O’Cuiv for President and Martin bewildered!

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Sources within Fianna Fail have informed me that Eamon O’Cuiv has had a dream for all of his life to follow in his Grandfather’s footsteps and be the President of Ireland.  Eamon is a decent politician and very approachable on the streets of South Dublin, only when he is off the phone!  But history has a habit of repeating itself and like his Grandfather Eamon de Valera before him, and the fallout with Collins, which resulted sadly in the Irish Civil War, where brother shot brother, on the streets and crossroads of Ireland while Churchill and his cohorts looked on with smiles on their ugly gibs.  Now Eamon could cause a civil war within FF and it is long overdue.  I know that John McGuinness and others will support their colleague Eamon in this hour of courage of going forward to be President of Ireland and taking on the Giant standing on a Guinness barrel in the Park.

Howlin and Joan the Moan who wants to write a book on juvenile kidnappers of Dail members, feel entitled that Michael D. should go for a second term without an election.  Well Fred says today:-  No Way.  No more Cronyism.  We need a democratic right to challenge the midget and Labour at 2% in the polls don’t have the right to even run a dog show.

Back to Fianna Fail, I believe O’Cuiv is nobody’s fool and the timing of his move to get enough votes from the Co Councils for the Aras is clinical.



Micheal Martin is a hardworking TD and a decent Corkonian but he is not a leader and Leo is playing him like a pet poodle for the last three years.  Fianna Fail are losing their energy and the roots of the party are being eroded because never before has FF bowed to the Blueshirts.  Now it is time for John McGuinness and the disgruntled backbenchers to stand up and be the men of Destiny.  Also, Mattie McGrath, the John the Baptist of FF should come back in from the wilderness and get behind O’Cuiv.  The Cork Mafia in FF have to be deleted if only to save the party.  McGrath, Kelleher and Martin have to be taken on otherwise FG could eventually form a single party and that would be to the detriment of this country.  Don’t forget the Heavy Gang of the 1970’s, Cosgrave almost a twin of Mussolini and who always boasted that FG was the party of law and order.  Well now let me remind the FF backbenchers that FG are no longer the party of law and order and if you read the newspapers last Sunday, Charlie Flanagan is a Minister for the Gardai who are “bonking on squad cars across Ireland”, according to Ms Clara Gabberlover, a porn Queen who has made her money and fame going across Ireland and boasting of her “bonking” on squad cars.  Ironically she is now living with a serving Garda and only engages in sexual conduct in porn films.  It is mind boggling that there is no internal investigation into another scandal emerging and the title will be “Garda Porn”.

To close:  Eamon O’Cuiv.  Well done for coming forward.  It is now time for the sheep within FF to become rams again and get this mission on the road and take on Higgins who feels entitled to be in the Aras.  It is time for Democracy to regain its momentum in this country and it is also long overdue to wipe out Cronyism and Entitlement.


1st August 2018

The newspaper reports today are of a mixed nature but Timmy Dumbo Dooley caught my eye.  Dooley as usual has lost the balls to be a serious politician.  He goes the “Party LINE”.  Let me put this a different way.  He is obeying the Commandments of the 3 Stooges in Cork – Martin Kelleher and McGrath, the Cork connection who are destroying Fianna Fail at grassroot level across the country and beyond.  Dooley stated that he would not vote for de Valera’s grandson because the matter within FF was dealt with at a party congress some months ago.  FF are now at a serious crossroads and they need to regain their impetus and get back to the root and branch of a party that once stood proud in this country, that is before they broke the economy 10 years ago with their connections to those errant bankers and developers.  The Galway Tent destroyed FF but now Biffo and Bertie are long gone and changes are slow in coming.  In the polls FF lag behind Sinn Fein and they will remain dormant until the Cork connection is disconnected.

In the middle of all this Duffy the man who never went to national school but still carries a Mensa card in his wallet (given to him by the Maltese Falcon) has plans for the Aras.  Duffy is a self made businessman and so is his wife, Winnifred Carmody who travels the country with her PR horse and cart,  a bit like Wanderly Wagon of old.  Duffy was very close to Sarah Newman who lost her man and now lives in Brixton selling recycled knicks and boxer shorts but to give her due she too is on the way back from bankruptcy but we don’t know the date.  In her day she was some Dragon but she lost the fire in her belly over a hurley.  Do we want Duffy and these clowns – not to mention Gallagher, the envelope and the red diesel?  I say to Dumpy Dooley now – stop your jealousy that of the little green monster.  Call a meeting in Mount Street and get de Valera’s grandson on the Aras ticket and get FF up and running again.  Give the 3 stooges in Cork the message that enough is enough of licking the ARSE’s of the Blueshirts but Dooley I believe will stick to those party lines sadly.  Crowe (Ollie) is the man and I call on the Councils today to back him in his quest to put O’Cuiv forward to take on the midget in the Park, in the Big House.

