Ghostbusters arrive at Garda HQ under the eagle eye of the Foggy Dew.

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While reading an article by John Mooney last Sunday, I thought it was very interesting that Commissioner Foggy Drew Harris is copying a module that is already in the British Met Police in London.  The Ghost Squad will be a team of trained Garda Officers led by a Detective Supt., to filter out the rogues and the corrupt cops within the Irish Police Service.  It is hard to imagine that Minister Flanagan has not mentioned this in the Dail or in any interview in the last couple of months which would entail that Harris has a free rein at Garda HQ and he will do what is necessary to clean up the gutter cops and take them, if necessary, with speed, before the Irish courts.  My only concern about this is:  It will bring conflict between GSOC, the Ghostbusters Squad, and the Department of Justice.

Why?  Well as we all know in the Republic of Ireland, we have a major problem with corruption, cronyism, Cops on the take from drug dealers, and now I will mention the Garda who gave vital information to a Gang in the last few months in West Limerick.  At the moment, this Garda has not been charged but he has been suspended and Drew Harris and Garda HQ are trying desperately to equate the amount of damage this rogue officer is responsible for.  We have a collapsed trial last month in relation to the fatal shooting at the Regency hotel and sadly we all know of the suicide of Detective Supt., Colm Fox at Ballymun Garda station.  Many questions but there are very few answers.

In the last few months also, Harris has written to thousands of people across the country apologising to them on the conduct of  hundreds of Gardai who failed in their duty to investigate youth crime which included serious assaults, robberies and worst of all, Rape.  Harris also wrote out to hundreds of suspects apologising to them also for not investigating them.  Now here is a Paradox for conjecture.  I have said it before and I will say it now, there are between 3,000 of our Gardai compromised and I mean this.

I don’t know how this Ghost Squad is going to work but I will conclude by saying:  Why advertise the Ghost Squad?  Why let the Rogue Cops Know – that there is going to be eyes and cameras watching them because then they have the advantage of lying low and being one step ahead of their own posse?

It is a great pity that Maurice McCabe  left before he reached the age of 60 and I still believe that this man deserves a lot better, from the Irish Government, and the people of Ireland and when an election comes, he should be first on any new Taoiseach’s list of 12 nominations for the Seanad.  Maurice McCabe would be a great asset on a committee dealing with corruption and collusion within our Police Service.  Time will tell how the Ghostbusters get on but Harris should realise one thing – Don’t advertise your thoughts to the enemy within.



15th March 2019

Gardai seize fake taxi licenses in a crackdown and also arrest a number of people in relation to sham marriages and getting Irish passports as easy as buying a bag of chips in a take away on a bad Friday night.

Last week, my partner and I, came back from town by Taxi.  The young man was Dublin born and reared and just in his mid twenties.  I asked him how long he was doing taxi and he replied “just eight weeks”.  Then he told us an extraordinary story which got my ears cocked like a rooster in the Taoiseach’s Department.  The young man told me that he had to wait nine months for his taxi license; he had passed all his tests, he was vetted over and over again by different agencies including the Gardai but then he explained to me that there was one Rogue Garda who made his life hell and made him wait nine months to get his taxi on the road.  I find this not just alarming but shocking and it must be a job now for Drew Harris and his Ghost Busters Squad.  This young man’s life was affected by not being able to work but also his partner and himself had applied for a mortgage and the bank sadly turned them down because of the delay or may I say because of the corruption in the Garda station in North Dublin.  It is frightening to think what one rogue cop can do to a person’s life and I can put that another way peoples’ lives.  Here was a young man with not one blemish on his character and battered down by a Garda who should be re-vetted and given the exit door (once they get the necessary evidence).

In the meantime, Operation Vantage, a four year inquiry by the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) had a day of action last week that uncovered widespread immigration fraud leading to thousands of documents being seized in the North inner city and Lucan.  More than 90 personnel, including individuals from special crime operations, the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service and the National Transport Authority, were involved in 20 searches in houses across the city.  Over 164 taxis, we now know, were fraudulently operated and 64 investigations have been finalised and forwarded to the INIS.  To add to this, the Gardai also uncovered at least 90 sham marriages where people from India, China and other countries (non EU) pay Eastern Europeans £10,000+ to engage in a fake marriage.  When one looks at the figure 90, you wonder, because my sources tell me that in the last five years there has been at least five to seven thousand sham marriages in this country and this would be a conservative figure.

I will close by saying or may I say ask the question:-  How many of our citizens put their lives in danger taking a taxi home in Dublin city and other towns across Ireland in any given day or night?  When do we stop people giving Irish passports as if we are a country that is now called the Soft Touch of Europe and also called A Daily Raffle, which means all you have to do is find the Bird, give her money and you get your Irish passport wings?

When will this Government wake up and the Government in waiting for that matter?  This is serious.  We are a small country and I put one question today to Charlie Flanagan and his mob in Justice – how much in 2013 was sent from Ireland via the like of Western Union back to Nigeria?  FIVE HUNDRED MILLION EUROS.  O YES IT IS NOT HARD TO CHECK UP.  Where did this money come from?  Where is our Fraud Squad or may I say where is the Ghost Buster Squad.

As I write this and finish off, hundreds of the entitled classes are in America promoting Irish culture for Paddies weekend but when this all boils down all it is ONE BIG PISS UP AND THE PADDIES ARE FAMOUS FOR IT.  They will come out after they sober up and announce a few token jobs before they fly home for a long weekend.

Bye for now.



Okay this may be the UK but we can learn from their experience especially re our taxi drivers and risks to general public.











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