Ireland the land of Shame, major cover ups regarding Paedophiles. Senior Dept of Health members handed down suspended sentence. Why?

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Friday, 12 August 2016

Ex Irish MP, Patrick Sarsfield Donegan Unmasked as Child Sexual Abuser

by cathy fox blog

At the turn of the millenium in Eire, there was a case of child sexual abuse by a member of Parliament that had uncanny parallels nearly two decades later with the Greville Janner case in England.

He has been identified in 2015 through detective work by Shame of Ireland. Their webpage is here [9] and twitter @ShameOfIreland [10].  They unmasked him by following clues in newspaper articles in which he was not named, but various details were described. This can be read on their post and comments here [2a].

Their work leaves no doubt that the child abuser was Patrick Sarsfield Donegan, but this is perhaps the first time he has been named. He was a TD, but is now dead. [A Teachta Dála (TD) is a member of Dáil Éireann, the lower house of the Oireachtas, the Irish Parliament, equivalent to an MP.]

The corporate media have not followed up this good detective work, reluctant  it seems to expose the crimes of the supposed democratic representatives of the people. This is one reason for the continuing demise of these papers. Maybe one newspaper will step forward, expose the ex TD for the sake of truth and the victims, and credit Shame of Ireland for their work. If not it is up to peoples social media to spread the truth. Please start blogging and / or spreading the truth. Each individual counts.

Patrick Sarsfield Donegan

Not charged until 40 years after offending
Committed many offences
TD (Irish MP)
Eventually Director of Public Prosecutions recommended prosecution
Evaded prosecution on grounds of ill health, some thought it was illness of convenience
Died not long afterwards
Never faced trial
All of the above are similar to Greville Janner in England.

Donegan was accused of 70 sex attacks on 5 schoolchildren dating back to the 1950’s. One woman said the abuse started when she was just six-years-old and lasted for eight years. Her accusations were supported by four other women who all said the former politician abused them as young girls. The five women came forward to Gardai in 1997. At least some of the  attacks were meant to have happened in a school [6], and one child states that she told a nun of the attacks.

The Director of Public Prosecutions decided to go ahead with the prosecution

Donegan got High Court permission in 1998 to challenge proceedings, claiming it was unfair to continue the proceedings having regard to delay in making complaints, his age, the availability of witnesses and material evidence, the generalised nature of the allegations and previous adverse media publicity.

In March 2000 Donegan went to High Court seeking an order restraining the DPP from further proceeding with the criminal prosecution. However the proceedings were struck out, as there was no determination to be made as the trial could not proceed due to his age and deteriorating mental condition. The DPP formally withdrew its prosecution 2 months later.

This denied his victims justice in the justice system but does not stop the truth.

Hopefully others will come forward with their stories. It is unlikely this abuse stopped at 5 victims. Shame of Ireland webpage is here [9] and twitter @ShameOfIreland [10].


1923 Oct 29 Patrick Sarsfield “Paddy” Donegan born

Educated at Christian Brothers school Drogheda, County Louth

c.1942 [3] Vincentian Castleknock College, County Dublin

1950’s Donegan abused children probably girls, in school [6] probably with nuns, near borders 5 girls and 70 offences. One girl claimed she was abused from ages 6 to 14

1954 Elected for first time as Fine Gael TD (Member of Parliament equivalent)

1973 Minister of Defence

1973 Ordered building of ship Asgelard II

1976 Minister for Lands

1981 Retired

1997 Garda investigation. 5 women reported abuse

1997 File sent to DPP

1998 Donegan received High Court permission to challenge proceedings, claiming it was unfair to continue the proceedings having regard to delay in making complaints, his age, the availability of witnesses and material evidence, the generalised nature of the allegations and previous adverse media publicity

2000 Mar 30 High Court Mr Justice Kelly. A former politician, who was seeking an order restraining the DPP from further proceeding with the criminal prosecution. The DPP is not to proceed with the prosecution of a former senior politician on 70 charges of indecent assault of five children following expert medical advice that the man is unfit to stand trial due to his age and illness

2000 Mar 31 Irish Times Former politician `not fit to stand trial’ on child abuse charges

The DPP is not to proceed with the prosecution of a former senior politician on 70 charges of indecent assault of five children following expert medical advice that the man is unfit to stand trial due to his age and illness, the High Court was told yesterday.

