Why Appoint an RUC – PSNI – MI5 – MI6 Garda Commissioner in Ireland?

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The people of Ireland talk in pubs and houses across the country every day of the week.  The topic in the last few months is getting more momentum but also more importantly it is getting to be more like deep concern.  The Irish people are not fools; the Brits for years had to learn this the hard way.  Now we have a situation where it is not going too far to say … Has Varadkar and the Clown that run the country right now put the same country into a state of a canoe trying to survive in dangerous waters (rapids) without a paddle.

Drew Harris (RUC) Deputy Chief Constable, now called the PSNI, is to be appointed Garda Commissioner in Ireland in September.  The silence in Dail Eireann and the Seanad not alone is deafening but causes deep concern.  To be more blunt, it is a major Cock-Up.  If ever this country needed a change of leadership in an Garda Siochana it is now in the year 2018, after all the scandals.  The biggest scandal now could be the appointment of Drew Harris and his baggage of RUC legacy and other hidden secrets yet to be revealed.  Donegal Co. Council sometime ago passed a motion opposing the appointment of Drew Harris and believe me they had some evidence to support the same motion.  During the Troubles, a Loyalist Gang of Thugs, murdered over 50 innocent Catholics in the Armagh and Tyrone regions of Ulster.  These Loyalist Thugs were given cover by the RUC at night and as the old saying goes during those Black years, RUC by day, Balaclava and Loyalist murderers by night.  This has been proven beyond any doubt through the dark history of the Troubles.  I want to go a stage further:  the IRA have their Dark history also that we cannot forget.


Drew Harris joined the RUC in 1983 and he moved up the ranks to Deputy Chief Constable of the PSNI in the last five years.  His father was murdered by the IRA and this must have placed a condition in his attitude towards Republicans and the Irish in general.  Out in the general arena at the moment, the talk and the concern in relation to Harris is … His Allegiance is first and foremost with London (Official Secret’s Act) and the Irish Government seem to have walked into this appointment “blindfolded”.  Harris has a history of secrecy and dark shadows around him.  His links with MI5 and MI6 are well documented.  Here is an extract from that Council Meeting and reading it you will see the concerns that people have; not just our ordinary citizens but people in public life.

Mac Giolla Easbuig said he plans to hold public meetings to speak against the appointment in Dublin, Monaghan and Donegal.

The councillor explained that his reservations are based on Justice Treacy’s judgement last year and Harris having worked with MI5 as part of his previous role.

The council will now write to the Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan, to register its concerns about Harris’s appointment.

Harris has 35 years experience in policing. He is a former RUC officer and received an OBE in 2010. Before being appointed deputy chief constable of the PSNI in 2014 he was head of the department that targeted dissident republican activity.

He was also the officer in charge of the investigation that saw Gerry Adams arrested in 2014. The former Sinn Féin president was arrested by detectives investigating the 1972 murder of Jean McConville. He was released without charge.

TheJournal.ie has contacted the Department of Justice about the motion but it has yet to receive a response. A spokesman for the gardaí said it does not comment on third party statements.


It is hard to comprehend why the Government appointed Harris but he must be feeling the heat also.  Now we have Brexit and this puts a whole different new ball game on the table.  I today am not accusing Mr Harris of any wrongdoing but what I am doing is trying to understand why an Irish Government would employ a former Spook and RUC officer to hold the highest rank in the Republic of Ireland’s Police Force, which means he will have access to the most sensitive records that protects the security of this small country.  Speaking to one senior journalist today, she also raised many questions.  Harris cannot be independent and this is a pure fact and his allegiance, not matter what contract he signs with Varadkar and the Clowns, will be with his cohorts in Belfast and London.  September is slowly coming upon us; also the most senior Gardai in HQ are not happy with the appointment of Harris so before he even starts Ireland has many problems.  We shall wait and see and gather our own information and write on this again over the coming weeks.

Addendum 1st September 2018


Trevor Birney and Barry McCaffrey yesterday morning had their offices raided and they were both arrested by the PSNI, Northern of Ireland, run by the British Establishment.  They had just completed a documentary with Alex Gibney some time back called “No Stone Unturned” into the shooting dead of 6 innocent Catholics in Loughinisland.  The dogs in the street know on that night that 6 innocent people were shot in cold blood by a Loyalist gang which had the clinical backup of the British “shadowy” Forces.  Collusion between Loyalists, UVF, RUC and British Intelligence all worked with efficiency in the night in question.  Why arrest the 2 journalists now?  Why is there now this threat against Free Speech and the people knowing the Truth?  Something is rotten to the core here.  Drew Harris would have been involved in this investigation all those years ago of the slaughter of these 6 innocent Catholics.

