A Garda squad car hit by a volley of bullets and the two inside were unaware of what happened – ????

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Sunday 1 September 2019

Two unarmed gardai fired upon in Dublin

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Two unarmed members of An Garda Síochána were fired upon in an incident in Darndale, North Dublin on Thursday night.

The Sunday World has learned the female officers were on a routine patrol in Buttercup Park at 11.20 pm when, following an incident involving another vehicle, their patrol van was hit by two rounds from a gun.

The bullets are believed to have struck on the driver side door.

Unaware that the vehicle had been fired upon but concerned at the sound  made by the impacts, the officers returned to Coolock Garda station.

A subsequent inspection of the vehicle revealed what appeared to be bullet holes in the exterior of the drivers’ door of the patrol van.

It’s understood the vehicle has since been subjected to a full forensic examination.

“This is a very shocking and worrying development,” a source told the Sunday World and is being treated as a very serious attempt to harm the officers in question.

“This cannot be considered as anything other than an attempt to harm or cause serious injury to two unarmed officers who were patrolling the area with a view to keeping the community safe.

“Attacks of this nature are utterly reprehensible and will not be tolerated.

“Those responsible will be subject to the full rigors of the law once detected.”

Incidents in which gardai have been shot at are extremely rare but the Sunday World understands a petrol bomb was thrown at another officer in an incident in north Dublin several weeks ago.

Thursday night’s incident is being viewed as a significant escalation in the threat level facing now facing gardai in north Dublin.

In a statement this evening Gardai confirmed “Gardaí are investigating criminal damage to an official Garda Van following an incident in the Coolock area on Thursday the 29th of August.

“At approximately 11:20pm a Garda patrol van with two uniformed members was on patrol at Buttercup Park, Darndale when it was involved in an incident with a suspect car.

“A loud noise was heard before the car took off from Gardaí across a nearby field in the direction of the Malahide road.

“The patrol van was later inspected and two indentations consistent with gunfire were discovered on the driver’s door.

“No one was injured and both Garda members involved remained on duty.

“The van has since been removed for technical and forensic examination.

Investigating Gardaí are appealing for witnesses.

“Anyone with information is asked to contact the incident room at Coolock Garda Station 01-6664200 or the Garda Confidential Line 1800 666 111.”

Fred asks some pertinent questions today but first it is important to say that nobody was hurt in anyway.  Now, the question, how could two so-called highly trained members of Ireland’s finest Police officers, not be aware that their squad car was hit by gun fire.  Reading the above, poses more questions, than what actually happened.  To be blunt, you would hear a noise and then a thud against the metal of the car and anybody with a brain cell would know that there was an impact and the target was obvious.  I think the training in Templemore should go a little bit slower because some members of our Gardai are most definitely not fully tuned in.  Enough said.  Fred

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