Why Appoint an RUC – PSNI – MI5 – MI6 Garda Commissioner in Ireland?

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The people of Ireland talk in pubs and houses across the country every day of the week.  The topic in the last few months is getting more momentum but also more importantly it is getting to be more like deep concern.  The Irish people are not fools; the Brits for years had to learn this the hard way.  Now we have a situation where it is not going too far to say … Has Varadkar and the Clown that run the country right now put the same country into a state of a canoe trying to survive in dangerous waters (rapids) without a paddle.

Drew Harris (RUC) Deputy Chief Constable, now called the PSNI, is to be appointed Garda Commissioner in Ireland in September.  The silence in Dail Eireann and the Seanad not alone is deafening but causes deep concern.  To be more blunt, it is a major Cock-Up.  If ever this country needed a change of leadership in an Garda Siochana it is now in the year 2018, after all the scandals.  The biggest scandal now could be the appointment of Drew Harris and his baggage of RUC legacy and other hidden secrets yet to be revealed.  Donegal Co. Council sometime ago passed a motion opposing the appointment of Drew Harris and believe me they had some evidence to support the same motion.  During the Troubles, a Loyalist Gang of Thugs, murdered over 50 innocent Catholics in the Armagh and Tyrone regions of Ulster.  These Loyalist Thugs were given cover by the RUC at night and as the old saying goes during those Black years, RUC by day, Balaclava and Loyalist murderers by night.  This has been proven beyond any doubt through the dark history of the Troubles.  I want to go a stage further:  the IRA have their Dark history also that we cannot forget.


Drew Harris joined the RUC in 1983 and he moved up the ranks to Deputy Chief Constable of the PSNI in the last five years.  His father was murdered by the IRA and this must have placed a condition in his attitude towards Republicans and the Irish in general.  Out in the general arena at the moment, the talk and the concern in relation to Harris is … His Allegiance is first and foremost with London (Official Secret’s Act) and the Irish Government seem to have walked into this appointment “blindfolded”.  Harris has a history of secrecy and dark shadows around him.  His links with MI5 and MI6 are well documented.  Here is an extract from that Council Meeting and reading it you will see the concerns that people have; not just our ordinary citizens but people in public life.

Mac Giolla Easbuig said he plans to hold public meetings to speak against the appointment in Dublin, Monaghan and Donegal.

The councillor explained that his reservations are based on Justice Treacy’s judgement last year and Harris having worked with MI5 as part of his previous role.

The council will now write to the Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan, to register its concerns about Harris’s appointment.

Harris has 35 years experience in policing. He is a former RUC officer and received an OBE in 2010. Before being appointed deputy chief constable of the PSNI in 2014 he was head of the department that targeted dissident republican activity.

He was also the officer in charge of the investigation that saw Gerry Adams arrested in 2014. The former Sinn Féin president was arrested by detectives investigating the 1972 murder of Jean McConville. He was released without charge.

TheJournal.ie has contacted the Department of Justice about the motion but it has yet to receive a response. A spokesman for the gardaí said it does not comment on third party statements.


It is hard to comprehend why the Government appointed Harris but he must be feeling the heat also.  Now we have Brexit and this puts a whole different new ball game on the table.  I today am not accusing Mr Harris of any wrongdoing but what I am doing is trying to understand why an Irish Government would employ a former Spook and RUC officer to hold the highest rank in the Republic of Ireland’s Police Force, which means he will have access to the most sensitive records that protects the security of this small country.  Speaking to one senior journalist today, she also raised many questions.  Harris cannot be independent and this is a pure fact and his allegiance, not matter what contract he signs with Varadkar and the Clowns, will be with his cohorts in Belfast and London.  September is slowly coming upon us; also the most senior Gardai in HQ are not happy with the appointment of Harris so before he even starts Ireland has many problems.  We shall wait and see and gather our own information and write on this again over the coming weeks.

Addendum 1st September 2018


Trevor Birney and Barry McCaffrey yesterday morning had their offices raided and they were both arrested by the PSNI, Northern of Ireland, run by the British Establishment.  They had just completed a documentary with Alex Gibney some time back called “No Stone Unturned” into the shooting dead of 6 innocent Catholics in Loughinisland.  The dogs in the street know on that night that 6 innocent people were shot in cold blood by a Loyalist gang which had the clinical backup of the British “shadowy” Forces.  Collusion between Loyalists, UVF, RUC and British Intelligence all worked with efficiency in the night in question.  Why arrest the 2 journalists now?  Why is there now this threat against Free Speech and the people knowing the Truth?  Something is rotten to the core here.  Drew Harris would have been involved in this investigation all those years ago of the slaughter of these 6 innocent Catholics.

The same Drew Harris, at Midnight, on Monday night coming, will take off his RUC uniform and be installed as Garda Commissioner of the Republic of Ireland.  Maybe people in the Republic do not have the balls to say this – Worry and Worry a lot.  Charlie Flanagan came out today and stated that Drew Harris was a complete Irish man.  Why would Flanagan say this?  Does Harris have a personal identity crisis?  and the same goes for Flanagan?  When police in any country arrest journalists, they are technically attacking the core of the democratic right (4th pillar) of Free Speech and allowing the Truth to be told to the people they represent.  This is a chilling development even for the RUC and the British who are behind these arrests.  The Republic now should be very aware that Drew Harris, it is rumoured, is also coming down with a number of his cronies who will literally take over Garda HQ.  Journalists in the Republic should think long and hard from next Monday and protect their sources.

