Gangland, Guns, Cartels, Drugs, and the secrets that lie within: Add to this the Enforcers and Informers, and the Rogue Cops?

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Gangster “Fat” Freddie Thompson and his mob had access to more than 100 weapons secretly smuggled into Ireland, new book reveals

Thompson is currently serving life for the murder of David Douglas

Gangster Fat Freddie Thompson

Evil gangster “Fat” Freddie Thompson and his mob had access to more than 100 weapons secretly smuggled into Ireland, a new book has revealed.

The shocking figure was contained in files compiled by Spanish investigators after the murder of Kinahan cartel member David Byrne at the Regency Hotel in Dublin on February 5, 2016.

Spanish cops collected data on the danger posed by Thompson – currently serving life for the murder of David Douglas on July 1, 2016 – and his

Details of the threat are revealed in an explosive new book, Fat Freddie: A Gangster’s Life – The Bloody Career Of Freddie Thompson, by Stephen Breen.

The files claimed: “This criminal group is involved in the importation and distribution of controlled drugs, murder, firearms and serious assault.

“The gang are believed to have significant connections throughout Europe and especially around the city of Birmingham in England.


“It is estimated Freddie Thompson, the Kinahan gang and their associates have access to over 100 weapons and they have been distributed between Thompson for murders and also to their associates.

“The Kinahan organised crime group is offering huge war games sums of money to have the Hutch organised crime group wiped out.”

And gardai believed part of Thompson’s role was to attract new killers to the cartel’s ranks by offering €5,000 sweeteners to young men desperate to make a name for themselves with the gang.

For that sum these youngsters were prepared to murder anyone associated with the Hutch family.

Gardai also believed €1million had been set aside by the cartel with €500,000 offered for the murder of Gerry Hutch and the same amount
for shooting another loyal Hutch associate.

The book also reveals how 61 people on both sides of Ireland’s deadliest feud, including Thompson, were officially warned by officers their lives were in danger and given Garda Information Message forms.

One source said: “Thompson receiving a GIM was a common
occurrence. He knew the drill and often laughed when the forms were delivered to him.

“Gardai were simply following protocol, but it didn’t seem to bother him because he had been living under threat from one gang or another since his teenage years.

“He had somehow managed to survive his feud with Rattigan and also with Declan Duffy and must have received dozens of GIM forms over the years. To people like him they were often seen as a badge of honour.”

Former Asst Garda Comm Michael O’Sullivan outlined how Thompson was one of the gardai’s main targets in the early days of the feud.

He said: “Freddie Thompson would certainly have been high up the food chain at that time but none of these criminals were invincible or

“People need to be reminded that there are no untouchables out there.

“Some of them believe their own hype and propaganda. Those involved in serious organised crime, people like Freddie Thompson, could be friends one minute and sworn enemies the next. There is a lot of paranoia out there – they’re under pressure all the time, from the gardai and from each other.

“If serious players are locked up this can cause serious disruption to their group. If someone who plays a key role within a gang is arrested this can lead to them imploding.

“Gardai have shown they have the capacity to disrupt and dismantle the gangs.”

In intelligence gathered by Spanish cops after the Regency Hotel attack, detectives established Thompson’s associates Jonathan Keogh and Eamon Cumberton had been paid huge amounts of cash to lead the onslaught against the Hutch faction.

Investigators believed: “Keogh and Cumberton were working on a list of targets and they were given €100,000 for these. Cumberton and Keogh are very careful and surveillance-conscious. They have been to Spain and used car parks for meetings and often had bulletproof vests.

“They get paid different amounts depending on their roles in killings.

“Keogh has also been given a large amount of money by the Kinahans, who have left Ireland, and this is money for someone to be shot.” Keogh was found guilty and caged for life for the murder of Gareth Hutch.

Cumberton received a life term for the April 2016 murder of dissident republican Michael Barr.

Speaking afterwards, Garda Asst Comm Pat Leahy referred to key figures in the feud such as Thompson.

He said: “Some of the people we are looking at are not mere foot soldiers, they are key people in this organisation. We are sorry it has been visited on communities. We have seen the level of violence in the north inner city over many years. It was the frequency of violence that caught everybody.

