This Cartel must be closed down and the American DEA will probably have to show the way: Start with: Follow the money trail?

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Sunday 28 July 2019

Kinahan cartel using funeral home to clean crime cash

Kinahan cartel leader Daniel Kinahan
Kinahan cartel leader Daniel Kinahan


CAB officers believe a city centre funeral home is being used by the Kinahan cartel to launder its cash.

“The cartel has used many different types of businesses, including pubs and car dealerships, to launder their dirty money, but a funeral home is unusual,” a senior source told the Herald.

“Gardai have been aware of this funeral home for a number of months, and it is now being monitored very closely indeed.”

The operation is a ploy straight out of the hit American TV crime series The Wire, in which a criminal gang uses a funeral parlouras a front to hold meetings on how they plan to conduct business.


Gardai stressed that there is no suggestion that anyone who uses the services of the funeral home knows that it is a possible “front” for Ireland’s most notorious crime gang.

The name and location of the business cannot be revealed  for legal reasons.

However, gardai believe that it is being operated by a 34-year-old inner city criminal who is considered to be both a close associate of exiled cartel chief Daniel Kinahan and a “high ranking” member of the murderous mob.

Undercover officers watched as the criminal held a secret meeting with Daniel Kinahan in a city centre cafe in December 2015, just as the capital’s brutal gang war was starting to kick-off.

“This individual is regularly seen at the funeral home, often wearing dark clothing, but not the type of clothing you normally associate with a funeral parlour,” the senior source added.

“Gardai are keeping a very close eye on the situation.”

Officers have also been trying to find out if the funeral home has been used for crime meetings.

In The Wire, the Barksdale Organisation’s second in command Stringer Bell holds regular crime summits at their funeral parlour.

However, it is understood that the Kinahan gang have kept their distance from the business and have not used its services.

The funeral home

revelations come after the Herald revealed in May that the cartel had set up a new headquarters for its gang meetings – a south Dublin barber’s shop.

Many of the so-called ‘new generation’ of younger cartel criminals have been meeting in the shop.

Major cartel figure Liam Roe has also been spotted there.


“Previously, meeting of this type would have happened at Liam Byrne’s house in Raleigh Square, but after the huge CAB investigation, they are now taking place in the barber’s shop,” said the source.

“The shop is effectively

being used as an office for the cartel.”

Earlier this month, the CAB took control of the Raleigh Square house after its major investigation into his crime gang.

The Crumlin property has been described as Byrne’s “crown jewel”, and had been refurbished and renovated at a cost of €740,000.

In its 2018 annual report, the CAB said that €1.4m of assets were seized from the gang under Section 3 of the Proceeds of Crime Act.



Exiled godfather Christy ‘Dapper Don’ Kinahan launches desperate bid to stop sons being booted from Dubai bolthole

We can reveal he contacted a leading barrister in the UK ­earlier this month because of the new United Arab Emirates law that requires overseas ­residents to undergo police verification

EXILED godfather Christy ‘Dapper Don’ Kinahan has launched a desperate bid to stop his sons from being booted out of their Dubai bolthole.

The evil mob boss has now passed control of his €1billion global crime empire to his eldest son Daniel.

 The 'Dapper Don' has launched a bid to stop his sons
              from being booted from their Dubai bolthole

The ‘Dapper Don’ has launched a bid to stop his sons from being booted from their Dubai bolthole

And we can reveal he contacted a leading barrister in the UK ­earlier this month because of the new United Arab Emirates law that requires overseas ­residents to undergo police verification.

As part of the crackdown on ­foreign crime gangs operating in the region, individuals will also have to obtain a ‘Certificate of Good Conduct’ before they can get a work visa in the country.

The London-based legal eagles were then instructed to recruit a human rights law firm in Ireland to act for the Kinahans if UAE authorities decided to deport them because of their involvement in drug dealing, arms smuggling and money laundering worldwide.

But the kingpin’s attempts to cover his gang’s illegal activities look doomed after law firms here refused to accept him as a client.

 The Kinahan brothers Christopher Jnr and Daniel

The Kinahan brothers Christopher Jnr and Daniel

And Kinahan Sr — who’s been involved in the Irish drugs trade since 1985 — suffered another setback when he was blanked by a number of law firms in the North.

A source said: “Nobody in Ireland or in the North would touch the Kinahans with a barge pole because they all know how toxic and dangerous they are.

“Christy is desperate to remain in the UAE because he knows if his gang goes to Europe again the ­Gardai will have a greater chance of bringing gangland charges against them.

“There is intelligence to suggest that he has now contacted a number of law firms to act on his behalf in the event of authorities in the UAE moving against him, his sons and their associates.

 An early shot of crime lord Christy Kinahan

An early shot of crime lord Christy Kinahan

“It’s quite ironic for the Kinahans requesting law firms to protect their human rights when they have been denying the basic right of life to people, including completely innocent ­families, for decades.”

As part of our latest exclusive on Ireland’s most dangerous criminal gang, we also reveal a new image of the elusive gangster enjoying life in the sun.

Our snap shows the drugs lord — wearing his favourite Panama hat — at a lavish party, just a year after foot soldier David Byrne was shot dead at the Regency Hotel by a Hutch hit team.

