Flanagan gets tough on Gangland; Drugs; Dealers; Gun Men; and has promised to bring in highly trained officers from ? Or Is it Lambs to the Slaughter! Time will Tell.

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160 new gardaí to be stationed in Dublin and Louth to tackle gang violence.  How can raw recruits, who have just come out of Templemore College, have the experience to tackle hardened criminals across this city and beyond.  This is a very dangerous stunt yet again.  We are talking about young men who have just put on a uniform; who have no experience in dealing with hardened drug dealers, assassins, foreign gangs and their myriad of foot soldiers who carry out the shootings.  They have no regard for life whatsoever.  Recruits are not the answer Minister Flanagan.  Who will babysit them?  Catherine Noone?  Maybe if we give Catherine her own unmarked squad car and an Uzi in her Prada handbag she will clean up the streets of Drogheda with the help of a mop and a Nilfisk.  Let us get serious here now:  Flanagan and Harris should be sending seasoned detectives from other stations and also they should be getting advice from the FBI in America and let us not forget Big Ed Davis former Chief of Police in Boston.  I cannot believe he was never asked over to Ireland to give an overview on how to clean up the streets of Dublin, Limerick, Cork, and all those small towns and villages that are now drug dens.

Below is a “GROW HOUSE” for weed/marijuana and the drug dealers are using vulnerable non Irish people as slaves to live, work and produce weed in these houses.  This is a true Irish mansion and on Vietnamese woman appeared in court last week.  This woman deserves help and not prosecution.  In the last decade my research has told me there is at least 9,000 Grow Houses across rural Ireland in places so detached from towns and villages that people in the areas concerned are actually clueless of the criminality that is going on behind the walls.  I am told that there are Grow Houses in Belmullet, Achill, West Cork, Clare, Limerick, Monaghan, Galway and probably every county across the Island.  The dealers now have figured out that it is better to grow quality from within than smuggle the stuff in and if these houses are raided it is the vulnerable “Slaves” that face the courts and who are scared senseless, if they even speak the language to talk.

Fred concludes today and he repeats what he said above.  Recruits to Drogheda beggars belief and logic.  Experienced police officers can only tackle and take down these drug barons and dealers and even now it is apparent that the war is being lost.  The people of Drogheda and the people across the Island deserve better but more importantly they are entitled by law to protection of their property and their personal safety.  Some Gardai who have it too convenient for example stations like Donnybrook, Irishtown and a few more, where they don’t seem to be having any problems with crime ie apart from stitching up innocent people – maybe some of those so called experienced coppers should be sent to the border and in particular Drogheda and then they would know the word “Serving the Public” because at the end of the day that is why they wear the uniform.  If you know what weed is:  just watch this  https://www.radiotimes.com/tv-programme/e/dj7kxf/stacey-dooley-investigates–s7-e3-the-cannabis-smugglers-stacey-dooley-investigates/


Garda dog Laser finds woman hiding in attic of €900k growhouse

Tinarana House, Killaloe. Picture: Liam Burke


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