Has Ireland, the Republic, become a Dictatorship?

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… or is it a mere cosmetic democracy, disguised as a real one?

People around the world have been watching and have witnessed on the Irish news and media sources, the photographs of our Garda Siochána on North Frederick Street at around 7 pm last Tuesday evening.  A group of Irish citizens were protesting under the banner “Take Back Our City”.  The High Court granted an injunction to the landlords or probably the Vulture funds and they hired the private bailiffs wearing dark outfits and balaclavas.


This is 2018.  We have a country at present at war from within.  Let’s face the facts now as I outline some today.  Speaking to a film maker some weeks ago, he pointed out to me that the distribution of wealth in this country right now is so skewed, it will cause civil unrest in time.


Homelessness is an absolute disgrace.  We have had the boom times, EU funding and the FF era between 1998 and 2008 where people became millionaires overnight because their property ensured it was possible.  The Bertie Tent in Galway was the flavour of the Galway Races.  People queued outside and paid large sums of money to kiss the ring of the Godfather in the Tent!  Sitting beside him doing her nails was of course, Celia, aka Marlene Dietrich.  Bertie once said that anybody who does not believe that the Boom will not last for twenty years should go and commit suicide.  Well looking back now it looks so easy – all those millionaires went overseas and hid like rats underground for one year and were made bankrupt and free to return.  Let us not forget the cash they stashed in foreign shores.  FF are responsible and yet they never learn.


2018 and we have a hospital waiting list of 815,000 people; we have false figures of employment; we have still masses of young people leaving Ireland on a monthly basis and not just for abortions; we have a mental health service in tatters and yet we give millions to the like of Shari McDaid and other cohorts (Charities) who bluff the Irish taxpayers, under the disguise of research and seminars.  Homelessness is a major problem in the City of Dublin and beyond.  Children are treated like animals and yet Catherine Zappone is out for one thing only – Herself; her PR; Photos at Dublin Airport when Halala was returning from prison in Egypt.  It now turns out he or his family did not want her there yet she turned up like a spinster at a country wedding.

Ireland is in deep debt (check the National Debt Clock) yet nobody dares to bring the topic up.  Corruption and cronyism is in every village and town in Ireland.  Our public and civil service and our semi-states are embedded in corruption including our Co Councils.  The bankers who went into hiding after the Crash 10 years ago and who were bailed out by the Irish taxpayers are back again acting like the English aristocracy of old, harassing people on a daily basis.


Today I ask a question.  Define the word Democracy in Ireland at present?  Why are our Gardai wearing balaclavas like Thugs?  Why are they ashamed to show their faces to the public to whom they gave an oath to Serve and Protect?  Why are they ashamed to hide their faces from their families, their neighbours, and their own children?  Who gave the order that they wear illegal balaclavas in the course of their duties in a so called democratic country?  We know some members of the Gardai themselves are in debt for their homes especially if they invested in the buy to let market.   We also know that the Garda Credit Union is in debt for over £70 million.  When did our Gardai become a private army for landlords and vulture funds?  Today I also ask former RUC now Garda Commissioner, Drew Harris, why the balaclavas?  Commissioner Harris is only two weeks appointed to this job, sworn in in a private ceremony at Midnight, all under the radar and very scary.


People today across Ireland and beyond are scared.  I want to ask Taoiseach Leo and his Tanaiste Micheal Martin why are you turning this country into a semi-dictatorship?  You may ask why am I calling Martin Tanaiste; it is very simple, Martin and FF are responsible for keeping Leo and the clowns in Government and Martin must take full responsibility as being Leo’s lap dog and pet poodle.  Brian Cowen came out last week and attacked Varadkar on his policies in relation to Brexit and the homeless crisis.  Again I ask the question Is Corruption legal in Ireland?  People are being left behind in the so-called recovery that this Government keep talking about.  Can somebody explain or define the word for me Recovery?  We have a 130,000 children going to bed hungry each night in this country, we have parents skipping meals to make sure their children are fed.  We have people who are working, getting food from Brother Kevin in the City and yet nobody is willing to stand up and fight the corrupt establishment.  We need a moral audit across the length and breadth of Ireland but sadly APATHY surrounds us.  I do believe now that we are on the verge of civil unrest in this country and I also think the conduct of a our Gardai at North Frederick Street is a warning to all of us of things to come.


I will conclude by asking people today to take a good look at the photos above and give an opinion as to whether this is acceptable behaviour for a Police Force in a democratic European country.  People need to wake up now; the corruption and the cronyism is like a rash all over this country.  Take a look this week at the list of Tax Defaulters.  Again, Dublin 4, the so-called hub, who believe they are above any laws, are well detailed by Revenue.  Gangland is frowned upon and rightly so but make no mistake about it, the biggest gangster in this country are the ones in the suit, with the briefcase and the Merc.

Let us tackle the epidemic of the illegal drugs in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Waterford, Wexford and every town and village.  We have serious corruption in relation to the drug industry from within.  We have Gardai on the take, we have rogue Gardai drug dealing and yet there is no appetite to tackle the problem from within.  Our Police Force have gone through Scandal after Scandal and yet not one officer is before the courts.

Ask yourself tonight Why?  Do we have a small group of people who are the untouchables and don’t forget D4 and the so-called Posh members of high Society are the biggest buyers of illegal drugs on this Island.

Enough for now.



  1. Good image clips from the Irish Times eviction video. One thing that was nowhere near the camera or general action was the van the hooded mercenaries were using. I believe it is vital to read every word of this post since
    — the van was repainted and sanitised as part of the operation, exactly as one would when committing a planned crime
    — the van could not have been transported from a Manchester police scrap-heap without approval of someone in high authority and connected with the UK police, e.g. our new commissioner Drew Harris himself.


