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Gardai bring in Bloodhounds from Ballymena, to sniff for Cash?

Wednesday 24 April 2019

Calls to fit trackers in all ATMs to help stop robbery spree

Opportunity: Garda Commissioner Drew Harris.                     Photo: Tony Gavin
Opportunity: Garda Commissioner Drew Harris. Photo: Tony Gavin

Gardai are pushing for tracking devices to be built into all ATMs following a spate of robberies on both sides of the Border.

Senior Garda officers and bank officials are studying measures to beef up security at the machines, which have become easy pickings for crime gangs.

At present, some ATMs are fitted with the trackers but gardaí say the measure should be extended to help capture the criminals and recover the stolen cash.

Officers investigating the raids on the Bank of Ireland and Allied Irish Banks machines at John Street in Kells, Co Meath, in the early hours of Good Friday have made some progress with their inquiries.

They have recovered a four-wheel drive vehicle and a car used by the gang in their getaway. Both were found burned out in a wooded area near Dunaree, Kingscourt, on the Co Meath-Co Cavan border.

They had been stolen in Ardee, Co Louth, within the past couple of weeks as the gang prepared for their well-planned strike at the two ATMs. The vehicles were recovered with the burned out ATMs after they were spotted by a local walking in the area.

Investigators are now trying to trace the escape route used by the gang as they made their way home through Co Monaghan and back over the Border into south Co Armagh.

Officers say footage from CCTV cameras will be vital in their efforts to identify the raiders. Apart from the footage already being examined around Kells on the morning of the robberies, officers are also collecting material from cameras near the location of the finds at Dunaree and the thefts of the vehicles in Ardee.

Although the suspected raiders are known to be living on the northern side of the Border, gardaí believe they had help from a local accomplice with knowledge of the area.

The two robberies were completed within four minutes and although gardaí were quickly on the scene and went in pursuit, the gang managed to escape in a maze of roads leading initially into Co Cavan.

Gardaí say the gang are comprised of criminals but some of them may have individual links to dissident republican factions.

They think the same gang were responsible for previous ATM robberies in Castleblayney and Ballybay, Co Monaghan, and Kingscourt, Co Cavan, recently. The three previous raids netted between €200,000 and €250,000 for the gang while more than €200,000 is now known to have been taken from the two Kells banks last Friday.

Officers from the affected counties held a case conference in Kells yesterday afternoon to examine progress to date. They are also working closely with PSNI investigation teams and receiving briefings from the Garda’s security and intelligence section in the Phoenix Park.

Officers believe the gang may have moved further south to carry out Friday’s raids because of the increase in armed gang activity in the Border region.

The south Armagh gang are one of three responsible for the latest ATM robbery spree.

The second are based around the Omagh area of Co Tyrone and may also have some members in Co Fermanagh, while the third involve some former members of LVF/UVF loyalist paramilitary gangs in Co Antrim. Garda Commissioner Drew Harris said last week that although there had undoubtedly been planning involved in the crimes in Kells, that allowed opportunities for gardaí – and “we’d be looking to exploit those”.

A stolen ATM was recovered in Omagh on Monday. The PSNI are combing the machine for forensic evidence and are attempting to trace where it was stolen from.

A comment from Fred!

Ireland is a small Island and it is hard to believe that this Gang of Untouchables, as Paul Reynolds and RTE, call them, can go around town by town, village by village, week by week and knock down shops, filling stations, and anything that gets in their way from Robbing ATM machines.  Kells is like something you see in Kelly’s Heroes, the Movie.  There are plenty of Gardai in Kells station and serious questions have to be asked as to how this Gang of Untouchables could drive in a digger, a lorry and cars and not forgetting the equipment to take the ATM machine (minus the tracker device) and drive away into the Moonlight!

The reason I am Angry today is that the Gardai in Donnybrook have so much time on their hands that they could send a squad car around 32 times to a Romanian woman that eventually and it took time was discovered as a perpetrator of events that never happened.  Her litany of lies and that of her husband who ran away eventually from her destroyed the lives of innocent neighbours.  Now here we have Real Crime and now the Foggy Dew Harris and Minister Flanagan have come up with a great idea ie Tracking Devices.  As I said before some squad cars need tracking devises because at times they are not in an area they claim to be.  I would love to know and so would many people what really goes on in squad cars across the country especially at night time; and day time too.

The blame game will start?  Is it Dissidents?  Is it a Gang from South Armagh?  Is it a Gangland Gang?  Is it a foreign Gang?  Today’s newspaper has a new entry:  it is a Gang of former UVF and LVF members.  Where in the hell is this rubbish coming from?  You would have to ask the Fake News Department at Garda PR HQ and the hidden and dusty offices of the Department of Justice.

To be continued:


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