Criminals making a Mockery of the Irish Cops with the unknown help of Ross the Minister for Stepaside and his personal voters brigade.

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Criminals registering cars in names of gardaí and children

Criminals registering cars in names of gardaí and

Criminals in Co Limerick are giving “two fingers” to gardaí by registering their cars in the names of members of the force or in the names of children.

The brazen practice emerged when Kilmallock Court, Co Limerick, heard the “owner” of a vehicle was a four-year-old girl.

A Volkswagen Passat was seized as part of a criminal investigation following a high-speed pursuit.

Garda Pat Ahern said the vehicle was registered in the name of a four-year-old. He said he was on mobile patrol in an unmarked car in Kilmallock at 8pm on December 26, 2018. His attention was drawn to a black Passat containing five passengers.

“They took off at speed,” he told the court. “They did a number of manoeuvres. They crashed at Forty Acres, Bruree. They went clean in over the ditch. The five occupants got out of the car and fled. The car was seized.”

Garda Ahern launched an investigation to find the car’s owner. Letters were written to the registered owner’s address in Charleville. Through their investigations, They found that the registered owner was a child.

Garda Ahern said: “The car is registered in the name of a four-year-old. Nobody will accept ownership of the vehicle.”

A source said: “They are even registering cars in the names of gardaí to give us the two fingers. You can register the car to anybody you like because there is no cross-reference between the logbook and the new owner.

“There is nothing to say that you are who you say you are. The seller of the car is supposed to send off the name of the new owner to change ownership.

“They can use any name as long as they give an address that the new certificate can be sent to. They don’t tax or insure the car.”

Judge Marian O’Leary granted the police property application for the destruction of the vehicle as it has been in storage since it was seized in Bruree.

There has been no attempt to recover it, it is extensively damaged and the value of the car wouldn’t cover the storage costs.

Fianna Fáil TD for Limerick Niall Collins said:

This is an affront to gardaí and law-abiding members of the public who pay their tax, insurance and get their NCT.

“This shouldn’t be allowed to happen. I am calling on Minister Shane Ross to reform the system so that when you are registering a car there should be a cross-check of maybe a PPS number or a cross-check with a date of birth.

“I am going to raise this in the Dáil when it returns.”


Fred’s view today:  Collins says he is going to raise this serious issue in the Dail when it reopens after its 4 month well earned holidays for all the Morons.  Collins the FF moron for Transport must have a short brain cell because his party is in coalition with Leo the Lioness and company; it is called the Cosy Deal.  I was reading during the week that FF’s invisible leader Mickey Martin came out of hiding and criticised the late Martin McGuinness in relation to showing a hand gun to children in Derry over 40 years ago.  It baffles the brains of a chimp that Martin has not once come out in relation to the shootings in Darndale, Lucan, Blanchardstown, Coolock, Drogheda, Longford and at this stage it is all over the country. 

It is also mind boggling that FF have not come out to the fore in relation to the rise in homelessness especially among our children and now there is a new recent survey about the increasing poverty among children in this country.  Sources tell me that in the last two weeks, hundreds of parents in poor areas of Dublin and other cities have gone to loan sharks to buy school clothing for their children so that they can attend school while Zappone dines and wines in the best restaurants around Dublin with her female followers.  Crime is out of control.  The Irish cops have lost control.  Drew Harris is now one year in the job and there is a good piece in yesterday’s Irish Times concerning the impact he has made in the last 12 months.  Some wise men have said the jury is still out. 

Today I could be told that the Gardai are still hiring cars at Dublin airport because the Garda fleet has been reduced and a proportion of same are not fit for purpose.  This country is getting to a stage now that not alone are the Government renting squad cars but they will soon have to start renting cops for weekend duties due to the several arrests recently of Rogue Gardai.  One philosopher said over the years:  it is a narrow line between sanity and insanity and it is a narrower line between cops and criminality.  I will conclude today – tomorrow we have Boris Johnson, PM UK, arriving in Dublin.  It is alleged Leo is taking Boris to the George for bangers and mash! and the desert is Pantyhose playing the piano acting out as Danny La Rue. 

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