Who really runs Irish Prisons, not Prison Management according to disgruntled staff?Senior Gangland figures are getting Status like Mafia Dons?

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Prison staff blast secret meeting between Fat Freddie Thompson and Brian Rattigan

The two gangsters are former enemies who played a leading part in the infamous Crumlin-Drimnagh feud that saw 16 people killed

Gangster Fat Freddie Thompson

Notorious mobster Fat Freddie Thompson was allowed to hold a secret meeting with drug lord Brian “King Ratt” Rattigan in a bid to move to a different block of a prison.

Dublin Live can reveal management facilitated the face-off between the two old foes with officers said to be fuming at bosses for allowing gangsters to call the shots.

The discussion was organised in a bid to guarantee Thompson could safely move in with the Portlaoise prison’s general population, which Rattigan controls.

We can also reveal gardai are investigating Thompson for allegedly threatening to have a prison guard shot.

Raging staff blasted the meeting saying it’s “nonsense” the feud figure gets a say on who is placed in what block.

A source added: “We’re very concerned. Freddie threatened to have one of our men killed, now he’s allowed to have a meeting in a secret bid to return him to the general population.

“The inmates are running it, they are dictating who goes where, it should be the other way around.

“These are the most notorious gangsters and criminals in the country and yet the likes of Rattigan are allowed to say who goes where and who’s protected. Freddie knows he would be under threat in C Block and that he has to get Rattigan’s clearance to move.

“Rattigan has others in that block and he makes the rules.

“Staff weren’t informed [of the meeting]. It was done under supervision of the jail’s management.

“Why are we trying to bow down to these fellas?”

Brian Rattigan (Image: Collins Courts)

Thompson is currently being held in the maximum security A Block which holds the prison and country’s most dangerous inmates – but he’s looking to go into the more lenient C Block which King Ratt controls.

Recently Estonian gun-for-hire Imre Arakas and Kinahan hitman Jonathan Keogh were transferred after Rattigan guaranteed their safety. Now Thompson’s move lies in his old rival’s hands as prison officers won’t go through with it if there’s a threat to the peace.

A source said staff were blindsided by the arrangement which took place in the visitor room just under a month ago.

The two gangsters are former enemies who played a leading part in the infamous Crumlin-Drimnagh feud that saw 16 people killed.

An Irish Prison Service spokesman said: “With regard to your query about a threat to one of our staff, I can advise the Irish Prison Service’s position is any threat or act of violence against a prison officer is unacceptable.

“Such instances should be reported to An Gardai Siochana for investigation and prosecution.”

Fred concludes, reading the above is most worrying.  I have no reason not to believe in the above and the concerns of frontline staff in relation to Brian Rattigan, a prisoner, doing a long sentence, for more serious crimes from robbery to murder and yet, he has the power to tell the Authorities what prisoners are allowed or not allowed on the wings in Portlaoise prison, because he appears to be the Overlord.  We are almost close here to a Mexican cartel (El Chapo).  This needs to be addressed by Charlie Flanagan and the Department of Justice urgently.  I would ask Flanagan to by-pass Lonergan who is the most over-rated bluffer who ever worked in the penal system.  If our Government and the prison regime cannot handle gangland from within prison walls, then you would have to ask the question, how can they handle gangland on the outside?  Before anyone starts to think about this, just look at Drogheda and across every town and village in the country at present.  They are swamped in drugs and not forgetting knife culture and the rising number of serious assaults during robberies.  Flanagan needs to step up to the mark now and let gangland know when they are convicted they will live by the rules of Penal Law.  Sadly when you read above Gangland live by their own Code behind the walls and are facilitated by prison management?  This is most disturbing. 

To be continued.  Fred


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