Rough Justice for vulnerable sex workers jailed, these women are forced into the trade by gangs. The Courts are so detached from reality. Yet, Carla below can romp dozens of Gardai across Ireland on the bonnets of squad cars with total immunity for herself. Why? She must have a diary.

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Disgust as jail sentences are handed to sex workers, one of them pregnant

Stock photo: PA
Stock photo: PA


The Sex Workers Alliance has said it is “horrified” at the jailing of two prostitutes – one of whom is pregnant.

Adrina Podaru (25) and Ana Tomascu (20) were living in Newbridge, Co Kildare, when the property was raided last November after complaints.

The women were charged with keeping or running a brothel.

Officers entered the premises using a search warrant, having kept watch on the property for some time.

The women admitted to gardaí they worked as prostitutes and signed statements.

But the court heard there were no clients at the brothel when it was raided and no significant amount of money was found.

Judge Desmond Zaidan asked: “Was business that bad?” to which a gardaí responded: “It was early in the night.”

The court heard Ms Podaru is expecting a child with her partner.

The women’s solicitor said the two, from Romania, were willing to pay a sum to a charity but the judge responded: “They weren’t forced into this position.”

It was reported the two were sentenced to nine months. Ms Podaru lodged an appeal and was released on bail.

Kate McGrew, director of the Sex Workers Alliance Ireland (SWAI), said: “When we fought to repeal the eighth amendment we spoke of compassion for those who are pregnant.

“We have a long and shameful past of institutionalising ‘fallen women’.

“The facts of this case show the 2017 Sexual Offences Law is not fit for purpose. There were no clients present, very little money and no evidence of the workers being coerced into their job.”

Ms McGrew said the change in law in 2017 was “heralded as a law that would protect sex workers – but we at SWAI cannot understand how jailing two young migrant women will protect or rescue them.”


Fury as uniformed garda who appeared in notorious porn flick with Carla Smith returns to duty in the same policing division — but may still face the sack

The unnamed cop shot to infamy when amateur porn star Smith — who calls herself Carla4Garda and who claims she’s bedded 36 gardai — uploaded a clip last April of herself romping with him in a patrol car

THE uniformed garda who appeared in a notorious porn movie has returned to duty in the same policing division — but may still face the sack.

The unnamed cop shot to infamy when amateur porn star Carla Smith — who calls herself Carla4Garda — uploaded a clip last April of herself romping with him in a patrol car.

 Carla Smith appeared with cop in romp

Carla Smith appeared with cop in romp

The man’s identity soon became known among colleagues and members of the public in the Munster division in which he serves and an internal investigation was launched, with a file later sent to the DPP.

The Irish Sun understands the officer was suspended on full pay, but has recently returned to uniformed duty at a different station in the same division.

It is understood the cop immediately admitted his involvement when interviewed and was cooperative with the investigation which will not result in prosecution.

However, he still faces a separate Garda Board of Inquiry hearing which will be overseen by a barrister assisted by a chief superintendent and a superintendent from outside the division.

If he is found to have breached An Garda Siochana disciplinary regulations, he may face a heavy fine or dismissal from the force.

The Irish Sun has learned the Garda Representative Association was notified of the decision and there was no objection to him being reassigned to another station.

 Screengrab from the video

Screengrab from the video

A source said: “This is far from over. He faces an internal inquiry by an independent board which will investigate everything. Now the investigation is completed and there’s no possibility of witnesses being contacted, there is nothing to stop him going back to work.

“There’s no point having him suspended on a full wage when he can be a useful resource elsewhere at a time when there’s a lack of manpower in areas.”

Sources said the porn flick had left colleagues “very disillusioned” as they feel the randy cop “basically made a laughing stock” of the entire force.

One told the Irish Sun: “He was based in a busy town and everyone knew it. It was the talk of the town and it did ridicule the guards. This clip went around like wildfire. At every checkpoint, it was being brought up.

“Some gardai in the division dealing with serious hardened criminals and these guys were laughing at them about it.

“Several of his female colleagues in the division were absolutely disgusted. Some of them are dealing with victims of sexual crimes, and this man was involved in shooting a porn movie.”

 The video was uploaded in April 2017

The video was uploaded in April 2017

Smith, 35, who is originally from England but was living in west Cork at the time of the video, initially expressed regret over the clip and apologised to the cop’s long-term partner.

She added last September: “Both of us were questioned under caution in regards to sex in a public place but I just heard back from the DPP a couple of days ago that they are not actually charging me and himself for that.

“That was quite stressful waiting for that to come back.”

However, Smith later said she enjoys the notoriety the video has brought and has since bedded a further 35 gardai.

 Fred says:

The two tier legal system still operates in Ireland.  Dublin 4 and 2 are two of the biggest markets for cocaine and prostitution in Ireland.  Anybody with eyes can see the parked cars on the main roads on the weekends and the romping in the back seats, some are more upmarket and go to apartments which are now rented out for this market and high rents are paid for these apartments and the trade within.  The punters are protected – some from the legal profession, medical, political and the rest.  You will never see a Dublin 4 punter before the courts WITH A BIBLE IN ONE HAND AND A CONDOM IN THE OTHER.





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