GSOC Unfit to Investigate Gardaí

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Why? GSOC is the Establishment headed up by Judge Mary Ellen Ring…

Last May 2017, a young inspiring journalist, Dara Quigley, was going through a dual diagnosis crisis related to mental health. This young woman was vulnerable at this time and the shocking fact today and yesterday and all year is the Silence of Shari McDaid MHR and the rest of the overpaid Vultures in our so called mental health against Stigma in this country. I will get back to this shortly.

Dara Quigley was only 36 years old. My thoughts and my deepest sympathy goes to her family and friends today and all year. To be vulnerable in Ireland now makes a person a target, not just, for the ignorance of certain people and the stigma they hold in relation to mental health issues, but also they are vulnerable at the hands of An Garda Síochána. Let me put this a different way. How many Gardai in the past 20 years have died from suicide? Well I have the numbers and I can name them in alphabetical order and I feel sorry for their families also. The last name was the senior officer Supt Colm Fox who was heading up the war against gangland, and sadly he died in his office with his own handgun beside him. The Gardai and his colleagues came out in force in a show of strength and support and rightly so, too many Gardai have died using their own weapons in the last number of years. I am no doctor but there are mental health issues here and often related to extreme stress.


GSOC: A body unfit for any purpose

Dara Quigley as I said above had mental health issues and as I am writing this today I feel really annoyed and deeply hurt that GSOC a body unfit for any purpose can come out and clear the name of a Garda Thug in uniform. The poor unfortunate woman was spotted by a squad car, walking on a city street naked. The purpose and the function of any Police Force is to protect the most vulnerable. What did this Garda do? He recorded her and photographed her on his iPhone and then the Garda Thug uploaded to Facebook and social media. The result is tragic. Dara Quigley committed suicide and you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to know why. The Garda involved was suspended on full pay and now GSOC who I believe are gone rogue within themselves, dismissed all charges against him and cleared the way for him to return to full duties with a smile on his face knowing that in another jurisdiction he would have been charged with involuntary manslaughter. Sadly this is Ireland and corruption is now legal.

GSOC should be dismantled and we should have a proper impartial Board of Investigators to deal with the depth and numbers of rogue Gardaí who walk our streets. GSOC some years ago cried wolf stating that their offices has been bugged by unknown sources. I believe now that GSOC is run and monitored by Garda HQ and it is a marriage that was never publicly announced by the Government. The agency of GSOC must be closed down in the interests of Irish Society and Democracy. How can a body appointed by the Government, working under the wing of the Minister for Justice, be impartial> The tragic death of Dara Quigley has proven beyond any doubt that GSOC work on the side of the Gardai – literally hand and glove. How could a rogue officer put a vulnerable woman naked on Facebook and laugh, and then the tragedy of a suicide, the destruction of an entire family who will never find closure and not one charge is upheld against this Garda? Maybe I am going too far in stating now that Ireland is becoming a rogue state or maybe I have an argument that I am right? As I said before out of the Police Force of 13,000 we have at least 3,500 rogues among them. The question is how do we solve it? I know one thing – Drew Harris will not succeed nor with Charlie Flanagan.

I will close by saying that my thoughts are with Dara Quigley and her family. May Dara rest in peace and my question for the Mental Health Reform and Shari McDaid drawing down a salary in excess of €180,000 plus expenses. Where are you now? Why the Silence? Some of your own staff hold a Stigma in relation to people with mental health and Shari you know who I mean. You hold breakfast seminars at €70 per head; you all share the same ego and are power hungry for more money but one has to ask, on behalf of the Irish taxpayers, where are all the millions going to and is there another Scandal coming down the line as seems to be the norm in this country now.

Addendum 6th August 2018

Just to add to my summary of the function or may I say, the lack of function within Gsoc I want to raise some more points relating to the Ian Bailey affair.  Ian Bailey and Jules Thomas and Marie Farrell made serious allegations against the Irish Police about Corruption Collusion Bribery Phone Tapping Threatening Witnesses Stalking People who were deemed to be friends of Ian Bailey – and the Police were also at the time paying off drug dealers and working with them.  Gsoc began their Inquiry in 2012 by asking the Gardai for documentation.  That is 12 years after the murder of the French woman Sophie du Plantier.  Now we know that in a Garda station some Garda or several of them altered official records.  In November 2012, after waiting 8 months for documents, Gsoc was given 32 witness statements.  2 months later the Irish cops handed over the rest of the documents.  In the meantime before the Irish cops coughed up a single document Ian Bailey had provided Gsoc with 625 witness statements he had acquired in litigation.