Gardai in the Republic have been making handy cash for years by giving certain journalists information about various crimes and sometimes this is very sensitive information to the same journalists, who we all know very well.  Peter Pan is one and Debbie is the other and I tonight can clearly state that they should worry when Drew Harris takes office at midnight on Monday September 4th.  I personally back the National Union of Journalists and like many others see these arrests as a most serious threat to democracy but there are a small number of journalists down here who play both sides of the coin and this is unacceptable to democracy also.  One journalist in particular is called Detective Inspector – it may be a joke among their own, but Peter Pan is a threat to the people because he covers up what rogue Gardai have been engaged in for years.

Drew Harris we know will be Commissioner Drew Harris when he attends work on Tuesday 5th September 2018.  We have a right to know what is his position as he is bound by the Official Secrets Act in the UK.  I ask the question tonight, it has been asked over and over again, over the years, about the murder of the innocent Sinn Fein man, Eddie Fullerton, and the collusion between British agents and Loyalists gangs who were free to come across the border into the Republic and receive a safe passage back to their holes of safety in the North of Ireland.  It is embarrassing to say that our Government of clowns down here, especially Flanagan in Justice, never queried the role Drew Harris played in the investigation in the murder of Eddie Fullerton.  Harris has baggage and he is taking down that same baggage with him to Dublin on Monday night.  Winter is coming and dark clouds are gathering not just over the skies of this Republic.

Reuters report on this:  http://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-nireland-arrests/journalists-arrested-over-documents-used-in-northern-ireland-documentary-idUSKCN1LG1OP

To be continued:



Addendum:  3rd September 2018

Charlie the Clown Flanagan came out over the weekend with another outlandish statement which contained gross insults to Russia, the Russian Ambassador in Ireland and not forgetting North Korea.

Flanagan stated that Drew Harris is the complete Irish “Paddy”; he is not from North Korea or Russia – so you have nothing to worry about!.  I will get back to the RUC and Harris in a moment but first I ask why would Flanagan, the Clown, make a statement like this which is on today’s Fine Gael (sorry I meant) the Independent.  Flanagan has again put his two feet in his own mouth.  Why would you insult the Russian Ambassador to Ireland?  I was reading on tweet this morning where a Russian student studying at UCD was horrified at Flanagan’s statement in relation to his country, Russia.  He went on to say that Russia had held a fabulous World Cup; that Russia had no ugly rioting or for that matter anti-social behaviour.  He then went on to say that the Russian Police Force behaviour was impeccable.  He further stated that the corruption in Ireland, among some politicians and the Gardai, would make the KGB look like choir boys.  This student made a very valid point ie Why did Flanagan point out his country and Police Force?  I again re-iterate Why?

Drew Harris is completely the wrong man at the wrong time in the wrong place wearing the wrong uniform and changing Oaths of Allegiances.  The Clown Flanagan stated there was no conflict of interest.  Of course there is.  Harris signed the UK Official Secrets Act with London; he also has strong connections with MI5 and MI6 ongoing.  The people of Ireland have a right to ask the hard questions.  Now, Harris is installed as Garda Commissioner at a very pruned gathering at a City Garda station last night, being sworn in by a Peace Commissioner.  Harris will be driven around in a bullet proof car, especially made for his arrival, and hopefully quick departure.  Of all the applicants that came forward for the position of Irish Police Commissioner, Walt Disney could not write up this script.  The late father of Mr Harris, was murdered by the IRA in 1989 and reading former “Stamp Bomber”, Shane O’Doherty, now turned British philosopher, I would like to ask him, why re-write all the wrong-doings of the IRA and make not one mention of the British atrocities during the Troubles?  Shane, the Stamp, who now resides in Roscommon is the complete English Gent  and maybe a little bit of education at Trinity College Dublin has gone to his head making him feel that his rightful place now is in the House of Lords.  Well Shane, it is time you grew up and face facts.  Nobody groomed you.  You had a choice.  You took the path at that time and you got your sentence like many more people who unlike you are not whingeing today.  Given that you are now on a history tour, maybe you can tell us about Harris senior and his connection to the murder of those people of the Miami showband?

You cannot play two roles.  Drew Harris is doing this right now wearing the uniform of An Garda Siochana and yet still has the connections that will continue with the agencies of the British Establishment.  People in time will make up their own minds.  Can you imagine today, Sgt Bog McBride from Belmullet, being installed as head of the PSNI in the North of Ireland?  No you cannot and the reason is quite simple, the Brits would not trust a Garda (and possibly rightly so) from the Republic.  Yet, the Clown Flanagan has installed a former RUC officer as Garda Commissioner with the responsibility of protecting any threat against the Irish Republic.  This is scary territory and the clouds of darkness will hang over this episode in Irish history for a long time and there is a long road to go.  Ironically it parallels with Brexit.



  1. Will we finally have support now for Gardaí accountability, or a slow volcano — an upcoming Mutiny on the Bounty? What has the GRA stated on Drew Harris appointment? Nobody is questioning Mr. Harris on his integrity, but how do you change from an RUC uniform to PSNI and then put on the Garda Commissioner’s uniform?

    The hard questions are down the road, especially: Will the Irish Special Branch play ball with Harris? I doubt it, and I believe that factions will form within the Gardaí and it could become toxic over the next 12 months.

    Flanagan and his cohorts rushed this in, and now they are on holidays — time will tell, but history has taught us deep in the Irish psyche, even among the Gardaí: “Never Trust the Brits” … and Brexit confirms this.


  2. So here in the week before Drew Harris takes up his position (Monday 03 September), the two journalists exposing the cover-up of the Loughinisland murders are suddenly arrested?
    Excuse me, I should say “arrested and then released” – in other words, intimidation style. The media puppets can spout all they want about how Harris will institute “oversight processes” for the Gardaí, but these arrests suggest a link between our new Commissioner and one of the worst collusions and cover-ups ever perpetrated on Irish soil.

