Irish News Every day we hear of Pipe bombs, houses being burned down, Murder and attempted Murders, yet there seems to be no Will to tackle the Drug Gangs, Why?

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Gang leader survives being shot twice as he sat in car in feud attack

Violence: The scene in Termon Abbey, Drogheda,
                  where the man was shot last night 1
Violence: The scene in Termon Abbey, Drogheda, where the man was shot last night

Gardaí are bracing for a major backlash after a gang boss involved in the Drogheda feud was targeted in an attempted murder.

The 24-year-old was recovering in hospital last night after being blasted twice in the chin and shoulder.

The shooting happened at around 8.20pm in the Termon Abbey area of north Drogheda, Co Louth, and gardaí are attempting to establish how many people were involved.

Detectives were last night satisfied that the shooting was directly linked to the ongoing feud, which has seen around 80 violent incidents in the past year.

Gardaí believe a number of shots were fired at the victim as he sat in his car.

Two bullets struck the man while other rounds were lodged into his vehicle. He was rushed to Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The victim, who cannot be named as he is facing serious feud-related charges, is believed to be the leader of the gang that is in a violent feud with associates of Owen Maguire.

He was also targeted in a gun attack last month near Donaghmede Shopping Centre when a number of shots were fired at him.

The 24-year-old is suspected of leading a gang of more than 30 associates, including women and teenagers.

They also have ties across three separate counties – their stronghold in Drogheda, as well as Meath and Dublin.

The man lives in a number of different properties across Drogheda due to the threat on his life.

He is suspected of directing his gang to carry out gun attacks on the Maguire faction which has led to three murder attempts.

On July 5, a gunman fired multiple shots at Maguire, who has been left paralysed and hospitalised for more than nine months. He was only discharged in recent weeks.

Gardaí believe Maguire oversees a mob of at least 20 close associates while also having close connections to recently released mob boss Cornelius Price.

Owen Maguire’s brother Brendan also survived multiple gunshot wounds after being targeted at the M1 Retail Park in February.

The gang violence has led to the Emergency Response Unit (ERU) being deployed to the town, while 25 new garda recruits have also been assigned to Drogheda.


Last night a so-called gang leader was shot twice in the shoulder and the chin and he is currently in the Lourdes hospital in Drogheda.  The gang members tally in the region of 120 members yet our Government don’t seem to be able to take them on head on through whatever means is necessary and maybe Charlie Flanagan should watch the movie with Kevin Costner as Eliot Ness – the Untouchables.  In this film Ness picked his own team around him – the reason – he knew them – he Trusted them – because they were not on the take or corrupt.  Al Capone was locked up eventually for revenue fraud.

Take these Dealers in Ireland Down any which way that is possible.  The Gardai don’t need anymore resources they need Cops who are professional, who are trained, and above all who have the experience to tackle these violent gangs.  I said before that sending in Rookies from Templemore College is like sending pigeons to a Hawk’s party.  The people of Ireland know that there is a crisis in An Garda Siochana – there is scandal after scandal.  So let us not fool ourselves, the Gangs know also that some Cops are there to be approached and cash is on the ready.  Fred is not saying for one moment that all Cops are corrupt but he is saying there is multiple hundreds of them who have the potential to become corrupt because of Debt, Heavy Boozers, Cocaine addiction, Separations and every problem that is in society and effects every other Joe Bloggs.

Flanagan and Harris need to get a grips on the Police Force in this country and they need to break the inner circle of the Rogues and to break the Omerta Code of Silence.  McCabe led the way and he and his family paid a high price.  McCabe should be awarded a Scott Medal for what he achieved.  I will conclude on this today:-  About six years ago a wedding in Co. Clare, when the daughter of a senior Garda was getting married, some Garda scandal had broken the same week, at a about 2.30 am, when most of the guests had gone including the bride and groom, 20 people who stayed on drinking late, witnessed the typical drunks of An Garda Siochana.  One had the rank of Chief Supt, the other two were Inspectors.  They raised their glasses laughing and toasted loudly – LOYALTY BEFORE TRUTH LOYALTY BEFORE TRUTH.  One man recorded it.  Now, how can Drew Harris break this culture of cronyism and the rogues that climb the ranks.

To be continued:-





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