Shocking sexual attacks on young girls in Courtown and serious Arson Attacks destroying Mobile homes: Society is under Siege – Why? Do we need more Community Policing?

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Nine mobile homes destroyed in blaze

CCTV should be in operation in Courtown by the end of the year to deter further crime

The aftermath of the blaze at Parklands                       Holiday Park
The aftermath of the blaze at Parklands Holiday Park


Nine unoccupied mobile homes were destroyed and one lorry was damaged after a blaze broke out at Parklands Holiday Park in Ardamine, Courtown during the early hours of Wednesday morning resulting in significant damage.

‘The report came in at 3.40 a.m. that there was a large fire at O’Loughlins caravan park. Nine unoccupied mobile homes were damaged alongside a nearby truck, but nobody was injured. There was a significant amount of damage done that was substantial, and an investigation under Inspector Pat Cody, the detective branch and members of Gorey district Gardaí is ongoing,’ said Sgt Stephen Ennis.

Today (Tuesday), Wexford County Council will open a tender for the provision of a CCTV system in the Courtown and Riverchapel area in efforts to stop anti-social behaviour.

‘This will be a welcome addition in efforts to stop anti social behaviour, the starting of fires and illegal dumping. There are only a small minority who cause problems in the area, it won’t deter all anti social behaviour and solved every problem but the installation of CCTV will certainly help identify the culprits,’ said Cllr Malcolm Byrne.

‘It has taken a long time, about four of five years of campaigning alongside former councillor Robbie Ireton, but we’re finally moving to a situation now where we could see these cameras installed and working by the end of the year. It’s budget depending, but the CCTV will try to capture the main areas of Courtown and Riverchapel. Like in Gorey we have CCTV on the Main street and side streets and it has been helpful, as people are aware that they are being monitored, but it’s still essential that members of the public report anything suspicious to the Gardaí,’ he said.

Estimating that the fire at Parklands Holiday Park started at 3.28 a.m., twelve local fire fighters attended the scene with two fire engines, the Chief Fire Officer confirmed.

A similar incident happened at the Parklands Holiday Park in May of last year, when six mobile homes that were uninhabited were severely damaged by fire.

Speaking to the owner of the Parklands Holiday Park, Thomas O’Loughlin, he said that he was aware of the similarities to last year’s fire.

‘The mobile homes were located in the storage yard and nobody was hurt, and I was alerted about the fire by a neighbour at around 3.30 a.m. As I said last year the very same, I’ve no idea how this happened, I could speculate but I genuinely just don’t know,’ he said.

‘I want to thank the emergency services for the wonderful work they did in containing the fire and preventing further damage,’ he said.

Former councillor, Robert Ireton who also has a caravan park business in Courtown said that incidents like these leave a bad taste.

‘It’s an unnecessary thing to happen in the area, making it hard to continue in business and it is giving the area a bad name,’ he said.

The cause of the fire remains undetermined, and no arrests have been made but investigations into this incident of criminal damage by fire remain ongoing.

Anyone who was witness to or noticed any suspicious activity during the early hours of Wednesday morning is asked to contact Gorey Garda Station on 053 9430690 or the Garda Confidential Line 1800 666 111 or any Garda Station.


Garda manhunt after three teenage girls allege rape and sex assaults in Courtown Harbour

(Stock picture)

A massive investigation is under way after three juvenile teenage girls reported that they were victims of savage sex attacks by a number of males.

A manhunt is ongoing for a number of young men who gardaí want to question about the shocking alleged attacks which happened shortly after midnight on Sunday in Courtown Harbour, Co Wexford.

It is alleged that one of the girls was viciously raped while two others were sexually assaulted.

All the complainants are young teenagers and it is understood that their parents reported that the girls were sexually assaulted on Sunday morning.

It is alleged that more than one male was involved.

The girls have made official statements to specialist officers and have also been treated in hospital at a sexual assault unit.

Senior source said the teenage girls’ claims were being treated as “credible”.

The girls are understood to be originally from the Dublin area, and the attacks are understood to have happened close to the beach in the north Co Wexford seaside village.

Gardaí appealed for information in relation to the shocking case.

“Gardaí are investigating an incident of a serious nature that is reported to have occurred on Sunday at approximately 12.15am in the Burrow area of Courtown Harbour, Gorey, Co Wexford,” a garda spokesman said.

“Gardaí are appealing for anyone who may have information, particularly anyone who was in the in the Burrow area between 10pm on Saturday and 2am on Sunday who observed any suspicious behaviour to contact Gardaí in Gorey on 053 943 0690 or the Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666 111.

“Due to the sensitive nature of the incident no further information is currently available. Investigations are ongoing,” the spokesman added.

The area where the alleged attacks happened was sealed off for a large number of hours on Sunday while a forensic and technical examination took place.

There has been no arrests do far in the case and last night gardai said that they did not have a description of the alleged attackers.

Wednesday 31 July 2019

Probe into alleged sex attacks on three girls in holiday town

Courtown Harbour, Courtown, Co. Wexford.1Courtown Harbour, Courtown, Co. Wexford.

Fred concludes:  Ireland has changed and not for the better.  Years ago across Ireland the local Garda and Sgt knew their own people because they were out and about daily on the beat meeting people in the community, having a conversation and trust was built up.  It was that simple.  In the last 30 years+ looking for a cop on the beat now is as rare as a cuckoo.  They are just not there.  They go around in high power squad cars and are so detached from the people, it is becoming a national joke but sadly nobody is laughing.  Crime is all over this country now.  Drugs are sold in every village and town.  Gangs are everywhere and society in general is breaking down.  Years ago Courtown was a holiday resort for Dublin people in the summer.  You may have had the odd row but nothing like this.  The warning signs have been there for years and the Government took their eye off the ball and things are going to get a lot worse sadly.  Fine Gael years ago would always have their slogan “The Party for Law and Order”. Well now Charlie Flanagan needs to get back to the drawing board urgently before more lives are lost.  Let us not forget a serious knife culture in Ireland.

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