Ireland’s Homeless Crisis: The Next Great Famine

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We now have probably the greatest crisis of homelessness since World War II. There are at least 25,000 – 40,000 people homeless in Ireland. Yes, we count the people staying in hostels, hotels, B&B’s – these are the lucky ones according to Eoghan Murphy, Minister for Vanity and Boxer Shorts. Murphy goes on to say that the thousands who have gone home to their parents and who have a couch for a bed are not homeless. But first we must look at Mr Murphy and his background (mentioned in the media).


Now, people may ask why I am doing this today? Simple. Politics is the dirtiest game in any town globally but the Fine Gael elite have no problem digging up the dirt on Gerry Adams, Mary-Lou MacDonald, and even Fianna Fail TD’s when the time is appropriate or to put it in a simpler way, when the opportunity comes their way. Fine Gael in the past decade have been to the fore in an attacking any party that criticises them but the main party they attack is Sinn Fein. We will never forget the speech by Doherty in the Dail a few years ago in relation Mairia Cahill and all her allegations that were never proved in a court of law. Regina is well known for her little tantrums and bitter and snide comments against other members and staff in Dail Eireann.

Now the Blueshirts stand in the dock today. Murphy born 1982, private school right the way through. St. Michael’s College, South Dublin and then on to University in London. Murphy did some minor degree in some type of science (I am not too sure if even grasps what he did himself). In 2009 he won a seat on the Rathdown/Pembroke council.

Irish Independent > Political unknown who topped poll is grandson of disgraced accountant
7 June 2009 12:00 AM

A 27-year-old political unknown who topped the poll in the Pembroke-Rathmines area of Dublin is a grandson of the late, disgraced accountant Russell Murphy.

Fine Gael’s Eoghan Murphy gave up a speechwriting/advisor job in a UN agency working for nuclear disarmament last summer to take his chances on a domestic political career.

His poll-topping performance for Fine Gael casts a big cloud over any ambition by former Tanaiste/PD minister Michael McDowell to join Fine Gael in the hope of returning to the Dail for Dublin South East.

Mr Murphy will have his own power base within legal circles through his father Henry Murphy SC.

“I’ve no family background in politics and they think I am crazy,” Mr Murphy said.

His interest in nuclear disarmament started while studying international relations in King’s College, London, and then working for the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation, in Vienna.

He said he was looking forward to the challenge of switching his focus from global disarmament to local and community issues.

Russell Murphy gained notoriety after his death when it emerged that he had embezzled funds placed with him by celebrities including broadcaster Gay Byrne and playwright Hugh Leonard.

When Eoghan Murphy returned to Ireland, he was jobless. It is alleged he went to three jobs – a buyer in Dunnes Stores, manager of a local Spar shop in Ranelagh, and as a male model in Brown Thomas. He failed in his pursuits. Eoghan than turns his head towards local politics on the advice of his Daddy Lawyer Henry and gets the seat as stated above. From there Eoghan, the Nuclear Ban Murphy gets a seat as a Fine Gael TD in Leinster House. Murphy is in charge as the Minister for Housing and he is responsible for the greatest cock-up and disaster in modern political life. Sinn Fein are putting a motion forward in two weeks time of No Confidence in Murphy but to the shock of the people of Ireland and especially the homeless/transients, Micheal No Balls Martin won’t back the No Confidence vote. This proves that FG/FF are now known as the new Chuckle Brothers! FF have lost their way in Irish politics now and if they don’t stand for something urgently they will be washed away into oblivion.


Back to Murphy. Eoghan is a complete and utter Dublin 4 snob. He also is proud of his Tory accent (Kings College University) and his ambition, it is alleged, is to be a Tory MP one day. In the meantime, sadly for the Irish people he has lost his way and is out of his depth in the housing disaster that is so critical at the moment in this country. Eoghan has no vision, no experience, and no foundation for hard politics, for hard decisions, he completely bluffs his way day by day and Varadkar is doing his best to fill in the vacuum. In the meantime thousands of children are going to school from hotel rooms, B&B’s and hostels (some taking three buses each way to get to school). Murphy is proud of his Grandfather Russell and has all the ingredients of grandiosity and self importance. Eoghan Murphy buys his shirts privately in Paris, he shops only in Brown Thomas and he once boasted in a Southside pub that his socks alone cost £80. This to me is the worst case of vanity since Warren Beatty.


