The Playboy of Irish Football and the salary and lifestyle paid for by the Irish taxpayers. So many questions but Delaney believes he is untouchable

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Watching the PAC committee yesterday, it would remind you of the men below named “The Untouchables”.
One newspaper today said:  How on earth did the FAI end up utterly broke?  TD’s, Senators and the public, not to mention the Ship of Fools Government, are all baffled as to how the Playboy Delaney could travel the world with his Marlyn Monroe and yesterday literally put his two fingers up to the PAC committee and ANSWER NOT A SINGLE QUESTION IN RELATION TO THE LOAN AND OTHER MONIES INVOLVING FURNITURE SHOPS AND PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT.  Everyone knows for years that Delaney had a charming presence, full of bluff and would keep everybody in happy mode, not to mention Michael Curry Ray.  Now, let us get serious:-  What  really is going on here because the taxpayers pay out millions each year to the FAI so where is all the money gone to?  Yesterday as Ruth Coppinger told delegates – Mr Delaney is here in his physical capacity but what we have is Hamlet without the Prince because he has not answered any questions.  The organisation seemingly has 24 bank accounts, according to honorary treasurer Eddie Murray but sadly all of these accounts are empty.
Where do we go from here?  Well let us start by asking Niall Quinn?  To quote him “He felt he was watching a scene from the Untouchables as Delaney and the FAI were accused of giving two fingers to Irish football and its fans and loyal followers.  Quinn went on to say “I have 92 Caps for my country and for the first time in my life “I AM TOTALLY EMBARRASSED FOR MY ASSOCIATION”.  He again said it was like watching THE SOPRANOS OR THE UNTOUCHABLES.  Delaney walked out with his cronies as if he had just left the Horseshoe bar at the Shelbourne – he didn’t give a damn.#
Why would he?  This is Ireland.  Peter Conlon took almost £5 million of charity money; left a Swiss prison on Christmas week, flew back to Ireland, partied with family and friends and flew out again, in the New Year – the High Court is looking for him but he doesn’t care.  Why?  He too is part of the Untouchables.  Yesterday in Belfast at 15 year old young person was sentenced to one month in a young offenders institution for stealing (A BAR OF KITKAT) – you can just Google it.  In the middle of all this lawlessnesss we have other Charity scandals and thousands of euros are missing and there are no arrests.
I will conclude for the moment that Delaney proved one point yesterday and that is we are living in a BANANA REPUBLIC.

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