Ian Bailey: The Fall Guy and the Cover-Up

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22 years on and yet no conclusion into the murder of the French woman Sophie Tuscan du Plantier. Ian Bailey was arrested on two occasions by the Gardaí and then his life went into free fall due to well orchestrated Garda rumours and not forgetting the cover-up by the Cork Gardaí and Garda HQ that remains to this day. Books, papers, media outlets, social media, the French Government and media, all covered this story or may I say this brutal murder of a beautiful woman. I am putting my neck out today and I have said this for over 15 years, the rogue cops in Cork do not have to look very far because the killer is one of their own and this is where the truth cannot be handled even by those in the Irish Government. We now will give a layout or may I say a summary of one of the most talked about murder cases in Irish history.

How come the body was left outside in the extreme cold of winter in Schull all night. Any Garda idiot would know that crucial DNA would evaporate in cold conditions. Here lies the first question or may I say the first orchestrated plan by the rogue cops to make sure the cover-up began from the start.

The Garda investigation only focused on one man, Ian Bailey, why? He was the perfect fall-guy. He was well known in the area for heavy boozing at that time, a freelance writer, not doing too well at it, also the local Gardaí had called to his house on a couple of occasions for domestic incidents, Bailey admitted that he had slapped his partner Jules Thomas while having taken too much alcohol. For this Bailey was the perfect suspect and innocence had no part in the overall plan. The motive of the rogue Gardaí from Day 1 was to make sure that Bailey was the only suspect. The plan kicked in from here. Mairead Farrell who now resides in Strokestown, Co. Roscommons, came out a few years later and as one would say later is better than never, and she has admitted that the cops called to her and gave her a proposition which at the time she could not refuse. They said basically: “If you do not say that you saw Bailey on that bridge in the night in question, we will tell your husband you are having an affair.” Fact. The cops then picked up Leo Bolger who had done odd jobs for du Plantier from time to time. Bolger had received a suspended sentence after being convicted of running the most sophisticated Cannabis industry run in Cork. Around the same time, more than a decade after the murder, Bolger made a statement Gardaí, that he saw Bailey being introduced to du Plantier at the house. This statement was kept from Bailey and his defence team for 10 years. Then the rogue cops picked up on Martin Graham, a destitute ex-British soldier, convicted criminal and drug user, living in West Cork. The cops recruited Graham by giving him drugs and cash knowing that he was friendly with Bailey and the motive was that Graham could soften up Bailey and get him to own up to the murder, while under the influence of alcohol. They were hoping for a favourable statement that would link Bailey to the murder.

In the middle of all this enters Politics and dirty at that. Pressure was put on the State Solicitor for Cork, Malachy Boohig. He was asked by senior Gardaí to go to the then Fianna Fail Justice Minister John the Bull Donoghue, a former classmate at UCC to get the DPP to bring a charge against Bailey stating that there was sufficient evidence to do so. To be fair to Boohig he knew something was rotten to the core and he declined. He then phoned the DPP Eamon Barnes and he told him of his grave concerns of the improper approach that never before happened in this State by senior rogue officers to interfere with the DPP. The DPP’s report stated that there was no credible evidence to implicate Bailey in any crime. At the same time rogue Gardaí arrested Jules Thomas and told her “You can come clean now, we know the whole story, your partner Ian has just confessed”. She did not believe them. The Gardaí then spread more rumours that if Bailey was not taken into custody he would kill again. At that time local people who had befriended Ian Bailey were afraid to speak to him or his partner because of reprisals from the Thugs in Uniform. Even the Attorney General had to do an embarrassing u-turn and changer her story. Máire Whelan, thanks to Enda Kenny, Taoiseach, FG, got her pay-back time and was appointed to the Court of Appeal. There are more questions here and very few answers.

To conclude on this Police Stitch Up; Cock Up and Cover Up: Not one Garda faced the courts and let us not forget the phone tapping of hundreds of calls at Bandon Garda station. The French in the mean time are going ahead with a trial in France knowing the full facts that the Irish Supreme Court threw out Ian Bailey’s case in Dublin and refused extradition. What I have written above raises many questions and you would have to ask how many people are doing sentences in prison today just like Frank Short in the past; and Nickey Kelly because they are Innocent. Rogue Gardaí roam our streets and our towns on a daily basis with free rein and Irish people remain unsafe and smothered in apathy. Many questions still remain unanswered because successive Governments remain silent. We have a new Commissioner starting in September and for some he is too close for comfort to MI5 and Mi6 and that raises serious concerns before he even sits down in Garda HQ. In 2012 Drew Harris stated as Deputy Chief Constable of the RUC (PSNI) – “I have overall responsibility for the Intelligence within the PSNI but I am also responsible for the interface with the security services”. This says a lot, believe me. Harris also blocked all avenues for the families of the Miami showband in trying to get answer from the 1975 massacre, It will be a very interesting new Dawn for this State having Harris with all his dubious baggage in charge of the protection of this State.

To be continued…

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  1. How come the body was left outside in the extreme cold of winter in Schull all night. Any Garda idiot would know that crucial DNA would evaporate in cold conditions. Here lies the first question or may I say the first orchestrated plan by the rogue cops to make sure the cover-up began from the start.

    The Garda a\re not permitted to touch or remove anything most especially the remains of deceased victim until forensic team have visited and processed the scene.
    The Gardai role is to preserve the integrity of the scene, providing men to guard/protect the remains, the crime scene.
    The pathologist was delayed in attending and carrying out his investigation. John Harbison did not arrive and carry out his post mortem till the next day.
    There is a sworn statement by independent witness, an Italian student and Dublin flatmate of Ginny Thomas invited to spend Christmas whom provided an account and descripton of Ian Bailey bearing prounced/very notable raw cuts on both his hands/arms which was explained as being as a result of cutting down Christmas tree, However on viewing the Thomas family small Fir tree, the Italian student stated that she knew the cuts could not been as a result of the tree, and could only have resulted from Ian Bailey entanglement wth gorse/briary/y thorn bush.
    The witness described Bailey as looking really rough, and having dark clothes soaking in a bath.
    I do not believe Bailey intended to kill Sophie Tuscon du Plantier, I think this was a sexually motivated crime, but Sophie rebuffed/escaped from him and fled into the night, Bailey ended up chasing her and killing her as he could not permit her to go to the police and identify HIM as the intruder, the rapist he is.

    Jules Thomas has spent a life time in self denial, announcing this week that she is done with Bailey, she wants rid of him, wants him out of her home. Bailey poses as a serious threat, a great risk to Jules Thomas continued health & well being. The fact that Bailey still residing in her home, fearing he is loosing control of her could snap and attack her and result in grevious bodily harm. The authorities need do their best best to protect Ms Thomas and ensure Bailey move out without any further delay. I think Bailey is a ticking time bomb.


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