  2. This will keep happening with all the housing protests & occupations until something changes fundamentally in the Government. Next on the agenda will be breaking up Belevedere Place:
    I’d like to read the actual transcript of what the told they judge on Friday to get the injunction this time (as I would have the last one), to see if the eviction order calls for an untaxed, illegally procured vehicle from outside the Republic of Ireland to transport hooded mercenaries.

    Whatever may happen with Belvedere, this link should be a good indicator of when and where our support & eye-witnessing will be needed: #TakeBackTheCity

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  3. Having a look at today’s English Mail on Sunday sorry I mean Irish Mail on Sunday, Debbie McCann fulfilled her ego with front page headlines. Gardai in fear of their lives! So dramatic! But let us take a step back here, Debbie is the daughter of retired Supt John McCann, alleged named the “Kicker” many years ago based in Store Street station, before he climbed the ladder, which beggars belief, on hindsight. Back to Debbie: She claims the Garda wearing the balaclava in the middle was reported all over social media last night and this is not acceptable. We need to engage with common sense here. If a Garda wants attention and wants people, ordinary citizens, to be scared and others to be curious, all he has to do is wear a balaclava and common sense again will tell you, it awakens the people of this country. Now Debbie in relation to a decent honest Garda Sgt Gerry McCabe stood silent and said Nothing in front of Judge Charleton. I ask Debbie today does she feel embarrassed because other decent journalists, in their own little world, are embarrassed of their silence. One of her colleagues who had the guts to speak up at the Charleton was vilified and left the Mail on Sunday. Her sins was She Told the Truth, just like Sgt McCabe.

    McCann had her sources and the dogs in the street know they all come from Gardai and yet there is a law that states a Garda who leaks information may face five years in prison. Debbie however feels she is one of the untouchables in the world of Journalism today. Another journalist who told the truth was Anne Harris (former editor of the Sunday Independent) and she too was attacked and vilified and called ‘a bitter old wag’ by Sheahan. Anne Harris has no reason to feel embarrassed but others do. McCabe – he wore no balaclava. Why? Because he had nothing to hide but the Truth.

    McCann states that Gardai are entitled to wear “Hoods” – she refers to them as ski masks. I am asking if this is an official statement from Gardai HQ. Let us go to others. Former RUC but now Commissioner Drew Harris stated it was unacceptable to wear Hoods and he would be reviewing the matter. It is not the conduct becoming of any modern police service. The Taoiseach stated that Gardai were doing their job but it was unfortunate that balaclavas were worn and people, including myself, are disappointed. Debbie – these are the facts and I put it to you to go back and write the article again because whatever Garda source is feeding you, you are on the wrong diet, because journalists are supposed to write in the best interests of Law Abiding Citizens.

    The conduct of the Gardai at North Frederick Street was beyond appalling. It was a reminder of the B-Specials in the North of Ireland in the 1960’s and a reminder of the murdering gangs during the Troubles. It is a coincidence that two journalists were arrested some weeks ago, in Belfast for producing the documentary, “No Stone Unturned”. Drew Harris was a member of the RUC at the time of the Loughinnisland massacre of six innocent Catholics in the bar watching the World Cup. Maybe Drew could fill in the blanks for the family but they know now the facts and watching the documentary, it is Collusion that is the architect within agencies, that is responsible for people being murdered. The gunmen all wore balaclavas that night. I recommend all people with an interest in the Truth should watch “No Stone Unturned”.

    Our Gardai behaved like thugs. I am going through social media over the past few days and I read again and again young people stating the words that they are Scared. We believed that our Gardai are there to protect us but what we witnessed is that our Gardai stood defending unknown mercenaries in balaclavas and some of our police were wearing similar “Hoods”. I yearn for a police force that is upright and dignified but we all know the corruption in the Irish Police Force is entrenched since the foundation of the State. Take Back Our City and the people are here to stay and the Gardai should now start to respect that these people have a right to protest without being batoned, pepper sprayed or feeling scared. Today in the Sunday Independent, retired Supt Pat O’Brien, wrote a piece headed “Former RUC now Garda Commissioner Drew Harris should come clean on RUC murders during the Troubles. I don’t at the moment get the angle that O’Brien is coming from but to state it in print on the Sunday Independent must worry Minister Flanagan and the Government.

    All people have to do is look at the photographs and don’t feel Ashamed, let the Government and the Gardai themselves and the silence of Fianna Fail, feel ashamed. The van is another mystery – from Manchester, officially on police files, it does not exist, yet it parks on a Dublin street – I wonder if the Gardai investigate. Let me put your mind at ease:



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  4. I was wondering when the Housing Minister would say something about all this, and finally was quoted here today. If Eoghan Murphy is the wind-up toy of the Establishment, then they wound him up too much before this comment. Next time they will probably want to turn off his mechanical mouth…

    Housing minister Eoghan Murphy said he was “disgusted” by the threats, telling RTE:

    It is utterly wrong.

    We talked about this earlier in the week when the protests were happening, about the safety of the gardai – and that has to be paramount as they go about protecting the public.

    And I do hope that anyone involved in these protests, any political organisations or protesting organisations – while of course they have a right to protest – they distance themselves from this immediately.

    Because it’s completely wrong.


