Drug wars continue, Army must be called in, as back up. Flanagan needs to tackle these Gangs before we have a National Emergency in the Republic of Ireland.

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Drogheda violence following pattern of the worst Irish gang feuds

Violence set to continue until key gang members are taken out of circulation

A house in Drogheda’s Moneymore estate was petrol-bombed
          in relation to the Drogheda feud. Photograph: Crispin Rodwell

A house in Drogheda’s Moneymore estate was petrol-bombed in relation to the Drogheda feud. Photograph: Crispin Rodwell

Drugs worth €2m seized from industrial unit in west Dublin

Two crates contained approximately 98Kg of herbal cannabis and four arrests have been made

The drugs seized have an estimated value of
                  €1.96m. 1
The drugs seized have an estimated value of €1.96m.

Customs officers have seized almost €2m worth of cannabis and have arrested three men in connection to the drugs bust.

Two crates were discovered in an industrial unit in Clondalkin yesterday.

They contained approximately 98Kg of cannabis with an estimated value of €1.96 million.

Gardaí arrested three men at the scene, aged 57, 49 and 32.

They are currently being detained at Clondalkin and Ballyfermot Garda Stations under Section 2 of The Criminal Justice (Drugs Trafficking) Act 1996.

A woman was also arrested after a follow-up search in Northern Ireland. Approximately half a kilogram of cocaine, with an estimated value of €35,000, was seized.

This search was in conjunction with the PSNI.

This Operation targeted Organised Crime Groups working between different jurisdictions.

This joint Operation was conducted by the Revenue’s Customs Service, the Garda National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau, and Gardaí from the Security and Intelligence section in West Dublin.

Investigations are ongoing.

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Ruff day at the office? Not on Take Your Dog to Work Day



Fred says:

Flanagan and Harris need to bring in every squad they have available to tackle the monies that these crime Gangs launder across this country.  I know they have had some success in the last number of years in raiding the offices of Solicitors, Garages, Accountants, Businessmen, Shop Owners, and people you would never think of – yes this includes those who would never have had a parking ticket.  These people are the key players in laundering and transferring millions across bank accounts throughout Europe and beyond.  Follow the money – people talk about this Dark Web and Bitcoin, so we need to know also and we should have Forensic Accountants and Gardai should be trained accordingly in tackling the finances of these dealers.  The example is set in Ireland with the CAB (Criminal Assets Bureau). 

The Kinahan Gang are supposed to be worth £1 billion.  Surely the countries that have this money in their banks can come forward and co-operate with the Irish, Spanish police and Interpol.  Let us not forget that there are people in Dublin south today and Dublin 4 especially who may drive around in their sports Mercedes, BMW’s, Range Rovers, but underneath it all they clean dirty money and their wives are just as guilty as their Gangster husbands.


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