Murphy likes five foreign holidays a year, yachting, helicopters, private small planes and he goes to the Formula 1 races in Monaco. Now can somebody explain to me how this precious pup is in charge of the greatest scandal of modern times. Irish citizens are homeless while he for the past eight weeks has been on holidays; he can walk beaches in Kerry, in Leo’s favorite colours! I ask the people of Dublin 4 today from Ringsend to Donnybrook – Do not vote this idiot Murphy in again if they call a snap election. If ever Ireland needed a Minister with experience in relation to housing or lack of it, a minister with compassion, it is now. It is paramount that Murphy stands down. It may even save lives. One young mother took her own life a few months ago; leaving small children alone, because of the homelessness crisis. Murphy has no idea. He is clueless to the pain and suffering that is out there. Some years ago former FG TD Lucinda Creighton was speaking at a private event in South Dublin when someone in the audience asked her about Eoghan Murphy. She replied words to the affect – Eoghan is getting so fond of himself, that he goes home each evening and licks himself all over like a Dublin 4 Persian tom cat. That sums up Murphy.

A couple of years ago, giving an interview, when he worked under Michael Noonan former FG, Murphy stated that FG would never go into Government with the Shinners. He said they were into robberies, racketeering and diesel smuggling.


Well, let us turn the page and ask Murphy about his Grandpa Russell. Russell loved the high life; he loved dining out six nights a week; he loved global travel; he loved Punchestown and the Galway Races with a female on each arm; he loved all things that gave him the quality of personal satisfaction. The only problem was is that he was spending the money of Gay Byrne and Hugh Leonard, unknown to the two unfortunate famous men.

When Russell passed over to the Spirit World and Gaybo was reading the audit it is claimed that his balls hit the ground in shock. Gaybo had to cancel his retirement for seven years and return to work. Leonard almost drank himself to death (with the paltry sum left). In the meantime Gay spent years on the airways whingeing about Russell, his best buddy, who relieved him of so much of is money. Kathleen spent her time playing the piano to calm her nerves and the song went Russell – the man that broke the banks of Monte Carlo. I ask Minister for Tents and Hostels today, is there a difference between robbing banks according to his own words and the Shinners and Grandpa Russell robbing the boxers of Gaybo and Leonard and others we may not know of.


I will close on a serious note. The crisis is now epidemic. Ireland has its own in-house migrant crisis. If we cannot house our own citizens, where are we going as a Nation. Eoghan Murphy is out of his depth. I have nothing personal against Murphy but this is politics and he has failed the Irish people but more importantly and more seriously he has failed the vulnerable children who deserve better than a hostel or a B&B. The Constitution says we are all equal in Irish society. Murphy has failed in his duties within the realm of the Irish Constitution; he must go immediately and Micheal Martin should grow balls urgently and back the No Confidence motion in getting Murphy out.

Addendum:  27th September 2018

The crisis of people in this country today who are walking the streets from 10 am in the morning until 5 pm in the evening is nothing short of being CRUEL, SHAMEFUL, AND DEGRADING.  The people I refer to are the homeless people who are living in hostels, B&B’s and hotels (who represent what was once the mercenary landlord class and are paid millions).  I believe e30 million was paid to this industry in the making since January alone this year.  These Irish people are put out on the streets and are not allowed back into the hostels, or the B&B’s and hotels until 5 pm.  Their children are at school and some of these people have to pass their time in cafes or just walking the streets, feeling lonely, alienated and let down by the biggest clowns that formed this Government and who are now trying to bluff their way out through the mouth of former Brown Thomas male model Eoghan Russell Murphy.

Murphy survived the Vote of No Confidence by ten votes.  His junior minister, Catherine Byrne who was all mouth in the days leading up to the vote last Tuesday evening and subtly stating she would be voting against Murphy – the key is never to believe what you read especially in Politics.  People around Ireland are very confused right now because the only visible opposition is SF, Mattie McGrath and to be fair to the only FF member to actually stand up to Martin and that is John McGuinness.  Without an opposition, democracy is at a crossroads and this is going to fester as the months go on and especially coming towards Christmas.  After the big Crash of 2008 when Enda Kenny stated, in and around, 2011, that the Irish Army could be on the streets protecting the cash machines, Kenny was well known for putting his foot up his arse when let off the leash and now Varadkar is no better.  However, the difference with Leo is that he is more cunning and plays the media like the Pied Piper.  Senior advisers also known as “SPADS” met with Fionn Sheahan 18 months ago and the deal was “Let’s play ball together.  You don’t write anything negative about us ie Leo and we will give you many leaks in relation to the Shinners and Micheal the Puppet Martin, also known as the Tanaiste in this Government.  At least in the Haughey era, when corruption was widespread, you knew the Opposition because Haughey was a very admirable adversary.  With Martin you see nothing only a two way mirror with Leo on the other side.  We need people to support McGuinness in relation to Vulture Funds and the Banks who were bailed out by the Irish people and are now marching in like the English Red Coats during the Famine.  They are selling off chunks of mortgages and peoples’ lives to Vulture funds who are faceless and who are not willing to abide by any rules of our Courts.  This is the core and the problem that is creating hundreds of more people at the moment into the nightmare of being homeless.