  5. And in case there is any doubt after reading the above, we’re taking steps day by day towards a police state here, in which there are one set of laws for the gardaí and another for the people:

    I don’t see Charlie Flanagan’s condemnation of the garda who filmed Dara Quigley which led to her suicide… only a baffling revelation that he was not going to be prosecuted, which might as well be a statement to the contrary:

    So: Flanagan thinks the gardaí have to be treated with sensitivity as they hurt others, while working outside the law itself, but measures taken to identify the ones accountable will be illegal? The hypocrisy is stunning but I am proud to say my camera will be flying every time I see the gardaí knocking people around, whether this Nazi wet-dream law gets passed or not.

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  6. Yesterday at Leader’s questions, Charlie Flanagan also known as Minister Fred Flinstone (Stone age mindset) sat in the Dail like a Draper’s Dummy. Flanagan, the previous day, came out with the dreaded words “I will stop the photographs been taken of Gardai doing their job, I will stop people from interfering with Gardai when they are on duty and I will stop the use of apps and the rest”. Well now Flinstone Flanagan – yesterday you got your answer from Big Daddy Leo. He said without hesitation, that the people of Ireland will not be censored. He went on to say that Freedom of Press or Speech will never be interfered with and note this is now on Dail Record. On saying this, we will have to see in the coming weeks if words in the Dail mean anything, if civil unrest becomes a challenge and Muppet Murphy (Minister for no Houses) is still assigned to his portfolio. Hopefully Murphy will go back to male modelling in Brown Thomas.

    The report yesterday by the Policing Board is welcome but then again almost 20 years ago we had the Morris tribunal, we had families torn apart by thugs in uniform, McMahon and Supt Lennon, 10 Gardai were sacked but not one faced a criminal charge. The questions remain about Morris and the findings and at a cost of £40 million later. Do we ever learn? No because we are back again to the drawing board and this time there are more rogue Gardai than people could even begin to believe. The drug culture is endemic across village, town, and city, on this Island. It brings payouts to corrupt Gardai, it also brings many questions on how so many illegal drugs enter such a small country and how dealers can deal at free will in broad daylight along the Boardwalk and any street in Dublin city. The question is obvious – Who really is protecting them and we are back again to that dirty noun “Balaclavas” but this time you don’t see the rogue cops, you only hear whispers from the decent ones who have to go into work in the morning and try and get their shift over without becoming involved with these rogues or even worse being forced to take a bribe themselves under duress.

    Since the foundation of this State like the Catholic Church our Police were never questioned. Garda HQ ran the Force at free will and the Minister turned a blind eye and never bothered his Commissioner unless something major happened like a double murder some years ago. Yes, Malcolm McArthur who was staying in the house of the Attorney General of Ireland, Mr Connolly, who now lives in Florida on a fat pension. What has changed? Nothing. The question now is can the Foggy Dew Harris make an impact into the transition of bringing an Irish Police Force from the Stone Age into the 21st century and that also means dragging Flinstone Flanagan along with them. Everybody in this country is entitled to be protected by the Guardians of the Peace. All Irish citizens are entitled to be dealt with fairly and with dignity. This is not happening and the answer must come from a Government with a will and a purpose to make changes. Time will tell.



  7. The disbanding of GSOC could be a good first step toward accountability of the Gardaí and their leadership, or it could be another bureaucratic sleight of hand. To help achieve the better result, we need to remain aware of past failures to achieve accountability, especially the Morris Tribunal as mentioned in the last comment, now part of worldwide history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morris_Tribunal

    It’s a harsh and almost unbelievable story when told without the diplomatic language and excuses of our Irish media. I have a hard time convincing people abroad that these things were truly done by a police organisation. The waste of government resources and political attention diverted from other issues (like financial responsibility, so desperately needed in the time before the Crash) were arguably as grave as the lives and reputations ruined.

    If the “next GSOC” is going to achieve real accountability, then yes we need to re-learn the lessons of the Morris Tribunal… only this time insisting that our current government establishes a truly independent oversight body instead of condemning us to another decade of the same corruption. Please, let us read the fine print this time around….


  8. https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/courts/former-garda-commissioner-noirin-osullivan-wants-to-bring-defamation-action-against-newspaper-37333580.html


    A failed Commissioner, a fat pension, litany of cover ups, and now to sue the Examiner newspaper, Noirin O’Sullivan is back and the mind is wondering Why? The disgraced former Garda Commissioner is taking the Examiner, as the link states above, to the High Court. O’Sullivan was part of the problem just like her old boss, Martin Callinan, at the Charleton tribunal. The campaign against Sgt Gerry McCabe was malicious and wrong, and now the people of Ireland understand fully that this Garda and his family went through hell under a dark cloud for years with the claims that he was a Sexual Abuser. We now know that this was not just wrong; it was orchestrated from Garda HQ and nobody was made accountable and this is Ireland because the truth is that nobody will be made take responsibility.

    Flanagan stated during O’Sullivan’s reign of power that Women across Ireland should inspire and try and follow in Commissioner O’Sullivan’s footsteps. He went on to say she was a shining light for all those women trying to climb the ladder of success. Flanagan on hindsight now must feel right and utter Idiot and I believe it is time he stepped down from the Justice portfolio. He has no vision; he is completely one dimensional focus on law and order and he would love to censor the -people of Ireland and have the country run like a Police State. There are rumblings in his own party in relation to Flanagan but again I beg the question – Where is Lord Lucan Martin? Again I repeat where is the FF party? Where is the Opposition, they are nowhere and it is not rocket science? FG/FF have been in bed together now for three years and the FF backbenchers must be worried because they can’t wear two hats every day in the Dail. Democracy needs an opposition to keep the Government transparent and accountable but FF are part of the Government now with their cosy arrangement which means literally that Ireland is in a very dark place now and a Police State sadly is becoming more and more close than people can imagine. I can assure you I am not finished on this subject.


