One man, One Housing Estate, a normal evening and he is carrying, when arrested, £250,000 worth of Heroin. Again I say the cops are chasing coattails around the country.

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Friday 23 August 2019

Man walking through Coolock housing estate with almost €245,000 of heroin arrested

Moatview Gardens in Priorswood, where gardai
                      stopped a pedestrian and seized drugs with a
                      considerable street value
                      Picture: Gerry Mooney 2
Moatview Gardens in Priorswood, where gardai stopped a pedestrian and seized drugs with a considerable street value Picture: Gerry Mooney

A man walking through a Coolock housing estate with nearly €250,000 of heroin was arrested by Gardai after he spotted them and tried to run away.

The incident happened in the Moatview Gardens area of Priorswood at around 8.30pm last night.

The man, who is in his 20s and known to Gardai, was spotted by a regular mobile patrol and started acting suspiciously.

He tried to run and was chased down by the patrol.

Moatview Gardens in Priorswood Picture:
                        Gerry Mooney 2 2
Moatview Gardens in Priorswood Picture: Gerry Mooney

On searching the man after apprehending him nearly €250,000 of heroin was found.

A follow-up search in the Darndale area was then carried out by garda units, including armed Gardai, and a quantity of cannabis and cash was found.

A garda spokeswoman said in a statement: “As part of an ongoing operation by Gardaí from Coolock Garda Station into the sale and supply of controlled substances in the area, a male pedestrian was stopped after a short foot pursuit in the Priorswood area of Coolock D17 on the 19th August 2019.

“During the course of a search of the man, Gardaí discovered Heroin (pending analysis) with an estimated street value of €234,000. A male in his 20s was arrested and taken to Coolock Garda station. He is currently being detained under the provisions of section 2 of the Criminal Justice (Drug Trafficking) Act 1996 as amended.

“Following further searches in the Darndale and Santry area, Cannabis Herb (Pending analysis) with an estimated value of approximately €7,000 was discovered along with a sum of cash.

“The combined total of drugs and cash seized was €245,000.”

Fred concludes!    £245,000:  If this is an isolated incident you could have some logical idea of the level of drugs at the moment within housing estates in the entire Dublin area, both north and south.  But this find must alarm the Gardai because it certainly alarms the people across this Island.  The amount of heroin here is high when you compare the size and population of this country.  I have said before and on several occasions that Ireland is seeping in serious drugs and it is becoming a culture now known as “Recreational”, a totally unacceptable heading.  Harris yesterday spread out a platform of new reforms in Irish policing but I think he should listen carefully to the words of Deputy McSharry in Sligo – this is not well thought out; it is not planned with the proper geographical coverage of rural Ireland.  If you make Bray a Garda HQ that potentially oversees part of Wexford, it is literally like asking a Belmullet Garda to find Lord Lucan.  Harris knows about British policing.  All his friends are working there daily but since he came down he is trying to root out the waste of taxpayers money and most likely the wasters who are clock watching to get out on their little pensions and to start working as Cost Assessors in the lucrative insurance business.  It is now known today that two or three major traveller gangs are terrorising rural Ireland on a weekly basis with violent burglaries and using state of the art surveillance equipment and high powered cars. 

Harris should re-shuffle certain gardai in certain soft Garda stations who have had it cosy for far too long.  I  suggest like man that he take the keystone cops out of Donnybrook, and Irishtown, who chase missing cats and poodles on a daily basis.  We must not forget that if they don’t like someone it is these same Gardai will target that person and try to stitch them up.  Take these cops and put them to Darndale, Coolock or Clondalkin.  Show them frontline policing where they will have no time for parking on the canal to drink  their coffee and smoke on a regular basis. 

Also Harris should really try and tackle the attitude of many Gardai towards the Irish public and teach them better social skills and behaviour.  Some seem to forget they work to protect the public not to persecute them.  We have had 60 years of policing across the two frontiers of this country but only a fool will believe that this will continue post Brexit.  There will be changes and the Gardai down here will need to step up and act professionally.  At the moment there are major problems with Rogue Gardai in Leitrim and other areas; this needs to be tackled urgently.  If ever an Irish police force required the Truth of the Irish people, it is now and they should act like police officers and not thugs in uniform (who refuse to sign the code of ethics).  We have witnessed here for years how Gardai treat the residing Judge and Barrister with total respect and then change their hat for other ordinary people.  This is called selective policing and should end immediately.  Donnybrook and Irishtown should be a priority for a total clean out and a new beginning aimed at proper policing with a touch of basic humanity for all people.  Fred



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