Catholic Church at a Cross-Roads: Denial or Truth?

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Today I am taking a different stance towards the Catholic Church which is in so much turmoil.  The Church as we know now are responsible for widespread abuse and in some cases murder of innocent children not just in Ireland but across the Globe. I realise that not all priests are evil, as is the case with many others, but I also know from a deep personal view how much evil there is that lies within that same Church.

Today I want to explain the connection between the Catholic Church and Gangland in Ireland.  Society will judge on a daily basis.  Why?  Because it is the purpose of a society to try and become as civilised and as equal in a new world order.  Let us now face facts, we will never have a society that is equal because reality and history will tell us that cronyism, corruption, and corporate greed will always be the main shareholder in the same society that pretends (just like the Church) that all is well.  Back to Gangland, the Dunnes (Bronco and family) were the first, like a few others, to bring Heroin onto the streets of Dublin.  It infiltrated entire families; it took away so many young lives; it caused massive destruction in Dublin and crime and robberies went up to feed those junkies who were in need of their “fix”.

The gangs who went into drug dealing were products of the cruelty of the Catholic Church.  Let us explain this a stage further.  The Church ran the Industrial schools, Daingean, one of the worst of horrors, Letterfrack was known as Auschwitz, Banada convent was also a place of hell for young children; the Magdalen laundries and the other industrial prisons around Ireland during the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60′ and 70’s are an indictment to our Society.  The Catholic Church ran these schools with fear and terror and the Governments of the day turned a blind eye and kept silent and that includes de Valera, Lemass, Cosgrave, and too many more.  They all stand indicted in knowing the Truth and doing absolutely nothing about it.

Young men like Martin Cahill, Christy Kinahan, John Cunningham and his brothers, the Hutchs, the Fagans, the Brazils, the O’Briens and many more were internees of these notorious schools.  They were only young children when they were picked up by the Gardai of those years gone by and then delivered by van to Daingean and the others to be at the mercy of the Paedophiles who ran them.  These young children slept at night shaking and wetting their beds not knowing the time or hour when the evil cleric and cronies would take them down to the cellars to rape and abuse them as if they were nothing but the chattels of the Church for the taking.  Unmarked graves are all around this country of children and many questions will never be answered.  These young boys came out of these schools, after years of physical, psychological, social and emotional abuse and became adults in the inner cities of Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and beyond.  They grew up to hate the Establishment and Who Could Blame them?  Martin Cahill once said, when the priest came in … I told him to fuck off because “I” would bite his “dick off”.  These men became criminals.  Why?  Well I think reading the above will give you enough explanation to explore more.  I would suggest you read what Patricia Casey, Psychiatrist, has to say on this matter and of course her colleagues, of the Entitled Classes.  These victims of Church abuse went from Daingean to St Patrick’s Institution and then to Mountjoy prison.  Criminality became their way of life because they knew no better.  There was no employment because of their postal address or lack of it.  Some will tell me years later in detailed interviews that they robbed to feed their families.  Can you blame them?  The Bankers robbed in the Boom to buy their Castles in Dublin 4 and got away with it through bankruptcy in the UK.

I do not condone criminality.  I do not condone Gangland.  I do not condone Christy Kinahan and his drug dealing.  I totally condemn the loss of 18 lives in the inner city in the Gangland feud in the last three years but Society must take a deeper look along with the Catholic Church to understand who planted the seeds of hate among these young children who were raped and abused by the same society that now judges them for being evil.  The Church must accept that they are responsible also for the evolution of Gangland and criminality on the streets of our cities today.  Any criminologist, like myself, would have to agree that the Industrial schools did nothing to improve, especially over that period, a child’s future or welfare.  Sadly the Church and its evil paedophile priests did the complete opposite and even in the current days of now they judge from the pulpit how evil Gangland is and its impact on Society, but the Church should look back and see how they are responsible by the abuse that produced those innocent children into serious criminals in today’s world. This was further impacted by the Code of Silence.  Dublin 4 and its pampered private school prats have their parties on weekends.  The Daddies are judges, barristers, doctors, bankers and the rest of the elites yet they buy their drugs from the dealers in the inner city and then after the weekend some of these dealers are before the same daddies, and represented by the same barristers, in the courts.