This Government has failed.  Former model Murphy would be sacked if in any other employment but this is Politics where morons are almost untouchable and we can thank the FF leader for this.  Martin needs to go also and Timmy Dooley and Barry Cowen should stop defending the indefensible.  Dooley is a first class bluffer so he is totally irrelevant but Cowen should have learned from the mistakes of his brother, Biffo.  Cowen, Barry I mean, at times has his temper tantrums in the Dail but maybe he could harness them better and target them towards his Leader Micheal Martin who seems to have lost the back bone to tackle Leo.  Sadly instead Martin has joined the Blueshirts on the FG benches and I believe now he will enter another cosy deal for another year and this could be the downfall of FF in the coming months.

Homelessness is now the biggest crisis in Dublin city.  Landlords who have empty buildings could give them over to the Repair and Lease scheme introduced in 2017.  The problem is that some landlords themselves feel a little scared because they may owe some back taxes but if the Muppet Murphy could use a brain cell like Bertie Ahern did many years ago and gave a small amnesty to these landlords we could release properties and home families.  This could create family homes before Christmas.  To tackle the homeless crisis now and vacant buildings across the city is not with balaclavas and heavy handed Gardai in drag, waving battens and threatening to use pepper spray on innocent civilians.  We need a will and a determination because the houses and apartments are out there and dialogue should be the key to solving a portion of this crisis and that in itself would be a new beginning.  FF are in turmoil.  Bachbenchers want Martin out but don’t have the guts at present to stand up and state the facts.  McGuinness is respected on both sides of the House by people who know that he stands for fair play and integrity.  The McGuinness bill in relation to the Vulture Funds, I now believe is being blocked by his own party leader Martin.  Why is Martin doing this is the 64 million dollar question?  If Martin continues to stay on his knees paying homage to Leo and the Clowns, I suggest he go with Dooley and Cowen and the Cork connection and join FG.  Get out now!  I repeat again.  Haughey had corruption all over him but he never bowed to FitzGerald and the D4 gobshites in his career as FF’s most controversial genius or rogue.

















  1. “Next Great Famine” is appropriate, with Irish government’s housing policy now classified as a national emergency:

    … as protests are building in numbers, diversity & urgency in Dublin:

    … amid inconsistencies between what the government is saying and what people are experiencing on the streets, whether victims of homelessness or sympathisers:

    … and finally this feature showing where the Establishment’s heart is; a 15-year-old not allowed to stay with his mother at a B&B due to “lack of space”, with the court sending him to the Oberstown juvenile detention centre:

    Occupation & protest history:


  2. With all this going on (that the media is still mostly quiet about!) what happened to Micheal Martin the Opposition Leader? Here we have over two thousand people sitting down in a busy street from Fine Gael’s running amuck with the housing speculation and vulture funds, and Martin is appearing on the Late Late show.

    Why is he not out every day OPPOSING Fine Gael, as in the term OPPOSITION PARTY? Nobody expects him to dirty the arse of his suit on O’Connell Street, but there are still interviews and even debates, at least in a healthy society. Talk show interviews with causal criticism of rival Leo are the low hanging fruit he would rather grab instead.


  3. › News › Irish News › Leo Varadkar

    Government lies about building new houses and the number that have been built in the last five years is completely falsified. (If link does not work just go to Sunday Irish Mirror).

    I don’t fully understand the above comments but I will clarify the present situation in relation to the Leader of FF, Micheal Martin. Martin has been sitting on the fence now for three years, after signing the cosy deal with FG. This Deal is deeply worrying to his own backbenchers and it puts FG in a better position in recent polls and popularity among some of the public who have an interest in politics. Martin did go on the Late Late show on Friday night – I did not see the show but I believe he made remarks that Varadkar was immature and obsessed with media coverage. This to me is almost like a cry for help, not from Varadkar, but from Martin.

