A Probationary Garda allegedly steals arms from Garda HQ where Commissioner Drew Harris is based; while in another station another Probation Garda allegedly steals cash from a wallet. Both are being questioned. What next?

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Garda arrested after he allegedly stole cash from wallet which had been handed into station

A GARDA was arrested after he allegedly stole cash from a wallet which had been handed in, the Irish Sun can reveal.

The young cop, who was on probation after completing his training, was lifted and quizzed over the theft in a garda station in the south of the country on Thursday.

 The incident happened at a garda station in the south             of the country

The incident happened at a garda station in the south of the countryCredit: Reuters

The man, aged in his 20s, is said to have been “caught red handed” and it is understood that the incident was seen CCTV footage within the station.

He was brought to a garda station in another division to be questioned.

The man has now been suspended from duty pending the outcome of the investigation.

A source said: “This man was caught in the act. It’s on CCTV.

“He was arrested straight away and was then questioned over it.

“He’s a young man who is on probation and based in the station after he completed his training.”

The man was detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act and has since been released.

A garda spokesman confirmed that a file has now been prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions who will determine if the young officer will face charges.



Major probe launched after cop ‘swipes weapons and ammunition’ from Garda HQ

A MAJOR probe is underway after a cop is believed to have swiped weapons and ammunition from Garda headquarters.

The Garda member, who is a probationer, was lifted on Thursday under section 30 of the Offences against The State Act 1939.

 File image. Gardai are trying to establish the man’s             access to weapons at Garda headquarters in Phoenix Park

File image. Gardai are trying to establish the man’s access to weapons at Garda headquarters in Phoenix ParkCredit: Crispin Rodwell – The Sun Dublin

The Irish Sun can reveal the suspect may have had multiple firearms and many rounds of ammunition when cops pounced.

The man is believed to be a gun enthusiast and gardai do not suspect he had links to any crime gangs.

A source said: “This man has been under suspicion for some time and he has been kept under a close eye.

“It’s very concerning that this could happen and they are looking into how exactly it did.”

As part of the investigation, gardai are trying to establish the man’s access to weapons at Garda headquarters in Phoenix Park, Dublin.

And they are examining what guns were taken and whether any weapons have been interfered with.

The man is expected to be suspended in the coming days.

A garda spokeswoman confirmed: “A Garda member was arrested yesterday evening in Dublin and is currently detained under Section 30 of the Offences Against the State Act 1939, in a Dublin Garda Station.

“The investigation is under the direction of Assistant Commissioner, Special Crime Operations, John O’Driscoll.”


News Irish News

Saturday 31 August 2019

‘I’m going to shoot your ma’ – 10 shots fired at home of innocent mother over son’s ‘drug debts’

Sharon Gervin, stands beside the                             shattered window of her Loughview gardens                             home in Coalisland. 7
Sharon Gervin, stands beside the shattered window of her Loughview gardens home in Coalisland.

Nicola Tallant

Sharon Gervin is just 5ft 2in, but today she stands tall for all the parents in Ireland suffering intimidation over drug debts, saying she hopes she gives them the courage to fight back too.

Gardaí and the PSNI are liaising in their investigations into the shootings at her home.

They are examining a series of chilling texts and messages – revealed last weekend by the Sunday World – which detail the nature of the intimidation the Gervin family are being subjected to by the criminal.

Terrifying recordings of the dealer threatening her son Stephen (26), and messages he sent before both gun attacks are being examined by the PSNI, who are hoping to put together a file for a European Arrest Warrant.

The drug dealer, who is 30 and was kneecapped in his early 20s, has spent time in prison for selling heroin and cannabis.

He once worked alongside Dublin gangster ‘Mr Flashy’ and his ‘Gucci Gang’ under the umbrella of the Kinahan Cartel, but is understood he has fallen out with many former associates and is well known to gardaí policing gang feuds in Coolock.

It is understood he sent two gunmen from Dublin across the border to shoot up the house.

However, brave mum of four Sharon says: “I have worked hard for everything I have in this house and I will not be run out of it by some scumbag.  I have nothing to do whatsoever with what my son has got mixed up in. Me and my husband and our children have nothing to do with drugs or these people. I will not be intimidated.

“I feel able to speak out because of the support we have got from our community. Everyone is looking out for us and offering to help. It has been amazing to see the whole community get behind us.”

CCTV Footage captures two                           gunmenshooting into the Gervin family home in                           March as a 1st birthday party took place.7 7
CCTV Footage captures two gunmenshooting into the Gervin family home in March as a 1st birthday party took place.

The Gervins are one of hundreds of families across the country under threat from out of control drug gangs intent on collecting blood money by targeting the loved ones of victims.

Sharon hopes that by speaking out she will encourage others to fight back against the dealers too.

“If he is such a big man he can come here and face me. I am not afraid because I know he will have to face a community and not just one family. He sent guys with guns to shoot through my windows. Ten bullets – in my book that is 10 attempts to murder me and members of my family.”

The suspect, who boasts that he is ‘Cartel’ is understood to have befriended Stephen while he was working in Lanzarote last summer.  Now he is demanding €250,000 from him, claiming he was to blame for a botched deal. Stephen insists he owes no money.

Mrs Gervin Coalisland, Co Tyrone home                           was shot at five times in early July.7 7
Mrs Gervin Coalisland, Co Tyrone home was shot at five times in early July.

Officers believe that Stephen began receiving threats last October after he returned home to the North. Although he wasn’t living with his family he did stay over the Christmas season.

The threats escalated in the months after that and the dealer started referring to the family home and to Mrs Gervin in particular.

