The Irish people and the question is: Are the Gardai, after all the scandals within, gaining back the trust of the people?

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Number of gardai attend stand-off between angry locals and associates of notorious rapist outside property in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford

A NUMBER of Gardai attended a stand-off between angry locals and associates of a notorious rapist in Co Wexford.

It is understood a large mob gathered outside a property in Enniscorthy in protest of monster John Connors returning to the town following his release from prison.

 Depraved rapist John Connors has returned to               Enniscorthy following his prison release

Depraved rapist John Connors has returned to Enniscorthy following his prison release

 Gardai at the scene of the public order incident in               Enniscorthy last Monday night

Gardai at the scene of the public order incident in Enniscorthy last Monday night

The crowd of more than 100 people were later confronted by acquaintances of evil Connors during the incident last Monday night.

Multiple garda units including armed officers were called to the scene at around 9.55pm to deal with the major “public order incident”.

Depraved rapist Connors, 36, and his sick pal Patrick Moorehouse were jailed for raping a woman with a rope tied around her neck while her child was in another room in August 2006.

The pair served a ten-year sentence for the hideous crime but were released last June.


During his time spent in jail, prison bosses described Connors as “unstable” and said he refused to “accept responsibility” for the brutal rape of the innocent woman.

The monster — who maintained that he had consent for sex with his victim despite the evidence stacked against him — has now returned to his home in Enniscorthy.

Now that they are back on the streets, they will be under supervision by the Probation Service for the next ten years.

But Gardai are now concerned at Connors’ ability to roam around the Irish countryside.

A source previously told the Irish Sun: “It’s concerning that Connors is back calling to people’s homes offering to sell them goods.

“This is what he was doing when he attacked his poor victim.

“He’s a very dangerous individual and that’s why he will be monitored because of the strict conditions surrounding his release.

“Connors was very close to Moorehouse but they seemed to have gone their separate ways now that they’ve both been freed.

“The pair have told Gardai where they will be staying and the hope is that they will be afraid to engage other attacks because they both found prison very hard.”


Gardai say no arrests were made during the confrontation earlier this week.

A spokesperson said: “Gardai are investigating a Public Order Incident that occurred in Enniscorthy, Monday the September 9 at approximately 9:55pm.

“No arrests were made and investigations are ongoing.”

A number of social media users hit out at Connors’ returning to the south-eastern town following the protest.

One concerned parent said: “I have two girls and there is a lot of young girls that live up around here and I don’t want scum like that perving on my kids or anybody else’s kids.”

Another added: “Hope they get him out. It’s not safe to have a monster like him living around ordinary decent women and children.”

During the pair’s trial, the jury of seven men and five women unanimously found them guilty of raping the victim after they had both pleaded not guilty.

After jailing the duo for 14 years in 2009, Mr Justice George Bermingham said there were “no limits to depravity” and branded the offence “really most shocking”.

The senior judge said: “I have looked for mitigation and have found it hard to find any.

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