bob, he certainly has the Trump image.

    Back to Gearoid Adams: It is alleged that he has a summer house in TooLose in France and also he runs a guesthouse in Co. Louth with two assistants followed by many wild geese. His take home pay according to the SBP last Sunday is £43,000 per annum, not including his expenses. Also he fails to show the profits from the guesthouse. In the middle of all this he has a book coming out for Christmas on Gerry’s favourite TiTBiTs. I don’t mean MaryLou – it is Gerry’s Cookery Book and his favourite menus. If I can recall correctly he may be doing an hour of his cooking on BBC or some station, assisted by Ruth Dudley Edwards, a fan of his and a trainee in the kitchen. Micheal Martin is making an appearance on the show and his favourite menu is Cosy Stew with a Leo Sauce topped up with a spicy ingredient called McGuinness, a rebel who want’s to take-over the country and the menu in the future.

    Now we have Mairia Cahill back in the news stating that MaryLou showed her no respect. The point is missed here. The PSNI failed to investigate the allegations and let me make this very clear, Cahill pointed a finger of accusation at many people and in law they are only Allegations until proven in a Court Room. Also, let’s go one further, there are numerous civil cases being taken against Ms Cahill on the same subject. I admire her audacity but there comes a time where you have to produce valid evidence and not always being an attention seeker from the High Ground. Just look at the woman from Limerick during the week who had the courage to face her attacker down in a Court of Law and rightly so she won. Mr O’Dea is doing 17 years and Mrs O’Callaghan in her own words said “I took the shackles of guilt that I felt were on me and put them on him”. I wish Ms Cahill the very best but the options are there in our legal system and the place to start is in our police stations.

    So Christmas is almost upon us and we can’t wait for Gerry and Ruth Dudley Edwards to cook the Goose and not the Books.

    To be continued.




    Prime Time last Thursday night showed the leader of the Labour party (in his own head) Aodhan O’Riordan, a man of so many talents, that even the computers are in awe. He is a man that Clinton Eastwood would have in his Dirty Harry movies in any given day. As Kelly said – a legend in his own arse!!! It began with the 20 stone Principal (teacher) who allegedly stole hundreds of thousands and cooked the school books. Yet, there is no Garda inquiry and maybe the reason is that the Fraud Squad are below investigating the fraud in Templemore College.

    Then appeared the town of Swinford followed by Ballaghderreen in Mayo in relation to more fraud and monies going missing from St Nathy’s College and Scoil Mhuire Padraig in Swinford. It was mentioned that the Principal of Nathy’s deliberately forged the books in many ways to get access for another teacher and more Government grants. I say to the so-called Leader in his Head O’Riordan, this is going on in Ireland since Brian Boru. I can point at another 30 colleges and schools across the country that have been doing this since the 1970’s when I was in short pants. O’Riordan, with that smirky smile, pointed his finger at his teaching colleagues without the essential full facts. He actually accused the priest of blatant fraud, yet the DPP refused to indict. Why? There was insufficient evidence. This is fact. I am not stating that the monies and the grants were ethically above board but O’Riordan as usual placed both feet in the heep of horseshit. Now, let me go on to remind the Labour Leader as to what he should have said: First let me quote one of Aodhan’s favorite lines. “The Gardai should be all over this. They should have the resources to fully investigate the alleged crimes because children could go without a school lunch.” This man is definitely a Leader but we have to find the two ducks and pond and let him lead in……. It’s ironic, it’s beyond logic, it beggar’s belief, that he failed to mention nor did Prime Time, Peter Conlon, the man who stole £4.2 million from 800 charities in this country called Ireland, and who will be released in a matter days and will fly from his Swiss prison cell to his villa in Spain and then on to London to resume his high tech business, bolstered by stolen charity money.

    Yes Aodhan – I am sure you have heard of Peter The Great Escapee Conlon, yet the Irish media are so very shy in covering this story as usual. Conlon has friends in very high places in this country from Dail Eireann to those semi-state bodies who are venture capitalists. Conlon received serious funding down the years and if anyone is in doubt why not ask someone in semi-state and people who worked in the IDA also. Conlon should face charges in the Republic of Ireland just like Paul Kelly from Console should too and not forgetting the mini Mafia in St John of Gods. I said it before and I will say it now. In the last 15 years in the region of £120 million has been stolen (pure grand larceny) in the charity sector in Ireland and not one single person faced the courts. Should the Gardai be all over Conlon, instead of their focus on the Principal in St Nathy’s. I ask John O’Mahony now, whose brother Dan, along with himself, were both teachers at St Nathy’s College to come out and respond to the Labour Leader O’Riordan (in his own mind).