Mr Justice Kelly struck out proceedings brought by the former politician, who was seeking an order restraining the DPP from further proceeding with the criminal prosecution, which was due to be heard in the Circuit Criminal Court.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was in national politics for more than two decades, ail and Seanad.

Five persons made allegations of indecent assault against him. The complainants are understood to be adults who claimed they were abused by the man when they were children. Some of the allegations date back more than 30 years and are alleged to have occurred in a school.

2000 May 23 Cavan Circuit Criminal Court The State withdrew the charges

2000 May 24 Irish Times Sexual assault charges withdrawn

2000 May 24 Mirror  Ex Politician Unfit for Trial; Child sex abuse case is dropped.  SEVENTY child sex charges were dropped because the State decided he was unfit to stand trial. The accused’s barrister Paddy McAntee revealed the DPP had agreed to drop the case based on the individual’s “deteriorating mental condition”.  A victim said “I see this man out and about regularly, he is no more senile than I am.  “All I wanted was a chance to face him in court and tell him what he had done to me.”

2000 Nov 26 Donegan Died

2015 Apr Donegan unmasked by Shame of Ireland


Pat Flanagan: Ireland is a paedophile’s paradise where perverts regularly escape justice

‘Where’s the justice for the thousands of kids were were sexually abused to satisfy this perverted lust for child porn?’

Brendan Phelan (66), with an address in Merrion Grove, Stillorgan Road, Blackrock, Co Dublin, A retired senior civil servant in the Department of Health and Children, who was caught in possession of nearly 60,000 child pornography images and videos, has avoided jail. (Image: Collins Photo Agency)

The headline on another newspaper this week screamed: “How can a paedophile with 60,000 sex images walk free?”

The staff over there should have rang me and I’d have told them straight in three words: This is Ireland.

The Bible tells us it’s easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than a rich man through the gates of heaven.

But with all due respect to the Good Lord, He should try getting a paedophile through the gates of an Irish prison.

The above headline was referring to the case of a retired senior civil servant caught with nearly 60,000 child porn images.

He says webcams pose a huge risk

Brendan Phelan was no ordinary pen pusher, he was a principal officer in the Department of Health and Children.

Interesting combination that, health and children and a pervert who walks free from court with a three-year suspended sentence for having 58,585 child pornography images and 1,046 movies. As I said, only in Ireland.

When cornered by gardai and asked if he had child porn, the 66-year-old said he had a “fair bit”.

He wasn’t joking. How long would it take you to acquire that amount of filth?

Handing down this ludicrous suspended sentence at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court, Judge Martin Nolan said the conviction would bring shame on Phelan and his family.

So what? He’s a paedophile, so it should.

Where’s the justice for the thousands of kids were were sexually abused to satisfy this perverted lust for child porn?

This scandalous sentence is not an isolated case, for in this country you would be hard-pressed to think of anyone convicted of having even the vilest child porn going to jail.

A few weeks previously in the same court Judge Nolan handed down a two-year suspended sentence on another pervert convicted of having child porn and passing it to others online while pretending to be a 15-year-old boy.

But Des Kavanagh, 39, had a good excuse.

Apparently he had suppressed his sexuality as a gay man since he was a teenager and on joining an online adolescent chat group had felt accepted and found support he did not have in real life.

The above pair of perverts can consider themselves lucky they weren’t importing garlic along with
the images of children being abused.

Didn’t Judge Nolan sentence a food importer to six, yes, six years and not a day of it suspended, for not paying €1.6million in taxes.

Then there was the case of Patrick Corcoran who also walked free after he was caught with 7,000 images and 21 videos of child abuse back in 2009 at the old Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

I could go on… but you get the picture.

I don’t believe there’s a parent in Ireland who thinks a three-year suspended sentence is the appropriate punishment for possessing almost 60,000 child porn images and videos.

If that is the case then it means there is a serious gulf between what the legal system and the public deem to be a serious crime.

In the case of Phelan, the court heard he didn’t appear to have any romantic or sexual relationships throughout his entire life and this was supposed to be some kind of mitigating factor.

Maybe he was never in any relationships because he was at home by himself masturbating while children were being abused for his gratification.

The courts seem to give scant regard to the welfare of these children but have to listen to the sob stories of paedos who would be still watching child abuse in their bedrooms if not for the work of dedicated detectives here and in other countries.

In the case of Phelan, it was Canadian police who tipped off the gardai.

