Charities: The Biggest Robbery in Ireland

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A former charity director stole over €1m from that voluntary organisation and friends and family while acting as a bookkeeper, Dublin Circuit Criminal Court has heard. Article by Aoife Nic Ardghail is worth reading. Mr Walsh will be sentenced in October.

I have written on numerous occasions, as you will see below, on the scandalous behaviour in Irish charities. Millions are missing and yet the Government have no will to change these daylight robberies of taxpayers and donors monies. I say to John Farrelly today and Eamon Timmins – Why are you hiding? You all know each other. Let’s face it John Farrelly and Hooper Spin the Wheel (600+ charities) are all friends. The salaries drawn down are criminal alone and taxpayers need to know the truth. I repeat Millions are missing and I would put an estimate that £100 million has literally been robbed from charities in the last number of years in this corrupt country. Read the article below and make up your own minds: Mr Walsh is only the tip of the Iceberg.

Article written some months ago in 2018

I don’t have a figure that would be correct at the moment for the number of charities in Ireland but let me make a rough guess as I write this it has to be about 10,000+. They range from Oxfam to Irish Cancer Society to Suicide to Acquired Brain Injury to Irish Heart Foundation and I could go on and on right down to Save the Goldfish and people are getting State money and grants. Today I am going to outline the so-called elite or let’s call them the so-called Mafiosa heads who believe they are untouchable and the salaries they draw down. If these people have any problem with this article please feel free to give me whatever feedback or fightback they wish.

Fergus Finlay

The man with the Cardinal’s voice and former adviser to the Labour party and fixer; now probably on a pension or two, draws down e120,000 pa + expenses from Barnardos. A man who tweets regularly and takes the high ground and who is a golfing partner most likely of Frank the Dodger Dunlop; they sure don’t play with the same balls.

Avril Power

Married to Headstone head Sheahan, editor of O’Brien’s Independent. Avril is a failed politician and forgets the old story – eaten bread is so soon forgotten. Why? Mary Hannafin was her main sponsor, mentor and tutor when she got her scholarship into Trinity College on a back to education scheme sponsored by Roddy Molloy in some convoluted way, Chief Executive to former FAS now Solas (and who we know is no friend of Shane Ross!). Avril when she lost her seat in Politics landed the job as Chief Executive of the Asthma Society drawing down it is said, one tenth of takings of the Charity which could be in the region of e140,000 per year plus they added in a new BMW to keep her quiet. Mick Wallace left the Dail in disgust about this 4 weeks ago and threatened to wear a suit if she wasn’t plucked soon. Well Avril was not “plucked” she has recently been appointed Chief Executive to the Irish Cancer Society so within the charity sector Avril is on the upward spiral now. Her husband Fionn called Gerry Adams (Life of Adams by Vincent Browne) on Dumb and Dumber a Monster (programme some weeks) – I now want to ask Fionn a question – What do you call Third Sector Chief Executives who draw down so much money on the backs of people who donate to charities? Where is the proper investigative journalism and the reports of this major scandals in the charity sector in Ireland?

Professor Hooper

I know he will be so insulted that he is not first on the list but Professor Hooper also known as Spin the Balls and Wheels is the advocate for over 750 charities and I have no idea what he draws down but people say it could be up to e1.5 million per year!!!. I find this way too much but then again he did a degree in the Smurfit Business School on how to offload taxes and assembling paper in warehouses. Hooper comes on the radar as if he holds the image of Mother Teresa — pure and simple. Well, let’s get real here. Spin the Wheel draws down a salary from the goodwill of the Irish people who give to charities and with that there must come a moral and social responsibility in telling the facts and the truth and what I mean by this is we must be told how many millions each year are literally stolen, squandered, and used for free travel, meals, pubs, holidays, for these elites who head up Charities? All these millions that go missing are well covered up under the guise of organisational expenses and staff payments. Hooper will tell us to check the websites (costing thousands) but let’s get one thing clear here, Conlon who is now in custody in Switzerland has turned the websites and audits on their heads. Let me make one more point transparent here today:- People are before the courts in this country every five minutes from either theft of a tin of beans to a motor car. When have you last seen a CEO or somebody like Paul Kelly, Console, and so many others, who have destroyed the Trust of the Irish people before the courts?

