Has Ireland, the Republic, become a Dictatorship?

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… or is it a mere cosmetic democracy, disguised as a real one?

People around the world have been watching and have witnessed on the Irish news and media sources, the photographs of our Garda Siochána on North Frederick Street at around 7 pm last Tuesday evening.  A group of Irish citizens were protesting under the banner “Take Back Our City”.  The High Court granted an injunction to the landlords or probably the Vulture funds and they hired the private bailiffs wearing dark outfits and balaclavas.


This is 2018.  We have a country at present at war from within.  Let’s face the facts now as I outline some today.  Speaking to a film maker some weeks ago, he pointed out to me that the distribution of wealth in this country right now is so skewed, it will cause civil unrest in time.


Homelessness is an absolute disgrace.  We have had the boom times, EU funding and the FF era between 1998 and 2008 where people became millionaires overnight because their property ensured it was possible.  The Bertie Tent in Galway was the flavour of the Galway Races.  People queued outside and paid large sums of money to kiss the ring of the Godfather in the Tent!  Sitting beside him doing her nails was of course, Celia, aka Marlene Dietrich.  Bertie once said that anybody who does not believe that the Boom will not last for twenty years should go and commit suicide.  Well looking back now it looks so easy – all those millionaires went overseas and hid like rats underground for one year and were made bankrupt and free to return.  Let us not forget the cash they stashed in foreign shores.  FF are responsible and yet they never learn.


2018 and we have a hospital waiting list of 815,000 people; we have false figures of employment; we have still masses of young people leaving Ireland on a monthly basis and not just for abortions; we have a mental health service in tatters and yet we give millions to the like of Shari McDaid and other cohorts (Charities) who bluff the Irish taxpayers, under the disguise of research and seminars.  Homelessness is a major problem in the City of Dublin and beyond.  Children are treated like animals and yet Catherine Zappone is out for one thing only – Herself; her PR; Photos at Dublin Airport when Halala was returning from prison in Egypt.  It now turns out he or his family did not want her there yet she turned up like a spinster at a country wedding.

Ireland is in deep debt (check the National Debt Clock) yet nobody dares to bring the topic up.  Corruption and cronyism is in every village and town in Ireland.  Our public and civil service and our semi-states are embedded in corruption including our Co Councils.  The bankers who went into hiding after the Crash 10 years ago and who were bailed out by the Irish taxpayers are back again acting like the English aristocracy of old, harassing people on a daily basis.


Today I ask a question.  Define the word Democracy in Ireland at present?  Why are our Gardai wearing balaclavas like Thugs?  Why are they ashamed to show their faces to the public to whom they gave an oath to Serve and Protect?  Why are they ashamed to hide their faces from their families, their neighbours, and their own children?  Who gave the order that they wear illegal balaclavas in the course of their duties in a so called democratic country?  We know some members of the Gardai themselves are in debt for their homes especially if they invested in the buy to let market.   We also know that the Garda Credit Union is in debt for over £70 million.  When did our Gardai become a private army for landlords and vulture funds?  Today I also ask former RUC now Garda Commissioner, Drew Harris, why the balaclavas?  Commissioner Harris is only two weeks appointed to this job, sworn in in a private ceremony at Midnight, all under the radar and very scary.


People today across Ireland and beyond are scared.  I want to ask Taoiseach Leo and his Tanaiste Micheal Martin why are you turning this country into a semi-dictatorship?  You may ask why am I calling Martin Tanaiste; it is very simple, Martin and FF are responsible for keeping Leo and the clowns in Government and Martin must take full responsibility as being Leo’s lap dog and pet poodle.  Brian Cowen came out last week and attacked Varadkar on his policies in relation to Brexit and the homeless crisis.  Again I ask the question Is Corruption legal in Ireland?  People are being left behind in the so-called recovery that this Government keep talking about.  Can somebody explain or define the word for me Recovery?  We have a 130,000 children going to bed hungry each night in this country, we have parents skipping meals to make sure their children are fed.  We have people who are working, getting food from Brother Kevin in the City and yet nobody is willing to stand up and fight the corrupt establishment.  We need a moral audit across the length and breadth of Ireland but sadly APATHY surrounds us.  I do believe now that we are on the verge of civil unrest in this country and I also think the conduct of a our Gardai at North Frederick Street is a warning to all of us of things to come.


