Now the Gardai admit there are other Gangland Feuds waiting to Erupt into full scale War, and Innocent people are at Risk, of being shot in the Crossfire.

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Top Garda warns new gangsters are trying to seize control of Ireland’s underworld as Kinahans lose grip

At least five new feuds have erupted in Drogheda, Blanchardstown, Coolock, Longford and Sligo – with innocent citizens caught in the crossfire

Coked-up feuding drugs gangs waging war in a climate of “suspicion and paranoia” pose a deadly threat to public safety, a top garda has warned.

There’s a new breed of volatile young criminal battling for a slice of Ireland’s drugs trade in a market previously dominated by the Kinahan cartel.

Assistant Commissioner of An Garda Siochana Pat Leahy said their out-of-control behaviour is putting innocent lives at risk.

He added: “You’re talking about criminals, you’re talking about drugs – a lot of them are taking their own product.

“In terms of suspicion and paranoia – this is part and parcel of this type of business. So many things go wrong and suspicions are raised.

“People become fearful for their own safety and the way they deal with that is they end up killing the person they feel is out to get them.

Assistant Garda Commissioner Pat Leahy (Image: Gareth Chaney/Collins)
The body lies at the scene of a fatal gun attack in the grounds of the Church of Our Lady Immaculate, Darndale, Dublin (Image: Colin Keegan/Collins)

 “There’s a trend in this. Look at the age of all the people who have died associated with this.

“There is no long lifespan in the drugs industry for sure. If you’re going to get into it you need to know that.

“At the end of the day there is no doubt you will come to a bad end.”

At least five new feuds have erupted in Drogheda, Blanchardstown, Coolock, Longford and Sligo – with innocent citizens caught in the crossfire.

The killings were initially sparked by the murder of Kinahan gang member David Byrne at the Regency Hotel, Dublin, in February 2016 by a killer from the Hutch cartel.

Video shows horrific aftermath of Dublin Regency Hotel shooting

In August, 29-year-old Keith Branigan was gunned down in broad daylight as he worked on decking in a caravan park at Clogherhead, Co Louth.

Children were playing nearby and stray bullets hit two parked cars, one of them belonging to a pregnant woman.

In May, 22-year-old Dubliner Sean Little was the first of three men to be shot dead in the space of a week of bloody violence.

His body was found beside his car, which had been set on fire, on a road near Balbriggan in north Co Dublin.

Less than 24 hours later Jordan Davis, also 22, was killed in a gun attack as he pushed his four-month-old baby in a buggy close to his home in Darndale, North Dublin.

Sean Little and Jordan Davis

A man is before the courts in relation to the shooting.

Just days later Iranian hitman Hamid Sanambar, 41, was shot dead outside the Little family home in Kilmore, in the north of the capital, as he called to pay his respects.

Shots have been fired in broad daylight in Corduff, West Dublin, where one school was forced into lockdown after gunmen chased a target into the school grounds.

A documentary on Virgin Media One this week looks at the power vacuum left by the Kinahan cartel who are no longer in a position to protect their associates.

footage shows gangland murder victim Hamid Sanambar at scene where Sean Little was shot dead last week Credit: Virgin Media News

 Around 40 key members of the terror gang are now in prison either serving a sentence or facing charges, with many more having fled the country.

Garda chief Leahy warned recreational drug users they were fuelling the bloody violence on our streets.

He said: “Anybody who’s going out on a Friday or Saturday night taking cocaine, they’re part of the drugs trade – that’s the reality of it.

“So they can’t absolve themselves of a great responsibility around all of this and I hope they don’t. I hope that at some stage they’ll have some sleepless nights when they’re thinking about how they’re contributing to the misery as a consequence of the collective actions of people that are sponsoring the drugs trade.

Assistant Garda Commissioner Pat Leahy (Image: Gareth Chaney/Collins)

 “These are people we meet and we sit beside in work every day. There’s the market.

“It’s not the people you see ravaged on the street, they are a very small part of the market.”

Jean O’Connor, whose son and brother-in-law were killed in gangland feuds, reveals the devastation visited upon her family.

In 2014 her son Eoin and his pal Anthony Keegan were lured to their deaths and their bodies dumped on a remote lake island in Co Cavan.

Gardai believe they were minor players tasked with debt collecting for a drugs gang. Two suspects for the murders were quickly identified but fled to South Africa.

Jean said: “He was a very good son to me. I died inside that day, shocked, you couldn’t explain it. It turned out it was them, left, discarded, who does that? They’re not human beings to do that. Just discarded, they meant nothing to them.”

Sarah and Jean O’Connor

 In December 2016 Noel Kirwan – who was Jean’s brother-in-law – was shot dead as he sat in a car in Clondalkin, South Dublin.

The 62-year-old was a long-time friend of Gerry Hutch but had no links to the Kinahan-Hutch feud.

Gardai believe he was executed to lure The Monk out of hiding.

Noel Kirwan, left, with Gerry Hutch (Image: REUTERS/Stringer)

Jean added: “Noel was a great help to me when Eoin was missing and was murdered. I relied on him, he was such a good friend to me. “He wasn’t involved in any criminal gang, he was murdered because some people said he was to be murdered.”

Gardai are more than halfway through a five-year plan to close down the Kinahan cartel – and they’re not finished yet.

Mr Leahy added: “In terms of them being dismantled, we’re not quite there yet and if we were to take our foot off the pedal I think we would regret it.”

  • Inside Ireland’s Gangland: The Next Generation is on Virgin Media One on Wednesday at 9pm

Fred:  Pat Leahy AC of An Garda Siochana is an experienced and decent copper and he is talking common sense here.  As the Kinahan Empire loses its grip and control over the drug epidemic in Dublin and across this country, a younger and most definitely a new breed of gangsters are on the way up.  This younger breed are mostly addicted to cocaine and other drugs but they also have amassed arsenals of guns and weaponry and this is what makes them so highly dangerous. 

When you read the above you will see that a mother and sister are broken hearted as a result of the death of their son/brother.  This young person was only a small little player.  The sad point is that his friend who was not involved in crime at all, was shot dead, because a psycho out there just to show the power that he believes he holds, had this young boy shot dead.  These wars are toxic now and these new breeds of young gangland criminals do not care who they shoot, where they shoot and they have no interest in any members of the public, men, women or children, who could caught in the crossfire. 

Charlie Flanagan is only now catching up with the problems on the Border after the most serious assault on Kevin Lunney – I wish him and his family well.  Flanagan now is taking the threats more seriously but these threats and assaults have been going on for the last 10 years with cars being burned out and people being threatened sometimes face to face by people who they know.  It as if they have immunity or it is as if they feel (I am talking about sinister elements here) they are immune from Law and Order. 

Back to the comments of Pat Leahy and the above article – the Gardai now are stretched to the limit in trying to regain and maintain peace in the towns and cities across Ireland and eventually they will have to have back-up from the army in relation to checkpoints especially at night time when Gangs are most dangerous.  When you read about the arrests in Mayo two days ago, four men in their late twenties and thirties and one youngster aged just 13 who traveled all the way down from Tallaght, Dublin, to rob the isolated vulnerable in farm houses in Mayo, you would have to ask the question as to how they can drive the length and breadth of Ireland without ever meeting a Garda checkpoint.  Sadly people across our country are living in fear; some elderly have taken to sleeping with the gun under their pillow and the Government need to take these threats seriously and stop making promises at PR stunt meetings – thinking about a forthcoming election instead of the priorities of the reality. Fred

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