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  9. https://www.irishmirror.ie/news/irish-news/roscommon-eviction-falsk-strokestown-kbc-13742736?utm_source=irish_mirror_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=EM_IrishMirror_Nletter_DailyNews_News_largeteaser_Text_Story1&utm_campaign=daily_newsletter

    Falsk Strokestown Co Roscommon.

    I am sure today that many people reading this will have watched the film Black 47 (Famine Ireland) and as history tells us Strokestown was one area in particular that suffered massive deaths and emigration of thousands who starved on their journey. The evictions and the bailiffs showed no Mercy. The Wrecking Ball demolished their homes. Yes, Black 47 sadly is a very appropriate name for one of the darkest periods in Irish history. It is quite unique at that same period, the North was not as affected as the rest of Ireland; probably one reason was that of Liz the First and the Plantation.

    But now the Red Coat Bailiffs are back, but this time not on horseback but in large jeeps with threatening dogs and all the tools of the trade to assault people, demean people, show no Mercy, and here is one for the books:- and this one is for Micheal Martin, the Tanaiste! of this present Government – they all had English accents and it is alleged that some of these bailiffs had Loyalist connection. The family were terrorised, on Christmas week on behalf of KBC ie Kleinwort Benson ? bank, and the private army of bailiffs had free reign in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Ireland. FF created the 2008 Bust. The economy failed, the people bailed the banks out, Kenny is off with his fat pensions and so are Bertie and Biffo and the rest of those clowns. I repeat Fat Pensions. The Banking Inquiry was the greatest shambles of the last hundred years. It was set up so that only a handful of mediocre bankers got a couple of years each in the banking delinquent nursing home called Loughlan House (Open Prison).

    Now we have Irish citizens being dragged by the hair and thrown like garbage on the side of the road in the cold and rain while the Gardai and their boss RUC man Drew Harris look on. Something is not right here, legally but more important morally. The Peter Pan of Irish journalism Williams, wrote his usual bullshit today in the Independent but no half decent journalist gives him a second glance. RTE are slowly copping on that the Peter Pan is nothing but an idiot who wrote the same book 6 times on crime just changing the title. This in Roscommon should not have happened. It should have been handled with respect for the people who owned the home and the land. One of these brothers gave a full 30 years as a serving Garda in Longford town. This alone should send shock waves through the ordinary Gardai who will be caught out in the Buy-to-Let and more repossessions in the New Year.

    Who are these men who came onto this farm on behalf of KBC and do the Gardai in Strokestown have their details? Is it not a legal duty for any bank to give notice that they are coming on a peaceful platform, to enter dialogue, when trying to gain possession of an indebted property? I ask why the heavy handed approach upon these ordinary and elderly people? Why the assaults? Why did our Gardai look on and do nothing? Watching a scene on youtube, one of these bailiffs turned around and shouted “I am proud to be a Brit” and this is pre Brexit. At the moment Ireland is not the land of Equality; it is a two tier Island where the entitled rule on their estates (wealth and assets) and the mass of people who get up early in the morning and go to work find it hard to remain above the poverty line.

    Strokestown should never have happened. FF should put the plug now and show the people of Ireland that they have the balls to make changes, to take on the Vulture Funds, to re-train our Gardai not to attack our citizens but to protect them. Jim O’Callaghan today on radio gave his usual Cambridge lecture on being passive in the face of thuggery and men who wear balaclavas. It is easy for Jim who sits on the fence and gives his commentary. People need to re-group and they need to bang doors of their local politicians and ask some hard questions. Next year will be a far darker period in this country because the Vulture Funds are not even in second gear yet and FF and Martin are right behind Leo and the bailiffs.



  10. Board of Directors
    KBC Bank
    John Malone
    John Malone
    Non Executive Director

    John Malone was appointed as a Non Executive Director of KBC Bank Ireland in October 2009. Mr. Malone joined the Public Service as an Executive with the Department of Agriculture in 1969. He held many senior roles within the Department of Agriculture culminating in his appointment in 1997 as Secretary General of the Department of Agriculture and Food. Mr. Malone retired from the Public Service in 2005. Mr. Malone has carried out a number of assignments in the public and private sector. He is Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Comptroller and Auditor General’s Office and Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Department of the Taoiseach (Irish Prime Minister). He is also Chairman of the Irish Equine Foundation Ltd and a member of the Board of Dairygold Co-operative Society. Mr. Malone holds a BA in Politics and Economics from University College Dublin (1974). Mr. Malone is Chairman of the Audit Committee and a member of the Risk Committee.

    Malone has many pensions and is on Chairmanships and State boards and also works for the Department of Varadkar and the clowns in this Government supported by the FF lackeys and the Tanaiste Micheal Martin. People should by now start asking if FF have some representatives at the Cabinet table because they are certainly in coalition with the other clowns that sit there once a week. Now (the Siege outside Strokestown and the Return of the Red Coats) could have been handled a lot better especially over the Christmas period. I can’t understand how Malone and other mini brain cells could not have asked the Mercenaries who came across the border!? to behave with a level of common decency towards the people of Ireland. We are going to have dark times in 2019 and people should be aware now that the Vulture Funds as I write this are hiring ex Army veterans from across Europe and other mercenaries between England and Scotland. These mercenaries will be here just like the Red Coats during the Famine to break in doors, assault people, throw people out of their homes, and their farms, while out Police Force are told by Drew Harris to just politely watch on. It is ironic to say the least that when people react to protect their homes, they are called Law Breakers by Charlie Flinsone Flanagan yet the Mercenaries have free reign. Let us not forget Frederick Street and the balaclavas recently and also our own Irish police among them wearing balaclavas and carrying batons, (graphite) – all this to put down or may I say put the Paddy in his coral. The film Black 47 was dark and hard to watch but let me sadly state that 2019 will be hard to watch and hard to live through for the thousands of people who are in arrears to these Vultures or let me call them another name Ruthless Headless Bankers who were there for profit and gain and to implement as much pain as possible on the vulnerable in this country.