Mo Flynn

It’s ironic that I began this article yesterday and another scandal has broken out in the Irish Hospice at Harold’s Cross (for the dying). Mo Flynn who I find to be offensive and arrogant is the central character in this scandal. Thousands of euros have been spent on meals in the Shelbourne and other top restaurants in town and on fine wines. It is covered up again by telling the Irish people a litany of lies. I mean by this Flynn is trying to tell us the meals were a public relations exercise to keep the volunteers happy and on board. So I ask Mo Flynn today, who is now in charge of Rehab, and on a salary package exceeding €300,000 pa to step down in disgrace. Yes, I mean Get Out now! Where do we end this? The Gardai are now involved, yet again, the apartment in Spain was sold and one of the staff members at Harold’s Cross, it appears, literally took the money and only got dismissed – no charges yet again to be faced i.e. we hope until now. Charities are now becoming a cancer in Irish society because the Government are giving Irish citizens money in the region of Billion + figures. The people in charge of these charities would not be acceptable in the private sector. How did Mo Flynn cover up the scandal at Harold’s Cross and then land a job replacing Angela Kerins who today has the Irish Government in the Supreme Court (PAC committee). People need accountability but more importantly the every day and every week daylight robbery of charity money must be stopped. This money is given through the goodwill of Irish citizens. I ask all politicians today, people, and senators to stand up and ask the hard questions just like they did in relation to Michael Colgan and all the alleged sex pests when the story broke. So again I say Stand Up!

I want to state one more point before I finish we need a Prime Time special (Paul Maguire and his team) to dig in the Mafiosa and the Charities and we need to find out who was involved with Conlon. We need journalists to stand up also and start writing the facts from whatever information they may gather. We also should have a special Late Late show just like the Toy show and bring in the people who have been affected by the gangsters who run our charities. One that comes to mind is St John of Gods where children with disabilities were left in Limbo while directors of the same so called charity gave themselves €300,000 each from rents of properties that are in fact owned by the Irish people. Again I call for urgent investigation into the massive fraud that is going on daily in this country. I don’t want Ivan Spin the Wheel coming out and giving me mis-information (fake news). I want the right calibre of people to investigate and to hunt down the wrong doers out of their castles and their sense of entitlement. These people feel they have a licence to rob and are about the Rule of Irish Law. I say today that they do not.


  1. Peter Conlon sits in a Swiss jail: The Silence of the Charity Chiefs, reminds me of the code of the Mafia. Don’t Talk Outside the Realm. We have had some days ago Mr Walsh admitting to stealing €1 million from vulnerable children. Conlon has been in financial difficulties for a number of years, now so my question is: Who gave him the position in handling millions belonging to charities (or to put it a different way belonging to the goodwill of Irish people)?. Mainstream media again are also silent, just like the way they were at the Charleton tribunal. Conlon owns two houses on affluent St. Mary’s Road in Dublin 4. Enough said…. would you agree Fred?

    ———– relevant info ————–
    At least 800 charities are being contacted and told money donated to them through an Irish website may be missing amid a worldwide hunt for any of the €3.8m allegedly misappropriated from a collapsed Dublin technology company.

    High profile businessman Peter Conlon, a former EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, who set up the collapsed company, is understood to be in custody in Switzerland.

    The missing funds were uncovered and Irish authorities alerted after the Revenue appointed liquidator Myles Kirby, of Dublin firm Kirby Healy, to recover approximately €400,000 in unpaid taxes from Pembroke Dynamic Internet Services on January 22.

    Irish charities ranging in scale from Trócaire and Concern to parish-level GAA clubs and local animal shelters, along with hundreds of international good-causes, were signed up to use the Ammado fund-raising website before the spectacular events of the past week. The liquidator has now begun contacting charities that used the service.

    “It would appear that at least 800 charities may be affected by the liquidation of the company, which is connected to the Ammado Foundation,” according to a letter sent on behalf of liquidator, seen by the Irish Independent, that has been received by managers at hundreds of charities in Ireland and overseas. “The liquidator has established that there is likely to be a shortfall to the charities and is examining the records to ascertain what amounts, if any, are due to the individual charities. Given the number of charities and transactions involved, that exercise is likely to take some time.”

    On Tuesday, as the picture within the business emerged, the High Court granted a freezing order preventing Peter Conlon or anyone linked to him moving or selling his assets anywhere in the world.

    It’s understood that, armed with that freezing order, the liquidator is now also on the trail of any assets that might be linked to the missing millions and potentially recovered either for the charities or for the business.

    It was alleged in court on Tuesday that “misappropriation (of charity funds) happened under the direction and control” of Mr Conlon.

    Since the liquidator’s dramatic rush to the court, three state agencies, the Charities Regulator, the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement, and gardaí are now all involved in overlapping probes into the collapsed firm.

    But the scale of the latest crisis to grip the charities sector raises serious questions about regulatory oversight of companies and charities.

    Despite being responsible for its own money and millions on behalf of charities, Pembroke Dynamic had no financial controller.

    Authorities in Switzerland appear to have acted much earlier than those here, in response to intelligence from Swiss-based charities.

    The Ammado website was disabled yesterday.

    However, according to the latest Companies Office filings a company called Ammado Technologies Ltd, where Peter Conlon is listed as a director, continues to trade as normal despite the by-now well-aired concerns.