The same Drew Harris, at Midnight, on Monday night coming, will take off his RUC uniform and be installed as Garda Commissioner of the Republic of Ireland.  Maybe people in the Republic do not have the balls to say this – Worry and Worry a lot.  Charlie Flanagan came out today and stated that Drew Harris was a complete Irish man.  Why would Flanagan say this?  Does Harris have a personal identity crisis?  and the same goes for Flanagan?  When police in any country arrest journalists, they are technically attacking the core of the democratic right (4th pillar) of Free Speech and allowing the Truth to be told to the people they represent.  This is a chilling development even for the RUC and the British who are behind these arrests.  The Republic now should be very aware that Drew Harris, it is rumoured, is also coming down with a number of his cronies who will literally take over Garda HQ.  Journalists in the Republic should think long and hard from next Monday and protect their sources.

Gardai in the Republic have been making handy cash for years by giving certain journalists information about various crimes and sometimes this is very sensitive information to the same journalists, who we all know very well.  Peter Pan is one and Debbie is the other and I tonight can clearly state that they should worry when Drew Harris takes office at midnight on Monday September 4th.  I personally back the National Union of Journalists and like many others see these arrests as a most serious threat to democracy but there are a small number of journalists down here who play both sides of the coin and this is unacceptable to democracy also.  One journalist in particular is called Detective Inspector – it may be a joke among their own, but Peter Pan is a threat to the people because he covers up what rogue Gardai have been engaged in for years.

Drew Harris we know will be Commissioner Drew Harris when he attends work on Tuesday 5th September 2018.  We have a right to know what is his position as he is bound by the Official Secrets Act in the UK.  I ask the question tonight, it has been asked over and over again, over the years, about the murder of the innocent Sinn Fein man, Eddie Fullerton, and the collusion between British agents and Loyalists gangs who were free to come across the border into the Republic and receive a safe passage back to their holes of safety in the North of Ireland.  It is embarrassing to say that our Government of clowns down here, especially Flanagan in Justice, never queried the role Drew Harris played in the investigation in the murder of Eddie Fullerton.  Harris has baggage and he is taking down that same baggage with him to Dublin on Monday night.  Winter is coming and dark clouds are gathering not just over the skies of this Republic.

Reuters report on this:  http://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-nireland-arrests/journalists-arrested-over-documents-used-in-northern-ireland-documentary-idUSKCN1LG1OP

To be continued:



Addendum:  3rd September 2018

Charlie the Clown Flanagan came out over the weekend with another outlandish statement which contained gross insults to Russia, the Russian Ambassador in Ireland and not forgetting North Korea.

Flanagan stated that Drew Harris is the complete Irish “Paddy”; he is not from North Korea or Russia – so you have nothing to worry about!.  I will get back to the RUC and Harris in a moment but first I ask why would Flanagan, the Clown, make a statement like this which is on today’s Fine Gael (sorry I meant) the Independent.  Flanagan has again put his two feet in his own mouth.  Why would you insult the Russian Ambassador to Ireland?  I was reading on tweet this morning where a Russian student studying at UCD was horrified at Flanagan’s statement in relation to his country, Russia.  He went on to say that Russia had held a fabulous World Cup; that Russia had no ugly rioting or for that matter anti-social behaviour.  He then went on to say that the Russian Police Force behaviour was impeccable.  He further stated that the corruption in Ireland, among some politicians and the Gardai, would make the KGB look like choir boys.  This student made a very valid point ie Why did Flanagan point out his country and Police Force?  I again re-iterate Why?

Drew Harris is completely the wrong man at the wrong time in the wrong place wearing the wrong uniform and changing Oaths of Allegiances.  The Clown Flanagan stated there was no conflict of interest.  Of course there is.  Harris signed the UK Official Secrets Act with London; he also has strong connections with MI5 and MI6 ongoing.  The people of Ireland have a right to ask the hard questions.  Now, Harris is installed as Garda Commissioner at a very pruned gathering at a City Garda station last night, being sworn in by a Peace Commissioner.  Harris will be driven around in a bullet proof car, especially made for his arrival, and hopefully quick departure.  Of all the applicants that came forward for the position of Irish Police Commissioner, Walt Disney could not write up this script.  The late father of Mr Harris, was murdered by the IRA in 1989 and reading former “Stamp Bomber”, Shane O’Doherty, now turned British philosopher, I would like to ask him, why re-write all the wrong-doings of the IRA and make not one mention of the British atrocities during the Troubles?  Shane, the Stamp, who now resides in Roscommon is the complete English Gent  and maybe a little bit of education at Trinity College Dublin has gone to his head making him feel that his rightful place now is in the House of Lords.  Well Shane, it is time you grew up and face facts.  Nobody groomed you.  You had a choice.  You took the path at that time and you got your sentence like many more people who unlike you are not whingeing today.  Given that you are now on a history tour, maybe you can tell us about Harris senior and his connection to the murder of those people of the Miami showband?