    Everybody knows who committed those murders and those journalists were simply seeking the truth. If Harris was uninvolved in the corrupt establishment exposed in the Loughinisland documentary, why weren’t the journalists simply arrested after the documentary was aired last September (2017) if, as the PSNI said, the source documents “put lives at risk”?

    If the appointment of Harris is confirmed without answering these questions we are in for another long cycle of intimidation, heavy handed tactics, collusion and cover-up, with continued suffering of victims of civil rights abuses and the grieving relatives of those murdered without justice served.


  3. We all “hope to ensure these resources are used properly” especially since it looks like we are building for Harris another Áras:
    The press conference link indicates a preoccupation with “borders” and “terrorists” like any other heavy handed Brit, old or new… not one word about tackling the gangs, cleaning up corruption, or solving long standing crimes.

    Rhetorically: why does his personal budget include a bulletproof house, a jeep like a tank, and 22 officers rotating guard duty around the clock? Elliot Ness and “The Untouchables” of America’s old Department of Justice were able to bring down Al Capone in 3 years with the same resources… are we to expect the same progress against organised crime here?

    The difference I believe is the anti-crime and -corruption commitment that the American agency laid out at the beginning, conspicuously absent from Drew Harris’ introduction… although we did have a show of force like what leaves ordinary British citizens in shock and awe.

    And on that note: Why wasn’t there any solidarity at today’s press conference between Harris and existing Gardaí? Was there anything suggesting he will be able to work with existing division heads like Special Branch? Maybe the existing field is full of cronies, but it will take more than a €600,000 budget to relocate his own cronies down here to solve that problem.


  4. Pierce Brosnan & Sean Connery are disturbed in California today over their legacy, we are reading about their own past in the story of Drew “The Foggy Jew” Harris who must also be on Her Majesty’s Secret Service… with the timing before Brexit, you’ve got to hand it to the Brits for making an even bigger fool out of the clown Flanagan. Drew Harris, agent 009…


  5. Former RUC Commander and Chief, Foggy Dew Harris, now Garda Commissioner at Garda HQ Dublin, blew the Orange trumpet yesterday evening and gave direct orders for the siege at Rathkeale, Co. Limerick. Members of the National Bureau of Serious Crime, arrived in Rathkeale unannounced. They raided 16 houses and the local Garda station. Sources now inform us that there was a Sgt and three Gardai in the station who were told to get out and wait on the main street while searches took place into every nook and cranny in the small station. We all know from the media today that one officer was sent home on suspension and it is alleged that a massive scam relating to car insurance and other serious matters are now being investigated. Media outlets state today that the Garda in question had serious links to the Rathkeale Rovers who are a very well organised notorious traveller gang who have connections at a global level/stage.

    Can you imagine a New York Police Precinct being raided by the FBI? Can you imagine Bethnal Green Station in London being raided by their own colleagues? Let us put this into some realistic perspective: we can have a laugh, we can become immune to the corruption on this Island at present or we can try and ask serious questions and maybe it will become the beginning where people stand up including the good coppers/bobbies and take down the rogues within An Garda Siochana who could be in the numbers of 15% of the total force. Today’s papers described this Garda as middle aged, with a serious cocaine habit, who is married with a family, and yet having a sexual affair with a female traveller. This gang it is alleged had him blackmailed but the blame cannot be directed at anybody but himself and I believe that in a small village like Rathkeale that corruption does not stop with one individual Garda.

    The Rathkeale Rovers gang are connected around the world from Capetown, Australia, the Congo, England, Holland, Switzerland and et al. They are into the market of Rhino horn (protected species); Elephant tusks (Ivory); drugs, extortion and serious burglaries (using drones) across the Island of Ireland. One must ask how this gang can operate for a number of years with total immunity. Well now at last we know the Truth. We also have to ask how deep is the corruption in our Police Force on this Island? We have to ask how serious is the problem of Gardai who are addicted cocaine and other drugs; and who are dealers? The investigation will be ongoing according to Foggy Dew Harris but there is one more question I must ask before I conclude tonight: Is it a coincidence that there is another serious investigation ongoing in the same village of Rathkeale for the last seven months and this is in relation to the paedophile ring and a number of children being sexually abused by at least twelve people? Rathkeale is a small country village but tonight it is on a national map of news headlines, not just here but on social media across the world.

    There are too many corrupt Gardai in uniform and Harris will need cooperation from the Gardai who work under his direction. Charlie Flanagan, as I said before, like GSOC, is unfit for purpose and is so narrow minded, he makes the DUP look positively creative. To tackle corruption in any walk of life you need the will; you need the moral guts and support of the officers around you to tackle it head on. Some critics believe that Harris is not the man for this task because he has arrived in Dublin with too much baggage of his own. Corruption and cronyism is epidemic across this little Island just like the gangland and the drug culture. I believe that Society deserves a diligent and ethical police force but more importantly we need to rebuild our Trust in our police force which has been torn to shreds in the last decade.

    To be continued.



  6. If 15% of the GardaI are said to be on the take and/or supporting criminal activity, this is a conservative estimate. We need more people stand up against corruption: there are people fighting back, but they need support… we need to demand protection for whistleblowers and protected disclosures.

    We need garda administrators and government ministers to stop looking the other way when people like McCabe are persecuted for years for telling the truth. And we need the decent gardaí in every corner of Ireland that would tell the truth if not for fear of having their lives and careers destroyed by their own colleagues.

    Here is an amazing example, standing on its own as an independent story of corruption, when a judge allowed someone to be arrested in her own courtroom. When even the judges are in fear of the police then it’s time for the people to demand a responsible government:


  7. We have been wondering for days whether Flanagan would confirm some hidden agenda by sacking Barrett, in service of Harris’ interference in the civilian Garda organisation, and now here it is: https://www.thejournal.ie/john-barrett-suspended-4307012-Oct2018

    Who could Harris be planning on hiring among his requisitioned 4,000 new staff that he needs a whistle-blowing HR director out of the way first? It’s a plausible conjecture that Harris is opening inroads into Garda information systems for the British, but then who would Flanagan really be working for? How come the request for Barrett’s dismissal wasn’t addressed in Harris’s recent lackluster interviews?

