How does Flanagan and the Gardai prevent these young people from a life of Crime and Prison, and sadly death?

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Wednesday 14 August 2019

Burglary gang sell high-end cars for just €300 to crime bosses in feud

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Ken Foy

A prolific burglary gang are selling top-of-the-range stolen cars for as little as €300 to gang bosses involved in “highly active” feuds.

The group of thieves have been targeting upmarket areas of north Dublin, with sources revealing that Malahide has been particularly badly hit by the gang.

The Irish Independent can reveal the burglary gang, which includes a number of underage males, has been “doing business” with members of the criminal groups involved in the complicated Coolock feud in Dublin.

“The young criminals are exchanging jewellery and other items like laptops taken in the robberies at locations such as Malahide for relatively small amounts of drugs from the more senior gang members,” the source said.

“These are individuals involved in highly active and dangerous feuds in the Coolock area and they are taking complete advantage of the younger gang.

“Apart from the stolen jewellery and electronic devices that are being exchanged for drugs, information has come in that the younger gang are selling top-of-the-range cars for figures as low as €300.

“It really is a win-win situation for the more senior criminals.”

Gardaí suspect that much of the stolen goods that comes into the gang’s possession is being sold at ‘cash-for-gold’ outlets and other second-hand jewellery stores.

The gangs doing business with the younger burglary crew include associates of Sean Little (22), who was shot dead near Balbriggan, Co Dublin, on May 21.

The burglary crew are also doing business with this group’s bitter rivals, as well as a 30-year-old heroin dealer who was released without charge earlier this month after he was arrested for firearms offences in an operation in which gardaí seized two loaded firearms.

“The younger gang are not involved in the feuds – they are just content to offload what they have stolen to whoever will give them drugs and cash,” the source added.

Despite this, the burglary gang are causing huge concern for officers in the northside of the city and a special operation targeting their activities is being led by detectives based in Raheny and Howth.

These officers have carried out a number of search operations in recent weeks and out of 16 high-end vehicles stolen by the younger gang over the past fortnight, gardaí have managed to locate 11 of these.

The burglary gang have been stealing cars which have been parked in the driveways of homes after smashing in front doors and stealing keys from the targeted houses.

In some cases, the gang have stolen more than one car from a targeted property.


Two arrested in Dublin by gardai probing organised crime and money laundering

Searches were carried out in Dublin 8 and Drumcondra


Two people have been arrested by gardai investigating an organised crime gang and money laundering.

As part of the ongoing investigation into criminal activities, a search was carried out by the Garda National Economic Crime Bureau at premises in Dublin 8.

Further searches at a premises in the Drumcondra area recovered 14 false IDs.

Gardai say they are continuing to investigate money laundering of over three million euro by the organised crime gang through false bank accounts in the past year in Ireland and Finland.

A number of electronic devices were seized and two Romanian nationals aged 21 and 31 were arrested and have been detained at Kevin Street Garda Station.

Inquiries are ongoing with financial institutions in Ireland, Europol and Eurojust into the activities of the gang.

This brings the total numbers of arrests to 11 in Ireland, along with a further three in Finland.

The investigation is continuing.

Fred concludes:  Crime in Ireland is right now at epidemic levels.  Tourists are being attacked on our city streets, in broad daylight, assaulted and robbed.  Young people sadly addicted to Heroin, Cocaine, Meth Crystal et al are shooting up daily not just off Parliament Street but in Talbot Street, Gardiner Street, and believe it or not at the side entrance to the GPO.  Surely some cameras work and if I am correct the Gardai have a network of cameras based at Store Street.  Reading the above these young people have no where to go.  The estates they live in are drug fueled.  They see Mr Big in his flashy car and they look upon him as a role model and they will literally do anything to get the gangland thugs attention.  They want to be part of the Big Gang and when I mean do anything – just figure it out for yourself. 

Society has a responsibility.  We know education sets people on a new path but there must be a will and a commitment to tackle the top criminals in this country and take them down.  I have written again and again that the Gardai know who they are and where they are but they will tell you it is all about evidence and going before the courts.  It always amazes me when Rogue Gardai target innocent people; they have no problem gathering evidence no matter how false it may be and they have no problem doing a stitch up of people who they perceive to be a threat in exposing them.  I should know.  I was a victim on several occasions.

Back to the decent hardworking Cops; they should be given the resources and the over-time necessary to take the word Gangland out of Irish society.  I find it deeply offensive to see squad cars painted pink just to please Leo’s sexuality and his boyfriend.  Let us get real here the Pink Parade have equality and well done but 7,500 LBGT men/women along with their families make up the numbers but they should not have a monopoly on the word Equality.  The people of North Dublin, the people of Drogheda, the people of Longford, the people of Castlebar, the people of Waterford, and let us go further all over Ireland have human rights also to walk their towns and villages free from harassment and fear of these gangland thugs.  Equality is for all people but sadly we have a Taoiseach that appears to be one dimensional and the sooner Micheal Martin plugs him out the better.  Across the country, grandparents are being bribed by these thugs and are paying out large sums of money to ensure that their grandchildren are not badly assaulted,  even murdered.  

As I said before, Equality is for all people and these young men, if found in time, could seek a life away from crime, prevention is the best way forward, it is how the Government can set up a number of agencies, even to try and begin to a new Way Forward in keeping young minors away from a life that not just destroys others but themselves also.  Fred



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