August can be a funny month and as former Mountjoy inmate Ray Burke once said “7 days is a long time in Politics and 6 months is even longer in Mountjoy, especially when you are a former Minister for Justice, eating porridge out of a plastic bowl.  What has changed in FF?  Well briefly!  The ~Tent has disappeared and can be found hanging in the National Art Gallery alongside the painting “The Eviction” aka the Vulture Funds painted by Sean Fitzpatrick ex Anglo Irish with a touch of Fingers Fingleton in the middle.



2nd August 2018

Fianna Fail are now at a crossroads and the 2 signs are so obvious.  One sign states Turn Left and follow Leo the Lioness and the other sign will be eventually read with focus by John McGuinness and it will read “The Time has Come for FF to get back on the Main Road of True Politics.  This election of who will be President should not be given to the midget on a silver plate.  It should be contested according to Mary Hanafin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Hanafin who was once the blonde bombshell of FF and who regularly walked the beaches of Kerry with Bertie while Fungi watched with deep interest.

Martin and the two other stooges supported by Dumpty Dooley should not have any monopoly over a majority of people within the FF party in relation to whoever may go forward to contest the Election for the Aras.  De Valera’s grandson Eamon at least threw the gauntlet down and told Martin politely to shag off and get the party back in some direction, away from the leg chains of the Blueshirts.  John McGuinness was on the radio yesterday being interviewed by Miriam O’Callaghan in relation to Vulture Fund Ireland.  McGuinness is able, bright, and most importantly has a broad mind span with great vision and has been a great campaigner for a number of years now against Vulture funds.  But here is the problem:  Martin, the Invisible Leader of FF is making a laughing stock of the party.  Why?  Because when people like John McGuinness go on the radio to fight for the underdogs in this case people in arrears, his leader Micheal Martin is doing the secret deals with Leo the Lioness to keep the Blueshirts in power until 2020.  This is not democracy, this is not the way FF should be working as an opposition party.  At present the Shinners are having a right good laugh by claiming they are the only Opposition party on the Island at present.  Would someone please enter dialogue with me on this?

As I said before, Martin is a decent human being but he is not a leader; he waffles and allows Leo to lead the party that he is not even a member of.  Many backbenchers in FF are crying for change and in politics no time is perfect but there comes a time when men have to stand up and become leaders in their own right and act in accordance with their self beliefs.  I believe the moment has come and Eamon O’Cuiv should be fully supported to run, and I will go one further, any other person in FF who wants to run, should have free rein also.  Sadly I think the Corkonian 3 stooges, Martin, McGrath and Kelleher, supported by Dumpty Dooley will not allow it to happen.  Herein lies another question:  Why?  What are they afraid of?  Mary Hanafin said that FF by not running a candidate paved the way for the Shinners to use the Election as a platform at a cost to her own party.

I will conclude today on a different subject that I will be writing about shortly:-  A member of the DPP has appeared in court yesterday for allegedly leaking information to the media and other outlets.  This is most serious and a threat to the State.  The DPP is the nucleus of our Justice system, just like any other country.  At the moment Ireland itself is at a crossroads because the corruption within our police force, is epidemic; and also we have to ask some serious question in relation to the running of the dark halls of dirty secrets within our Department of Justice.  I call today on people to come out and be whistleblowers but be open and tell the facts as to what is happening behind closed doors in our State and semi-state agencies.  The people of Ireland are entitled to know, otherwise Democracy is “with O’Leary in the grave”.

For further interest:  johnmcguinness.ie


  1. Can’t believe Fianna Fáil is losing track of its own history, ignoring its own foundations like this. Ó Cuív has a family lineage vital to FF… why are they instead on their knees to the Blueshirts? Duffy of Dragon’s Den is an arrogant egotist and a close associate of Denis O’Brien. Where are we going with this?

    Then we have Joan Freeman, ex-charities… a lovely lady but it seems like there is some turmoil in her head. Who will head for the Áras next? (Wait, this just in: sources from Crumlin say Conor McGregor is giving it serious consideration, with the backing of Xanax Flynn….)


  2. Re: “taking on Higgins” … his term in the Áras is marked by high staff turnover and low morale, compared to Robinson and McAleese who kept their core staff during their whole terms. It’s remarkable that Higgins seems to think he can run for another term uncontested, or might still be “fit as a fiddle” when his second term expires at age 84.

    The discussion of his fitness for the Presidency should include the opinion of the professionals formerly on his staff who left their own eminent jobs to work with him, only to quit a short time later (see “Staff churn”): https://www.irishtimes.com/news/politics/president-michael-d-higgins-four-years-in-1.2420222


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