    The minister may have been boxed into this decision — in solidarity with his hand picked appointee, because to deny the suspension request would be to lose face — but we are only days after the Charleton findings and already there is another “internal matter” with another power struggle behind the scenes. We can all understand in hindsight about why Maurice McCabe “clashed with other officers” but it looks like we are allowing the same persecution to happen again.

    Shame on us if we let this one go without demanding a complete and plausible explanation from Flanagan. At least there are a few in the Dáil today who are standing up for that kind of accountability: https://www.independent.ie/breaking-news/irish-news/public-servants-defamed-using-dail-privilege-claims-exminister-37459029.html

    The Government has to be dragged kicking and screaming to court or through tribunals before they will acknowledge what is happening to individuals in the employment of the State.
    — John McGuinness


  8. I watched the documentary ‘No Stone Unturned’ twice to get an insight into that dreadful night in Loughinisland in 1994. As I watched the programme produced by two decent investigative journalists, Barry McCaffrey and Trevor Birney, you could not really comprehend the collusion, the cover-ups, the links between UVF, M15, RUC and other shadowy agencies.

    McCaffrey and Birney were arrested on the instructions of the Police Force in Durham in England. Now this in itself raises many questions. First, the arrest. About 30 police officers all armed arrived at 7.00 am at Barry McCaffrey’s house with a warrant of arrest. As he was being led away to a Police car one elderly neighbour walking her dog looked in disbelief, and in his own words, he said he felt like a drug dealer or some kind of gangster. There were at least 7 police vehicles parked outside his house. He handed over his computer, his passwords and anything they required because he had nothing to hide. That morning, Trevor Birney, his colleague, the producer of No Stone Unturned was at his home with his wife Sheila and three young daughters when another battalion of armed police and police cars arrived to arrest him. When the doorbell rang, Trevor Birney’s daughter (aged 8) answered the door – it was her first day back at school – can you imagine the shock and horror that little girl went through. Peter Birney asked them Why he was being arrested and the officer in charge of the PSNI former RUC replied “for the theft of two secret documents from the Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland’. Birney replied “Is this some type of sick joke?” Well time answered that: this was real and this is how the Brits work when somebody exposes the Truth and the collusion between the RUC and the UVF murder gangs.

    The two journalists were taken to a Police station and held for 8 hours: no charges were made. Again, I write: Who gave the Order to arrest the two journalists? Birney and McCaffrey are still awaiting the answer also. Now let’s give a brief background to all of this:

    Gunmen went into the pub in Loughinisland in that night of pure slaughter in that pub in 1994 and murdered innocent Catholics. The car was later found about four miles away which means it broke down. The car was eventually towed away by police at the time and was never seen again. It was never retained for DNA or forensic evidence. Another question: How did the gunmen get out of that car and find their way back to East Belfast? At least two of them, as we now know were not too far away from their home – yes they were locals. The Police at the time told the families of the victims that they would leave No Stone Unturned in finding the gunmen who murdered their loved ones. At that time, Claire Rogan and her daughter Emma and others believed them. How wrong they were? Nothing was done. One retired RUC officer said that during that week in 1994 he witnessed an interview between a suspect, a UVF gunman, and his RUC interrogator who just spent about ten minutes out of a two hour period, when they had him in custody talking, not being questioned, just talking about “Why can you not kill more Catholics, we give your plenty of cover, what the fuck is wrong with you?” This in itself raises the ultimate question. RUC by day and UVF supporters and facilitators by night.

    In the middle of all this is another shocking revelation. Dr Michael Maguire, Police Ombudsman of Northern Ireland made a clear statement (He Never Reported any Theft of Documents from his Offices), so why were McCaffrey and Birney arrested? The families of these victims at Loughinisland were lied to, side-tracked, and literally laughed at by the RUC and their henchmen but through their investigation and hard work McCaffrey and Birney succeeded in getting as much Truth as possible for the families. This sadly is an offence in the North of Ireland in the present times. The Chief Constable, George Hamilton, accepted that there were lost of mistakes and errors made in the investigations of years past but that is all he said. Birney met Asst Chief Constable Stephen Martin in early 2017 and informed him that they were doing a thorough investigation which they believed the families deserved after waiting for the Truth for almost three decades. Deputy Chief Constable Drew Harris was also briefed in total about the investigation and he was very aware of the cover-up and the collusion between the RUC and the UVF murder gangs of that period.

    Harris is now Garda Commissioner and this in itself is another Scandal. Why? Well look at the baggage he brings across the Border with him. The families in Loughinisland will never get full justice or the Truth and yet our Government in the Republic appoints Harris as head of the Irish Police Force. This beggars belief! I have nothing personal against Drew Harris but anybody with a brain cell would be asking the same questions or having a comment to make about the collusion that went on during the Troubles. Harris swore an Oath to the Queen and Country. He can never break that Oath. Then he comes down to our Republic and swears another Oath to the Irish Government and people – there lies the Compromise. I will say it again, he is the wrong man, in the wrong place, in the wrong uniform, in An Garda Siochana especially with Brexit looming. As McCaffrey and Birney said after they were released from police custody to fellow waiting journalists outside: “It is Us Today, it could be You Tomorrow”. So again I say: Are we close to a Police State in this country? My reason for asking this question is simple: when you see our Gardai wearing balaclavas on behalf of Landlords. Worry and be Scared!