On the night before the first gun attack he told her son: “Tell your Ma I’m going to leave her house like a teabag.”

In a text message he warned: “You wanna tell your connections to stay alert and watch the gaf mate cos we are coming… With tools and if you’re not there someone will get it….is your life, your Mam’s life, your sisters life worth all this… I doubt it but you’re bringing it all down on top of them.”

On March 10 the family were celebrating daughter Amy’s 21st birthday when two men pulled up outside the house at 12.15am and pumped five bullets through the front window and door of the house outside Coalisland.

“Thank God we had a marquee that night for the party and everyone was in the garden. I had just walked into the kitchen when there was this big noise and I saw flashes. I screamed for everyone to get down,” said Sharon.

“I just couldn’t believe it. Stephen hasn’t lived here for years. He has his own life. We tried, as we do with all our children, to keep them on the straight and narrow. I don’t condone anyone getting involved in drugs, but we have nothing to do with it, we are ordinary people.

“Anyone could find themselves in our situation. This could be anyone’s nightmare.”

The PSNI were called and later issued five members of the family, including two young teenagers, with threat forms to warn them that their lives were in danger.

But the intimidation didn’t stop there. On July 1 Sharon and her husband had gone to bed when they were awoken with the sound of an explosion over their heads and the flash of bullets. One hit the wardrobe beside where they had been sleeping.

A chilling text sent earlier that evening read: “You wont last long ive nothing else to do but look for you ive a crew of lads your done mate stick the money up your hole and if not you ill keep annoying your ma this aint ever going away so be safe.”

The following day the dealer was recorded in a heated exchange when he said: “You owe me dough, this is never ever going away for you. I heard that someone let a roar last night, yeah. I’m telling you now, you or someone in your family is going to be gone.”

The extraordinary recordings show just how confident the drug dealer is. In another text he simply types: “Tick tock. Tick tock.”

It is understood that the dealer has been using the name of the Kinahan Cartel in order to heighten fears. He even texted: “You ask your connections who the **** we are.” And he writes: “I’ve 200 sweets with your family’s names on them.”

Sharon says that despite the threats she is living as normal as possible, although the family are getting help with their security from the PSNI and support across the political divide.

“I think it is disgusting that someone would try to use an innocent family like this. I’m sure there are parents all over the country in the same position as us. It could be anyone’s turn next.

“We all try to keep our kids away from these gangs, but they are everywhere. They are destroying lives and communities.”

Fred concludes:  When one reads the above, one would have to ask what type of vetting is going on during the recruitment of young people who want to join An Garda Siochana?  The above headlines ring alarm bells.  We cannot forget the young Gardai in a nightclub in Kildare and the cocaine scandal and that case is still under review.  We cannot forget that three years ago another Garda was caught with a sizeable amount of drugs at the Electric Picnic and that investigation has disappeared for some reason.  But now this is so much worse. 

My question today is how could a probationary garda just out of Templemore Nappies have access to the weapons armory at Garda HQ and how many guns are missing and is it possible that their destination was for a purpose?  We are all entitled to ask questions.  Another question I have:  How often in all Garda stations is there a total inventory done in relation to Garda weaponry and other items.  I hope this is a wake-up call.  At the moment it is allegations but if these allegations lead to conviction, you are really talking about Treason. 

In the current climate of  Gangland murders across this country and towns like Drogheda under siege, one would have to ask how this latest scandal has come about and how the main media are totally silent?  The Gardai last week had a great PR spin interview in relation to the four guns seized in Monaghan but I don’t see John O’Driscoll sitting down now and letting people know that all the guns are safely locked away at Garda HQ.  This situation now makes our Police Force look like idiots and the people who are in charge of gun storage at HQ need to be hauled in to be asked some serious questions.  I hope Charlie Flanagan makes a complete and clarified statement in relation to this matter.  The other Garda who was arrested and is suspended in relation to cash removed from a woman’s purse at a southside Garda station – well there is nothing new about this because cash in Garda stations has gone missing for decades.  I wrote about this some months ago and said that in at least seven Garda stations in Dublin and elsewhere, cash from the proceeds of robberies has gone missing and this has obstructed court cases going forward.  One of these stations is Balbriggan in North Dublin. 

During the Ian Bailey chaotic years in West Cork, apart from thousands of calls being tapped an entire gate – yes an iron gate – went missing from Bandon Garda station.  How could someone take a gate out of a cop shop and not be noticed?  It is like on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 when the Dail sadly re-opens, walking a giraffe in during leaders question and nobody managing to blink an eye.  Has Apathy really conquered this small Island?  You would have to ask how many cops are watching the clock and not doing their jobs?  The above really sums it up.  Drew Harris spoke of a New Dawn but I remember Enda Kenny saying in 2011 there would be a New Dawn in Irish politics but I think he got confused with the words, dusk, darkness and cover-ups.  Back to the quiz in London, the question was asked – what is the biggest criminal organisation in Ireland.  Well I will leave the reply to my readers!!!!!!!!!   

The other article above is about a young mother with her windows blown in by a hail of bullets by a Gangland Thug who crossed the border into Tyrone to leave her a chilling message “PAY YOUR SON’S DEBTS FOR DRUGS OR THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS?”   These gangland figures believe they can cross borders, fire indiscriminately at family homes, engage in extortion and they have no fear of anybody especially the Cops.  Now let’s just recall what happened here.  A Drug Thug drives into Tyrone and fires bullets into a family home.  He wants his MONEY; this is chilling and this needs to stop.  People are asking questions – when will the Garda get a handle on a Drug Culture and a Gun Culture that is way out of control and sadly there seems to be no light coming down the road at the moment.  Fred



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