The Garda Service needs a total cleansing and the trust of the people of this country; it will be a long road and it will take courage and leadership from the right people at Garda HQ.

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Gardaí spend thousands on luxury flights to return from deportation trips (all public servants have a duty of accountability to the Irish taxpayers including the police service of this country and also I applaud that brave Garda in coming out after all these years concerning the treatment she was given by stone age morons in uniform with the backing of the Church).

Chaperones: Gardaí escort illegal immigrants
                      when expelled. Stock photo
Chaperones: Gardaí escort illegal immigrants when expelled. Stock photo

Brian Hutton

Garda immigration officers spend thousands of euro every week on luxury business-class flights while returning home from deporting illegal immigrants from the country.

The Department of Justice, which released details of the flights under freedom of information, said business-class fares are booked while repatriating deportees where it is deemed a security risk for a garda to leave an airport.

These flight tickets for the return leg of journeys allow Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) officers to stay in the airport lounge in the country where they are leaving the deportee, the department says.

Of the dozens of business-class trips after chaperoning illegal immigrants to their return destinations last year, several were to cities in Europe, including flights to Frankfurt listed as costing €19,600 and separately €3,800.

There were also fares to Amsterdam reaching €11,000, €7,300 and €4,400.

The Department of Justice said the Frankfurt flight costing €19,600 covered four GNIB officers travelling back from Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city. The €11,000 and €7,300 flights to Amsterdam were also return trips from Lagos, and covered three officers.

Records show there were also business-class flights to Abu Dhabi costing €6,000 and frequent business-class flights to Istanbul totalling tens of thousands of euro.

A department spokesman said the Abu Dhabi flight was from Lahore in Pakistan and covered two GNIB o

Monday 17 June 2019

‘I want a face-to-face apology’ – ex-garda threatened with dismissal for having baby outside of wedlock

Majella Moynihan asked An Garda Siochana for an apology2
Majella Moynihan asked An Garda Siochana for an apology

FORMER garda Majella Moynihan, who felt forced to give up her child for adoption in the 1980s after becoming pregnant out of marriage, is seeking a face-to-face apology from the Garda Commissioner.

Meanwhile allegations of a “whispering campaign” against other garda officers and recruits who became pregnant outside of marriage have emerged in the aftermath of the scandal.

Ms Moynihan was subject to an investigation and threatened with dismissal after becoming pregnant by another garda recruit in 1984 at age 22.

But after bravely telling her story, she says that “my shame is now theirs”.

Majella Moynihan as a young gardaMajella Moynihan as a young garda22
Majella Moynihan as a young garda

She was investigated for a breach of discipline and was later charged with two counts under the 1971 Garda Síochána Regulations. The charges were related to premarital sex and giving birth outside of marriage.

Ms Moynihan, from Kanturk, Co Cork, told RTÉ: “I kept the secret for so many years, it was so much shame and now it’s no longer my story of shame, it’s their shame.

“I feel vindicated, I feel believed, people know me now in my truth. I know no one can make you feel anything now but back then they did, they made me feel that small.

“All I kept hearing was discredit on the garda force.”

Garda Commissioner Dreew Harris publicly apologised on Saturday and Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan followed with a public apology today but Ms Moynihan is not satisfied.

“I’ve heard from nobody and I strongly believe and feel that both of those people should have come to me first,” she said.

“It’s of vital importance that I meet Commissioner Harris and he meets me and he apologises to me and also gives me a written apology.

“Yes, I’d be happy and content with that.”

Ms Moynihan said she wanted “just to get on with my life now,” and to find “happiness with my two sons. It’s a new beginning for me.”

She had joined the gardai as young recruit on what she felt was the most exciting day of her life at that time.

But she told RTÉ Radio One how she was later subject to an investigation and threatened with dismissal after becoming pregnant.

The former garda said she felt pressured to give up her baby, a boy named David, adopted in 1984. has put a number of questions to gardai but was informed the information was held by “administrative offices” open during standard office hours.

Meanwhile Susan Lohan, co-founder of the Adoption Rights Alliance (ARA), said:  “Majella is aware of other officers and recruits who became pregnant outside of marriage while in the Force but she’s only aware of herself being charged.

“Some of them had abortions, some went away, some went to England. There was a whispering campaign carried out against all of them.”


Fred asks the question today:  the definition of going to a Garda station by appointment.  I have my research done on this in the last three years but some Gardai have a problem with giving me simply the truth that I was mistreated, inhumanely, sexually compromised, and had my human rights, while standing naked in a store room, Violated.  A number of Gardai have come to me (retired and some currently serving) and they are horrified to know what happened on that dreadful night of October in 2015.  It was cold.  I was hungry.  They kept asking for my mobile and then promising food and heating once they had the mobile.  I did not take my mobile with me and the reasons are very clear.  Why did another Garda send me a registered letter and sign his name to it (which I still hold with my solicitor and a copy for myself) and in that letter he states clearly to make sure and keep the appointment for Monday morning.  Now, many questions and this is only the tip of the iceberg.  There is more to come and the evidence to substantiate everything I have stated.  I ask again and I will ask the Commissioner Drew Harris – Am I and my partner and family a target of Rogue Gardai?

To be continued:


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