    The Irish Independent has also now learned that Peter Conlon attempted as late as December 6 last year to find new financial backers, circulating a prospectus that claimed Ammado Technologies had no debts and owned valuable intellectual property, despite the main related trading business being on the brink of collapse by that point.

    Pembroke Dynamic previously traded as Ammado Internet Services.

    In his affidavit which was opened to the court last Tuesday, Mr Kirby said the platform took in €5.8m in donations between March 2016 and September 2017. It took in another €396,000 from December 12, 2017 to January 12, 2018.

    Rossa Fanning, SC for the liquidator, said in the past week Mr Kirby had discovered there was a €3.8m deficit in funds that ought to have been remitted to the charities.

    The court heard there is currently just €357,000 in the company’s bank account.

    In his affidavit, Mr Kirby says he believes Mr Conlon has “demonstrated his intention to dispose of assets and put them beyond my reach”.

    Irish Independent


  2. ›
    This article was written by Robin Schiller as below today. I have written again and again on charities in this country and this headline is just the tip of the iceberg. I do believe in the research I have done over the last 15+ years that there is in the region £75 to £100 million robbed from Irish charities. There are people out there today living behind electronic gates with the two mercs in the driveway and the boat on the Shannon, all derived from charity monies. Let me put this a more direct way: I can name 23 people who should at this moment be in prison but they are protected by the elite and the corruption around them.

    Ex-hospice charity employee quizzed over €280k ‘fraud’

    Robin Schiller – 02 October 2018 02:30 AM

    Our Lady’s Hospice lost €280,000 in funds following the sale of a Spanish property that was left to it in a will.
    Our Lady’s Hospice lost €280,000 in funds following the sale of a Spanish property that was left to it in a will.

    A former employee at Ireland’s largest hospice has been arrested by gardai investigating a suspected €280,000 fraud.

    The Herald can reveal the man, aged in his 50s, was arrested by detectives and taken to Crumlin Garda Station yesterday.

    He was picked up for questioning in relation to the sale of a Spanish property belonging to Our Lady’s Hospice, located in Harold’s Cross and Blackrock.

    The registered charity lost €280,000 in funds after the property, which had been bequeathed to it in a will, was sold for a fraction of its value. The loss first came to light after an audit into the hospice’s accounts between 2008 and 2015.


    Following an internal investigation, the employee at the centre of the property deal was dismissed by the hospice, while the Charities Regulator and the HSE were also notified.

    Gardai were also contacted and detectives based at Crumlin Garda Station launched an investigation into the alleged fraud.

    They are being assisted by officers from the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau (GNECB), also known as the fraud squad, who specialise in such investigations.

    While the employee was dismissed for “serious negligence”, the hospice was not equipped to determine if a crime had been committed and therefore notified gardai who are continuing to investigate the matter.

    A senior source last night said the garda investigation was “complex and lengthy” due to the nature of the allegations.

    It has been ongoing for around two years and resulted in yesterday’s arrest of the former worker, who was employed at the hospice for several years.

    The revelations came as a significant blow to the registered charity, which received €3.18m of its €37.9m income in 2015 from donations and fundraising, while an additional €1.1m came from assets left in wills.

    The money raised is vital to the hospice, with accounts showing €2.6m of it is used to fund staff salaries not covered by income from the HSE and patients. Previously, Our Lady’s Hospice confirmed the employee was dismissed after the issue was uncovered.

    “We were concerned the sale did not produce the expected benefit,” the hospice said.

    “The board of directors also reported its concerns to the relevant authorities – the gardai, the Charities Regulator, and the HSE – and we have co-operated fully with them.”

    The hospice said its primary concern at all times was the needs and care of its residents, patients and their families, a statement said.

    “We are grateful for the support we receive from everybody who is associated with Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services – our residents and patients, their families, our fundraising supporters, our staff and volunteers and the general public.


    “The board of directors and the senior management apologise unreservedly for the shortcomings outlined in the audit.

    “We are sorry that we did not have more robust financial processes in place to prevent any such issue arising.

    “Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services has introduced a suite of financial policies including a robust bequest and legacy policy with checks and balances to improve our financial procedures and ensure best practices.

    “The staff member involved was expeditiously dismissed by Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Services,” it added.

    The hospice was founded in 1879 by the Sisters of Charity and employs over 520 staff. It also has about 300 volunteers.

    Around 3,900 people benefited from its care services last year, during which it also delivered 12,300 specialist palliative home care vis costs


  3. The case against Paul Kelly’s administration of Console has been proceeding at a snail’s pace, with access to computers finally being granted over two years after the whistle was blown:

    … yet this person who is insolvent, living on social welfare, and “dependent on legal aid”:

    … is still living in a house that was literally robbed from the charity’s funds. It’s obvious this case is appropriate to the ODCE, but where are the other authorities? Why isn’t the man himself in court?

    And for a final touch of insanity, how can he still be holding onto his Man of the Year award?


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