The Elite and the Entitled of Irish Politics

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The Irish Dáil (Government buildings) is now in recess until the end of September which means the overpaid clowns have left Kildare Street and in effect the country may even be safe than before. At the moment we have no opposition in our so called democratic state also known as the Banana Republic for corruption and cronyism.

Last week I listened with total astonishment or maybe it could have been two weeks ago, when Kate Pharmacy O’Connell was talking about her sister on the Sean O’Rourke show and how she will be joining Kate in Dáil Éireann at the end of this year or early next year. Kate – can you please tell me how and why? Do you really think you were born with such entitlement and that the Irish people were born so stupid to let you away with these bizarre comments and gross arrogance? At the moment this Government only operate at the mercy of Leaderless Mickey Martin and the Fianna Fáil corporate, if FF pull the plug we will have an election on Monday morning. Our country is not in a good place now especially with Brexit gaining momentum and the cloud of uncertainty hanging over our economy. People need assurance that we have strong leadership and a stable Government. The people of Ireland have neither.

First, I want to return to the Kate O’Connell, FG. She is only in the Dail three wet Sundays; she has no history in politics and personally I find her a complete and utter attention seeker and me feiner. To state on radio that her sister would be joining her in the Dail before an election is even announced speaks for itself. O’Connell does not represent the poor in South Dublin; she represents the Corporates, the entitled classes otherwise known as the culchies who came to Dublin in the 1960’s, made their money in concrete and mixers, and then sent their offspring to private schools to create a D4 mentality and the rest is history. O’Connell and her husband own between them at least 40 pharmacies and never saw a hungry day in their lives so I ask Kate today who do you represent? You never speak on Crime, Homelessness, or Children going to bed hungry at night on this Island. O’Connell’s big achievement to date is bringing abortion to Ireland. Well done from some of us Kate. What is next – Is it legalising Euthanasia? Some neck, I will give her that.

Then we have Regina Doherty, Minister for Social Chaos and no protection. Her husband and herself have a High Court judgment against them for £2.6 million yet this doesn’t seem to bother her at all. Ms Doherty oversees millions of taxpayers money in the portfolio that she holds. This would not happen in any other country in the free world. But this is Ireland and as people are now realising Corruption is legal and Cronyism is the only way to climb the ladder in politics and business. People recall the Haughey years as GUBU but what will we call the times we live in now in years to come? We have no conclusion at present to at least 40 different inquiries going on in relation to Corruption in this country. Let me give you a few samples:

Garda Corruption: 2 million fake breath tests, corruption at Garda HQ and money laundering at Garda training college in Templemore, yet there is not one person facing the courts.

Our Charity sector: where now people who I trust can tell me that in the last decade there was in the region of £100 million gone missing into certain peoples’ pockets or into offshore accounts. We must not forget Console and Kelly, or Mr Conlon who is in a Swiss prison and yet our Journalists fail to report further on this. John of Gods – where a bunch of gangster took over £2.5 million and shared it among themselves; gave the Irish the two fingers. One of this bunch, a woman you all now, has landed a top job in Fáilte Ireland. Then we look to Rehab and the one who replaced Angela Kerins; she too has questions to answer in relation to thousands gone missing and visa cards being misused.

The latest scandal in the HSE is alarming. One consultant was being paid £14,000 per week and the explanation was that it was an error, missing records, dodgy audits, and again not one gangster within the HSE is held accountable. I repeat Corruption is legal on this Island if you know the right people and you operate in the circle of cronyism.

Last but not least the Shinners are being attacked for putting a candidate forward for the Áras. Our giant of a President, Michael Wee Higgins is offended because he feels he has the right to continue for the next 8 years. If he succeeds he will be almost 90 leaving the Park. This to me is another type of corruption of power and cronyism in this country. The taxpayers on this Island have to ask themselves is this labour midget worth £32 million per year to maintain his world travel, his champagne, the wife’s mini skirts and high heels and the advisers and maids that travel with him. I don’t think so.

I am now getting tired. I do agree with Bob Geldof all those years ago: Banana Republic. Nothing has changed, in fact things have got a lot worse. The person to ask is the Maltese Falcon, another narrative in itself for another day.

The words I began with I will close with. The country is riddled with Corruption and Cronyism and what will emerge if Brexit kicks into gear with immediate effect. They are already getting bureaucracy in place for the return of the border on the Island of Ireland and goodbye Good Friday Agreement.

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  1. The Golden 400 own and (mis)manage Ireland. As for Regina Doherty wasn’t an American academic stopped by Special Branch/secret police goons at Dublin airport for having the temerity to inquire about Reg’s bank balance? Finally the Garda Siochana/Geisha Sayonara, breath tests are the least of it – proven perjury at Jobstown, illegality at Rossport and collusion in Eddie Fullerton’s assassination.


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