Gardai get convictions yesterday: Kinahan gang, they conclude, is weakened. Only time will tell! One question: How did Wilson only get 6 years? What am I or others missing here?

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News Irish News  Great PR here, one would have to ask, is Politics are factor here?

Tuesday 30 July 2019

Gardaí blame recession for failure to stop Regency Hotel attack that sparked gang war, very Bizzare comment to make. Is the Assistant Commissioner blaming the Goverment?  Let Flanagan respond.

Haul: The Garda Armed Support Unit with some
                      weapons that were seized by the Garda National
                      Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau. Photo: Frank
                      McGrath 1
Haul: The Garda Armed Support Unit with some weapons that were seized by the Garda National Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau. Photo: Frank McGrath

The Dublin-based hotel was the scene of the infamous shooting of Kinahan cartel associate David Byrne at a boxing weigh-in.

Speaking at a media briefing about the force’s “unrelenting approach” in tackling organised crime, Assistant Commissioner John O’Driscoll, Special Crime Operations (SCO), said the recession was a factor in why gardaí were unprepared to prevent the attack.

“We were presented with a very serious scenario and where it was suggested An Garda Síochána may not have been prepared,” he said.

“Coming out of a recession, there probably was some truth in that. Since that date, we had a consistent and unrelenting approach [to organised crime].

“This involved the gathering of intelligence and targeting of particular organised groups, and maximising the resources of An Garda Síochána,” he said.

The assistant commissioner added that gardaí have saved a total of 64 lives from hitmen since the Regency shooting in February 2016.

“The number of murders in this jurisdiction up to the end of June have reduced by 25pc compared to last year,” he said.

“Sixty-four interventions were made since February 2016, and we prevented very imminent threats to 64 lives.”

During the briefing at the Special Crime Operations in Harcourt Square, Dublin, it was revealed that between March 2015 and July 2019, €158m worth of illicit drugs were seized by gardaí.

The operations involved 651 arrests, the seizure of 101 firearms, 3,300 rounds of ammunition and €9.8m in cash.

This year alone has seen the seizure of €11.4m worth of drugs and 133 arrests made by the Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau.

From January to July, €1.5m in cash has also been seized, including 10 firearms and 300 rounds of ammunition.

The assistant commissioner was speaking a number of hours after a three-man “hit-for-hire team” received sentences totalling 36 and a half years at the Special Criminal Court for planning to kill a member of the Hutch family before they were intercepted by gardaí.

He said that while crime is unrelenting, the public can be assured the aim of the Garda is to dismantle the gangs.

“We don’t know when our campaign in dealing with tackling organised crime will come to an end or if it ever will. But we can assure people that we will be unrelenting and pursue all that engage in organised crime,” he said.

The murder of Byrne in the Regency Hotel attack sparked the feud violence which has claimed 16 lives.

Fred concludes:  One has to commend the Gardai yesterday in their ongoing fights against Gangland crime in Ireland and the thugs that are part of it.  It is always good for Society when a group of decent cops can work as a collective and get a job done successfully.  We need more of this collaborative work and we certainly need more decent cops who are not afraid to speak out when they see wrongdoing and corruption around them.  But again well done yesterday to the Gardai involved in taking down the men who were sentenced and convicted. Back to John O’Driscoll’s comments in relation to the Blame Game of who is responsible for Gangland spiraling out of control.  I find the comments “Recession at Fault” bizarre to say the least.  I put it to the Asst. Commissioner today that after the recession, thousands of people lost their jobs, thousands lost their homes, another 80,000 had to emigrate to foreign lands and the fall-out of repossessions continue.  Now Commissioner, how many Gardai lost their jobs after the recession – the answer is NONE.  The only way a Garda loses a job in the aftermath of the recession is through corruption or whatever illegal pursuits they engage in.  How many Gardai were affected with reduced overtime.  Not many.  I would suggest that the script is changed here because it won’t go down well with the people of Ireland. 

Getting back to the Romanian case on a personal level – if we talk about resources – we had a squad car here 32 times at the whim an alleged psychotic Romanian woman and an innocent party harassed on a daily basis.  We will return to this again.

Also, we can’t blame the recession for the 1 million+ fake breath tests and over 14,000 people wrongfully before the courts on driving charges that never existed.  Scandal after Scandal – I say to AC O’Driscoll – we can’t blame the recession on the treatment that Maurice McCabe received.  I will conclude for the day but I would suggest that when Gardai are holding a Press Conference they should have a member of the legal profession there with the appropriate choke chain. 

Finally I conclude with the photo above and small number of guns on display – let’s talk some reality here:  Journalist sources can tell me that there are thousands of illegal fire arms in this country.  It is as easy to gain access to a gun as to order a pizza so with the good result yesterday in the courts, it is in fact just scratching the surface and it leaves a long way to go to regain the Trust of the Irish people.




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