  11. Strokestown- Landlord Party Supports Eviction

    Press Release – People Before Profit – 19th Dec 2018

    The Irish political establishment are rallying behind the KBC bank’s eviction of a family in Strokestown. They are shocked by the level of public support for the family and are trying to divert attention from the central issue.

    Last Tuesday week, a private security company engaged in a violent attack on elderly people who were ordered to leave their house.

    They punched, kicked and pulled people by the ears yet nothing was done to stop them. Instead the Gardai closed off a road to facilitate the eviction.


    The security firm involved is GS Agencies and it is run by an ex British soldier who served with the Ulster Defence Regiment. He has been named by the Irish Mirror as Ian Gordon.

    No condemnation of their actions was issued by the Irish establishment. RTE never reported on the incident. The Irish Independent did not express shock and outrage about what happened.

    Yet after the burning of vehicles and a retaliation attack, the full force of the state propaganda machine has been deployed to demonise the family involved.

    Every day brings a litany of leaks about their unpaid taxes; their debts and their failure to adhere to instructions from a local sheriff.

    Yet while the details of their lives are spread across the media, there is a silence about the KBC bank.

    No detail has emerged about how they sold off the debt to Cabot Financial Ireland, a US vulture fund. We have not been told how much of a discount was given for the hand-over. We certainly won’t be told how much tax Cabot will pay on the profits made.

    The reason is that the Irish establishment want to step up the number of evictions. For many years a legal loophole prevented them from moving quickly, but they subsequently changed the law to increase the pace of evictions.

    To carry out that programme, they will need to rely on private security thugs to so that they can maintain a fiction that Gardai do not involve themselves in ‘civil matters’.

    Just last week Solidarity People Before Profit brought a bill to the Dail to prevent unnecessary evictions.

    Fine Gael tried to vote it down – which is hardly surprising because one in three of their TDs are landlords.


  12. Look up the latest Eviction in Ballbiggan this week, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxhtdQDKfv8&feature=youtu.be 2019 will be the year of the Land wars in Ireland, Black 47.

    By irishmirror.ie

    06:00, 18 DEC 2018Updated11:42, 19 DEC 2018

    Ian Gordon at a previous eviction in Northern Ireland
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    This is the man whose private security firm caused uproar by kicking three siblings out of their family home.

    Ian Gordon is an ex-British soldier who served with the Royal Irish Regiment and the Ulster Defence Regiment.

    He subsidises his military pension with work as the boss of his firm GS Agencies.

    He was filmed at the home of a family his firm was sub-contracted to evict by a finance company.

    The 49-year-old debt collector, from outside Lisburn, Co Antrim, contacted former colleagues a month ago urging them to travel to the Republic with a “name your price” offer.
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    Roscommon eviction siblings return home ‘traumatised and suicidal’ as supporters create ‘ring of steel’ around family house

    But the job turned violent, leaving a number of people injured, vans burnt out and one dog dead.

    One former colleague said: “Gordon phoned me a month ago after I hadn’t spoken to him in well over a year.

    “He told me about the job in Roscommon and basically asked me to name my price. I told him where to go.
    Security vehicles at Ian Gordon’s home in Co Antrim
    Read More

    Roscommon eviction siblings return home ‘traumatised and suicidal’ as supporters create ‘ring of steel’ around family house

    “On a Dublin job some years ago we got big money but it wasn’t worth it.

    “He tried to employ legitimate security experts and ex-soldiers who knew what they were at.

    “But he messed us up, refused to pay us properly and then came back snivelling for us to work for him again, despite still owing us money.
    Click to play
    Varadkar tells Doherty it doesn’t take long for ‘Balaclava to slip’ in heated debate over Roscommon evictions

    “When he did pay us, it was cash-in-hand. The riskier the job, the higher he offered but we were never told of the risks. I was offered £250 a day.

    “But none of us is up for it now. He seems to get all the last-minute jobs or those no one else wants to touch.

    “He’s a joke in the security industry and he’s scraping the barrel with some of the people he’s relying on.

    “You can see clearly from the way they conducted themselves that they went in hard and heavy, threatening and forceful.
    Click to play
    Eviction protested in Roscommon

    Read More

    Security guards involved in Roscommon eviction to be interviewed by gardai

    “They had absolutely no sense and look what happened. It was chaos and dangerous.

    “If we had been involved, if my former colleagues had done that job it would have been done efficiently and with compassion for those involved.

    “I just hope no one who legitimately wants to get into the security industry has got tied up with him.

    “If they had, their reputation will be in tatters.


  13. Foggy Dew Harris drops the Mask, how? why? was this man with so much baggage of RUC history given the role of Garda Commissioner in the Republic?

    Since Drew Harris was appointed in darkness in Pearse Street or Store Street as Garda Commissioner last year, he has been quietly going about his business and stamping his name on every public relations exercise that even Terry the Prune finds it hard to catch up with him. We have had the evictions, the heavy handedness of ex British soldiers at Strokestown on Christmas week yet not a single statement from RUC Harris. We have had shootings, murders, not forgetting on the ongoing gangland feud in the inner city and yet not a statement from Harris. He sits in his Ivory Tower at Garda HQ but don’t underestimate the man who swore the 2 Oaths of Allegiance to the two Queens!!!! The Queen of England, and Leo the Lioness, the Drag Queen of Ireland!!!! This in itself makes Harris totally compromised.