Here is a logic and a reason to worry about our Irish Police Force.  When you ask for documentation as Gsoc did and one party responds immediately while the other drags its heels ie An Garda Siochana, someone or some Government agencies are not in a hurry to help or assist.  Then Gsoc were told that there were five files missing in relation to Ian Bailey, Jules Thomas and three other suspects.

Let us clarify this for a second.  5 official Police files held in secure Garda stations where only the Police had access to – just disappeared.  These files contained sensitive information on 5 innocent people and the Lord only knows what detail, gossip, rumour, and speculation on their private lives and on the lives of neighbours, relatives and friends were on those files.  Gsoc then asked again at a private meeting with Gardai if there was anything else missing?  3 months later the Irish rogue cops produced a list of exhibits they failed to find before and there were 22 in number including Ian Bailey’s diary and overcoat.  Let us not forget the blood spattered garden gate.

How could anybody, even a cute gombeen man lose a garden gate in a Garda station?  This would remind you of the film Dumb and Dumber; it would remind you of the Pink Panther and Clousseau.  Let us get real here – this is not funny and Judge Mary Ellen Ring should also get real here and she should stop playing soft ball with these rogue cops and she should start asking hard questions.  How could anyone hide a garden gate in a cop shop – it defies Cork logic.

Then we have the 138 missing witness statements.  These include statements from Garda members, forensic scientists and members of the public.  There really seems to be a fixation on trapping Ian Bailey at any cost.  Garda could break the law with total immunity and now we know for fact that the Inquiry by Gsoc is a complete and utter pre-planned arrangement by the Government and its puppets.

Eamon Barnes, the former DPP, wrote some years ago that the Garda investigation against Ian Bailey was thoroughly ‘flawed and prejudiced’.  We now know from the DPP that Garda notes and statements were tampered with.  Gsoc then goes on to say that Garda members were less than cooperative and prevented Gsoc from fully establishing details in relation to Ian Bailey and Jules Thomas.  The Gardai in this case were so corrupt that the Mafia would look like altar boys at a Christmas choir.

So let me concluded on this:-

Not 1 corrupt Garda will not face a court of law.  Ian Bailey is innocent and yet cannot leave Ireland.  He is a prisoner of the Island right now.  The report by Gsoc that Gardai were not to blame after all above defies belief.  Sophie du Plantier deserved better from the Gardai in this country.  She deserved better from Gsoc.  Ian Bailey and Jules Thomas deserved better and we the Irish people deserve better.

Gsoc are unfit for purpose.  They now have become a national embarrassment.  Our Gardai lack discipline and are out of control across the country.  The drug culture in Ireland is out of control and you can buy any drug in any town or village on any given day in Ireland, yet there is no will to tackle the problem.  Gsoc should go now.  Charlie Flanagan, Minister for Justice, should go along with them.  The French should stop the mock trial that is to commence in France next Spring.

Addendum eile

9th August 2018

Gemma O’Doherty is a brave investigative journalist and unlike others she writes from the hip but make no mistake about it she has her research well done.  Gemma is on Twitter today and the information she is giving out to the public is invaluable and to put it another way quite scary in relation to An Garda Siochana and Gsoc.

  • How could even the keystone cops lose a gate which was crucial in the case.
  • 35 pages plus of Garda notes from journals purposely pulled out and destroyed
  • The coat of Ian Bailey gone!
  • The conduct of Detective Fitzgerald and Martin Graham stating that he was supplied with cash and hash to get information on Ian Bailey
  • Phone tapping, friends of Ian Bailey’s being harassed on a daily basis
  • Senior Gardai going directly to the DPP and making demands.  Now I repeat Senior Gardai.  The DPP are not to be approached or threatened in any manner.  The DPP’s function is totally independent and they decide who and when is to be charged on the merits of the evidence that is put before them.  In this case there was no evidence in relation to Ian Bailey and there was no charges.  From this alone, people should be scared of the conduct of so many Gardai in Cork.
  • Gsoc are totally a disgrace, they act on behalf of the Establishment and I believe now that thousands of people across the country have been treated in a disgraceful manner by going to Gsoc looking for justice in relation to corrupt Gardai.