    The “Entitled Classes” in this country or may I say “The Untouchables” will always have the upper hand and corruption is literally now legal in this tin pot Republic of Apathy and Cronyism.

    Before I close when you are doing your Christmas shopping DO NOT POP A PRINGLE IN TESCO BECAUSE YOU COULD BE IN MOUNTJOY FOR CHRISTMAS. But, if you want to get away with daylight robbery, just establish your own charity eg Save the Parrot Society, get HSE funding and your charity Visa card and just travel the world and buy you want for yourself of course. All the rest do it and I mean all the other Chancers so why not.




    Ireland as one American sat me down a year ago and told me straight: is a land of contacts, cronies, and if you are not in the privileged inner circle, you will not do business here. Let’s face it the late Tom Gilmartin is proof of what I am saying. Imagine being told by certain politicians of that time, if you don’t play ball, you could end up face down in the Liffey, It was almost like the line from the Godfather ‘Sleeping with the fishes’. Now, we are back to Selective Justice Irish Style. Let me try and outline the examples below and I am sure there are hundreds if not thousands of same in the last few decades.

    The young mother had an unpaid fine; she had children and probably she did not have the money. The Judge gave her some time, not much, but he could have been more understanding; she did not take the State for billions like the Developers did (and so many back in business now) after the Bust iin 2008. This woman just simply could not pay and it happened in Limerick. They could have made contact with a phone call, with a simple knock at the door in daylight, but NO they used the Stasi methods – Sharp Shock and Aggressive. Imagine her children but also think of 4 years ago when the country voted for Equality for all people: This is the biggest joke of all. She was taken from her home at 3 am; her small children were present and the rest you can and should read below:-

    News Irish News

    Saturday 8 December 2018
    Six gardai sent to arrest mum for unpaid fine at 3am

    Barry Duggan

    December 11 2012 5:00 AM

    SIX gardai called to the home of a mother just before 3am to arrest her and bring her to prison over an unpaid €250 traffic fine.

    The 27-year-old woman has appeared in Limerick District Court where Judge Eugene O’Kelly extended the time to allow her appeal the case.

    The case arose after the Limerick woman was allegedly caught using a mobile phone while driving in 2010.

    However, she insists she was not aware of the initial fine or proceedings in the District Court last May when she was convicted and fined €250.

    When the court fine was left unpaid, a penal warrant was subsequently issued and forwarded to gardai.

    The mother, who lives in a halting site in Limerick, spoke after the court sitting on condition of anonymity.

    Last Wednesday morning, gardai arrived at her home just before 3am.

    “It was about 2.45am and they knocked at my back door and they had flash lamps and at first I didn’t know who it was,” she said.

    “Then when I opened the door, it was the guards – about six of them.

    “When they walked in, they asked us what our names were because my sister was there as well and my mam was in bed and my baby was in bed.

    “When they came in then, they said, ‘There is a warrant for your arrest’.

    “I asked them for what and they said for a mobile phone,” she said.

    The woman pleaded with the officers not to bring her to prison because of her three-month-old son.

    She told gardai she would sort it out that week.

    “I said I was not going up to the prison – no way.

    “They were fair enough about it, but it was the hour of the morning that was upsetting,” she said.

    Last Friday, her solicitor Sarah Ryan made an application in Limerick District Court to extend time to allow an appeal.

    Granting the application, Judge O’Kelly said he hoped there was some “extraordinary” reason for the gardai attempting to execute the penal warrant at that time of the morning.

    Insp John Deasy said it was “not the normal practice” and told the court there may have been specific reasons as to why it was done at that time but did not identify what they were.

    “They (penal warrants) should not be executed after midnight or before 7am,” Judge O’Kelly added.