“We have a lot of live investigations ongoing at the moment in relation to several incidents before the courts.

“This is not finished, it has not gone away and we have to stay well focused on this.”

  • Fat Freddie: A Gangster’s Life – The Bloody Career of Freddie Thompson is published by Penguin Ireland and priced at €15.99.

The Untouchables of Ireland?  The Guardian newspaper is so up-to-date with Gangland Crime in Ireland, it makes our media here look like amateurs.  It is hard to believe that somebody would give Fat Freddie Thompson the honour of writing a book on his thug life.  One word that caught my attention from above was the word “Untouchable” but the fact remains that there are people in Ireland who are untouchable and they are not part of any Gangland War or they are not involved in any murders but they are or were involved in bringing the Banks and the economy to its knees and leaving the Irish people paying back a national debt for the next 50 years plus.  Let’s have a recall:

We had the banking fiasco inquiry where only three or four bankers got three years to 18 months (I think only one remains in Loughan House, also known as the Rogue Bankers nursing home. 

Sean Fitzpatrick, he certainly is untouchable, he took a bank down and now passes his time on his pensions on the golf course.  Michael Fingers Fingleton who again took a building society to its knees awarded himself a pension of no less than £26 million.  Then we have the Developers who owe billions and who left the country to seek the easy way to bankruptcy in other countries; these include McNamara, Rohan, Barrett and at least 40 others not counting the Lawyers and Accountants that were all part of the greatest wild west casino madness between the years 2000-2010.  These people, at that time, lived like Kings and Queens and now they are back in Ireland again but this time with the backing of headless investors/vulture funds and they are back in the game of building and development.  This should not be allowed by any Government. 

Then we must turn our attention to the Squire of Dublin 4 and his Queen Gayle Killalea.  He hired a serving inspector in the Gardai to stalk and monitor his first wife in Co. Meath.  The Garda in question never faced any disciplinary charges.  This tells you the deep connection between Rogue Developers, Bankers and elements within the Gardai – all can be described as untouchable.  Dunne would rent out the yacht of the daughter of Onassis and on board that yacht he held numerous parties where cases of champagne would cost hundreds of thousands of euros.  On this yacht you had Bertie Ahern, most of the FF cabinet at that time, leading figures in semi-state Government bodies; a who’s who in Ireland’s business world and a number of high ranking Gardai.  O Yes!  The Swinging Boom before the Bust had and still has many names on its Guest List. 

We cannot forget Bertie’s words when questioned in the annual Magill in early 2008 “If people question me that this boom will bust, they should go and commit Suicide”.  Well the bust came and the country was left in tatters.  Over 140,000 of our young people left our shores in search of work.  Kenny paid back the bail bond holders when he got power and Michael Noonan (that Limerick idiot) sold off thousands of lives ie mortgages to Vulture Funds.  This is only a brief outline of the massive corruption that still exists in this country so when the above mentioned ie the untouchables, I am just now adding a new list of more of the so called Elite shitesters who are now also untouchable. 

Before I conclude we cannot forget the other untouchables in our Charity sector:  Kelly (Console) millions missing.  The scandal in St. John of God’s – again millions missing; the scandal in the charity for slow learners, the scandal of the CEO of the ABI charity who went to New York and bought a painting for her husband on the charity card and faced no charges.  Yes, in Ireland, we do have the untouchables and to finally conclude:  Former Garda Commissioner Callinan who almost destroyed a decent Garda’s life and who will have a portion of his legal fees paid for by the State, yet he faces no charges.  Also:  at least a dozen members of Tulsa who knew that the file on McCabe was absolutely disgusting in any terms and which was complete litany of lies must be remembered.  This was proven beyond any doubt in the Charleton Tribunal.  The Irish taxpayer had to pick up the pieces and are still paying back the debts of the above chancers aka the untouchables so sometimes you would have to ask yourself is there a major difference between Gangland and Rogue Elites of Celtic Tiger Realm.  At least when Gangland are caught, they face prison sentences and some even die by the gun but the bankers and developers are the real Untouchables of this country and the real losers, sadly, are the IRISH TAXPAYERS.  Fred

We must not forget the debts Ireland has accumulated and has yet to pay.


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