I will conclude by asking people today to take a good look at the photos above and give an opinion as to whether this is acceptable behaviour for a Police Force in a democratic European country.  People need to wake up now; the corruption and the cronyism is like a rash all over this country.  Take a look this week at the list of Tax Defaulters.  Again, Dublin 4, the so-called hub, who believe they are above any laws, are well detailed by Revenue.  Gangland is frowned upon and rightly so but make no mistake about it, the biggest gangster in this country are the ones in the suit, with the briefcase and the Merc.

Let us tackle the epidemic of the illegal drugs in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Waterford, Wexford and every town and village.  We have serious corruption in relation to the drug industry from within.  We have Gardai on the take, we have rogue Gardai drug dealing and yet there is no appetite to tackle the problem from within.  Our Police Force have gone through Scandal after Scandal and yet not one officer is before the courts.

Ask yourself tonight Why?  Do we have a small group of people who are the untouchables and don’t forget D4 and the so-called Posh members of high Society are the biggest buyers of illegal drugs on this Island.

Enough for now.



  1. Good image clips from the Irish Times eviction video. One thing that was nowhere near the camera or general action was the van the hooded mercenaries were using. I believe it is vital to read every word of this post since
    — the van was repainted and sanitised as part of the operation, exactly as one would when committing a planned crime
    — the van could not have been transported from a Manchester police scrap-heap without approval of someone in high authority and connected with the UK police, e.g. our new commissioner Drew Harris himself.


  2. This will keep happening with all the housing protests & occupations until something changes fundamentally in the Government. Next on the agenda will be breaking up Belevedere Place:
    I’d like to read the actual transcript of what the told they judge on Friday to get the injunction this time (as I would have the last one), to see if the eviction order calls for an untaxed, illegally procured vehicle from outside the Republic of Ireland to transport hooded mercenaries.

    Whatever may happen with Belvedere, this link should be a good indicator of when and where our support & eye-witnessing will be needed: #TakeBackTheCity

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  3. Having a look at today’s English Mail on Sunday sorry I mean Irish Mail on Sunday, Debbie McCann fulfilled her ego with front page headlines. Gardai in fear of their lives! So dramatic! But let us take a step back here, Debbie is the daughter of retired Supt John McCann, alleged named the “Kicker” many years ago based in Store Street station, before he climbed the ladder, which beggars belief, on hindsight. Back to Debbie: She claims the Garda wearing the balaclava in the middle was reported all over social media last night and this is not acceptable. We need to engage with common sense here. If a Garda wants attention and wants people, ordinary citizens, to be scared and others to be curious, all he has to do is wear a balaclava and common sense again will tell you, it awakens the people of this country. Now Debbie in relation to a decent honest Garda Sgt Gerry McCabe stood silent and said Nothing in front of Judge Charleton. I ask Debbie today does she feel embarrassed because other decent journalists, in their own little world, are embarrassed of their silence. One of her colleagues who had the guts to speak up at the Charleton was vilified and left the Mail on Sunday. Her sins was She Told the Truth, just like Sgt McCabe.

    McCann had her sources and the dogs in the street know they all come from Gardai and yet there is a law that states a Garda who leaks information may face five years in prison. Debbie however feels she is one of the untouchables in the world of Journalism today. Another journalist who told the truth was Anne Harris (former editor of the Sunday Independent) and she too was attacked and vilified and called ‘a bitter old wag’ by Sheahan. Anne Harris has no reason to feel embarrassed but others do. McCabe – he wore no balaclava. Why? Because he had nothing to hide but the Truth.

    McCann states that Gardai are entitled to wear “Hoods” – she refers to them as ski masks. I am asking if this is an official statement from Gardai HQ. Let us go to others. Former RUC but now Commissioner Drew Harris stated it was unacceptable to wear Hoods and he would be reviewing the matter. It is not the conduct becoming of any modern police service. The Taoiseach stated that Gardai were doing their job but it was unfortunate that balaclavas were worn and people, including myself, are disappointed. Debbie – these are the facts and I put it to you to go back and write the article again because whatever Garda source is feeding you, you are on the wrong diet, because journalists are supposed to write in the best interests of Law Abiding Citizens.