    Irish Independent


    This case is the other part of the word Selective. John Shee is now a fugitive from the Irish High Court and NAMA. He owes £24 million plus costs and penalties, rising daily. I did some research in the last number of months in relation to Mr Shee and the Gardai who are trying to find him at Roxboro station in Limerick. This is how it goes:- Ah sure he’ll turn up sometime. “We know he is in Cannes and he travels to Paris and all over France over the past number of years. Mr Shee is well connected and knows many people in low and especially high places in Limerick. I am amazed and intrigued that Niall Collins, FF TD, has never mentioned this fugitive in the Dail or anywhere else. Michael Lynn became a household name in Ireland because journalists were out to get him but why are the same journalists not out to get Mr Shee who has left many a person high and dry in relation to the £24 million he owes the State. It is alleged that Shee has personal friends in the legal and medical fraternity and used them as a way to money launder through their accounts and then on to France where Mr Shee lives the high life, somewhat like the infamous Lord Lucan of old. For any reasonable person reading the two articles which relate to the one City ie Limerick and the two people from different social divides, you can see how they also live in the Selective Justice Divide of Modern Ireland. One woman owed £250, 6 Gardai arrive at her home at 3 am, the other Gentleman from the upper elites of Limerick owes £24 million and yet the Gardai have no interest in finding him nor has the journalists, some to my shock, were not even aware of the case.

    It is hard to comprehend the above but then again and I hate repeating myself “Corruption is legal on this Island”. Let’s not forget the letter to the Irish Times last week. This woman stated with deep anger “We are in a cash shortage crisis; we need more money from the Irish Fools of Taxpayers; we run charities according to our own rules WE HAVE A CRISIS. This woman went to New York. She used the
    Charity card and broke all rules; she bought her husband a painting in Macy’s but no big deal, after a little pressure she paid the money back and Barbara O’Connell is still the Chief Executive of ABI Ireland – some hard neck to ask with 6 others for more money. Enough said


    Gardai unable to locate businessman John Shee who is being pursued by NAMA
    Gardai remain unable to locate a businessman being pursued by NAMA in its effort to enforce a €24m judgment against him, the Commercial Court was told yesterday.
    Gardai remain unable to locate a businessman being pursued by NAMA in its effort to enforce a €24m judgment against him, the Commercial Court was told yesterday.

    February 24 2014 6:33 PM

    Gardai remain unable to locate a businessman being pursued by NAMA in its effort to enforce a €24m judgment against him, the Commercial Court was told yesterday.

    There was no sign of life when gardai attended at John Shee’s home at South Circular Road, Limerick city, and discussions with various relatives of his had not resulted in any information about his whereabouts, Sergeant Gearóid Thompson said. There has also been an all ports entry and exit alert in relation to him, the sergeant said.

    Mr Justice Peter Kelly said there appeared to be “a kind of conspiracy of silence” concerning Mr Shee’s whereabouts and it appeared there was very little more the gardai could do in this matter of civil contempt.

    The judge said he would leave in being the court’s order directing gardai to continue efforts to find and arrest Mr Shee for the purposes of bringing him before the court to explain why he should not be jailed for contempt of an order requiring him to provide a sworn statement of his assets and liabilities.

    On January 27 last, Andrew Fitzpatrick, for NAMA, had secured an order directing gardai to arrest Mr Shee arising from his failure to adhere to the terms of a court order requiring him to provide a statement of affairs by January 6.

    The matter was returned to February 10 and again to yesterday when Sergeant Thompson, stationed at Roxboro Road, Limerick, outlined a series of further unsuccessful efforts to locate the businessman, including attendance at various properties in Dublin and Limerick.

    Sgt Thompson said an entry and exit alert had been issued for all ports but, he noted, a person may leave the country without using a passport. Mr Shee was not known to the gardai and, without more firm information, he considered it would be fruitless to attend at several other properties around Ireland which had been referred to, he added.

    Mr Fitzpatrick said NAMA was very frustrated it had not proven possible to locate Mr Shee but it appeared little more could be done at present.

    NAMA had obtained the orders requiring Mr Shee to provide a sworn statement of his assets and liabilities, plus relevant books and records, for use in a court examination of Mr Shee about his financial affairs, which had been scheduled for February 7.

    The examination was sought arising from a failure by Mr Shee and others to make repayments under a €24m judgment obtained against them in March 2011. The judgment related to unpaid loans advanced by Allied Irish Banks and was later transferred to NAMA.