    In the last 48 hours one of Ireland’s top Garda, AC Commissioner Fintan Fanning has been suspended from all duties and sent home by the Foggy Dew Harris. The PR Harris spin at Garda HQ are not disclosing much at present and Flanagan still Minister for Justice is lying low and believe me I have said this again and again and I will state it now Flanagan is too shallow and not fit for the role as Justice Minister. Sources coming in over the last couple of days say it loud and clear: Fanning is the real Deal with no blemish on his character and with 38 years service and on the shortlist a couple of years ago to succeed the wee Noirin; something smells very rotten within our Police Force at present. Our newspapers are also literally gone underground and maybe it is because Fanning is going directly to the High Court on Monday. This time Harris may have acted too quickly and the backlash could be severe. Many members of the Gardai do not want to work under Harris, this is well known in certain circles. Also, Harris is classed not just as an outsider but as a major critic of the Government of the Republic and its Police Force for years – just ask the Gardai in Dundalk about this and what he said about them some years ago in relation to the murders of the two RUC colleagues of his (Buchanan and Harry Breen). Harris at the time accused the Gardai of Collusion and that also included the Irish Government and the Minister for Justice at that time.

    Now Harris is the Garda Commissioner and people are asking the same question over and over – how did he get this job? Would all the panel at the time, full of experienced officers with no offending baggage, could it be that Harris got the nod. There must be an undercurrent here. Just go back to the way he was installed as Commissioner at the stroke of midnight in total darkness. Some sources say that during his inauguration Flanagan and a few of the faithful were holding candles in a store room at a city Station – it was like a meeting of the occult. Maybe you could reword this as a meeting of the Old Orange Lodge all coming together in Unity for Queen and Country.

    Do we live at the moment in a Democracy? Do we have Freedom of Speech? Well the High Court on Monday will have all the details on why Harris expelled Fintan Fanning. We cannot say much more, for legal reasons, at this point. In the last three years we have gone through Minister Shatter who resigned; Minister Fitzgerald who resigned; Garda Commissioner Callinan, the carpark merchant, who resigned; and now Leo is doing a reshuffle and Flanagan could be on the way out. I will go one further, before they put the Customs and Excise back on the Border, Harris could be back across that border trying to get re-instated into the uniform of Queen Elizabeth and her loyal servants. We shall wait until Monday to see the developments in the High Court.

    To be continued with deep interest



  14. Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


    A Bailiff involved in the heavy handed and cruel eviction that ended in extreme violence in Roscommon some weeks ago has appeared in a Co Derry court on Fraud charges. Former British soldier Alistair Lennox faces 10 separate charges after failing to tell the Social Security agency (SSA) that he was working as a “Hired Heavy”.

    Lennox is also accused of failing to declare the full details of his income by failing to declare his “Carer’s Allowance”. All of the allegations relate to dates between January 2014 to June 2016. The case involving Lennox from Castlerock, Co Derry, was due to be heard before a Deputy District Judge at Coleraine Magistrate’s Court last Friday. However a lawyer acting on behalf of Lennox asked for an adjournment. Lennox who describes himself as a self employed security consultant on Linkedin is also accused of five separate counts of failing to declare a change in his circumstances while claiming housing benefit and rates relief. The court documents revealed that the former para did dishonestly fail to promptly notify the Northern Ireland Housing Executive of his exact income which he knew would affect his entitlement to benefit and other hand-outs.

    These revelations come just weeks after Lennox crossed the BORDER to do battle with vulnerable elderly Irish citizens, on their own land, and in their own little home. He was hired by Ulster Security boss, Ian Gordon, whose Armagh based security firm seized the property in Roscommon on behalf of KBC bank. This is the calibre of the low-life scum who are not vetted and are hired by these Vulture funds with free rein and a full license to enter peoples’ homes in the South of Ireland, and have sanction to beat them up ie to drag them out of their homes and leave them on the side of the road. THIS WOULD REMIND YOU OF THE FAMINE YEARS AND THE FILM BLACK 47. I am asking every TD today in every town and county in this country to get behind Mattie McGrath and others and stop this brutality once and for all.

    We brought down Drew Harris ex RUC and gave him the Garda Commissioner’s cap. Here is a question now and this is directly for Flinstone Flanagan and the rest of the Muppets in the Cosy Deal: Could you imagine a Paddy Garda crossing the Border and becoming Chief Constable of Ulster on behalf of the Queen. I will give you a very simple answer. Not a fucking Hope!!!!



  15. Calling Fianna Fail Please Come In: Calling FF please come in! Sorry I forgot Martin and the Cosy Deal and his diehards, Dooley, Collins, O’Dea, Cowen, Kelliher (I have doubts about now), McGrath is hiding under a rock somewhere, and the remainder of FF including Dara, the former Bank of Ireland bank teller are totally irrelevant. So who is left? Ms Chambers, well she could look for a new job, probably the Rose of Newport or Mooncoin.