    One more point before I finish, one Garda about 12 years ago lost his temper in a street protest and did some serious damage to limbs and young people – he was charged and amazingly found not guilty. He did a Diploma and someone told me he is now in HQ in charge of Garda Ethics. Nothing surprises me in this country anymore. Can a wolf become a sheep?



  9. The above link is a press statement on the documentary No Stone Unturned and the arrests. The letter is from the Committee on the Admnistration of Justice and it leaves many questions on behalf of Democracy to be answered. I would like to add further: Why did our journalists down South, not come out in numbers and support McCaffrey and Birney and the great work they have done on behalf of the families who were terribly let down by the Police in the North of Ireland (not forgetting the shadowy figures of Durham Constabulary and M15 and the denials by Hamilton and Drew Harris who is now Chief of Police in the South of Eire. The arrests in my opinion were unlawful but unlike Dublin maybe McCaffrey and Birney might get some answers from the British over the course of time.

    Tomorrow night RTE Prime and Time and again on Tuesday night at 9.30 pm, Maurice McCabe and his story and what his family went through for simply Telling the Truth. One more point: In the charade of 2 million fake breath tests and the travesty of falsifying figures re homicides – not one single Garda faced any form of charges. McCabe and his family went through hell and back. Why? Simple. When you tell the Truth is so called modern Ireland now you go against the entrenched Culture of the Liars and the Corruption and Cronyism and you are deemed a dangerous rebel. Some of my friends tell me – living on Lord Wellington in relation to Snow P White and the 7 Bailiffs, they all fall a long way down the social ladder just like the barrister and the rest of those on downward social mobility. He informed me that living in Disneyland for Culchies, the wives are the worst; they really think shopping in BT’s is about their eternal life. As my mother would say years ago about a neighbour “Look at Mrs Kennedy and the husband, don’t laugh, just say a wee prayer for them – it could be Mrs Jones or even Mrs Healy” and sometimes I do look and say a little prayer. There is no cure for vanity and snobbery but there is a cure for Greed; it is called bankruptcy.

    To be continued:



  10. Lord Mountbatten linked to Kincora child abuse ring

    It was alledged in the book ‘War of the Windsors’, and the Sunday People newspaper pg17, that Lord Mountbatten was rumoured to have been linked to the Kincora boy’s abuse network. Lord Mountbatten the last viceroy in India, was reknowned to be wildly promiscuous, bisexual and to enjoy a bit of ‘rough’ or the plesures of young working class boys or indeed peasant indian boys. In other words Lord Mountbatten enjoyed rogering the children of lower classes and peasants globally.

    This is revealed in the book ‘War of the Windsors’, and may account for the non prosecution of Kincora clients and the relunctance of the authorities to act against those running the Kincora care home untill 1981, despite the vice ring being in operation since 1977, and the repeated allegations made against those pillars of society, upright citizens in charge of Kincora. The very Reverend William McGrath and co. Those operating the Kincora child vice ring were eventually prosecuted in 1981, but no charges were ever brought against the elite VIP clientelle of the Kincora child abuse vice ring, which included, prominent buisnessmen, hanging judges and government officials who were never prosecuted for their exploitation and sexual abuse of young working class boys. In court it was found that the so called pillars of society running the home, were guilty of the RITUAL sexual abuse of defenceless young boys in their care, whom they exploited and sold to their VIP clientelle. The authorities relunctance to act against the Kincora paedophiles also may have been because of the proven MI5/special branch interest in the VIP clientelle of the Kincora child vice network. These powerful authortarian figures would prove useful and supportive of any RUC actions in the future, given the MI5 files complied on the Kincora clientelle. Many of the VIP clientelle who sexually abused and degraded young working class boys are still prominent members of Ulster society, still highly respected pillars of society, some still High court judges, magistrates etc, some even have roles which give them direct access to children, some are now governors of schools, some are doctors etc. Their sordid grubby elite existence unaffected and unsoiled by their perverted behaviour and abuse of young working class children. These scumbags got off scott free from the Kincora child abuse scandal with their reputations and social status intact and unaffected, because the authorities chose not to prosecute them, after all it was only young working class children they abused, and the working class are always expendable to the rich. In the world and exclusive social circles of these scumbags it is ok for rich perverts to sexuallly and physically abuse the children of the poor. The moral code of the filthy rich and powerful says this is clearly acceptable behaviour. Now we know why they’re called the filthy rich.

    This goes back decades and it was covered up by the London Met, RUC, now known as the PSNI, and never forget the shadow or may I say the shady presence of MI5 and MI6. We also had the Wolf paedophile ring which were also protected by the above and let us not forget the paedophile ring in Rochford.

    People here in Ireland are very reluctant to talk about the notorious paedophile ring that includes people from Belfast, Dundalk, Drogheda, Dublin and down to Cork. There are at least 30 people involved in this ring. Some are in the medical profession, legal, business, and police and they have been protected for decades also. Former minister for Defence, the late Paddy Donegan – remember that famous comments “Thundering Disgrace” – well, he would have been charged but according to the doctors, he was in the state called dementia and unfit to stand trial. How convenient for the political class of the day. I keep repeating Zappone is way out of her depth and when you take the PR around her away all you have is an empty egg with a cracked shell. Our children are not protected and especially those who are so vulnerable as I write this, especially those in the juvenile centre, in Oberstown. After the McCabe scandal let us not think we don’t have paedophile rings across this country now – We do and worse; they continue to be well connected and protected and this is a scandal in itself. I will use a name now, not the exact name, for legal reasons, but Dr Shade abused children for over 45 years and his solicitor is now a High Court Judge. This alone gives one an insight into how far up the ladder of power these elite paedophiles operate. Drew Harris would have plenty of insight into the scandal of Kincora being a former member of the RUC for 30 years and this also deeply disturbs me.

    Where are the Journalists to write on this topic? The silence alone is disturbing and today also we shall not forget the two brave journalists across the border, Birney and McCaffrey, who exposed the cover-up in relating to the massacre at Loughinisland.

