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and to make matters worse, says Fred


Garda who had sex with amateur porn star on patrol car has been told he will be fired

The cop, who is stationed in Munster, had appeared before a discipline board in recent weeks

Clips from the video; and garda jacket (stock)Fred has more to say about this Garda scandal.

The Officer involved in having sex with Carla the Cop Bonker around Ireland has been given the option to resign or face dismissal over a porn video which went viral.  The Garda who is in his thirties and is based in Munster was the subject of a Garda investigation and has lost his job.  However, this Garda has come out and said if he is going be sacked there is at least 47 more around the country who committed the same sexual activities as he did, in the name of the Uniform and the State and to be legal – all was carried out in a day’s work for Charlie Flanagan, Minister for Justice.  Carla the Garda Porn Queen has stated that she has bonked over 47 GardaI across the country, in different towns and locations and it is even alleged she bonked certain Sgts in certain stations in locations unknown at present.  This must be an awful shock to the culture and dignity that Drew Harris now Commissioner would demand from his members of An Garda Siochana.  After all the scandals, after Maurice McCabe, after the 1.5 million FAKE breath tests, after all the fake figures of homicides and domestic violence, now we have a scandal where Romping in squad cars is rampant across the land of Snakes and horny Irish Cops.  This must be the scandal of the fake orgasms but only time will tell.  Can you imagine the wives of these rogue Gardai sitting at work or at home today and wondering “Is my fella among the crew of throw the leg and honk the horn Cops?”

I will close by saying if we can’t put a stop to this nonsense, and if Shane Ross cannot handle Flash Harry John Delaney how on earth WILL WE HANDLE BREXIT?

To be continued:-


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