Gangland using children to pose as Gunmen, to taunt their enemies? This is totally abhorrent in a so called civilised society?

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Young gun

Shocking image of innocent child holding a gun posted online to taunt rivals in gangland feud involving Mr Flashy

THIS innocent child has been used by a key player in a deadly gangland feud to taunt rivals online.

The shocking image of a boy — clad in a balaclava and holding a gun — was posted by a gangster involved in a deadly dispute with Mr Flashy’s mob.

 The shocking picture was shared across various                 social media platforms

The shocking picture was shared across various social media platforms

 Gardai worry this type of behaviour normalises                 guns to children

Gardai worry this type of behaviour normalises guns to children

The image of the unknown schoolboy was posted this week and shared across various social media platforms.

In another posted image, the hood is also suspected of brandishing a gun and holding a sign warning his rivals they would be killed.

Gardai are aware of the image and are trying to establish if the weapon is real. Officers will also try to ID the child to establish if there are any welfare concerns.

A source said: “The use of an innocent child to glorify criminal activity is something these gangs have done before because they think it’s funny.

“There is also a sinister message behind this because it normalises guns to a child. There could be welfare issues here and the hope is that the gun isn’t real.

“This gang have been issuing a lot of threats on social media and they have been behind serious attacks in west Dublin that, thankfully, haven’t claimed any lives.”


The posts of the youngster with the gun were condemned by the Irish Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Children.

A spokeswoman said: “It’s concerning but it’s not something we come across all the time and it would be a matter for the gardai.”

As part of our revelations on the ongoing tensions in west Dublin, we can also reveal how cops are driving feuding crime gangs mad — by constantly testing their henchmen for drugs.

Officers from the K-District’s Community Action Team and Roads Policing Unit in west Dublin launched a new crackdown on the warring factions by busting their senior members for driving under the influence of cannabis, heroin and cocaine.

Since the move, over 20 suspects, including members of Mr Flashy’s mob, have been arrested on suspicion of drug-driving. They now face a wait to see if they will be hit with charges.


As part of the new strategy, gardai have two extra drug testing kits to test drivers once they have been stopped.

The aim is to disrupt the criminal gangs from moving drugs, transporting weapons — and to stop them targeting their rivals in drive-by hits.

Once stopped at the side of the road, drivers face an immediate four-year ban if they refuse to take the test.

A source said: “This is part of an overall strategy to target those who pose a threat to the people of west Dublin because of their involvement in organised crime.

“Having access to cars is a vital tool for those involved in organised crimes and if they’re off the roads this will cause serious disruption to their activities.

“All units of the gardai in west Dublin are working together to bring these criminals to justice.”


Our revelations come after cops seized two firearms, a shotgun and handgun, in Finglas on Tuesday night.

The new strategy has been welcomed by west Dublin Fine Gael councillor Ted Leddy.

The local representative said: “Gardai are correct to harass criminals in any way that they can.

“I’d support every effort of the Gardai to use every tool at their disposal to target organised crime.”

Since the start of the year, gardai have seized 26 weapons, including sub-machine guns, machine pistols and handguns. Stashes of drugs and cash buried in jars have also been recovered.

During the feud, shots have been fired outside schools, people battered on the street, homes torched and threats issued on social media.

On July 4, parents Modestas and Ceslava Gilys told of their horror after two of their kids discovered a Glock near their home in Castlecurragh Park, outside Mulhuddart.

They told us: “It was scary, what if one of the kids picked it up and shot?”

As part of the ongoing efforts to smash the crime gangs, officers have received a new fleet of marked and unmarked vehicles.

 Gangs have used innocent children to glorify crime                 because they think its funny, say gardai

Gangs have used innocent children to glorify crime because they think its funny, say gardai

 Fine Gael councillor Ted Leddy

Fine Gael councillor Ted Leddy:

Fred says:  Looking at the above photos and reading the details, it is most concerning that guns now are as easy to get access to as ordering a Chinese takeaway.  At the moment, not even the Gardai themselves know exactly the number of gangs in Dublin and beyond.  Nobody mentions the amount of foreign gangs operating here.  Don’t forget if you ask too many questions, you could be called a Racist.  But, reality must come first and the safety of the Irish people, which is the responsibility of the Government of the day, and is the function of the Garda Siochana to protect and serve but therein lies the question:  I repeat they found a few guns yesterday and some drugs and the cameras and the PR stunts were in full flow, yet Drogheda is still locked down and the people live in fear.  Longford is going the same way.  It is ironic though that you will not see many camera’s around those towns and the question is obvious and the answer is easy, the Gardai have lost the battle on drugs and Drew Harris needs to call in the different agencies to work as a collective and tackle the drug problem head on.  The SDU must have some idea who is laundering large sums of money and also it is necessary to promote the importance of whistleblowers and to give them the protect they deserve.  Many years ago, as one seasoned FBI agent said, the way you take down any Mafia or Drug Cartels is to find the enemy from within which means to turn over a dealer and use every method going.  I doubt if at present our police down South are sufficiently trained in this type of covert operations.  There is one thing I do know, the Gardai down here are very good at covering up their own massive failings ie 2 million fake breath tests; and the illegal activity at Templemore College.  To be continued:   Fred

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