    To be continued


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  11. From Twitter

    Gerard Moriarty‏ @GerryMoriartyIT 3h3 hours ago

    Trevor Birney and Barry McCaffrey with solicitors Niall Murphy & John Finucane. Released on bail to be questioned again on March 1st. NUJ head Seamus Dooley calls on Minister Simon Coveney to intervene, says decision not to end case “travesty of justice”.

    https://www.rte.ie/news/ulster/2018/1129/1014156-loughinisland/ Thie Court decision on Friday tells the Truth about the Collusion between the RUC, MI6 and the UVF

    Last Thursday night on Prime Time it was disclosed that there was no theft of any documents from the office of the Ombudsman for Northern Ireland. Now, let me remind people out there today, there was no theft so WHY are the two journalists still being hunted down by the Durham PSNI with the assistance of the PSNI as I write this. Trevor Birney gave a very good interview to Prime Time and the questions he asked were valid, intelligent, but more importantly they have completely shown that the PSNI have not changed their colours from those of the RUC. Birney and McCaffrey have helped the families who have been torn apart for almost three decades. As Birney said last Thursday evening on Prime Time, the main chunk of evidence THE CAR WAS A GEM FOR DNA AND FOR THE INVESTIGATION ONGOING THAT WILL ESTABLISH IN TIME THE PEOPLE WHO MURDERED THOSE INNOCENT PEOPLE AT LOUNGHINNISLAND.


  12. From Twitter

    Gerard Moriarty‏ @GerryMoriartyIT 3h3 hours ago

    Trevor Birney and Barry McCaffrey with solicitors Niall Murphy & John Finucane. Released on bail to be questioned again on March 1st. NUJ head Seamus Dooley calls on Minister Simon Coveney to intervene, says decision not to end case “travesty of justice”.

    https://www.rte.ie/news/ulster/2018/1129/1014156-loughinisland/ Thie Court decision on Friday tells the Truth about the Collusion between the RUC, MI6 and the UVF

    Last Thursday night on Prime Time it was disclosed that there was no theft of any documents from the office of the Ombudsman for Northern Ireland. Now, let me remind people out there today, there was no theft so WHY are the two journalists still being hunted down by the Durham PSNI with the assistance of the PSNI as I write this. Trevor Birney gave a very good interview to Prime Time and the questions he asked were valid, intelligent, but more importantly they have completely shown that the PSNI have not changed their colours from those of the RUC. Birney and McCaffrey have helped the families who have been torn apart for almost three decades. As Birney said last Thursday evening on Prime Time, the main chunk of evidence THE CAR WAS A GEM FOR DNA AND FOR THE INVESTIGATION ONGOING THAT WILL ESTABLISH IN TIME THE PEOPLE WHO MURDERED THOSE INNOCENT PEOPLE AT LOUNGHINNISLAND.

    The car was taken away as part of the cover-up. The car was taken to the scrap yard and destroyed along with the crucial evidence that could have cracked this case open. But, members of high rank were under instructions from London via MI5 MI6 to make sure that the killers were protected and that the ordinary people would never receive Justice. Along came Trevor Birney and McCaffrey and left No Stone Unturned (see documentary) and now they have embarrassed not just the Police in the North of our country but also those bulldogs in the Durham Police. When the statement came out that there was no crime committed by these two hardworking investigative journalists, why are they still going back on March 1st, to a Police Station. They remain on bail. These are innocent men and as always the Brits can’t accept the facts and TELL THE TRUTH.

    I will close by saying today – that those families should go to Garda HQ in Dublin, ask for a meeting with Drew Harris, our new Commissioner, who knows the true facts and the cover-ups of this massacre but then again Harris will not tell the Truth because he swore an Oath to the Queen and Country. This is why Harris has serious baggage and should not be in the role as Garda Commissioner in the Republic. Many more people state the same mantra. This story is far from over and I call today on all journalists in the Republic to support Birney and McCaffrey.



  13. Yesterday in the High Court John Fintan Fanning Assistant Commissioner of an Garda Siochana took on Commissioner Drew Harris. This seems to be a very personal matter and people could get a surprise about the oucome. Fanning has spanned a career of almost 39 years and has a background of many achievements in the academic sphere. Sources within Garda HQ are leaking out that most of the senior Gardai cannot believe what is happening. Fanning is taking a firm stand and not alone is he questioning his suspension he is going a step further and wants Harris to show the facts or the fiction on paper. Fanning is also seeking damages and legal costs.

    Minister Flanagan must be deeply concerned about this case because after two Commissioners being forced to retire along with two Ministers for Justice, now we have Harris only in the job a few months and suspending one of Ireland’s top Gardai, something is deeply rooted here and maybe we will get an insight into further developments back in the High Court next week. At the moment, the Gardai in Dublin are definitely losing the war on drugs and gangland crime not counting the increase in house burglaries and assaults.

    We all know that over the years there have been serious Garda scandals (4 tribunals) and not forgettting the victory of the McCabe family against corruption and collusion. Now FF should be asking serious questions in relation to this case and also who proposed in the background and appointed Drew Harris as Commissioner out of 80 applicants for the job. Frontline and middle rank Gardai are not happy and morale within the Force is at a very low ebb. Society needs a police force to serve people with credibility and integrity. At the moment we don’t see much of either. I agree with the above comments but I will add this if this case goes against Commissioner Harris – where does this leave him and Flanagan


  14. This is a report by Paul Reynolds – RTE

    Garda Commissioner has reinstated an Assistant Commissioner after the Garda Ombudsman found he has no criminal case to answer.

    Fintan Fanning was suspended last month following the commencement of a GSOC investigation into allegations of misconduct in public office contained in a protected disclosure from another garda.

