How the Brits view the Gangland War in Ireland, most interesting.

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Fred concludes:  Since I began my blog along with others; I have noticed a very keen interest in the English media reading my material.  We must not forget there are millions of Irish people or of descent living in the UK.  Years ago they kept in touch with the old Irish Press and the Independent but now in modern times our young people browse through the web and social media and find the stories that interest them.  Each week I get hundreds of requests in relation to Gangland, Garda corruption, Political scandals, and the rest.  The one that really baffles the readers is how the Gardai cannot a handle on the Feud, not just the Kinahan-Hutch feud but the number of feuds that are going on throughout Ireland at present.  One retired CID officer who writes on social media regularly said that when any Police Force loses the Trust of its people, then they become near redundant.  This is a serious statement but if you look at the figures, only 10% of all drugs coming into our Republic are detected, so one must ask, Why? and How? are they getting in and how many people in Government jobs are assisting the flow by being paid big bucks to buy same. 

It is almost the Dawn of Brexit and we are going to have one more serious problem and that will be Extradition and Co-operation between the Gardai here and the British police but this is for another day.  I ask you again to read Ciaran Goggins latest article in relation to Police corruption in London.  This is very well researched.  To be continued:-  Fred



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