Corrupt Cops Brought to Justice by Tesco and Head of Cabbage

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This case actually happened in an Irish Court of Law exactly as stated below with some names changed.  I was the observer, taking notes. KT being in the dock, stood accused and his perspective is essential…

As I stood in the Dock looking around the court room, I could not but notice Garda Brunt’s eyes staring at me. Deep. It reminded me, in some way, of a hatred I could not explain. I knew it was personal. He had this suave appearance and I could see the other Gardai from Donnybrook, Dublin 4, two in particular who came (even on their day off) and who were smiling – they really thought I was going to be convicted of a charge that practically did not even exist.

The flying squad investigate the cabbage case at Tesco

As I sat there, going through my mind, were all the letters I had written to the Supt Wheatley and the fact that there were no replies. I remember one letter I wrote, which I will come back to shortly. Judge Brian Smyth began and asked the State solicitor Hamilton to outline his case against me. Hamilton stated ‘Harassment, name calling, and unsociable behaviour.’ There were other comments which I can’t recall at this time. The CCTV of the Tesco Ireland security system which was organised by Mr Tom Dowling, the person who made the complaint against me.

Hamilton called up Dowling and he asked him – can you recognise the person in the court who harassed you. I could not believe what came out of Dowling’s mouth. He pointed his finger at me ‘That big thick ignorant fucker across there’ Judge Brian Smyth stopped him and said ‘you will not speak like that in this court’. Dowling continued to rant ‘this man would come into the shop in Tesco and call me names like FBI agent, brain box and scumbag’. Michael Hanohoe stopped him in cross-examination and asked him to please show him the page in the Book of Evidence where he stated the word ‘Scumbag’”. Dowling had no answer. I knew then the case was over.

The circus continued for another 40 minutes. Two more individuals came up and made comments that baffled the word confusion. One of them a non national said on the day in question he had an ear infection and could not hear anything. I could see the frustration in Judge Brian Smyth’s face. At this stage the court was packed between solicitors in between cases, some barristers and not forgetting at least 20 Gardai. At one stage, when a Tesco employee stated he ie me held in his hand a head of cabbage, the court erupted into laughter. I saw one barrister bent in pain trying to keep the laughter in. The entire court at this stage knew it was a total stitch up and this was not the first time. Also during the cross-examination there were words used like ‘Cabbage, Turnip, Brain Box and Cauliflower’. It was like the song ‘Bring in the Clowns’.


Hamilton stood up and kept on pleading with the Judge. He kept saying there is a case to answer here. The Judge replied. Just look at the video, the man in the dock is simply going about his business shopping. I don’t see one shred of evidence of any harassment here. But the most important words I heard and then and maybe I will never hear again from Judge Smyth “Mr Hamilton, if I was to charge this man today with an offence of any type, I would have to change the entire book of Irish Criminal Law”. I deem both cases dismissed. You are free to go, he said to me. There were screams of laughter in the court. Brunt (Garda) stood stunned. I can’t to this day figure out how he is still working as a detective in Irishtown. It was a blatant pre meditated planned stitch up that backfired. Yet, nobody is held responsible. One more point I would like to make. Almost one year later I was falsely arrested again – and yet again it was another stitch up.

heavy cops arrest Grover

Before I left the dock my mind went back to all the letters I sent to Supt Wheatley in Donnybrook which could have avoided this circus and a massive waste of taxpayers money. As I was leaving the court with my partner and my friends, Brunt quietly said ‘I will have my fucking day’. I turned and said nothing and my mind just said – a disillusioned ego acting as a Garda. That is how thugs act – they abuse their sense of power and this is not the first time Brunt has been caught out. I had hoped then a lesson was learned. I was sadly to be wrong a year later. Lucky or may I say, legally the DPP laughed the Charge Sheet out of their office, back again to Donnybrook. Now I do know – I am a target. Why? I have no idea but I will not finish until I find out.

Addendum:  2nd October 2018

After reading the experience of the gentleman that stood in the dock above and the satire which flowed through it one now must get serious and ask the hard questions.