    He challenged the suspension in the High Court claiming it was unlawful, unprecedented and bizarre.

    However GSOC wrote to the Commissioner today and informed him that Assistant Commissioner Fanning was no longer the subject of a criminal investigation.

    A garda for 38 years and the longest serving Assistant Commissioner with four Masters degrees in related disciplines, Fintan Fanning is the highest ranking member of An Garda Síochána ever to be suspended.

    He was removed from his position in charge of the Eastern Region last month after GSOC began an investigation into allegations made by another garda in a protected disclosure.

    The High Court heard the garda claimed that he had been removed from a training course for an Armed Support Unit and separately suspended following a criminal investigation and that both actions against him had been recommended by Assistant Commissioner Fanning.

    But the Assistant Commissioner told the High Court that the garda had failed to pass the selection process for the armed unit and various officers had expressed concerns including relating to the garda’s access to firearms.

    Assistant Commissioner Fanning also said that in relation to the second action it was another Assistant Commissioner in Garda Headquarters who suspended the garda, not him.

    Today GSOC wrote to the Garda Commissioner informing him that the Assistant Commissioner was no longer the subject of the criminal investigation.

    In a letter seen by RTÉ News, GSOC also says that while the senior officer is no longer the focus of its inquiry, its criminal investigation would continue until it is satisfied no criminality was involved and it has not ruled out disciplinary proceedings in the future.

    Garda Headquarters confirmed this evening that Assistant Commissioner Fanning is no longer suspended.

    The High Court heard that the Garda Commissioner told Assistant Commissioner Fanning last month that because of the GSOC criminal investigation in respect of an allegation of misconduct in public office there was no alternative but to suspend him.

    However Fintan Fanning is no longer the subject of any proceedings and having been suspended for the past seven weeks, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris has reinstated him to his position as Assistant Commissioner for the Eastern Region.

    Fintan Fanning is reinstated but the Question remains why was he suspended? As I said in my previous posting – when Fanning wins this battle, where does it leave Drew Harris and Minister Flanagan? I repeat those words today. I will go one further: HARRIS IN HIS POSITION OF COMMISSIONER IS NOW UNSUSTAINABLE AND THAT GOES FOR FLANAGAN ALSO. Why? I repeat. Why did the Foggy Dew Harris suspend one of the most senior Garda in the Force and the words used was that Fanning was under CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION? Now all this has just disappeared and no proceedings from ‘Unfit for Purpose’ GSOC will continue.

    Something smells rotten here but yet there is no clarity coming from Garda HQ. In the meantime, AC Commissioner Fanning is taking the Irish Times and the Irish Daily Star to court for whatever comments they made in relation to his suspension and the reasons why. This bizarre latest Garda scandal is far from over and Drew Harris has weakened his position as Garda Commissioner to a point of where to from here?

    We need answers here. The people need clarity but to use the words in the above article “Bizarre” is quite appropriate in the manner in which Fanning was treated by Commissioner Harris and Charlie Flanagan. The question is Why? and again Why did this ever begin?

    To be continued



  15. More than 130 taxi drivers identified in sham marriage inquiry

    Operation Vantage was set up to target ‘sham marriages’
    Operation Vantage was set up to target ‘sham marriages’

    By Paul Reynolds
    Crime Correspondent

    More than 130 taxi drivers or licence applicants suspected of being in Ireland illegally have been identified in Operation Vantage.

    The operation was set up by gardaí to target marriages of convenience or ‘sham marriages’.

    Fifty-five people have already lost the right to remain here and the State is seeking to deport them.

    Another seven people have been found who are unregistered and have no legal permission to be in the country.

    The Garda National Immigration Bureau has been investigating so-called ‘sham marriages’ under Operation Vantage for several years.

    They began investigating the holders of and applicants for Public Service Vehicle licences who were driving taxis after they noticed a substantial increase in applications from non-Irish nationals.

    They identified 134 people holding these licences whose legal status was suspect.

    Sixty-four people have been identified as individuals whose status here is now questionable.

    These cases have now been forwarded to the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service, which either grants them permission to remain or deports them.

    However, gardaí have already established that most gained Irish and EU citizenship through a sham marriage in Ireland.

    Fifty-five people have had their immigration permission revoked, 25 of whom are now subject to deportation proceedings.

    Four have been arrested on foot of deportation orders, two of whom have already been removed from the State.

    Following searches in Dublin’s north inner-city and in Lucan yesterday, where 90 gardaí raided ten homes, another 15 people were identified as having been involved in sham marriages.

    A further seven unregistered individuals were found to be in the State with no permission.

    Gardaí also said that valuable intelligence has been gathered and a large number of documents are being examined.
    We have at least 70,000 people here at present using false names and different Identities, some even received Citizenship, we need to tackle this Sham easy to get Passports urgently? People come here they are welcome, they work, pay their taxes, great, but they are other who come to Take and give nothing back, sorry this pisses many people off.
    We need to watch closely, otherwise we are Sitting Ducks?


  16. There have been worldwide protests and outrage at the Arrest by Paramilitary units of the PSNI, in August of 2018? The two Journalists Barry McCaffrey and Trevor Birney are still under investigation and severe Bail conditions, yet there are no Charges? The two Journalists, as many are aware, made the Award winning documentary No Stone Unturned, about the 1994 Loughinisland World Cup Massacre, which alleges Collusion between the UVF Gang responsible and the RUC?

    Former Deputy Chief Constable of the PSNI and ex Special Branch head Drew Harris took over his new job as Garda Commissioner a month after the arrest of the two journalists. The leadership of the old RUC and PSNI and Drew Harris stands accused of failing to pursue with sufficient vigour, allegations of Collusion between Loyalist killers and the British Security Forces.