    * In a separate case before Mr Justice Kelly, a businessman consented to a €19.5m judgment order being entered against him in favour of a NAMA company.

    He granted judgment for €19.5m against Eugene McManemy, Dunguir, North Circular Road, Limerick.

    Online Editors


  10. The piece written below just shows you or outlines that other tier of society, even in Limerick and I am so relieved the name Stab City has gone and is hopefully gone forever. But now you have a different type of criminal in the City of Limerick. The one’s who believe they are Gods and the cash is hidden and sometimes brought across the channel by boat and onto Europe by train. Yes, the wealthy have friends in the banking arena across the European continent and when you can afford to give a cash bonus of £50000 to £100000 to a zealous banker you get the bonus paid back multiplied by ?.

    The white collar criminal is the member of the Golf Club (often many), the Rotary Club even St Vincent de Paul and some are on State boards. I can name a few. If only we had some decent investigative journalists out there, you would only need a plastic shovel to start digging. But we so easily forget not all journalists are law abiding either. There was one for a while who would snort coke on a Saturday night and his articles going to print about drug dealers on a Sunday morning. Yes that little Island of dark shadows, corruption and cronyism.



    I recall several New Years Eve parties in the country home of one of the blow in Limerick Consultants. They were all there! The people who ran the city engineers, doctors business people and accountants. I do remember being in the crowd and thought it strange that the law wasn’t represented. Was is because the sizeable majority were medics, in their heads gods, and above the law?

    There were two guests who stood out. An accountant, I think, called John Shee and a doctor called Alex Stafford. Women clucked around both of these men.

    Shee watched as he sipped red wine suitably bored looking neither charismatic or interested and certainly not engaged or contributing to the chatter around him. He never once thanked his host for keeping his glass full.

    Stafford was different. He was just back from or going skiing with the host. A larger than life character who connected with everyone at the event and was loved by all.

    I haven’t seen the hosts in decades I understand thst the big house is no more and these characters have been troubled by the law. How gods have fallen!


    Former party guest.


  11. The article below was written by Michael O’Farrell. My question is:- An Garda Siochana know where this Limerick fugitive is and they know he has channeled millions through his wife’s account yet he lives like a French aristocrat and appears not to have a care in the world nor has Mrs Shee. The arrogance and the hard necks are beyond belief. Sometime ago a friend of his wrote a malicious and damning letter to a couple in Dublin accusing them of all sorts, yet these people helped their daughter through dark times and through illness. The consultant and his wife, who I will not name, are personal friends of the lowlife below.

    (Would An Garda Siochana get the international warrant and BRING MR SHEE BACK TO FACE DUE PROCESS IN THE IRISH COURTS.

    I repeat we do have a two tier legal system just like the shambles of our health system in this country.

    Our Cops go to houses after midnight and arrest people for non payment of a TV license yet the entitled bastards like below can their fingers up, drink their Vintage and live like millionaires. I am sure Willie O’Dea and Niall Collins could make a comment on the Justice system and the two tier divide.



    Posted on 26 July 2015.

    Michael O’Farrell

    Investigations Editor in Nice

    THIS is the fugitive Nama developer John Shee strolling down the street in his luxury French Riviera hideout of Nice. A warrant for his arrest was issued in January 2014 after he failed to disclose his assets to Nama on foot of a court order to do so.

    Despite Garda searches and an entry and exit alert at all ports, the authorities have so far failed to locate Mr Shee.

    But this week the Irish Mail on Sunday tracked him down to an exclusive residential street in the centre of Nice where he is living with his wife Mary who alternates between the family home in Limerick and the French retreat.

    The developer made a statement, which is printed in full below, but when first approached he declined to comment and maintained a stony silence for a full 10 minutes as he walked down the street, crossed the road and doubled back on himself before standing completely silent at a tram stop.
    John Shee 5
    Irish Mail on Sunday – July 26, 2015. Photo – Sean Dwyer.

    He eventually agreed to think about speaking and nominated a time for the following day and a rendezvous point in the basement of a local shopping centre.

    ‘If I’m there, I’m there. If not, you’ll know I won’t speak,’ he said, accepting a list of questions about why he went on the run and why he is not paying back his debts.

    Although his lifestyle in Nice is extremely comfortable, Mr Shee is very much in hiding and appears determined to attract as little attention to himself as possible.