    A country needs a strong opposition. Ireland right now is in a very dangerous place. We don’t have an opposition. WE HAVE A COSY DEAL AND THIS DEAL IS LITERALLY THE BIGGEST JOKE IN THE COUNTRY. How can Micheal Martin stand in the Dail and try and tell the people of Ireland, he is keeping Leo and his band of merry men in tights, on their toes. I am sorry Micheal but not even Paschal Donohoe’s parrot swallows this one. Why? Because it is absolutely and utterly Corkonian bullshit. Yesterday’s poll, if one believes in them, is giving a stark warning that FF are losing their identity and more importantly they are quickly losing any ounce of credibility that was left over after the towering inferno of the 2011 election. I don’t understand Martin’s state of mind right now but I do for sure have a good insight into a country that is a sitting duck in relation to the fall-out from Brexit and the price that this economy will pay on a Hard Border. Leo lost the run of his Boxers at Davos last week when he said “15,000 English troops will be on the border; shots will be fired”. As one so-called political expert said, Varadkar is feeling the heat now, the bluff is over and he could be on the verge of a breakdown along with the Muppets Harris, and former male model Murphy, Minister for Prada and Designers. The backbenchers in FF and it is overdue are starting to talk in groups in various pubs and private clubs across the City and beyond,. What I am trying to say is Martin could be on the way out but then the problem is who is on the way in?

    Let us take a small review of Ireland right now.

    Drug Crime: This is out of control

    Assaults and Murders are on the increase

    Garda scandals continue and will do so for years to come

    A local business had to move out near Christchurch Cathedral last week because of the drug culture and threats to its staff. Simple Question: Where are the Gardai? Let me tell you where? They are at war from within.

    In the last 6 months raids have taken place in various parts of the Island. Offices of legal firms, accountants, car dealers, and others, have been searched by the CAB and the simple reason is that the concern is about laundering money for the mobs.

    Sexual abuse is not just about 80 years ago or 60 or 40, it is happening as I write this. One in three court cases at present in our circuit court and central criminal court is about child sexual abuse, rape and sadly paedophilia. As a country now, in a Moral Graph: We need to ask where are we now as a country, and where is society going because there certainly is a breakdown between the Government of the day and the people? We have Brother Francis feeding our poor every morning and every day. But now we have a new core, these people are sadly known as the in work but impoverished people. They are just surviving on a day to day basis and that means keeping the Vulture Funds away from their doorbell. Again, I ask where is the opposition party FF. Again, I repeat the famous Cosy Deal that is turning into a very bitter fruit. People are starting to ask questions and people deserve answers but our politicians are nowhere to be seen unless there is 20 jobs going in some part of Dublin, Limerick or Cork. When job losses are announced, you won’t see a TD for a hundred miles and believe me Brexit will cause havoc in this economy.

    I will close today simply by saying: Stephen Donnelly FF (or let me say a late arrival in FF) is famous for soundbites; he was on radio and TV last week ranting on about the cost of the new Children’s hospital at St James and about how it has become the most expensive hospital in the world. A few years ago, Leo the ego, stated the cost would be around £480 million but now as usual the cowboys have arrived and the wink and nod brigade and now the news is that it will cost £1.6 billion. What sort of Clowns are running this country? If we can’t get a grip on a Children’s hospital, how the fuck are we going to handle the fall-out from Brexit? So, have a good read of Eoghan Harris article yesterday in O’Brien’s paper. It is not often I agree with Eoghan but on this line he is right. Leo, if anything goes wrong, in the next couple of months will shaft Martin and his merry men and will use them as a dart board in a blame game. My advice now is to have the balls now to get out of the cosy deal or stay in but at least do the right thing and form a coalition with the Blue Shirts and then Leo and Micheal can be a double act. The first country to have 2 Taoiseachs on a shift basis day and night or may I say Shifty.
    Enough said. Before I go: there was some gathering a short time ago in Dublin among the so called elite shitsters and could someone please tell me what eejit paid David Davis £24,000 for speaking for 30 minutes concerning Brexit when the same man ran like a scared rabbit when the pressure got too much.



  16. The above Video is a Must to everyone, who values their Democracy and Freedom to Protest in this country, It contains some shocking scenes of Garda Brutality against the Irish people. Again I ask are we living in a Dictatorship? People have no idea the level of Corruption from the top to Bottom that is destroying the heart of this little country.
    We need to Awaken, and stand together against Garda Thugs, R


  17. To complete the last comment!

    We need to awaken against Garda thugs, rogue bankers, rogue solicitors, money laundering through legal businesses and the rest. I ask people today to have a look at the video in the comment above and you will realise we are living in uncertain times, in what appears to be a Toxic Corrupt little Country with a Government that appears to endorse it. Just watch this video and expand your vision.



  18. To read Michael Clifford’s article below and having a conversation with a whistleblower from within the walls of Irish prisons myself, I don’t find the article unique. We live now in a country where rogue operators, let me put this a different way, Government agencies are hiring contractors, PI’s, ex British Intelligence and other agencies to tap phones here, track private cars of Irish citizens, not just prison staff, and if required with no court authority they can tap literally who they like. We all know, even when we were very young, the late Sean Doherty fiasco and the phone tapping of Geraldine Kennedy and Bruce Arnold, Irish Times, at least then Doherty and the Commissioner got the high jump. Now, we proclaim we don’t have a GUBU state, but people that are keen to clean things up know a lot different. At the moment, Irish prisons are in total chaos. Gangland rules. Staff are threatened and prisoners in for petty offences are bullied and their families are bullied to sneak in illegal drugs. The State has lost control and the Governors are playing second fiddle behind the walls. This is a scandal that will break soon and Charlie Flanagan should not seek advice from John the Bluffer Lonergan; he should get advice from former Governors who never received the respect they deserved. Montrose made Lonergan the Golden Boy and before that Michael Noonan created him into a little egotistic bully.
    Now – he is an honorary member of the Irish Penal Reform Trust, another quango, where not one of the staff of my opinion saw the inside of a squad car or for that matter a prison cell.