The Catholic Church needs to be cleansed from the inside.  The list of names in this link


This is most frightening and alarming and this is only the tip of the iceberg.  The list of the Irish priest abusers does not include the people who have died and brought their dark evil secrets to the grave.  How the Church responds now with the coming of the Pope will be most interesting.  My personal belief is that He will come on a PR exercise – the Iona Institute and the likes of Quinn, Ms Steen, and Joan Freeman, will pump it up as a great day for Ireland.  Personally I see it as a complete shambles because even as I am writing this topic, the Church and the priests are not able to connect to the people, to open their files, and tell the God Honest Truth.  I could go on today and talk about the scandal of annulments and the connection between the Bishop’s Palace and the Castleknock (Opus Dei) elite who can buy annulments like ordinary people buy cabbage in Dunnes Stores.  Will we ever see a Church that is open and treats all people with the same love and compassion?  I doubt this very much.  I may sound a cynic today but maybe somebody can reply and give me a little hope but this I doubt also.

I was born a Catholic.  I am not ashamed of being one but I am ashamed of the denial within the Catholic Church of the abuse of the most innocent and vulnerable in our society – our children.  As Jesus said “Come little children onto me….”.

Again I ask you to read the link above: these are hard core facts and we need to become aware of what is really happening in our world.

see also: Abuse of Power in Places of Recovery

Addendum 31st August 2018

Bill Kenneally is serving a 14 year sentence for abusing a number of young boys almost 30 years ago.  Darragh Mackin, Colin Power and Jason Clancy have fought the State for years trying to get a public inquiry into the cover-up by FF, the Southern Eastern Health Board at the time and the Gardai at Waterford Garda station.  One young boy had made a complaint with his parents as far back as the 1980’s and it was reported at Waterford Garda station.  We now know that retired Chief Supt Sean Cashman questioned Bill Kenneally in 1987 and during this interview Kenneally admitted to abusing boys and was not charged.  Why?  Cashman went on to say in a RTE Prime Time documentary last May that he was blocked at that time from further investigating Kenneally.  Eddie Mulligan, a Waterford FF councillor, said he is sickened to know that certain members in FF knew about the child abuse and Kenneally and failed to act upon it.  They failed in their duty to safeguard children of our State.  Also, former FF Minister of State, Brendan Kenneally, a first cousin of the convicted paedophile, knew about the abuse in 2002 but did not report the matter to the Gardai or for that matter to anyone.  The former Minister also stated that he did not know about the abuse in the 1970’s, 80’s or 90’s but that he was only told about it in 2002 yet he failed to report it.

My point here is that the attack on the Catholic Church is absolutely correct when priests abuse children (and this includes Bishops and Cardinals especially those who facilitate it).  I find it deeply disgusting and sickening to know that FF and other Governments of the day in relation to members of their families being abusers have no problems in protecting “their own” and leaving innocent children at risk.  At the moment in this little Banana Republic we are not just suffering from apathy, corruption and cronyism, we have the added dose of hypocrisy which is gaining momentum daily.

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  1. According to Joan Freeman, the Pope should “meet with victims of sexual abuse in Ireland” …

    … as if “healing” can be obtained without a formal acceptance of responsibility for the crimes and omissions enumerated above.

    If whitewashing the sins of the past will serve Ireland’s “well-being”— something she is taking a lot of credit for recently— then I think we are better off without it. God willing the Pope’s upcoming visit here will be more than a P.R. exercise, honest enough to take us from “Darkness into Light” rather than the other way around.

    And speaking of which, should we look forward to Pieta House finally submitting themselves to a full audit in the course of Joan Freeman’s self-aggrandizing bid for the Áras?


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