Rogue Gardai: Collusion and Corruption in the name of the Irish State

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After the circus in the district court in relation to the Tesco case, some Gardai just could not take being stood down. Brunt began a campaign but he needed a reason and other corrupt thugs in uniform to assemble a case or may I say to try and literally stitch up an innocent man using a Romania national who had just flown in with her American partner from an Army base in Germany.

It was a Saturday night, the 23rd of May 2015, the gentleman who had just had his case laughed out of court was watching the Eurovision Song Contest with his partner when the door bell to their apartment rang. Two Gardai from Pearse Street, I believe, stood outside – we have their numbers, and said they were calling in relation to a serious domestic dispute and assault. The gentleman, KT, asked one of them to come in, the Garda looked shocked when all of a sudden the crazy woman from next door ran in to our apartment, grabbed KT’s partner by the neck and stared her straight in the eyes. The Garda just stood there frozen, the other Garda just stood in the hall, watching on. Then the Romanian ran back to her own apartment and banged the door. KT asked the two Gardai what the hell was going on, they replied ‘we don’t know’. They rang the bell of No 8 who made the malicious call, spoke for a few minutes and were about to leave when KT stopped them in the hall and asked them again ‘Why did you ring my bell and why did you allow that crazy woman break into our apartment and grab my partner by the neck’ – they had no answer and they just left.

I will change the names of the rogue Gardai for legal reasons:- The harassment began. It was on hindsight now that things become a little more clear. The Gardai involved in this disgusting set up are Mildew, Laces, McDonner, Callager, Bunne, and others I will name as I go on. For nights in a consistent manner she (No 8) would bang the walls screaming ‘Turn the fucking TV off, I will put manners on you Irish scum’. One could call this racism against Irish citizens and assisted by rogue Gardai. June 24th 2015, a Wednesday, Garda Bunne and Garda McDonner called; she had phone the Gardai again complaining that we were laughing to loud in our bedroom. This may seem like something out of a horror movie but believe me, and sadly I say this, this is fact. KT and his partner told the 2 Gardai ‘why is the Romanian and her American partner, phoning Donnybrook on a whim and having a squad car arrive in ten minutes’. They had no answer but KT knew at this stage the plot was organised and he was walking on eggshells. Friday, June 26th, 2015 – she stood in the hall, yes the Romanian, Ms Angel, with a kitchen knife in her hand, she came to KT’s door, knocked and when he opened it she said calmly ‘I will kill you and your partner’. She had just a bra and pants on. She ran back to her own door, pulled her pants down, flashed her ass, went in and banged the door. Now let’s just assimilate this: what would one do from here? KT and his partner on that day, lucky enough, had 2 visitors, Joe and Robert. Robert came out to the hall and could hear her shouting behind her own door ‘I will kill you, I will kill you’. He wrote this down at the time. KT phoned Donnybrook station, made the complaint and no Garda car came. Saturday June 27th, KT and his partner sat in the sitting room wondering what they could do about this madness now within the apartment complex. We found out that Garda Mildew was handling the case so on Tuesday morning 30th June, KT went down to Donnybrook Garda station and handed in a letter to Mildew and also stated that the woman in No 8 has a young child; we don’t want to press charges, all we want is a peaceful life and to be left alone, if possible. We were so very wrong.

For several nights non stop in the beginning of July she would start banging the walls from 1 am to 3 am and shouting and screaming obscenities. We sat in our apartment trying to figure out a way to stop the abuse and also trying to find out how we could protect the child, a little girl about 2 years old, who was in her care.

The harassment by the Rogue Gardai continued for months. They would come in threes in the afternoons and at night. They would act like thugs. Mildew would come lone and would visit the Romanian who was home alone and stay for often over an hour. You could hear the laughter in the hall while she was making him a meal. It was to be blunt disgusting. On hindsight now it was a total stitch up that went badly wrong because the DPP threw the file out and now KT has a copy of same and the details within are more intriguing than something you would see probably in the Donegal scandal before Judge Morris arrived. The squad car came to this couples home on 32 occasions. The Romanian woman had them at her beck and call yet, when other neighbours witnessed her extreme racism against the Irish natives and tried to phone the Garda station, it was to no avail. They would get a reply – we will be in touch in the coming days but nothing ever happened. This couple were targeted by rogue agents of this State and this is only the beginning of this story. I am trying to find, as I write this, a title, but I can assure you when all this is read and a copy lands at Garda HQ, many hard questions have to be asked because like the McCabe story and others, if Rogue Gardai can continue to target innocent people we are living in a Rogue State.

