Internal garda corruption unit to be established: Harris will bring in his own trusted Shadows? Rogue Cops should worry, MI5 are in town??

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Drew Harris says the new unit will be operational by the end of the year
Drew Harris says the new unit will be operational by the end of the year
The Garda Commissioner has announced that a new internal garda corruption unit will be established and will be operating within An Garda Síochána by the end of the yearDrew Harris said the unit will investigate members of the gardaí suspected of criminal activity such as leaking information to criminals, drug abuse or inappropriate contact with vulnerable victims.

The Commissioner was speaking at the Garda Superintendents Conference in Kildare.

He said the unit would be proactive and intelligence based and run from Garda Headquarters.

He also said that the gardaí had to look for corruption within their own ranks because “if we didn’t look we wouldn’t find it”.

Commissioner Harris denied this was a job for the Garda Ombudsman, pointing out that the gardaí know their own workforce best.

“There are all forms of wrongdoing and corruption that we will become aware of first,” he said, ” its very difficult for an external agency to be aware of data flowing outside the organisation.”

He also said that the gardaí would share intelligence with GSOC and keep the Ombudsman informed.


Fred snoops:  The Squad selected will be highly trained and will be experts at undercover work.  If this means sleeping with the enemy; it will be done, to get the information necessary, be it under or over the quilts.  This Squad will have expenses and they will travel in deep disguise.  It is rumoured that some of the female undercover cops will mingle with high ranking Gardai and their wives who are suspected as being engaged in their skullduggery so we return to the old British way of Divide and Conquer.  Many a culchie with a gold bar on his shoulder who loves the bit on the side, well when this squad is fully engaged, these sex hungry cops will be sitting ducks at a carnival.  On top of this Harris has the Ghost Squad with 5G for speed of access.  There will be more bugs even in squad cars than ants on a dung heap.  I hope Charlie Flanagan will give Commissioner Harris the full backing in his task of going undercover starting and this is only a tip, at the Doll Hs in Baggot Street and sitting on the high stool in Donny and Titbits, another haven for shadows and cash in hand payments.  Yes, I do believe now that this undercover squad and the Ghost Busters that the Rogue Cops are in fright.  To be continued:  Fred





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