    Back to housing and the biggest crisis in Ireland at present ie apart from Garda corruption, Homelessness and the shortage of housing for people in dire need of a home. This Government have made so many promises that they make Haughey and Ahern look like Born Again Christians. All we hear from Posh Murphy is Plans are in motion to build houses within a five year framework but the solution is staring this idiot in the face. There are over 55,000 vacant properties in the City of Dublin alone and if some landlords are in fear of offering their houses up to Repair and Leasing scheme introduced in 2017 because of tax issues, then the Government, through the Department of Finance, should give an amnesty within reason and there could be at least 5,000 people with roofs over their heads within 12 months. This is not beyond the reach but Murphy just like Simon Harris in Health, is way out of his depth and needs to go urgently. Children should not be subjected or forced to live in hostels and hotel rooms, and then having to go to school from there. The stress on the parents is one issue but the stress on the children must be worrying because other children will know and that is where name calling and bullying in the school yard comes into play. We all know from our own school days that the school yard can be a cold and cruel place if a child stands out because bullies come, not just among adults, but sadly from children also.

    To conclude for the moment: The boom came and went and the Green party seem to be immune to criticism but Cuffe, Sargent and Ryan have a lot to answer for but they seem to think that because they think Green they are all clean. They were part of a Government along with the bankers and Bertie’s tent and the developers that destroyed this country. They are also part of the problem we have today. Nobody has mentioned the ghost estates that Cuffe (Green) was supposed to knock down in the interest of public safety and the rest. Surely now DCC along with a strong will within this Government could actually rejuvenate some of these estates back to a standard where people could actually find a home to live in. The problem is you need the right people in Government at the right time with the will and the determination and the drive to succeed and do their job on behalf of Ireland’s most vulnerable. This sadly will not happen in this Government’s lifetime. One more point today: It is ironic that Johnny Rohan, one of the biggest debtors in this country, is back like King Muck developing a large slice of the Docklands and we all know the profit will not go towards the e3 billion he owes the Irish taxpayers. When Varadkar said that Ireland is the land of opportunity, I think, he needs to get lessons in logic.



  4. thanks @fredbassett7 – I think this is the link you are talking about:

    And at last some good news, besides the growing support of the people for the plight of the homeless:
    Positive change always begins with dissension in the bureaucratic ranks…

    Government sources have confirmed that Junior Health Minister Catherine Byrne is considering abstaining or even voting against Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy in a motion of no confidence.


  5. As expected, Fianna Fáil has voted as a block, under Micheál Martin’s guidance, to keep Eoghan Murphy in the job he has failed at:

    Eoghan Murphy had called the no-confidence motion an ‘irresponsible stunt’

    According to Murphy’s reasoning, the demand for accountability and positive change can be characterised as simple “irresponsibility.” Even worse, now that he is confirmed in his position, he has gotten away with the same ad hominem criticism of which Murphy accused his own critics (particularly Sinn Féin).

    More people than ever will feel betrayed now that Catherine Byrne has been bought off, letting down her constituency in Inchicore and in fact everyone with an interest in the homeless crisis. But at least now there is no longer any doubt that current government is in the business of not changing anything, with attempts to establish financial responsibility or accountability called “irresponsible.” The statistics of the vote are an objective statement that FF and FG have now effectively merged into a single party.

    Unfortunately the disappearance of an opposition party creates a dangerous situation in any State. I hate to have to review Political Science 101 for our current leadership, but without a political opposition the people will create an opposition themselves. Of course this sounds like a revolution… and not just one in the history books, because the main ingredients are all around us in Ireland today.


  6. A strange report from Dublin town on budget day today: that it was like a ghost town even around the TD hangouts like Buswells Hotel lounge. No more good natured banter about 5 or 10p on the usual sin taxes this year: just the shocking silence of nobody wanting to show (or see) another budget that doesn’t address the homelessness crisis.

    The circle of the happy-go-lucky affluent is shrinking. When living in Dublin 4 I listened to Fine Gael supporters for years, wealthy on paper and always looking for more, saying the poor must fend for themselves: as anyone would reasonably expect in the free market system that Ireland does not have. The government has already guaranteed the success of the rich, with bank bailouts and courts favouring evictions and foreclosures, and the poor are dying while waiting for the same guarantees.

    These next couple of years are critical, as we enter another endgame of the fat cats milking the last of the value out of Ireland’s economic potential before the next crash/rebuild cycle. In the contraction of 10 years ago they got all the money, and now they will get all the property. Each rebuild will be more difficult than the last, until we have a government willing to redefine “economy” as goods and services that are of value to ordinary people.

    If and when the robbers, sanctioned by the current FG government and the nonexistent “opposition” from FF, are finished with the expansion-contraction cycle squeezing us like a sponge, they will disappear from the country along with the lost wealth and leave the rest of us in poverty… including the middle class who did nothing and the Fine Gael sycophants who told the poor and the activists to shut up, get jobs and stop complaining. Nobody was looking for a budget today because of a general feeling, too awful to share in words, that this current system is unsustainable with any budget.

