We all hope the Vice Garda Squad do some research here, maybe a Raid, they might find Coke (and not Cola Coke) and some interesting Guests, some who may wear Wigs and uniforms of all types.

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Swingers from an exclusive sex club are meeting in a posh Irish country house for an upmarket orgy

Swingers will meet up in the heart of the Irish countryside today for an upmarket orgy organised by exclusive sex club Killing Kittens.Organisers say the black-tie, oysters and champagne event is being held at a secret location in Co Laois surrounded by acres of woodland “so no one will hear you moan”.

The members-only Summer White Party will be hosted at a private 18th century country house and estate with an entry fee of €130 per couple.

A strict dress code of “cocktail dress, suit, lingerie and mask” applies for what is being billed as “the ultimate lustful experience for a night you will never forget”.

An advert for the event invites guests to: “Surround yourself with champagne, oysters and like-minded pleasure-seekers.

“Whether it’s in a lavish country mansion or steamy hot tub and jacuzzi penthouse, KK parties are the place to fulfil your wildest desires.”

Such is the secrecy surrounding the event the exact location for the high-class night of debauchery was only revealed online last night in a closed group chat.

Killing Kittens held its first upmarket orgy in London’s Covent Garden in 2005. Its global membership now stands at 80,000 with 3,000 Irish “sexual elite” on its books.

Orgies have been held in Ireland since 2014 – with 50 masked guests ready to romp in settings similar to the one depicted in the Stanley Kubrick film Eyes Wide Shut.

Parties are aimed at women and allow people to indulge their fantasies in a “safe but sexually charged environment”.

Killing Kittens states: “Our parties are run by a strict set of rules – girls are in control and must make the first move and everybody must wear masks.”

Members must be “in good shape” and are vetted before they can join the secret society.

Woman in venetian Mask

And while women can attend events solo, men are only permitted if they are part of a couple.

Former BBC Apprentice star Luisa Zissman has attended the steamy boudoir parties and previously spoke about her experience.

The company’s founder Emma Sayles, who shocked viewers with her outspoken views on RTE’s Late Late Show in 2014, says it’s all about empowerment.

Fred says,

Modern Ireland is not a happy one? Gay Parades, are they not putting up more walls?

Live and let live to all people, do we need to be reminded of other peoples Sexuality?

Leo, be  Prime Minister for all the people, remember the other 4.4 million, not forgetting

Homelessness, Hospital Waiting lists, Crime, Corruption everywhere, and Brexit looming?

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