Where are the Muppets now? Fast forward to November 1st, the Brexit storm has arrived and the Ship of TD Fools has just embarked to find sanctuary in North Korea.

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Boris is in No 10 and no sign of Leo.  Boris and his new 1st Lady is trying to contact Ms. Barrett, Ireland’s 1st Lady, who we now believe to be on the boat also.  When Boris phoned FF HQ Micheal Martin still refuses to plug the gobshites out and he reiterates the Cosy Deal is still on but the big problem is is that the entire Cabinet have taken flight on the Ark with no Covenant in sight.  Timmy Cooley has demanded that his tweet be put back up while John Pint of Guinness and Mattie are forming a new party called “Fianna Haughey Fail”.  Yes, when you put forward the clock, do we really know what is going to happen on the first day of the Holy Souls Month (November 1st).  Wait I hear Mitchell O’Connor shouting – Leo, watch the Iceberg.  Leo replies I have bluffed it this far so hang on to your knicks.  Yes, we will have to wait to see if this Ship of Fools set sail or will they remain in their bunkers in Kildare Street.  To be continued:  Fred


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