    Personally I believe the only solution is the extreme notion of a tax boycott: the equivalent of a revolution, arranged by encrypted email & dark web sites. Ireland’s sick, poor and homeless would be better provided for by crowdfunded P2P charity efforts than the current government, and at much lower cost to wageearners. Let us see how they might keep rubber-stamping the home foreclosures in the courts when the whole civil service is wondering where the next meal is coming from.

    Until then, or until a gentler solution is reached, we can compassionately remember the homeless people in the city and the country and let their resilience and optimism be a model for our own…



    Dear Boxer Martin,

    On behalf of the FF TD’s who are scared to speak out: I want to outline the concerns your members’ have under you invisible leadership.

    Firstly, scrap the Cosy Deal, resign your post as Tanaiste, and tell Leo F… O…

    Secondly, have the balls to stand up in the Dail and say loudly I am the opposition and FF have regained their true Identity. Also, try and re-condition the mind of Timmy Dooley who is going around convinced that he is a Blue Shirt and rumours are floating around that he may join FG at some stage.
    Third, McGrath is right, Leo the Lioness is out of touch re Vulture Funds and Banks, and the people all over this country screaming for Justice re the Attacks by English Bailiffs repossessing their lands,
    Where does FF go in 2019, a party with no Vision, no plan, no separate policies, apart from bloating up the Ego of Leo,
    Michael it is never too late to regain a little Pride and I dont mean Pink, I mean Guts and the self Will to get the FF Show back on the road.
    Stand up, be the Opposition Party, otherwise it may all end in Tatters. 2019 the Year of Evictions.


  8. Press Release – People Before Profit Feb 5th 2019

    Housing Agency “talking nonsense about affordable housing” – private developers completely incapable of providing real affordability.

    People Before Profit TD, Richard Boyd Barrett, says “only way to deliver affordable housing is for state to build on public land.”

    In a statement today, Richard Boyd Barrett TD, accused John O Connor of the State’s Housing Agency of “talking absolute nonsense about affordable housing”.

    John O Connor has recently said that it would be “really dangerous” for councils to get involved in building or selling affordable housing and instead, he favours private developers building them and selling them to those eligible for the new government scheme.

    Richard Boyd Barrett said: “Private developers are completely incapable of building affordable housing. Once private developers are involved there will be a profit margin knitted into the price, therefore upping the price of the house.”

    “We have seen with the LIHAF scheme that private developer’s idea of affordable is way over €300,000, which is in no way affordable for the cohort of people earning less than €75,000.

    “The only way to deliver real affordability is for the state to build housing on public land. According to the Minister, the cost of building a council home is between €180,000 and €220,000. If the state moved now to build on the land that is available to it, real affordability could be provided.”

    “In 2016 Simon Coveney, who was then the Housing Minister, announced an affordable housing scheme, and here we are nearly three years later and not one affordable home has been provided by the government. We need this housing as a matter of urgency and the only sensible way to provide it is by the state taking charge of it.”

    One of the greatest national crisis of modern times is 20,000 people homeless in Dublin alone and this is only an estimated figure because right now nobody can rely on Government data or statistics. When one cannot trust our gardai in giving the Truth we have gone a long way down the dark hole of Political Deceit and PR lies. If you read Richard Boyd Barret’s comments above and it isn’t often I agree with him, but he has a valid point and it makes common sense.

    Let me add my view today – the National Children’s Hospital and the overrun has now become not just a national disgrace but an international one. If Simon Harris, Paschal the Parrot and Leo the Ego can laugh off the cost to the Irish taxpayers of over £2 billion in relation to this hospital; they are showing no regard for the people of this country. Let me say this a different way, if they can turn their noses up at such an over run that is £500 million plus, this money COULD GO A LONG WAY IN SOLVING OUR HOMELESS CRISIS AND THERE IS NOT ONE MORON ON THIS ISLAND WHO COULD DISAGREE WITH ME.

    Alan Kelly has just said it yesterday: The phony war is over; it is time for a General Election and FF are another NATIONAL DISGRACE – THEY WON’T BACK A NO CONFIDENCE VOTE IN SIMPLE SIMON SAID – ALL THEY WANT IS AN APOLOGY FOR BEING A BOLD BOY. TODAY, I ASK THE BACKBENCHERS IN FF TO CONVINCE MARTIN IT IS TIME TO TAKE HIS P45 because the party is in a deep identity crisis.

    I will be writing shortly on the great escape of Peter Conlon (Ammada et al) and the £8 million of charity money go missing and how he was allowed leave the country without being arrested IS ANOTHER NATIONAL SCANDAL.



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