    In 2010, Harris the then PSNI Assistant Chief Constable wrote a letter to the legal representatives of UVF victims telling them that they would never get an investigation into the wider questions raised by the media of the activities of the notorious Glenanne Gang. The most significant wider question was the extent of State involvement in the Gang and its widespread activities and the murder of 89 innocent Catholics. Drew Harris knows the names within these Gangs as he sits today in Dublin and at this stage is becoming the biggest embarrassment since Sean Doherty in the GUBU years. Last year, the Belfast High Court ruled that the Harris letter to Collusion victims, rejecting an investigation of systematic Collusion, was an abuse of power and that the unfairness here is extreme. One has to ask why did Harris write such a bigoted letter and what is he doing in a Garda uniform with Gold Stripes on each shoulder? Dr Michael Maguire confirmed that part of a consignment of automatic riffles were hidden in an Armagh farm linked to the Glenanne Gang. This farm was the actual operational base for a Loyalist Militia which included members of the UVF, UDR and at the time colleagues of Drew Harris in the RUC. The old RUC have major questions to answer here.

    What happens next is unbelievable: When the two journalists Barry McCaffrey and Trevor Birney were arrested for producing the award winning documentary, No Stone Unturned. These two journalists should be awarded Bravery medals, not persecuted, threatened and their houses raided while their children were terrorised by members of the Durham constabulary and the PSNI. What is really going on here? Why has Charlie Flanagan, Minister for Justice, not made any comments about this MAJOR SCANDAL AND COVER-UP BY THE POLICE INCLUDING HARRIS AT THE TIME AND HIS MEMBERSHIP OF MI6? Many questions but very few answers. In the meantime, Harris has other problems at Garda HQ. A.C. Commissioner Fintan Fanning has been reinstated after Harris suspended Fanning and called it a criminal investigation. This now has only started in the Dublin High Court and as I have said before, I will repeat it now, when Fanning wins this case where does that leave Drew Harris and Flanagan? We could see a third Commissioner on the way out and a third Minister for Justice. (I have taken most of the above from the Phoenix magazine dated December 14th to Januuary 10th 2019.

    To be continued:



  17. As written above in the previous post, this Glenanne had cover from the British Goverment? RUC, Special Branch, and its Murder Gangs, UVF, UDA, LVF, and the UDR. Now they have cover from the PSNI, again the name Drew Harris is all over this Collusion, Questions must be addressed here urgently? Harris served in the RUC, Special Branch and MI6, a lot of dark baggage here?

    Home › News › Northern Ireland
    British intelligence plotted a massacre at Catholic school, Glenanne Gang man tells film

    By Allan Preston

    February 20 2019

    A former RUC officer has made shocking claims that British military intelligence initiated a plan to carry out a massacre at a Catholic primary school in Co Armagh in the 1970s.

    John Weir was a self-confessed member of the UVF’s notorious Glenanne Gang.

    The terror gang, which included members of the security forces, was linked to 120 murders, including the attack on the Miami Showband in 1975 in which two UDR men were killed when the bomb they were planting on the group’s bus blew up prematurely.

    Weir made the comments in new documentary Unquiet Graves: The Story Of The Glenanne Gang, which premieres in Belfast tomorrow.

    “The plan was to shoot up a school in Belleeks,” he said, which meant the murder of young children and teachers.

    He said this was intended as retaliation for the Kingsmill massacre of January 1976 in which 10 Protestant workmen were shot dead by the IRA.

    Weir claims the plot came from military intelligence to make the Troubles “spiral out of control” into a full civil war.

    He said the attack was only called off because even the UVF’s bloodthirsty leadership in Belfast considered it a step too far.

    The same claims were made in the past by former RUC officer Billy McCaughey, now deceased, who was convicted alongside Weir for the sectarian murder of a chemist in Ahoghill in 1977.

    Filmmaker Sean Murray spent four years working on the documentary.
    Former Glenanne Gang terrorist John Weir seen in 1999
    Former Glenanne Gang terrorist John Weir seen in 1999

    “John Weir said he firmly believed it was British intelligence, that’s what I also believe,” he said.

    “When I say that, I mean ‘hawks’ within British intelligence, as I think there was an internal power battle going on.

    “There were people who would have been against that, but the hawks wanted a gloves-off approach to the IRA. It’s quite revealing the UVF were unwilling to go through with this.”

    He said he was prepared for any backlash against the film, adding that all of Weir’s statements had been corroborated by the Historical Enquiries Team.

    “I think films like this are the only viable option for some semblance of the truth for victims, particularly against state violence,” he added.

    “I hope to see similar films like this coming from all sides here, because there’s no owners of history. It’s a mosaic of different stories, even if they are competing.”

    In recent days the PSNI has faced criticism for failing to disclose legacy files to the Police Ombudsman over the Sean Graham bookmakers atrocity of 1992 in which five Catholics were murdered by the UFF.

    “That feeds into what we’re trying to say in Unquiet Graves. There isn’t a lot of trust for the PSNI in certain sections of the community,” said Mr Murray.

    “Trust needs to be built for both communities to move on.” Growing up in west Belfast, he said he and many others saw the UDR and RUC in the same way others viewed the IRA. “I viewed them as de facto paramilitary groups,” he added. “But I’m still willing to speak and work with former members of the UDR and RUC to move forward.”

    Asked if Weir gave him an insight into the Glenanne Gang’s mindset, he said: “It’s OK to sit in 2019 and reflect that these people were psychopaths. In many ways, they were born into an era when this was sanitised. It was normal behaviour in many working class areas. I think admitting this is a great justice to the victims,” he said.

    “Without him, I’m not sure a lot of families would get some semblance of truth.”

    Unquiet Graves: The Story Of The Glenanne Gang premieres at The Movie House, Dublin Road, tomorrow at 6pm.


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