Battle for Political Gender? Leo the gay Stallion Vs Mickey Martin the Brexit Dodger. Who will win the Boris Trophy?

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Down the years we have had Ali v Frazer; we have had the brown bomber, the famous Joe Lewis; we even had Giant Haystacks (may he rest in Peace) but now we have the battle: The Mother of All Battles, the invisible Mickey Martin, leader of FF with the gift of bi-location Deputy Leader of FG and the Cosy Deal.  In the other corner, we have Leo, Irish Tipperary bloodstock with Indian culture and heritage.  What a mix?  He is also known as the Gay Wonder Stallion?  This fight  will take place pre Budget. 

Now who are the personal trainers.  In Mickey the Dodger’s corner – believe it or not, it is Catherine Noone, dressed as Wonder BraWoman and alongside Catherine is Richard the InClosset who won’t come out yet Bruton.  They will give Mickey a complete oasis on how Leonie swings his punches, from the left and then he swings to the Tory Right.  In the Stallion’s corner, you have Ronan Mullen, the advocate of Happy Gay Marriages and he will give Leo a total background on how to avoid Martin’s Backstop punches.  Alongside Ronan is Mattie McGrath, an expert in all types of horticulture but especially Horse Shit which he will have in bucketfulls to give Leonie the edge. 

Refereeing the fight will be a man who hates the limelight – John the Pint Guinness, dressed in a cat suit with the Kilkenny colours.  John before a punch is thrown will tell them – there is only one rule – Keep Fighting until the last man is standing.  In the audience, in the front row will be Michael, our home grown dwarf Higgins and his wife Lady Phoenix from Ballindyne, still trying to figure out how she can use the 75 spare rooms and still keep talking about the crisis of homelessness in the country.  Alongside the elite in the front row will be part Turk and Part Swedish Boris the Buffoon Johnson, over on a covert mission to see how the Irish think.  In the middle of all this – the Cheerleader in the ring in a cat suit – what a sight to behold will be Mary BooMcDonald swinging it all to the audience and trying to raise the Sinn Fein vote.  When we asked Paddy Turbine from the New Party for a comment he said….After the Rosary…. the fight is scheduled for the 30th October at Madison Gay Garden.  Fred

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