How long can the Gardai keep using Armed Response Units, to try and tackle the rise in Mob Youth Crime on this Island?

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Monday 19 August 2019

Armed gardaí deployed as gang targets graveyards and tourist spots. There has to be a better planned, and Collective way in dealing with these rising young Mobsters. At present, it is a War Zone out there?

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Armed gardaí have been deployed to crack down on a crime gang responsible for targeting vulnerable OAPs as they visit graves.

The Tallaght-based gang have also been operating in popular tourist destinations in the Wicklow area.

There has been a major increase in thefts and burglaries in recent weeks, but gardaí are hopeful that the situation may calm down after the arrest of a 22-year-old criminal who is considered the ringleader of the mob.

“In their latest move, this crew have been targeting cars that are parked at graveyards,” a senior source said.

There have been seven similar thefts linked to the gang in the space of just one week in which the thugs either break into parked vehicles or ransack the cars if they are unlocked.

Purses, cash, mobile phones and any other items left in the cars have been stolen by the criminals, who are also the chief suspects for a large number of handbag snatching incidents in counties Carlow, Kildare and Wicklow.

“August is an especially busy time at graveyards because it is the month when it is most common for blessing of the graves ceremonies taking place,” said the Garda source.

“People are visiting graves to place fresh flowers and plants on them and this gang have honed in on this fact and are targeting cars parked at the graveyards.


“Most of the victims have been female and are typically aged in their 70s or 60s – it has been a very distressing experience for them.”

Cars have been targeted at graveyards in Bray, Arklow, Rathdrum and Laragh, which has led gardaí to set up a special covert surveillance operation.

Gardaí have so much concern about the Tallaght gang that they have also organised armed patrols to police popular tourist destinations in Co Wicklow, along with the more discreet undercover operation at graveyards.

“When available, the Regional Support Unit (RSU) has been deployed to locations such as Glendalough, Aughrim and Enniskerry. “These are highly popular tourist locations and there are concerns that tourists will be targeted by the organised crime gang.

“By having an overt armed Garda presence, it is sending out a strong message that the activities of this gang will not be tolerated – an armed Garda presence is necessary because this is an organised crime gang,” the senior source explained.


Residents hold vigil for Dublin man assaulted over weekend

        residents gather in support of Paddy Hansard
Ballybough residents gather in support of Paddy Hansard
Residents of the Ballybough area of Dublin’s north inner city held a vigil tonight to support a local man who was attacked at the weekend.

The assault on Paddy Hansard, who is in his 70s, happened as he made his way home after midnight early on Saturday morning.

He remains in a critical condition in hospital.

A man in his 50s who was questioned by gardaí about the incident was released without charge and a file is being prepared for the DPP.

Fred concludes:- The numbers of assaults and criminal damage to property in this country right now has reached alarming levels.  One has to ask a simple question:  Why deploy the Heavies to a bunch of young thugs from Tallaght who are terrorising elderly people in the Wicklow area (these people are visiting their loved ones in graveyards).  When you deploy armed units you give these youngster a status that they are now a Gang to be respected among their peers which means that the Gardai technically are actually helping them in their recruitment drive so that more will join the Gang.  I find it intriguing that Gardai moan and groan about lack of resources and yet we do not hear and we never will of Gardai who on a weekly basis hire taxis to bring a male father/husband or female mother/wife to the nearest jail over unpaid TV licence or small fines.  Let me repeat this:  This goes on and yet there is no problem with leaving the station short of two officers for the day. 

In one case recently, two Gardai in the west of Ireland brought a gentleman to Castlerea prison – the fines were approximately £400.  When they got to the prison it was full.  They then traveled to Mountjoy in the taxi with the poor gentleman in tow.  The prison admitted him, assessed him, went through the normal ritual and he was home that evening before the two Gardai who were well drunk in the taxi and on overtime.  The gentleman spent 1.5 hours in the prison and was then released with a travel voucher.  Now let us put this into perspective:  Imagine the cost to the State:  a taxi; 2 cute Cops being paid for their meals, up and down from Dublin, in no rush going back to the station, Why?  Overtime.  So the State paid out approximately £2,000 against fines with a total of £400. 

Even the slowest of Muppets would figure out this one.  This bureaucratic mire must be cleansed immediately and the Supt. in the station, should be held accountable to the people he serves and the money that he wastes on this madness.  In the meantime the country is in crisis with daily assaults, robberies, and now nobody is safe in graveyards.  Even to read the above, the words “Armed Response Unit” deployed to graveyards – should raise questions.  Are we living in a Mad Max movie?  To be continued.  Fred


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