Kinahan Sr, who’s rarely seen in public at his Dubai hideaway, posted at the bash with female associates.

 David Byrne was just one casualty of the ongoing
              Kinahan/Hutch feud

David Byrne was just one casualty of the ongoing Kinahan/Hutch feud

We can also reveal the drug lord’s eldest son has also voiced concern to associates about his dad’s ability to continue his involvement in organised crime.

Another source added: “It looks as if Daniel is becoming increasingly frustrated with his father and thinks he’s too old to deal with the day to day running of their crime empire and also their ongoing feud with the Hutch Organised Crime Group.

“Daniel is the de facto boss and thinks his father is old school — and was also frustrated with some of his phone conversations on the Pretty Good Privacy programme being intercepted.

“Christy has built up an extensive business network in Dubai but he also spends time travelling to Holland with his young family.

“There have been very few images of him over the years but he made the mistake of posing for this image in his Panama hat.

“He’s trying to portray himself as a legitimate businessman and ­someone who is normal despite the ­devastation and mayhem his gang have caused in Ireland over many, many years.”

 David Byrne was blasted at the Regency Hotel

David Byrne was blasted at the Regency Hotel

During their time in Dubai, Daniel and brother Christopher Jr also embarked on an overseas charm offensive in the hopes of drumming up some business for themselves.

We obtained an image of the pair displaying their softer side in a rare family portrait.

The pic — which includes a caption describing them as boxing promoters — was sent to dozens of companies in Spain’s Costa del Sol as part of their bid to secure funding for white collar events.

In a bid to create a respectable image for their visa application, the brothers will outline how they once raised €58,000 for the Aspandem special needs charity in Marbella, Spain.

We contacted the charity for comment on the donation but they were not available.

Gardai have also travelled to the UAE to brief their counterparts on the mob’s reign of terror across ­Ireland and Europe.

 Anita Freeman with partner Sean McGovern

Anita Freeman with partner Sean McGovern

Among those who could benefit from any legal representation secured by the ­‘Dapper Don’ is senior cartel ­associate lieutenant Sean McGovern and his partner Anita Freeman.

McGovern — who was blasted when his best pal David Byrne was whacked at the Regency — won’t return home over fears he will be charged under gangland legislation.

He has also been left furious after the Criminal Assets Bureau seized his home in Kildare Road, Crumlin, last week after the High Court ruled it was bought through the “proceeds of crime”.

As part of our latest revelations on the cartel, we also publish a mug shot of hitman for hire Imre Arakas.

Gardai believe Arakas may have traveled to meet the Kinahan leadership in Dubai before he was recruited to kill Hutch associate James ‘Mago’ Gately.

But his plan was foiled when he was arrested by gardai who were tracking his every move as soon as he landed in Dublin in April, 2017.

 The mugshot of Imre Arakas

The mugshot of Imre Arakas

Fred concludes:  The above reading of the drug dealers and Irish mobsters is now a global topic.  The Don, Christie, is reckoned to be worth over £1 billion+ and the Gardai are playing catch-up.  To be fair to certain elements in our Police Force here they have intercepted and stopped more would-be killings and shootings especially over the last three years.  However, one has to ask some serious questions.  After 18 lives lost with the Kinahan-Hutch feud, not counting the Drogheda feud, the Coolock-Darndale feud, the Tallaght and Bray feud, and the serious drug dealing in Sligo and beyond, we have a national crisis on our hands in Ireland today. 

Back to Kinahan:  With the amount of money he handles, Interpol and the Gardai here along with the Spanish police must have some insight as to how and where the monies travel.  Our Foreign Affairs Department here with Charlie Flanagan should be banging down the door of the offices of the Dubai Government and getting these Gangsters ousted from the Middle East and returned to a jurisdiction where extradition applies.  They need to be questioned regarding most serious crimes including drug dealing and murder.  We get news in relation to a cache of drugs being found and the photographs and PR that follows but we never get the details of how much drugs are entering Ireland on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. 

Cocaine is the drug that the Yuppies take and these are the same yuppies driving around in their suits and their mercs.  My sources tell me that Bankers, people in semi-state (high profile), even people in the medical and legal profession and members of An Gardai take cocaine on a daily basis to get the drive necessary to get through the day.  The problem with Highs is that they bring Lows also and there lies the question of how mentally focused are these people in their jobs.  Back to money laundering:  the dogs in the street know – it is not just one funeral parlour; it includes second hand car dealers; the legal profession, stockbrokers, accountants, small companies, even stalls at markets selling flowers, and bingo halls and not forgetting the betting shops all facilitate in the movement and the cleaning of the drug money. 

I will close by saying Dublin 4 is one of the biggest buyers of cocaine in the country and there are certain people who sit beside a desk during the day, full of their own ego, and who snort the cocaine on their patio at night.  Also, let us not forget, some of our politicians and members within the Law Library where traces of cocaine can be regularly found by the cleaners.  We are a small country – all the Gardai need is whistleblowers from within and let us not forget one vital element in all of this, how many cops are on Kinhan’s payroll not just in Ireland but in England and Spain also.  Fred

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