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Son of TV chef Rachel is bailed on drugs charges

Joshua Allen: The teenager pleaded guilty to                     three charges. Picture: Cork Courts

Fred says:-

Some years ago we had the famous court case of his Grandfather, under Judge Patwell, re downloading child pornography and he was given a suspended sentence and a fine.  Patwell was not a nice person; he was not a Judge of Fair Play; the same day he gave a traveler woman a nine months sentence for stealing to feed her children.  We will wait and see what this entitled grandson receives in November 2019 and I am sure every young man, from Finglas to Ballymun, will watch the case with intent.  We will soon learn more about the two tier legal system in Ireland.

Farmer awarded damages of almost €16,000 after being sold infertile bull

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Fred says:-

There are many infertile bulls in FG but yet the Men in Tights are still plugged in by Micheal Martin, the Cork Leader of Fianna Fail, who at the moment seem to have erectile dysfunction, across the board.  They can’t stand up or get something up to plug this Government out.

Where are the Fianna Fail backbenchers?  They must be reading the side effects of Viagra and Brexit.

Cash-hit disability group Rehab had 12 staff who got more than €100,000

Mo Flynn, the CEO of Rehab, which faces                     financial difficulties 1
Mo Flynn, the CEO of Rehab, which faces financial difficulties

Rehab Group, which claims it is at risk of having to shut down its entire care services due to financial difficulties, has 12 staff earning more than €100,000 in salaries, according to its latest annual report.

The charity, which provides services for people with a disability, met Health Minister Simon Harris yesterday evening and said it needed another €2m to continue to operate.

Earlier, it warned that it would have to send out a notification today giving a year’s notice of its decision to terminate all care contracts.

But this was deferred following the meeting where it was agreed to “engage in a week-long process of intense discussion with the HSE in a bid to seek resolution”.

A spokeswoman for Mr Harris said Disabilities Minister Finian McGrath was also at the meeting. “The HSE and Rehab agreed to engage intensively and meet again with the ministers next week,” she said.

A Rehab Group spokeswoman said: “We hope a solution will have been identified which will safeguard these critical services for the 3,000 people in our care, and our 1,500 staff”.

It has 147 services in 117 locations around the country.

“We will continue to fight for the funding we need to safeguard these services which are so critical to the people we serve,” she said.

Rehab received an additional €1m to its funding from the HSE this year.

But it is facing financial difficulties due to the higher expense of providing care, as well as the need to meet the demands of the watchdog, the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA), whose inspectors have been critical of some centres.

The organisation said it made cuts to reduce costs, including reducing staff and salaries, selling a building in Sandymount, shutting down loss-making services and closing its defined benefit pension scheme.

Rehab Group was at the centre of controversy in recent years with particular focus on the €240,000 salary of its former CEO Angela Kerins.

She was succeeded by Mo Flynn, who took a salary of €140,000, a sum on a par with other charity chiefs.

Its 2017 accounts showed that, among the 12 staff earning more than €100,000, there was one employee earning more than €140,000.

Three earned between €110,000 and €130,000.

There were 66 employees earning between €60,000 and €80,000.

Recently published HIQA inspection reports found varying standards in RehabCare centres.

Inspections of seven centres operated by RehabCare found that four were meeting the needs of residents, in line with the regulations and standards.

One RehabCare centre, however, required improvements to its individual assessments and personal plans, and to its protection policies and practices.

In another RehabCare centre, inspectors found improvements were required to the centre’s governance and management, as well as its risk management procedures.

An inspection of another RehabCare centre found that the governance and management of the centre was poor and had a negative impact on residents’ quality of life and safety.

Inspectors identified serious risks on this inspection, and issued three immediate actions to the provider.

In addition, the provider did not assess residents’ health and social care needs or individual risks.

Further non-compliance was found in staffing and fire precautions.

Irish Independent


Fred says:  Over 14 people on this Gravy Train are on £120,000 a year excluding expenses yet nobody will write about it.  I hope Simon Harris stops the HSE giving so much funds to these chancers.  Amalgamate Rehab into the HSE and get some type of accountability.


Cuckoo funds make more in Dublin than Los Angeles we will march the streets of D4, with the Prada handbags to save our locked gates, and save the Cuckoo in the Hedges.Calling out D4 Culchies, get out and march, re Bus Disconnect the routes. Calling all Hillbillies, get out there.

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The Vulture Funds (Private Equity groups) are here to stay; they make their profits on the backs of the vulnerable and the wink and nod from the banks that sell large portfolios of written down debts onto to them.  Paschal Donohoe, Leo’s Pet Parrot, actually praised them some weeks ago.  Now Mattie McGrath – please come out and make a comment; stand up for the People of Ireland.


‘The Tipperary trial that could have been named ‘The Field 2”

Cautionary tale: Richard Harris, star of John B                     Keane’s ‘The Field’, which was based on a story of a                     murder in 1958
Cautionary tale: Richard Harris, star of John B Keane’s ‘The Field’, which was based on a story of a murder in 1958We can never forget Moonlight, may He rest in Peace but I have one serious question about Quirke, the convicted murderer, did not act alone.  More to come out here, a lot more……enough said for now.

I think they’re going to ruin our town’ – fear on the streets of Drogheda

Scene of Thursday's shooting at Hardman's                     Gardens in Drogheda
Scene of Thursday’s shooting at Hardman’s Gardens in Drogheda
At 4.20pm on Thursday a gunman opened fire on a busy street.He stood on the centre line of the road and fired eight shots indiscriminately.As passersby watched on in complete disbelief, a 35-year-old man fell to the ground.

It’s unclear if he was the intended target, but he was an associate of a gang member and that was good enough for the attacker.

He was shot twice, in the shoulder and leg, but survived.

Other innocent passersby, including young children and motorists, narrowly escaped injury.