Fred (to be continued).


2nd April 2018

Fred says let us continue……

I have the complete details in relation to the couple who are Abused and Harassed by Rogue Gardai in the name of the State.  I am leaving out at least three paragraphs to this Garda scandal for the moment.  Today, I give you Commissioner, a brief outline of what happened on the Monday, 5th October at 9.45 am, at Donnybrook Garda station.  First KT was sent a registered letter to come down to the station and to talk to the Gardai there; it sounded like we are here to help to sort out this problem ie with the people in apartment no 8.  It was signed by Garda Laces.  It is very unusual for a single Garda to send a couple a registered letter.  Yes.  We have the copy of this letter.

Back to the Monday morning:  KT arrives down at the station and is told to return in 30 minutes because Garda Mildew is out.  For some reason, KT knew there was a well planned and orchestrated stitch up at play.  He returned to the station where he was brought into a back room, charged with harassment and other offences, he was handcuffed and then taken out to a squad car (blue lights too) and transferred to Irishtown Garda station.  I am trying to imagine what was going on in this man’s head while all this drama and total abuse of power was taking place.  When the squad car arrived at Irishtown, the Sgt, now retired, read him some Rights.  Herein is a joke and a very sick one at that.  KT was then placed in a cell, there was no heating, his laces were removed from his shoes, his coat was taken from him and he was left there in short pants and a t shirt; cold and bewildered.  After some time he was taken out – now Commissioner just wait for this, to some type of storage room where there were old tables and a fridge as well as other old relics unused.  There he was Demeaned as a human being, laughed at and strip searched and left standing naked for at least 60 seconds.  I ask again what does the word By Appointment mean now when asked to go to a Garda station and why was there all this abuse?  We will get back to the other paragraphs in due course.  However, to remind you, this case was thrown out by the DPP so why was KT submitted to such degradation.  Was it because he was an Irish citizen?  or Was it due to his background?  What was the connection to the Romanian and American because they got the highest level of respect from Donnybrook and now it turns out, the husband has left his wife and children and is now with another woman.

Nine hours KT was held at that garda station.  He was cold, hungry and no food was provided.  Around 9.15 pm, after three interrogations, with Mildew and a female Garda, he was summoned to see Sgt Cooke who told him that “I don’t know where your laces are and there is a chipper across the road”, with that eerie broad smile on his face.  Why did this happen?  and if this is not investigated thoroughly, it will happen to other people.  The man went home feeling well you figure it out Commissioner.  Cold, hungry, and worried for his partner who was ill at that time and who fought cancer since but yet the spirit within him was not broken and now he knows by writing and telling his story is the only way forward.

Fred  (To be continued)


4th April 2019

I still haven’t mentioned the two paragraphs for legal reasons for now.  I also believe this couple will make a disclosure at some stage to a Dail Committee on Gardai and Corruption.

On January 14th at approximately 11.45 pm the Romanian woman began a rampage in the hall.  She banged on every door but especially was focused on our neighbour in No 7, a woman who lives alone, and who was really frightened for her safety, not just from the above mentioned,  but from members of the rogue Gardai also.  KT and his partner’s door was also banged continually for at least 3 minutes.  The marks remain on the door.  What does one do at this stage?  Do they phone the Samaritans?  I always thought when in trouble you could phone your friendly Garda station but after KT’s arrest and interrogation and not forgetting how he was strip searched in the storage room, it was not an easy call to make.  They did phone Donnybrook Garda station and guess what friends of the Romanian and the American arrived in a squad car – Mildew and Laces came up the stairs and KT, his partner and neighbour met them half way.  They explained what was happening.  Mildew asked the two women for their private details and KT said “enough is enough”.  The problem is just a few steps up further and ring the best in No 8.  Mildew laughed loudly.  At this stage, for the safety, KT asked the two women to go back inside the apartment, but luck was on their side, before they closed the hall door at the stairs, Mildew turned to leave and said loudly “WE HAVE A FILE GONE TO THE DPP ABOUT YOU AND YOU ARE GOING DOWN”.  I asked the question today – is this a proper method of Policing?  The file and the DPP and the person the file is on, is by legal right confidential until the DPP decide on direction.  In this case, it was thrown back to the Rogue Gardai and there are no charges here.  Now, one would have to ask the question, has this gone beyond the word Civil and one would legally have the right to ask if criminality is alive and well in uniform and on behalf of the Irish State?  As I have written before – they left the apartment – the Romanian and the American, some months later when they found out that the DPP did not fall for their lies.