I conclude today Society only works on a proper balance between right and wrong.  In Ireland now the state of play is completely and utterly on the side of corrupt and shady forces.  Who will change this?  Well believe me it will not be the Establishment.  People have the power to stand up and demand change.  People have the power to stand up and demand answer.  People have the power to vote Governments’ in or out but sadly Ireland is under a severe dose of apathy and until it comes out of it we shall live in the shadows of corruption and cronyism.

Addendum: 6th September 2018

In the last couple of days, media outlets, Garda leaks and social chatter have informed the Irish public again that four members of An Garda Siochana all based at the same station in Kildare will not face criminal charges in relation to drug dealing, and drug use (cocaine).  Three of these Gardai were caught red-handed in the toilets of a nightclub snorting the white powder and the fourth officer who maybe a trainee Garda admitted all when questioned after his arrest.

I ask today where is GSOC?  I ask again if GSOC have lost their purpose and function in a very different Ireland now where corruption and cronyism are literally legal?  Could you imagine four young men from Ballymun, Finglas, Coolock or Moyross, Limerick being caught by Gardai in the same circumstances?  They would be before the courts before you could whistle dixie.  This is not the case in Ireland.  I want to know today if GSOC will get involved in this latest scandal?  I also ask again if GSOC is just another tame Government puppet being pulled along and the mantra is ask no hard questions?


  1. I have a long history of working with the addicted, the vulnerable, and those in mental health care, in this country and beyond, and I am absolutely furious that Ireland’s professed standard of social protection is being completely ignored here.

    The ability to recognise when an individual is at risk for harm is not only the basis of our mental health system: it is the whole reason for An Garda Síochána’s existence. In many Western countries the local police work with mental health carers to ensure safe and timely treatment, while in this case GSOC is encouraging an irresponsibility that will only get worse with repeated breaches of duty of care.

    We need to look beyond the media fascination with this brutal and thoughtless Garda holding up this poor woman up to ridicule (at the cost of her life), to see that GSOC’s allowing him to act with impunity has held Ireland’s public safety standards & institutions up to ridicule… and demand that this supposed “oversight” agency be either properly formulated or disbanded.


  2. astonishing there is not alarm from the general public about all Gardaí in the Ian Bailey case being exonerated, especially after GSOC expressed “grave concerns” over missing evidence, including Ian Bailey’s jacket, a blood-spattered gate (!), and 35 pages torn out of the Garda Jobs Book for the murder investigation:

    Yes, Ian Bailey deserves better, the family of Sophie Toscan Du Plantier deserves better, and the people of Ireland deserve better than to see such a travesty made of our own justice system… forgetting for a moment the Napoleonic trial awaiting in France after the repeated disavowal in our own country of the attempts to clear Bailey’s name.

    @Ashkoba I doubt GSOC can be properly constituted after being discredited in this way, utterly failing to achieve its chartered purpose: therefore the only way forward may be for a new, independent organisation to be chartered so that it cannot become subservient to the Garda heavies.


  3. Modern society only works in any country when there is a balanced, proper policing service, but now in Ireland our police force is infested with corruption, cronyism and cops on the take, with Gardaí dealing in drugs, human trafficking and brothel keeping.

    Ordinary members of society will never truly be safe as long as there remains no fundamental difference between the police force and organised crime. However the entitled society also perpetuates the problem: for instance, Dublin 4 drug users are responsible for at least 20% of the city’s drug volume, with the yuppies buying the greatest quantities of cocaine anywhere.

    Without the buyers (in this case, our doctors, business people, bankers, and legal professionals), the local drug dealers would be ruined, and the fake food delivery bikes could go back to delivering pizzas instead of boxes full of white powder and bars of hash.

    Where does GSOC come into this? The lack of oversight means nobody will ever question the fact that the D4 entitled classes are immune to house searches and drug-related arrests. This double standard applies to their children as well: recall the massive riot in Kiely’s, with no charges for the brats from Blackrock and Belevedere, while we know full well there would have been a full paddywagon if the same thing happened at a pub in Finglas.

    Without any clarifying public statements in the last few days, I am coming around to the contention of @fredbassett7 and @conormcknuckles that, as long as GSOC is only accountable to the Gardaí themselves and not to some higher moral standard, the only sensible thing is to demolish it and start over.


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