The authorities here are quick to lambast recreational drug users for creating the market – and the criminality that goes with it – for narcotics.

But you seldom hear the great and the good condemn paedophiles whose perversions finance the
child pornography industry which is responsible for the murder, abduction and rape of young boys and girls around the world.

If there was no demand from the likes of Phelan there would be no child porn so, in effect, they are accessories to the torture and sexual assault on children.

Thanks to the leniency of the sentencing Ireland runs the risk of becoming a child porn hub.

In recent times Eric Eoin Marques, who is accused by the FBI of being the “world’s largest facilitator of child pornography”, has come before the Irish courts.

He fought a four-year battle to prevent his extradition to the US and was willing to plead guilty if he could face justice here.

His lawyers said for the crimes involved the “likely prison sentence to be imposed in the United
States range from 24 years up to 100 years”.

They added: “If Mr Marques is prosecuted domestically, the sentence imposed would likely be far less than that.”

In other words – this is a paedo’s paradise. I rest my case.

The above is shocking to say the least.  Ireland is a land where paedophiles come and know that when they are caught abusing innocent children they will receive lenient sentences from the courts.  All one has to do is check the number of convicted paedophile’s who have walked out of Judge Martin Nolan’s court with suspended sentences.  It is necessary to be very wary because in the same court if you up on a charge relating to non compliance with Revenue, you will certainly receive a number of years behind bars.  The Garlic case is a perfect case as to what I am talking about.  Mr Begley did not deserve 7 years in prison.  His brother and himself employed over 140 people and that just gives you an idea of the mindset and the different patterns of sentencing among the judiciary in Ireland. 

In the last 14 years I have done massive research into paedophile rings across this country and I totally agree with Pat Flanagan “Ireland is a Paradise for Perverts and Child Abusers”.  It took the State over 20 years to get a consultant doctor before the courts and to have him convicted.  He used ever means in his power to avoid prison (where he is right now).  He spent over a half million in hiring the best legal team to get him off and showed no empathy then or now.  His rein of abuse spanned over five decades and he had friends in powerful positions – Politics, medicine, clergy and senior Gardai.  Even to this day he has retired Judges who regularly keep in touch with him through different sources.  One Judge, now retired, but while he was sitting on the bench would send the convicted paedophile letters wishing him well in relation to his court cases.  This gives you an idea of how dark this country has become in certain areas of society.  The question now we must ask ourselves is are the Gardai aware of how many well organised paedophile rings that exist in Ireland.  There is one article in the Irish Times that goes back to 1996 in relation to a paedophile ring in Cork City and as I am writing this we have two paedophile rings before the courts.  In these cases, the matter is more shocking than ever because the parents were literally renting out their children for money, around the country, to be abused by different men.  One little boy last week told a Judge “I carried the knife to protect myself and my little sister”.  This is happening all over this country just as is the drug epidemic.  I say to Katherine Zappone today, the Minister for Self Indulgence and PR stunts – step down now – you are out of your depth and let someone who has the experience take charge of this portfolio and its obligation to protect the children of Ireland.  We seem to have this obsession of child abuse that only went on in the bad dark old days of the 1940’s-1970’s; it is going on more so now than ever and the Irish Government don’t seem to have the will to tackle the problem.  They certainly show no compassion towards the abused children.  Varadkar by the day is getting to look more Pink than his role of a Prime Minister of a country.  When you see the amount he spends on the Government credit card (8 times more than Kenny) this gives you and idea of the vanity and self indulgence involved here.    Image and fashion is Leo’s style of Government; then of course you have Murphy, the idiot who is out of his depth and who cannot grasp the horrors of our 14,000 including children who are homeless.  Paedophile rings are organised; they pay for protection and I repeat Pat Flanagan’s words “Ireland is a paradise for the perverted”.  Fred





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  1. A paedo’s Age or health should not effect lWs against abuse of Children. The fact t that the may have been lucky enough to Grow old before being identified is no defence he committed the crime he has to face justice his victims had no choice the were abused and ar ed entitled to closure and to know that Justice applies to everyone especially our young Vulnerable Children. He was lucky it o e of my Childrsn or he would have met the full force of Justice us I would have saved many other young children from this Perverted Thig who was protected by the State and the Corrupt Justice System. If h ed had only Stolen a bar of Chocolate, he would ha e been put in Prison. So a bit of Chocolate is more important than a Childs innocence.? What kind of Justice is that .


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