Guns, Phones, and naturally Drugs found in Castlerea Prison in Roscommon,what really is going on in our Prisons?

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Thursday 12 September 2019

Probe launched after stun gun, drugs and phones discovered in Irish prison

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Gardai and prison officials are investigating the discovery of a stun gun inside the secure area of an Irish jail.

The taser, which is classified as a firearm, was seized along with drugs and phones during searches in Castlerea Prison over two days..

Members of the Operational Support Group (OSG) carried out a pre-planned raid in the Co Roscommon jail.

During the searches a stun gun was recovered along with a large quantity of homemade alcohol, a small amount of cocaine and cannabis as well as several mobile phones.

Castlerea Prison, Castlerea, Co.
                              Roscommon. Photo : Keith Heneghan /
                              Phocus. 2 2
Castlerea Prison, Castlerea, Co. Roscommon. Photo : Keith Heneghan / Phocus.

Sources said the raids, which were carried out yesterday and today, followed a confidential tip-off that a firearm was being stored in the jail by inmates.

It’s being investigated if the contraband was being thrown over the prison wall into the unit before being collected by inmates.

This is suspected of being the main smuggling route used to get contraband into Castlerea Prison.

The area searched is where inmates approaching the end of their prison sentence are housed.

While it is a secure unit, it houses prisoners who are not considered a major risk and who enjoy a certain level of freedom.

Authorities are attempting to establish who owns the stun gun as it was not discovered in possession of an inmate.

A spokesman said: “The Irish Prison Service can confirm that following an intelligence lead operation a significant amount of contraband was discovered in the “Grove area” of Castlerea Prison.

Fred today has many serious questions to ask and please don’t mention the biggest bluffer among all the Screws for decades ie Lonergan from Bansha, the darling of RTE.  When this man retired they had a party alright but it was dancing with joy that he was gone.  Lonergan had a great affiliation with Ms O’Gorman in the Department of Justice but that story is for another day and another time. 

Back to the above:-  The prison Governors; the prison Management, have lost control behind the Walls.  When you read the above – stun guns and phones and naturally hash, cocaine and the rest, is being smuggled in on a weekly basis from Cork to Mountjoy to the Midlands prison and Portlaoise also.  Can you imagine what is smuggled into the two nursing homes for the bankers and the white collar elite bankers ie Loughan House and Shelton Abbey – you will be shocked.  It is said that in Loughan House alone at least since its opening in 1975-6, 120 babies were conceived there in the hedges and among the trees.  This is not some illusion now, this is fact and this is easy checked.  A few years ago, a young man, a member of the traveling community was before a Dublin district court.  The Judge was handing down a sentence of six month and the 20 year old kept saying – Your Honour, send me to Loughan House, my father is doing 12 months there and I was conceived there.  To him it was a home away from home.  The Judge agreed. 

Now to get back to the issue of drugs and Gangland, the prisons are saturated with drugs and the answer is simple, Gangland figures have taken over a number of landings in at least several of our prisons, as I write this article.  It is not that long ago since Brian Rhattigan was doing a multi-million drug deal from his prison cell and now he swaggers around the landing in Portlaoise as Lord and Master and the Screws cannot open the mouths (management policy).  You have to ask Charlie Flanagan why is this allowed.  I am now asking the Minister why is this allowed and I would like to ask Jim O’Callaghan, a member of the Cosy Deal party, the same question.  Why Jim are Gangland allowed rule our penal system.  How many prisoners have been found dead in their cells over the last decades arising from cocktails of drugs.  This is easy checked out.  Young men who are only in for short sentences and who have weekends out are bullied by the shadowy figures to bring back drugs and if they don’t they will be assaulted inside and worse members of their family will be assaulted and blackmailed outside.  This is going on for years and yet nothing is done to address this catastrophic reality. 

They say prisons are improving and that prisoners are getting access to education but if you really dig in and this is not easy done, because the Department of Justice are like the KGB, they won’t disclose the facts or the truth.  Young men go into prison and come out hardened criminals.  This is a trend that is going on since the 1960’s/70’s.  Of course, come the winter months, RTE will have Lonergan on again, talking through his arse, as usual.  Liam Herrick who left Irish Penal Reform Trust and went to be Michael D’s minder and barber, is now back in the Irish Council for Civil Liberties.  He met friends of mine once and they said he was so clueless about the prison regime, it was embarrassing.  I can see now before he left IPRT how he made Lonergan an honorary member; it was cronyism and old boy’s club network.  Enough for now:  Fred


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  1. Fred, you can tell my story now, it is long overdue, the blog is brilliant, keep going, John.


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