Long overdue changes, but Harris will need to lead carefully, he knows he will have his Enemies from within?

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More gardaí to be deployed to frontline as part of structural changes

        Drew Harris will announce the new Operating Model for An Garda
        Síochána later this morning
Commissioner Drew Harris will announce the new Operating Model for An Garda Síochána later this morning
More gardaí are to be deployed to the frontline as part of structural changes to An Garda Síochána.

The new Operating Model for An Garda Síochána, which will be announced by Commissioner Drew Harris later this morning, is thought to be the biggest restructuring of the force in modern times.

Gardaí say the reforms will improve services to communities and maximise the operational impact of the force.

Among the changes expected to be announced is a reduction in Garda regions from six to four and a reduction in the number of Garda divisions from 28 to 19.

This is designed to release more gardaí to frontline duties and deliver a more localised service to communities.

An Garda Síochána says it will improve structures, processes, service and governance and its operational impact.

It is understood that the reforms will take place using existing resources and that the plan aims for those changes to take effect over the next three years.

But it appears the Association of Garda Superintendents is unhappy at not being consulted about the changes and is exploring if the operating model may be in conflict with the Public Service Stability Agreement.

The Gardai up to now, were ran like a private Army, Loyalty before Truth, Stations ran like Gossip shops, and no question of Accountability, well changes are finally coming. To see a Garda on the beat around here, is like watching a flying Saucer? Some of the Divisional changes, are not well thought out, but Harris will know the short falls hopefully? In the meantime he has one more major problem, Leaks to newspapers that can affect a court case, or give peoples details to the wrong people or the wrong sources.  After the Charleton Tribunal the people on this Island learned a lot more in relation to the calibre and ethics of our so-called journalists who stood there; they took the “Fifth Amendment”.  There were only a handful of decent journalists and TD’s, Maurice McCabe would have been up against a stacked deck but thankfully people like Philip Boucher-Hayes, John McGuinness, Anne Harris and others did the right thing.  They told the Truth and some of these people suffered for it also. 

I will give an example today without naming names:  We all know of a certain motor mouth who gets all his leaks and stories from certain Gardai and Drew Harris should be really having a deeper look at this individual.  Am I correct in saying there is a 5 year prison sentence for any Garda breaking his Oath or giving information for financial gain.  If this law was really taken seriously, we would have to open Spike Island to contain at least 100 cops.  One female journalist had the whole menu – a daughter of a superintendent, and she may look like Cinderella but she is deeply cunning and devious.  All her stories come from Daddy’s friends.  Every journalist in town knows this but yet nothing is done. 

We need also to remind the Gardai who activate the Pulse System that it is for work purposes only and not for collecting data for private means for favours on behalf of neighbours and friends in passing information about Irish citizens.  These are serious comments but they are also a fact of everyday life.  I hope the days are now over where Gardai can target innocent people and make their life hell.  I hope the days are over where people can feel safe in their own homes and not have to worry about being stitched up or having their door kicked in on false charges.  Yes, I hope this new dawn for Irish policing is for the better good of society and the good cops because there are many of those also who want to do their job fairly and with dignity.  Fred




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