This wasn’t downtown Detroit, it was Drogheda.

The shooting at Hardman’s Gardens this week was just the latest attack in a worsening feud.

Gun attacks in busy residential and retail areas in broad daylight have become a feature of a bitter dispute which centres on two gangs vying for the lucrative drugs trade in the town.

Last July, one gang member was shot at least four times at his home in Drogheda – sustaining wounds to his stomach and shoulder as well as injuries to both legs and wrists.

He was paralysed in the attack and discharged from hospital just last week.

Two homes targeted in petrol bomb attacks in Drogheda

Since that shooting nine months ago, the dispute has escalated as the two gangs engage in tit-for-tat attacks.

Shootings, pipe bomb and petrol bomb attacks have now, unfortunately, become common place in certain parts of Drogheda.

Last November it reached boiling point with a spate of incidents in one week, including the kidnapping of a man with links to one of the gangs. 

He was stripped and stabbed over half a dozen times in the face, neck and chest. Gardaí saved his life when they raided the house and discovered him naked in the bath.

In February, a 39-year-old man was targeted in a shooting at the M1 Retail Park. He was shot several times as he sat in his car, but survived.

Again the attack in broad daylight was witnessed by families with young children.

Earlier this month, four men were arrested in relation to that attack.

It’s believed they were on their way to carry out another shooting.

This week alone there has been two petrol bomb attacks on houses in St Laurence’s Park and Moneymore, one of the main hot spots of the feud.

No one was injured but through relentless intimidation, gangs are making it clear they are intent on causing damage and serious harm.

There’s no shortage of people in the town who will talk about their concerns but there’s few who want to be identified, worried about the implications of speaking out.

As I stood at Hardman’s Gardens on Thursday evening people there told me they are living in fear.

“It’s just crazy, it’s lawless, anyone could be shot, when it’s done so openly, you have to wonder. You hope the guards get more control of things”, one man said.

Another man, who has been living in the area for over 30 years, said he said couldn’t believe the brazen nature of Thursday’s attack.

“It’s worrying that they don’t see anything wrong with letting off five or six rounds when there’s a lot of people around, it doesn’t seem to bother them. They don’t seem to have any worries about being caught”, he said.

For the last number of months the airwaves of local radio station LMFM have been dominated by the situation in Drogheda.

News bulletins and the Michael Reade Current Affairs show have been filled with the latest development in this deadly dispute.

News Editor Michael Carolan says the impact the feud is having on the town in unprecedented.

“Over the last six months there have been multiple petrol bomb attacks, shootings and a kidnapping.

“Communities in certain areas of the town have been effectively under siege. In one particular incident, a car was driven through the front of a shop and set on fire”, he said.

“The Army Bomb Disposal Team have been called to examine several suspicious devices – many, if not all, were viable. Roads and estates have had to be sealed off for long periods of time as these security alerts were dealt with. The impact that this ongoing feud has had on the town is unprecedented”, he added.

Politicians on all sides have condemned the attacks and appealed for more garda resources.

Fianna Fáil TD for Louth Declan Breathnach said the shooting this week demonstrated the “level of depravity the thugs who carry out these acts will sink to”.

Labour Party Senator Ged Nash, who grew up not far from Hardman’s Gardens, said people are scared.

“I’ve never experienced the level of fear that is currently being felt by the people on the streets of Drogheda, I’ve lived my whole life [here] and it’s terrible to see my hometown impacted like this,” he said.

In November, when the feud boiled over all garda leave was cancelled in the Louth division and stringent controls on overtime were eased. Operation Stratus saw high visibility patrols around Moneymore and Cement road.

The Emergency Response Unit and other undercover armed gardaí were stationed around the town.

Again this week there have been calls for more resources to tackle the escalating violence.

Senator Nash believes gardaí need to take the same approach they took in Limerick, a city once gripped by a similar feud.

“What we need is permanent policing resources in this town. What we need is a very serious and heavy handed crackdown on this activity that’s going on at the moment”, Senator Nash said.

In the next few weeks one of the leading criminal figures in one of the feuding gangs is due for release from prison and gardaí are bracing themselves for a surge in violence.

The people of Drogheda are preparing to host Fleadh Cheoilna hÉireann for the second time later this summer and are understandably worried.

Gardaí continue to put a policing plan in place to contain the violence but outside a shop on West Street yesterday, one man who did not want to be identified summed up the feelings of a community.

“I think they’re going to ruin our town”, he said.


Fred is back:-

I think the last line above sums it up; “…they’re going to ruin our town”.

In the last week the people of Drogheda have been subjected to drive by shootings, bomb attacks, one man shot was shot in both legs, threats, intimidation, all carried out by a bunch of hoodlum thugs.  Armed Gardai are standing around is not the answer and these gangs have been allowed free reign for so long that they believe now THAT THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW AND UNTOUCHABLE.  Time will tell now how Commissioner Drew Harris will tackle this War in Drogheda and how he will take the gunmen out of circulation.


The Sunday papers asked some questions yesterday.  The Irish Mail on Sunday, written by John Lee, asked who pays the rent for Commissioner Drew Harris in his apartment at Garda HQ?  Lee also went on to ask about the salary of £250,000 a year plus expenses and two special vehicles (bullet proof, fireproof and the rest) with a further cost of £600,000?  Then add to this the round the clock protection for the Commissioner by three teams of armed detectives?


To be continued:


Ireland is in crisis.  Some towns are now taken over completely by drug dealers and the Gardai have enough resources but they are just not up to the task in hand.  One has to add:  How many Gardai are involved in the illegal drugs game themselves?  Let us not forget over six and a half THOUSAND Gardai REFUSE TO SIGN THE CODE OF ETHICS.  WHAT DOES THIS TELL YOU?





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