The Government must give the backing to the personnel at Mountjoy to gain control of the prison and this includes other prisons also across the country.

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  1. Mountjoy Prison

‘Ruthless’ Kinahan associates ‘flooding’ Mountjoy Prison with drugs

The Kinahan thugs rule the prison with an iron fist

Mount Joy prison
Mountjoy prison

Two jailed associates of the Kinahan cartel have taken control of Mountjoy Prison and are pumping it with drugs, it has been revealed.

The pair have taken over the D Wing of the jail, which houses around 100 inmates, and was once controlled by another crime boss.

The Kinahan thugs rule it with an iron fist and have spread fear among other prisoners.

A source told the Irish Sunday Mirror there has never been as many drugs in Mountjoy Prison as there are now.

He said: “Inmates are walking around like zombies, completely out of it. There has always been drugs in the jail despite the tough measures in place.

“However, recently things have got out of control and the place is awash.”

The source told how the cartel pair are “ruling the drug market in the prison”.

He added: “An inmate used to control the wing but the others have pushed him out. Compared to the two Kinahan fellas he was a walkover. These guys are ruthless and have the run of the place.

“Things will come to a head soon no doubt and that’s the real worrying thing.” Drug drops by drones are becoming more frequent according to the source but the majority are intercepted.

The source said: “Many are fitted with cameras so they know exactly where to drop the package.

“Inmates are even drowning tennis balls with a flammable liquid and setting them on fire before throwing them on to the nets over the yard.

“They burn a whole through which in time makes it easier for drones to fly in through.”

A spokesman for the Irish Prison Service said preventing contraband from getting inside prisons remains “a high priority”.

He told how a raft of measures had been undertaken including enhanced CCTV, control of visits and searches.

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