  1. How did Garda Brunt take this traveling circus to a district court under a summary charge.
  2. Did Supt Lorraine Wheatley who is now Chief Supt in Ballymun Garda station get the full facts from Garda Brunt at that time, because if she did not, there are more serious questions to be asked here.
  3. Let me remind you of the words stated by Judge Brian Smyth “If I had to charge this man in the dock today I would have to change THE ENTIRE BOOK OF IRISH CRIMINAL LAW
  4. The questions have been asked but just like GSOC, it is all buried under the corruption carpet.  Again I repeat how did this circus get to a district court and a district court trial?
  5. The court room on the day was packed to capacity.  Gardai came on their day off and it is alleged that between Irishtown and Donnybrook, there was a betting book between the rogue cops, on how much of a fine, the accused or let me say the false charges against the innocent citizen would get.  Well it backfired.
  6. Accountability in Ireland today is non existent in the Gardai and across the entire public service and semi-state.  Corruption is on the verge of being legalised.  This may sound crazy but then just look back at the 2 million fake breath tests; the two and half thousand people who were summonsed to court under false pretenses and on and on.  Yet, not one member of the Gardai was held accountable for their illegal activities.  Garda HQ should be rooted out from the inside and the Foggy Dew Harris should start as a matter of urgency but then again I personally believe, he is the wrong man, in the wrong place, from the wrong uniform, to hold the position of Commissioner.
  7. One also has to ask the cost of this case going to court and one also has to ask Mr Lewis, Tesco Chief Executive, for his view on this case or maybe we should find Mr Clarke who was in charge at that time but we all know he has his problems now with the private jet, and other alleged corrupt activities.

I will conclude:  This country is on the verge of collapse through cronyism and again I repeat corruption.  There are decent Gardai, some I speak to and they tell me quietly that they dread going to work in the morning and at night because the rogues run the stations at free will.

Have we learned anything from the Morris Tribunal?

Sadly we have not.



  1. I heard about this case at the time: that it was a local legend in the courts, with pub conversation for long after… also that there was some interesting back-story of how the case was handled at the aforementioned cop shop; another comedy of errors. Discriminating readers now officially ask @fredbassett7 for an account of the background as well… 🙂


  2. I’m not so sure what the two guards would have been smiling about in court that day. Were they suits? If so , they’d be possibly hoping that his performance in the witness box would put an early end to Brunt’s plans for a plain-clothes career. None of the uniform lads from Donnybrook or Irishtown like working with him either. But GRA would feel obliged to take Brunt’s side if they did try to sack him. That’s the dilemma.

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  3. Been away from the country a while but never remember an Irish cop shop being raided before. Must have been a tough call for Ubergruppenfuhrer Harris to make history like that, discrediting every garda in the station, over something as trivial as insurance certificates.


  4. Over 55,000 warrants issued to people for failing to show in court in Ireland since 2016

    This above title appears in a number of newspapers today. Now we have had over 2 million fake breath tests, we have had money laundering in Templemore training college, we have had the Morris McCabe scandal and the only case that was concluded in the last 20 years thanks to the persistence and integrity of Sgt McCabe and his family. Now back to the 56,000 at large on warrants.

    Gardai are very selective on whose door they choose to break down at 3 am or 6 am in the morning (their favorite hours). Just ask TD Paul Murphy to fill you in. He got the knock at 6 am on the charge of kidnapping or may I say alleged of Ireland’s greatest moaner, Joan of the failing Labour party. Murphy and the rest were found No Guilty and rightly so. Let’s just have a recall on that case: 37 members of the Irish Police (Gardai) Force gave the exact same evidence. Now, we know they are not monkeys; we know they are not parrots but yet 37 with the exact same brain cells – baffles science.

    Now let us get a little more serious here. Why do we not have a Crime of Perjury in this country? My summary goes like this: If we did we would have to build a new prison or re-open Spike Island because we would have at least 3,000-4,000 Irish cops as guests of the State for months even years. P for Perjury; P for Police but more importantly P for Politics. Can you see the DNA cronyism all over this. Yes you can.

    To be continued and will be writing soon on the stitch up with the American GI, the Romanian partner and the rogue cops.



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