    We need to clean up the toxic corruption in this country. Somebody authorised these tracker devices and somebody paid the private investigators. Now can a PAC Committee investigate this urgently because if Gardai get involved it will be a complete and utter cover up. The question has to be asked DO WE LIVE IN A BANANA REPUBLIC DICTATORSHIP? THE ANSWER IS YES.



    Article by |Michael Clifford
    The Irish Prison Service (IPS) paid nearly €20,000 to two private investigation firms, it has emerged, as an investigation continues into claims that officers were tracked and monitored during covert surveillance on the country’s prisons.

    The IPS has confirmed two private investigation firms were employed by the service in 2011 and 2012. Both companies were employed by the Operational Support Group of the prison service, which oversees security.

    The records show one firm was paid €18,228 over the two years, while a second received €10,774 in 2011.
    Aidan O’Driscoll

    In a letter to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), secretary general of the Department of Justice Aidan O’Driscoll said he was not in a position to confirm whether this money was for covert surveillance.

    “It is not possible from the information available to determine if these payments relate to the surveillance of prison staff,” Mr O’Driscoll said.

    “However, a copy of the invoices concerned have been forwarded to the Inspector of Prisons as part of her ongoing investigation.”

    In an explosive affidavit in November, whistleblower assistant chief officer David McDonald made a series of claims including:

    Tracking devices were placed on several prison service vehicles and in the private cars of prison officers;
    The drivers of the prison vehicles, and the prison officers whose private cars were tracked, were unaware of the surveillance;
    Some of these devices remained in place over a long period and intelligence gathered was passed to gardaí;
    Listening devices were put in the visitor area of one prison to gather information. In some instances, these devices were in place when prisoners had conversations with their solicitors;
    Personnel from the private detective agency were provided with false identities to enter the prison and install covert surveillance cameras. The images from the cameras were beamed to another location despite obvious security concerns about such images falling into the hands of criminals.

    Following the publication of the allegations in the Irish Examiner, Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan appointed the inspector of prisons, Patricia Gilheaney, to conduct a preliminary investigation.

    Mr O’Driscoll wrote to the PAC yesterday: “The Irish Prison Service has no information to suggest that any authorised covert surveillance of a prison officer has been undertaken by the Irish Prison Service or on its behalf during the last five years.”

    It is unclear from the letter how exactly “authorised” covert surveillance could be carried out by the IPS.

    Mr McDonald’s claims about covert surveillance date from more than five years ago, although some of his claims of malpractice date are more recent.
    READ MORE: Prison service facing up to claims of covert surveillance

    The inquiry will have to examine a number of strands to the claims, including whether, if covert surveillance was carried out, is it possible that it was done so legally?

    PAC member and Fianna Fáil TD Marc McSharry said he was concerned bosses at the IPS did not know what was going in prisons.

    “I have information that l have to get legal advice on that will contradict some of the stuff we have here,” said Mr McSharry.

    “Some of the stuff just doesn’t stand up and we will have to revisit it and I have a concern that Longford [IPS headquarters] doesn’t know what’s going on in some prisons.

    We’re not sure that money spent on surveillance was of staff, it’s just not credible. Expenditure is supposed to be OK-ed by director of operations of the prison service and why would he or she OK something that they didn’t know what it was for.

    Ms Gilheaney is conducting the probe under the 2007 Prisons Act. The Irish Examiner understands that, during one recent interview, the interviewee had to be excused due to ill health.

    Another former prison officer has declined, on legal advice, to be interviewed.

    Ms Gilheaney is expected to report back to the minister by the end of the month.


  19. Would someone in Opposition have these figures Questioned, we have learned in the past, Garda HQ has a problem with Fake news and the million Fake Breath Tests?

    There have been more than 9,000 arrests and almost 11,000 charges made since Operation Thor was set up to tackle rural burglaries.

    Commending the gardaí for their “tireless work” in combatting residential, business and farm thefts, Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan said Operation Thor has proved “very effective” in tackling crime across the country.

    Gardaí have made 9,290 arrests, covering a range of offences which, in addition to burglary, include handling stolen property, possession of firearms and drugs offences between November 2015 and January of this year.

    Figures released to Social Democrat TD Catherine Murphy show that there have also been 10,662 charges and 34,720 searches carried out. A total of 273,355 Operation Thor patrols have taken place and 177,488 checkpoints set up.

    The most recent CSO crime statistics published for the third quarter of 2018 indicate that burglary, theft-related offences and damage to property incidents were down 6.4% in a 12-month period.

    “It is also worth noting that while the full year figures for 2018 are due to be published by the CSO in the near future, incidents of burglary and related offences went from 26,301 at the end of 2015 to 19,119 in 2017, a decrease of 27%. This decrease coincided with the introduction of Operation Thor,” a spokesperson for the Department of Justice said.

    Mr Flanagan believes Operation Thor has had a positive impact on the number of burglaries and other crimes committed here with the spokesperson saying the Minister wanted to commend gardaí for their tireless work in contributing to the operation’s success.

    Gardaí are this year continuing to organise targeted days of action aimed at preventing crime, disrupting criminal activity and enhancing community engagement.

    Officers arrested 29 people in Cork on February 20 as part of the Operation Thor day of action there. There was €12,600 worth of suspected cannabis herb, cannabis resin, ecstasy and heroin seized on the day.

    Between February 11 and 13 a total of 30 people were arrested as part of Operation Thor’s ‘Project Storm’ in Co Kilkenny.

    Gardaí arrested 12 people as part of another crackdown in Tralee, Co Kerry earlier this month.

    The operation was part of an investigation into a spate of recent break-ins and public order incidents as well as drug offences in the area.


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