We have had fake figures before, Revenue figures, we must note, are from Garda sources. Any fool would know this is only the tip of the Iceberg and about 25% of the cache

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Here is the value of the illegal drugs that Revenue seized last year


More than €33m worth of illegal drugs were seized by Revenue officers in 2018.

This was in addition to 67 million cigarettes, 1,915 kilograms of illegal tobacco, 1,502 vehicles, 110,524 litres of fuel and more than €1.05m in cash.

The figures are included in the Revenue Commissioners Annual Report 2018, which details the full extent of the work undertaken by Revenue in 2018.

It includes details on their responsibilities for the prevention, detection, interception and seizure of controlled drugs imported to or exported from Ireland. Working closely with Gardaí and international agencies, Revenue made more than 7,000 drugs seizures, amounting to 1,988 kgs of drugs with an estimated street value of almost €33.5 million.

Drugs and cash seized by Revenue in Blanchardstown last year.

It included more than 5,600 seizures of amphetamines and ecstasy, worth a total of €7.65 million, and 153 seizures of cocaine and heroin, worth €16.69 million.

Revenue officials also made more than 4,000 cigarette seizures, totalling some 67 million cigarettes, worth €41.29 million, as well as €1 million worth of tobacco.

Additionally, they secured 252,105 litres of alcohol, including beer, spirits and wine, seized. This was worth €1.5 million.

Revenue also seized 110,525 litres of illicit mineral oil and 1,502 vehicles. The vehicles include those seized for marked mineral oil offences, VRT offences or connections with alleged offences under Customs of Excise Law.

In total, there were 78 cash seizures, worth just over €1.05 million. This is a 0.5% increase from 2017.

Fines worth €1.75 million were imposed in relation to criminal convictions. This included 361 for non-filing of tax returns, 153 for marked mineral oil offences and 16 or selling counterfeit cigarettes.

Cocaine seized by Revenue last year.

In 2017, Revenue also started an operation to clamp down on the illegal operation of gaming machines without valid licences. To date, 158 gaming machines have been seized as part of the operation.

Revenue action against counterfeit, fake or pirated goods is provided for by EU Regulations.

Interventions at ports, airports and postal hubs resulted in 450 successful detections of suspected counterfeit goods valued in excess of €3 million. It included electronic goods, cosmetics, mobile phones/accessories, clothing and jewellery, the majority of which are consigned from China and Turkey.

Fred says:-

14th May 2019

People all over Ireland know that the Cocaine is part of the norm now, not just in Dublin, Cork, Galway or Limerick.  It is now in every town and village across the length and breadth of this country.  My research informs me that the real question is: What does the Revenue and Gardai failed to seize?  My figures come like this:-  At least 250 million euros of illegal drugs hit the market without being detected.  People now are snorting Cocaine in the workplace, and let’s be clear about this, Cocaine was found in the Law Library a number of years ago; traces were found in the toilets in Dail Eireann too and also young people will tell me, who work in semi-state and banking, that they need two snorts each day to keep on top of their workload.

While strolling through O’Connell Street this morning, young people were smoking hash joints openly, just like cigarettes, with no fear, not a care in the world.  Two young men were actually smoking hash only 15 m from two Gardai at the GPO.  Now smuggling and diesel on the border and other areas of the country are hitting crime figures.  Then if you add the illegal second hand clothes scams, which are mainly run by Romanian gangs, you are into more millions.  All of this cash is going overseas and not through our main banks but through Western Union.  Add to this the young students being approached by drug dealers to act as cash mules and these students know exactly what they are doing.  Just a few days ago the son of the cooking dynasty in Cork – Allen, pleaded guilty to drug charges.  Now let me put this in a simple way.  This young man was importing illegal drugs from other countries (it was not just a simple Irish operation) and only for a Hawk Eye employee at the sorting office in Portlaoise, these drugs would have got through.  Then you must ask the question how many consignments did get through and how many more sons of the Entitled Classes are using their privilege to bring in drugs too.  Allen awaits his sentence.

I will conclude today again:  Drogheda is under siege.  People are in fear of their lives and families need reassurance from the Government that the Drug Dealers will be taken down and brought before the courts.  Well I have news for you:  This is not happening.  A year ago, in a small West of Ireland village, a young man owed a debt of 15,000 euros to a Sligo drug dealer – his grandmother, after talking to An Gardai, now wait for this, was advised to pay the debt and this is FACT.  Parents, grandparents and even uncles and aunts are threatened now by drug dealers and Charlie Flanagan, the Minister, and Drew Harris (Commissioner) sadly have no idea of the level of drug dealing and drug use depravity that is going on in modern Ireland.  We need a Police service that is trained to tackle these Thugs.  There is a saying “Follow the Money”.  Get in proper forensic experts and freeze the bank accounts of all known drug dealers.  Where is the CAB these days?  I also want to add that the rogue cops who are also involved in the drug trade need to be rooted out of An Gardai Siochana otherwise Commissioner Drew Harris is literally pissing against the wind.







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