Drug Dealers are trying to run country villages and towns, by Fear and intimidation, it must be stopped urgently? Where are the Drug Squads?

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Longford town under siege with outbreak of violence, public order offences

Gardaí have set         up armed patrols in Longford town on a daily basis
Gardaí have set up armed patrols in Longford town on a daily basis
Gardaí in Longford have set up armed patrols in the town on a daily basis to deal with an outbreak of violence and public order offences between feuding local families.Superintendent Jim Delaney said the move had been taken in light of 43 incidents of violence, criminal damage and arson in the last ten weeks in the Co Longford garda districts of Longford Town and Granard.

These incidents include four stabbings, two arson attacks and a number of incidents where individuals sustained serious injuries.

Supt Delaney said that to date all members of the family involved, who are from the Travelling community, had declined to take part in mediation efforts.

Reacting to the decision by gardaí to set up armed patrols around the town and county, Cllr Seamus Butler, Chairman of the Longford Town Municipal Area, said gardaí had to confront the people who were responsible for the violence.

He has also called for gardaí to bring in the Criminal Assets Bureau to further investigate what was going on.

To add to the above says Fred:

We need the Gardai to face down these Drug Lords, Thugs is the proper names, people are living in Fear across the entire country, from Drogheda, Sligo, Ardee, Longford, Ballina to name but a few.

Dublin, Galway, Cork, and Clonmel, Kerry, all over, we need to get a grip on this Drug War, one has to ask the Question, are the Goverment serious on tacking these Gangs, or is it a PR Stunt like Catherine Noone last week? Forget the Pink Leo, you need ta act like a proper leader for all the people, or call an Election. Drugs are destroying lives, and also we are losing young men, by the gun murders. Follow the money, arrest the firms who launder Drug monies, hit them head on.

If people cannot grasp the horrors caused by illegal drugs, prescription drugs sold on the market and the impact on communities I would suggest watching this documentary – because our main media in Ireland is too shy or maybe too much in the pockets of big Pharma to report on the addiction crisis here.

The Documentary Unit – Louis Theroux: Dark States … – BBC Studios


Programme case study on Louis Theroux: Dark States – Heroin Town … in the vice-like grip of drug misuse and follows the emergency services struggling to …

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