    The conduct of the Gardai at North Frederick Street was beyond appalling. It was a reminder of the B-Specials in the North of Ireland in the 1960’s and a reminder of the murdering gangs during the Troubles. It is a coincidence that two journalists were arrested some weeks ago, in Belfast for producing the documentary, “No Stone Unturned”. Drew Harris was a member of the RUC at the time of the Loughinnisland massacre of six innocent Catholics in the bar watching the World Cup. Maybe Drew could fill in the blanks for the family but they know now the facts and watching the documentary, it is Collusion that is the architect within agencies, that is responsible for people being murdered. The gunmen all wore balaclavas that night. I recommend all people with an interest in the Truth should watch “No Stone Unturned”.

    Our Gardai behaved like thugs. I am going through social media over the past few days and I read again and again young people stating the words that they are Scared. We believed that our Gardai are there to protect us but what we witnessed is that our Gardai stood defending unknown mercenaries in balaclavas and some of our police were wearing similar “Hoods”. I yearn for a police force that is upright and dignified but we all know the corruption in the Irish Police Force is entrenched since the foundation of the State. Take Back Our City and the people are here to stay and the Gardai should now start to respect that these people have a right to protest without being batoned, pepper sprayed or feeling scared. Today in the Sunday Independent, retired Supt Pat O’Brien, wrote a piece headed “Former RUC now Garda Commissioner Drew Harris should come clean on RUC murders during the Troubles. I don’t at the moment get the angle that O’Brien is coming from but to state it in print on the Sunday Independent must worry Minister Flanagan and the Government.

    All people have to do is look at the photographs and don’t feel Ashamed, let the Government and the Gardai themselves and the silence of Fianna Fail, feel ashamed. The van is another mystery – from Manchester, officially on police files, it does not exist, yet it parks on a Dublin street – I wonder if the Gardai investigate. Let me put your mind at ease:



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  4. I was wondering when the Housing Minister would say something about all this, and finally was quoted here today. If Eoghan Murphy is the wind-up toy of the Establishment, then they wound him up too much before this comment. Next time they will probably want to turn off his mechanical mouth…

    Housing minister Eoghan Murphy said he was “disgusted” by the threats, telling RTE:

    It is utterly wrong.

    We talked about this earlier in the week when the protests were happening, about the safety of the gardai – and that has to be paramount as they go about protecting the public.

    And I do hope that anyone involved in these protests, any political organisations or protesting organisations – while of course they have a right to protest – they distance themselves from this immediately.

    Because it’s completely wrong.


  5. And in case there is any doubt after reading the above, we’re taking steps day by day towards a police state here, in which there are one set of laws for the gardaí and another for the people:

    I don’t see Charlie Flanagan’s condemnation of the garda who filmed Dara Quigley which led to her suicide… only a baffling revelation that he was not going to be prosecuted, which might as well be a statement to the contrary:

    So: Flanagan thinks the gardaí have to be treated with sensitivity as they hurt others, while working outside the law itself, but measures taken to identify the ones accountable will be illegal? The hypocrisy is stunning but I am proud to say my camera will be flying every time I see the gardaí knocking people around, whether this Nazi wet-dream law gets passed or not.

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  6. Yesterday at Leader’s questions, Charlie Flanagan also known as Minister Fred Flinstone (Stone age mindset) sat in the Dail like a Draper’s Dummy. Flanagan, the previous day, came out with the dreaded words “I will stop the photographs been taken of Gardai doing their job, I will stop people from interfering with Gardai when they are on duty and I will stop the use of apps and the rest”. Well now Flinstone Flanagan – yesterday you got your answer from Big Daddy Leo. He said without hesitation, that the people of Ireland will not be censored. He went on to say that Freedom of Press or Speech will never be interfered with and note this is now on Dail Record. On saying this, we will have to see in the coming weeks if words in the Dail mean anything, if civil unrest becomes a challenge and Muppet Murphy (Minister for no Houses) is still assigned to his portfolio. Hopefully Murphy will go back to male modelling in Brown Thomas.