You cannot play two roles.  Drew Harris is doing this right now wearing the uniform of An Garda Siochana and yet still has the connections that will continue with the agencies of the British Establishment.  People in time will make up their own minds.  Can you imagine today, Sgt Bog McBride from Belmullet, being installed as head of the PSNI in the North of Ireland?  No you cannot and the reason is quite simple, the Brits would not trust a Garda (and possibly rightly so) from the Republic.  Yet, the Clown Flanagan has installed a former RUC officer as Garda Commissioner with the responsibility of protecting any threat against the Irish Republic.  This is scary territory and the clouds of darkness will hang over this episode in Irish history for a long time and there is a long road to go.  Ironically it parallels with Brexit.



  1. Will we finally have support now for Gardaí accountability, or a slow volcano — an upcoming Mutiny on the Bounty? What has the GRA stated on Drew Harris appointment? Nobody is questioning Mr. Harris on his integrity, but how do you change from an RUC uniform to PSNI and then put on the Garda Commissioner’s uniform?

    The hard questions are down the road, especially: Will the Irish Special Branch play ball with Harris? I doubt it, and I believe that factions will form within the Gardaí and it could become toxic over the next 12 months.

    Flanagan and his cohorts rushed this in, and now they are on holidays — time will tell, but history has taught us deep in the Irish psyche, even among the Gardaí: “Never Trust the Brits” … and Brexit confirms this.


  2. So here in the week before Drew Harris takes up his position (Monday 03 September), the two journalists exposing the cover-up of the Loughinisland murders are suddenly arrested?
    Excuse me, I should say “arrested and then released” – in other words, intimidation style. The media puppets can spout all they want about how Harris will institute “oversight processes” for the Gardaí, but these arrests suggest a link between our new Commissioner and one of the worst collusions and cover-ups ever perpetrated on Irish soil.

    Everybody knows who committed those murders and those journalists were simply seeking the truth. If Harris was uninvolved in the corrupt establishment exposed in the Loughinisland documentary, why weren’t the journalists simply arrested after the documentary was aired last September (2017) if, as the PSNI said, the source documents “put lives at risk”?

    If the appointment of Harris is confirmed without answering these questions we are in for another long cycle of intimidation, heavy handed tactics, collusion and cover-up, with continued suffering of victims of civil rights abuses and the grieving relatives of those murdered without justice served.


  3. We all “hope to ensure these resources are used properly” especially since it looks like we are building for Harris another Áras:
    The press conference link indicates a preoccupation with “borders” and “terrorists” like any other heavy handed Brit, old or new… not one word about tackling the gangs, cleaning up corruption, or solving long standing crimes.

    Rhetorically: why does his personal budget include a bulletproof house, a jeep like a tank, and 22 officers rotating guard duty around the clock? Elliot Ness and “The Untouchables” of America’s old Department of Justice were able to bring down Al Capone in 3 years with the same resources… are we to expect the same progress against organised crime here?

    The difference I believe is the anti-crime and -corruption commitment that the American agency laid out at the beginning, conspicuously absent from Drew Harris’ introduction… although we did have a show of force like what leaves ordinary British citizens in shock and awe.

    And on that note: Why wasn’t there any solidarity at today’s press conference between Harris and existing Gardaí? Was there anything suggesting he will be able to work with existing division heads like Special Branch? Maybe the existing field is full of cronies, but it will take more than a €600,000 budget to relocate his own cronies down here to solve that problem.


  4. Pierce Brosnan & Sean Connery are disturbed in California today over their legacy, we are reading about their own past in the story of Drew “The Foggy Jew” Harris who must also be on Her Majesty’s Secret Service… with the timing before Brexit, you’ve got to hand it to the Brits for making an even bigger fool out of the clown Flanagan. Drew Harris, agent 009…


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