I will close just for now when KT and other neighbours saw the American walking around Upper Baggot Street, Dublin 4, with his new girlfriend and after all the torment, intimidation, unlawful arrest, and the total stitch up, you can imagine it was very hard to digest.  Every time KT saw him on Upper Baggot Street, the American moved off site with his new bird, like a scared rat.   Why?  Because he knew the equity of balance was out in the open and certain Gardai were lying low wondering what was going to happen next because their plan of venom had just fallen into tatters.

To be continued:



7th April 2019

On the 27th August 2015 as KT and his partner watched out the window of their apartment block, the time was 9.45 pm; three young males and one blonde female were smoking illegal drugs while sitting on the bench in affluent Dublin 4.  They phoned the Gardai at Donnybrook.  Now, one has to understand, the tension between these innocent people and the Gardai, was raw, to say the least.  An egotistic Garda who answered the phone said “there was no car available”.  KT explained that these people are smoking from silver paper and it could be heroin, when the Garda replied “Well I can do nothing about it”.  On the Friday morning, the evidence was still under the bench when a squad car finally arrived; the two Gardai I will not name for legal reasons; and they collected the drug paraphernalia; they bagged it while KT was standing and watching on.  They got in the squad car and left.  Now, let us just ask a simple question here.  There was no car available for at least 90 minutes on this night, yet when Ms Romania would phone the squad car would be at the complex within 10 to 15 minutes max.  Again you would have to ask the obvious question.  The priority of crime within the mindset of Donnybrook Gardai would need to be forensically investigated.

Let’s face the facts:  Heroin is a dangerous drug but to smoke it literally in public view, in the middle of Dublin 4, with total immunity raises many questions but if you have your TV, according to the Romanian, too loud for her liking, the Irish citizen will be taken away in handcuffs and treated as if he was some sub human.  Strip searched and laughed at in a store room by rogue Gardai.  This case must be thoroughly investigated and also when a neighbour went down to make a statement on behalf of the couple, he was treated with contempt and had to correct Garda Mildew 17 times while he was making his statement.  The gentleman felt uneasy and intimidated but he held his nerve and made his statement.  The problem is at present – did the DPP ever see that statement?  Time will tell.

To be continued:



8th April 2019

Going through diaries and talking to neighbours who witnessed some vicious assaults against KT and his partner one that leaps forward at me is a day when this couple were coming home from Baggot Street and they were talking to a neighbour on the road.  The Romanian was walking down and she stopped and went on a rant towards the couple; their neighbour was so shocked she still asks what was the outcome?  KT was punched in the face and to the neck.  This Romanian had a child only a few months old and a toddler in a buggy when she did this assault.  What do civilised people do in this situation?  So again they had no phones with them, they stopped another neighbour on a bicycle who phoned 999 and this may sound unbelievable but (No Garda Squad Car Came).  They are still waiting for an explanation to this travesty.  To make a point this is easy checked out and I have the dates, the day, and all the rest to verify what is written above.

To add to this and to conclude for the moment:  Another neighbour phoned Garda Mildew at Donnybrook several times, and stated that they had witnessed an assault against the couple and he was told “I will get to you in due course”.  That neighbour still awaits a response three years on.  Then we have TUSLA and we all know about this Government delinquent agency.  We know that the Rogue Cops attempted and succeeded in getting a member of TULSA to make a statement against this couple.  This also backfired and it is not concluded yet.  I think at this stage now, one can smell more of criminal activity against an innocent couple rather than Gardai not doing their job professional or with ethics.  This case is extremely serious because if this is not Checked it will happen to other people and an innocent person could end up in prison because they were completely Stitched Up.

To be continued:


























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  1. i know this Abuse happened, some Cops came out in a pub months later, and felt ashamed of this total Rogues. A pity they wont make a statement, and tell what they know? This couple were targeted, Why/


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