    He refuses to use mobile phones or email and never ventured more than five minutes’ walk from his home during the week the MoS observed him. When he did venture out, he always had a baseball cap and dark sunglasses with him.

    Despite the heat, he avoids sitting out on the balcony of his apartment where the curtains are always drawn.

    He arrived at our meeting point the following morning via back streets but only after he had scoped out the location by circling the shopping centre before approaching the café and sitting down.

    After insisting that batteries be removed from phones he agreed to speak off the record and unfolded a handwritten list of more than a dozen points he wanted to address.

    One of Mr Shee’s central concerns – apart from the implications of the MoS story for his wife – was that the precise number of his apartment not be disclosed as this would lead to people seeking to serve summons on him.

    He was also anxious to express that he does not feel he is living a life of luxury and says he will return to Ireland to face the Judge who issued his arrest warrant.

    Eventually after more than an hour and a half, Mr Shee agreed to make a statement containing some of the points addressed.

    In it he said he had transferred his assets to his wife Mary as he was ill with cancer and ‘feared the worst’. ‘Despite the way it looks,’ he said, ‘I’m living a modest lifestyle and will probably have to bankrupt in due course.’

    He also said: ‘I do intend to come back when I’m fully recovered.’ Mr Shee first moved to divest his assets in 2009, when he transferred the family home in Limerick and several apartments to wife Mary.
    John Shee 6
    The Shees live in this Nice apartment block.

    When questioned by gardaí last year relatives of Mr Shee – including his wife – declined to reveal his whereabouts.

    The couple are living in a first floor apartment on the sought-after Boulevard Victor Hugo, which overlooks a garden of palm trees adjacent to the renowned five-star Boscolo Exedra Hotel.

    Council records confirm that the apartment, estimated to be worth in the region of €500,000, is owned by John and Mary Shee.

    It is a short walk from Nice’s famous beach and old town, though for the most part Mr Shee prefers to lie low in his apartment. He emerges only once or twice a day to run brief errands on foot to the local bottle bank, supermarket and chemist, sometimes with a pullalong shopping trolley.
    Nama developer John Shee photographed in Nice, France this week. John Shee strolling down the street in his luxury French Riviera hideout of Nice. (Wednesday This Week.) Photo by Sean Dwyer 22/07/15
    Nama developer John Shee in Nice. Photo – Sean Dwyer.

    John Shee 4

    At one point on Tuesday he accompanied his wife on a shoe-buying trip and a stroll down a street of designer boutiques. However, he left her to continue to the city’s busier tourist area alone while he doubled back to their apartment.

    The couple’s Riviera lifestyle is funded thanks to millions being made by Ireland’s largest nursing home chain, Mowlam Healthcare Ltd, which Mr Shee co-founded a decade and a half ago with his business partner Joe Hanrahan.

    Though Mowlam continues to be profitable, Mr Shee and Mr Hanrahan oversaw a string of failed construction firms which owe more than €50m to Nama and a series of banks.

    At the last hearing into the matter in February 2014, Judge Peter Kelly said there appeared to be a kind of ‘conspiracy of silence’ concerning Mr Shee’s whereabouts.

    However, instead of trying to repay his Nama loans with the nursing home income – much of which is funded by the taxpayer through the Fair Deal nursing homes support scheme – Mr Shee transferred his stake in Mowlam to his wife in 2011. Mr Hanrahan also transferred his stake to his wife Vivienne.

    That year the firm – which owns 23 nursing homes in 14 counties and cares for more than 1,200 residents – had income of over €30m and posted pre-tax profits of €2.5m.

    The accounts of the nursing home group are now secret since the company re-registered as unlimited in 2012 and moved its ownership to the British Virgin Islands.

    In the past Mrs Shee has declined to answer MoS questions about the whereabouts of her husband and the millions being channelled to her from Mowlam Healthcare.

    A €24m judgment was obtained against the pair of developers in March 2011 after they failed to make repayments on AIB loans which were later taken into Nama.

    The order to arrest Mr Shee was issued after he failed to provide a statement of affairs to Nama by January 6 last year. At the last hearing into the matter, Judge Kelly said it appeared there was very little more gardaí could do but he directed them to continue efforts to find and arrest Mr Shee.

    John Shee 7


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