    The report yesterday by the Policing Board is welcome but then again almost 20 years ago we had the Morris tribunal, we had families torn apart by thugs in uniform, McMahon and Supt Lennon, 10 Gardai were sacked but not one faced a criminal charge. The questions remain about Morris and the findings and at a cost of £40 million later. Do we ever learn? No because we are back again to the drawing board and this time there are more rogue Gardai than people could even begin to believe. The drug culture is endemic across village, town, and city, on this Island. It brings payouts to corrupt Gardai, it also brings many questions on how so many illegal drugs enter such a small country and how dealers can deal at free will in broad daylight along the Boardwalk and any street in Dublin city. The question is obvious – Who really is protecting them and we are back again to that dirty noun “Balaclavas” but this time you don’t see the rogue cops, you only hear whispers from the decent ones who have to go into work in the morning and try and get their shift over without becoming involved with these rogues or even worse being forced to take a bribe themselves under duress.

    Since the foundation of this State like the Catholic Church our Police were never questioned. Garda HQ ran the Force at free will and the Minister turned a blind eye and never bothered his Commissioner unless something major happened like a double murder some years ago. Yes, Malcolm McArthur who was staying in the house of the Attorney General of Ireland, Mr Connolly, who now lives in Florida on a fat pension. What has changed? Nothing. The question now is can the Foggy Dew Harris make an impact into the transition of bringing an Irish Police Force from the Stone Age into the 21st century and that also means dragging Flinstone Flanagan along with them. Everybody in this country is entitled to be protected by the Guardians of the Peace. All Irish citizens are entitled to be dealt with fairly and with dignity. This is not happening and the answer must come from a Government with a will and a purpose to make changes. Time will tell.



  7. The disbanding of GSOC could be a good first step toward accountability of the Gardaí and their leadership, or it could be another bureaucratic sleight of hand. To help achieve the better result, we need to remain aware of past failures to achieve accountability, especially the Morris Tribunal as mentioned in the last comment, now part of worldwide history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morris_Tribunal

    It’s a harsh and almost unbelievable story when told without the diplomatic language and excuses of our Irish media. I have a hard time convincing people abroad that these things were truly done by a police organisation. The waste of government resources and political attention diverted from other issues (like financial responsibility, so desperately needed in the time before the Crash) were arguably as grave as the lives and reputations ruined.

    If the “next GSOC” is going to achieve real accountability, then yes we need to re-learn the lessons of the Morris Tribunal… only this time insisting that our current government establishes a truly independent oversight body instead of condemning us to another decade of the same corruption. Please, let us read the fine print this time around….


  8. https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/courts/former-garda-commissioner-noirin-osullivan-wants-to-bring-defamation-action-against-newspaper-37333580.html


    A failed Commissioner, a fat pension, litany of cover ups, and now to sue the Examiner newspaper, Noirin O’Sullivan is back and the mind is wondering Why? The disgraced former Garda Commissioner is taking the Examiner, as the link states above, to the High Court. O’Sullivan was part of the problem just like her old boss, Martin Callinan, at the Charleton tribunal. The campaign against Sgt Gerry McCabe was malicious and wrong, and now the people of Ireland understand fully that this Garda and his family went through hell under a dark cloud for years with the claims that he was a Sexual Abuser. We now know that this was not just wrong; it was orchestrated from Garda HQ and nobody was made accountable and this is Ireland because the truth is that nobody will be made take responsibility.

    Flanagan stated during O’Sullivan’s reign of power that Women across Ireland should inspire and try and follow in Commissioner O’Sullivan’s footsteps. He went on to say she was a shining light for all those women trying to climb the ladder of success. Flanagan on hindsight now must feel right and utter Idiot and I believe it is time he stepped down from the Justice portfolio. He has no vision; he is completely one dimensional focus on law and order and he would love to censor the -people of Ireland and have the country run like a Police State. There are rumblings in his own party in relation to Flanagan but again I beg the question – Where is Lord Lucan Martin? Again I repeat where is the FF party? Where is the Opposition, they are nowhere and it is not rocket science? FG/FF have been in bed together now for three years and the FF backbenchers must be worried because they can’t wear two hats every day in the Dail. Democracy needs an opposition to keep the Government transparent and accountable but FF are part of the Government now with their cosy arrangement which means literally that Ireland is in a very dark place now and a Police State sadly is becoming more and more close than people can imagine. I can assure you I am not finished on this subject.


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